Take the Bull by the Horn Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: An enticing offer


Lacey’s face showed a mixture of excitement and provocation. This expression was one of the specific reasons Charles Cole loved his wife so much. It was Friday evening and they were enjoying tacos and beers on their backyard deck.

“How can you even be taking time to think this through? This is the thing! This is the shot you’ve been wanting for so long!”

She was right. For the last three years, Charles had been working at Lawson, Dawes, and Brooks, a law firm specializing in real estate law. The firm was small, which was exciting as there was a variety of work available and kept him on his toes. The downside was that there wasn’t much chance for advancement.

It’s not like life was hard for them in Austin. They were both 27 and had managed to put a down payment on a nice house with a backyard and pool (with some help from the parents). With Lacey’s job at a software company showing promise, they each were in line to pay off their student debt by the time they would hit their thirties.

Charles couldn’t shake off the fact that although life seemed good, he wanted more. Sometimes he thought he was a little too passive at work and wasn’t managing to get himself noticed.

“Honey, they’ve noticed you.” Lacey seemed to read his mind, “Don’t make that face! Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re actually considering turning this down. Might as well walk away from the firm then!” She took a deep breath and brought her hands together in a way that made her look like a campaign manager tackling a big issue. “Let’s talk this through, when do you have to give your answer and what do they want you to do?”

“I have to call Mac tomorrow. Now that Jon is no longer in the picture, they need to bring someone with them to help out. We’d be leaving Monday. Essentially, we travel to San Francisco for a week and renegotiate our contract with Palm Horizons.”

“And that’s the holding company that makes up 50% of your firm’s business?”

“75%.” Charles smiled at Lacey’s mixed reaction to the number. “Yeah we basically only really exist for Palm Horizons, we’re really fucked if this negotiation doesn’t pan out.”

“This is way more intense than I thought then. Shit,” said Lacey.

“It’s not that bad, actually. Mac and Tom are old friends of a lot of the top people at Palm.” Charles was referring to two of the three senior partners at his firm. The third, Jonathan Dawes, retired the previous year after discovering he had cancer. “These negotiations are usually just updating terms and an excuse to hang out for the older guys.”

“So why do they need you?”

Charles pretended to be vexed by her question. Lacey mock-hit him on the arm.

“Don’t be a shit! You know what I mean!”

They both laughed.

“Basically I’d be the one dotting the ‘I’s’ and crossing the ‘T’s’ while they have their yearly reunion.”

“And now is the time you tell me why you want to say no to this?” said Lacey.

“Well…” Charles wasn’t sure how to broach the topic. “I’ve heard some strange escort kartal stories about these trips.”

“Strange stories? Like they’re part of a cult or something? Are they sacrificing chickens?”

Charles laughed and took a sip of beer. “God. No. I think they go to some exclusive rich people club and… there’s some weird sex stuff.”

“Oh my god, like Eyes Wide Shut!” exclaimed Lacey. “Your bosses are Eyes Wide Shutters!”

Laughs again. “Yeah maybe. I don’t know. I just don’t want to be put in a position where I’m expected to have sex with a prostitute to advance my career.”

“But you just said you’re the fill-out-the-papers guy! You can just chill in the hotel while they get their dicks wet.”

Charles was always impressed how Lacey made coarse words sound so great. It was one of her skills. “Yeah, but you never know. And, I guess we’re more important to me than a promotion.”

Lacey was looking at him with a small smile that he never quite knew how to read. She was either about to make a joke or patronize him.

As a couple, they had a fulfilling sex life. They communicated well, explored some mildly weird or naughty stuff when the mood hit, and had even gone to a sex party the previous year. While they had never shared each other with other people, it was something they had talked about; mostly to see how the other person felt about it, but neither was really into the idea.

Recently, their sex life had begun to heat up as Lacey had stopped taking contraceptives. It’s not that they were in a rush to have a family, but they were open to that possibility. That and Lacey no longer felt comfortable taking the pill for health reasons. When they broached the topic, they were pleased to discover that having unprotected sex and the possibility of starting a family was a green light for both of them.

And it turns out that sex with the possibility of pregnancy is hot. Really hot. Lacey broke the silence.

“Do it.”

Charles took a moment to realize what she was saying. “It’s a tough situation. Wait, what?”

Lacey brought her hands together in Namaste. “You have my blessing.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Lacey put her hand up to stop him from responding.

“Limited blessing. You cannot have sex with another girl. That’s a no. But if you need to have some prostitute suck your penis for a $120,000 raise and making Junior Partner, then you sir,” she made another Namaste, “have my blessing. Hell, get into it! That’s a 120K BJ, baby!” Lacey got up and began to hump the air, in a very impressive mimic of alpha-male pelvic pumping, while repeating ‘120K BJ’ to an inaudible beat.

The pumping slowly began to evolve into her twerking her ass at him. She turned and looked him right in the eye, teasing. A small smile appeared at her lips.

Charles could feel himself getting hard. He couldn’t quite shake off the conversation though.

“I can’t believe you’re saying that! Are you serious? Like really serious?”

“I mean, there are worse things than an orgasm out maltepe escort there, you know? And this would be a solid win for you. And when you win, I win baby. We win.” She was now making a cat face at him. She cutely prowled around the table and made him turn his chair towards her. “It’s just so much money. Way earlier than we expected. That’s like pay off the house in three years and celebrate with a month in Bali money. I’m cool with it. Are you cool with it?”

At that moment, Charles felt more in love than ever. He nodded yes.

“Fine,” he did his best to keep a straight face, “I’ll do it for us. I’ll accept to be blown for our shared benefit.”

“Fucker. Just don’t forget tacos ain’t the only spicy thing you’re leaving behind in Austin.” She smiled and kneeled between his legs.

After cheekily looking left and right to make sure no snoopy neighbors were peeking from high up (they had fences all around the backyard), Lacey took off her t-shirt. She was wearing a yellow bikini top underneath that strained to hold back her large breasts. She began to unbuckle his pants and helped him lower them past his knees.

She gently started stroking his penis while looking up at him, biting her lip and looking vulnerable. He knew what came next and he never, ever got tired of it.

Lacey spread her bikini apart and unleashed her breasts. To Charles, anytime Lacey did this was like feeling the warmth of the sun after a long, cold winter. Lacey was 5’7″, respectfully fit, cute if not beautiful, overall-a-hotty by the strictest standards, but her breasts were god given. Her perfect G cups splayed onto his thighs.

With his penis now fully hard, Lacey stroked him gently with one hand while her other arm scooped up her breasts and made them into a mock landing pad for his dick. He already felt close to blowing. Another one of her skills was to find just the right thing to say to make him sex crazy.

“Can the whores in San Francisco get your penis this hard? Do they have breasts like these?”

Of all things, she started mewling as she began sucking his dick, giving it her full attention. Every now and then, she would take it nearly to the hilt and look up at him while squeezing his balls. Somehow, the act felt both submissive and a way of marking her territory. Charles was turned on, a little intimidated, and seconds away.

Lacey took her mouth off of his dick and began to stroke him to eruption.

“I’m going to make you cum so much this weekend that you won’t have anything left for those whores in San Francisco.” She stroked him passionately, presenting her breasts. “You can cum for me, baby, but only if you promise to fill me up with your sperm and make me pregnant.”

That was it. There was no holding back once those words hit his ears. Charles came harder than he could remember, to the point of feeling like he was having an out-of-body experience. When he came to, she was smiling and standing.

“Yeah, I think we’re good,” said Lacey, back to her normal voice. “You do what you need to do in pendik escort bayan San Francisco. But no sex!”

She came in close to him. “And you have to tell me everything. Every detail.” She stuck out her hand. “Promise!”

Charles couldn’t get over how she managed to look beautiful covered in globs of sperm. He could smell the saltiness of his semen on her. The sloppy-but-pretty sight made him smile. “OK. I accept the terms of this agreement and vow to run away from any gaping pussies I come across that don’t belong to Lacey Cole.”

She beamed at him. “Wonderful. Now to seal the deal: give me a kiss!”

He nearly fell off his chair. He moved away from her and she chased him.”Oh God, stop! No like!” cried Charles.

She chased him around their pool making zombie sounds in a half-hearted attempt at giving him a salty kiss.

They ended up skinny-dipping and splashing around a bit. The evening continued with chit-chat about their dreams and some tasty margaritas and, before they knew it, they were having passionate sex in the pool.

Charles didn’t know if it was the booze or the pool-sex, but Lacey felt incredibly wet. He felt his entire penis enter her. She was as ferocious as he had ever heard her, and seemed to want him to take charge. He turned her around against the edge of the pool and they went at it doggy-style. Her big breasts were splayed onto the surrounding tiles as he pounded into her. He leaned in to kiss her neck and whispered in her ear:

“You’re so hot right now!”

“Oh fuck. Harder, baby. Give it to me harder. I really want to feel you.”

At 6.5′ long (6 and a quarter if he was being honest), he wasn’t self-conscious about his penis size. But being male and having been exposed to porn-sized cocks in his internet browsing, he sometimes wondered what it would be like to be a little bigger. Charles began squeezing his buttocks with every thrust in an effort to reach her deepest parts.

Enjoying her husband’s energetic thrusts, Lacey reached for her clitoris and began to add to her pleasure. Her moans became louder. Lacey loved being vocal during sex. The neighbors might hear so she tried to keep her voice from projecting too far. She could feel the heat building up in her vagina that would soon become a very satisfying orgasm.

Charles could hear Lacey’s moans becoming louder, a sign that she was close. They both unleashed everything they had to bring the vigorous sex session to a climax. After a few moments, Charles felt Lacey’s vagina twitch around his penis and a moment later, her hole body tensed up in orgasm. The sight of her back muscles contracted sent him over the edge; He squeezed her breasts hard with both hands and came inside her. They stayed this way for a few moments, recovering from the intensity of sensation. Eventually, Lacey moved off of Charles’ penis and they shared a giggle before kissing.

The rest of the weekend was a flurry of San Franciscan whore-themed sex and chilling around the house. It was a good weekend.

Author’s note: This is my first story! I’m open to any and all feedback. Also, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with the law firm and real estate law angle as I have no training in the matter, just thought it fit the story. If you have any good pointers there, I’m all ears! Thanks for reading!

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