Taking Advantage

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Nineteen-year-old Johnny was walking home from a night out with his buddies. He wasn’t driving since he’d had a few drinks. As he approached his house he saw a woman walk out of the front door, get into her car, and drive away.

“I guess Mom had a date tonight.” Johnny mumbled to himself. His father had left his mother a few months ago when she announced that she liked women as well as men, maybe even a little bit better.

He remembered the arguments. His Mom, Sylvia, claimed that not one woman had ever left her unsatisfied sexually but that his father often left her hanging and frustrated when they had sex. She told his father if he wasn’t willing to accept that Sylvia would occasionally take a female lover then he could move out. So he did.

If his Mom’s side was true, and his father never disputed it, then Johnny understood. His Mom was still young and beautiful and deserved all the pleasure she could get while his father was several years older and all he wanted was the occasional quick fuck with no regard for his wife. Johnny swore that if he was ever lucky enough to go out with a woman as stunning as his Mom, he would never treat her that way.

These thoughts were on Johnny’s mind as he opened the front door.

Johnny was surprised to see clothes strewn over the floor in the front room. “I guess they didn’t even make it to the bedroom.” he thought. As he walked a few more steps into the room he was shocked to see his mother sprawled naked on the sofa. She was obviously passed out. One leg was hooked over the back of the sofa and her body, in all its glory, was on display.

Johnny was embarrassed at first but as he stood and inspected his nude mother he got curious and moved closer for a better look. She had her head towards him so he moved a bit to the side as he approached. Her heavily made up eyes were closed and her lipstick was smeared all around her mouth. As he moved his eyes down to her large, pillowy breasts he noticed a few love bites on each one. He stared openly at the suckable nipples which were rigid in the cool air of the air-conditioned house.

Johnny let his eyes roam down over her flat belly towards her crotch. He wasn’t really shocked to notice that her prominent cuntmound was shaved bare. He kept his eyes glued to her pussy as he moved towards her feet. Once he was at the other end of the sofa he could clearly see his Mom’s cuntal opening and some of the secretions that had leaked from it trailed down towards her anus.

At that moment Johnny thought this was the most wonderful sight he had ever seen. He crouched down to take it all in at once. He gazed up her long legs to her silky thighs and over the top of her pubic mound he could see her breasts framing a beautiful face.

He suddenly realized that his cock had grown as hard as a rock. Even though it was his Mom that was naked before him his body still reacted. Johnny felt a bit ashamed and figured he had better wake his Mom up so she could cover herself and go off to bed. He stood up and moved to her shoulder, gently shaking it to rouse her. Sylvia’s skin was so warm and soft to his touch and Johnny felt a mild electric shock go through his body as he shook her. As he did so his Mom’s perfect breasts jiggled slightly which was quite a fascinating sight for the young man. He shook a bit harder and the tits waggled even more, kind of like firm jelly.

Sylvia still didn’t wake up. “She must really be out of it.” Johnny muttered. He didn’t know what to do. His cock was throbbing like it would burst and we desperately wanted to get his Mom to bed so he could go to his room and jack off to relieve the pressure.

Just then his cock took over the thinking for him. If she was that passed out why not jack off right here so he could see her naked rather than go to his room and try to conjure up the images in his head. Johnny pulled down his pants and underwear to free his aching member. He moved back to the same position he had taken earlier near his mother’s feet. Just in case she started to wake up he kneeled and positioned himself so his lower body was hidden by the arm of the sofa.

Once again he gazed over his Mom’s nude body, seeing it from head to toe. He leaned forward a bit to gaze at her cunt more closely and could smell her sex. The fragrance made his cock lurch and he almost came on the spot.

Johnny leaned back and took hold of his iron-hard dick. Slowly he began to stroke up and down never taking his eyes off pendik escort her spread out body. He imagined that his cock was sliding in and out of his Mom’s slick hole as he jacked himself off. It didn’t take long for a load to start boiling up in his nuts, eager to escape. Johnny tried to keep it slow but his urgent need to come took him over. Fighting for control he started stroking faster and faster until he felt the quivering in his belly and the spreading ecstasy throughout his body that told him he was beyond the point of no return. He held back a few more seconds then he felt his cock go off, spurting gob after gob of cock-cream from the pumping tip onto the side of the sofa. Johnny let go of his dick and watched as it twitched and jumped with every squirt. As the pumping slowed he took back hold of it and stroked it for a while longer as he tried to prolong the feeling.

Unbeknown to Johnny his mother had woken up. So intent had he been on her cunt and then his coming cock that he didn’t see her eyes flutter open. Once he finished coming he looked up and saw his mother staring at him curiously. The first thing Sylvia had seen was her son grimacing as he tried to hold back then she saw a look of bliss on his young face as he came. Her love for her son made held hold back from saying anything. She didn’t want to spoil his orgasm for him by interrupting.

Once she saw he was finished and he became aware that she was awake she pretended to be angry as she spoke to her son. “Johnny what are you doing?”

Johnny was of course at a loss for words.

“Were you taking advantage of your naked mother by looking at her and jacking off as she slept Johnny?” Sylvia knew it was what had happened and she didn’t really mind but she wanted to take control of the situation.

Johnny gulped and wondered how much trouble he was in. “I’m so sorry Mom. You just looked so beautiful laying there I couldn’t help myself.”

“So you jacked off and thought only of yourself, just like your father.”

Johnny realized it was true. Just this evening he had promised himself he would never do such a thing and here he was gratifying himself at his mother’s expense.

“You’re in luck Johnny.” Sylvia said. “Tonight it just happens that the woman who left a while ago couldn’t satisfy me, she was too inhibited and never was able to properly finish the job. I’m thinking that this might be a good opportunity to give men another go. Do you think you’re up to the task?”

“You mean …?”

“Yes Johnny I mean I need a good orgasm, maybe even more than one. Are you man enough to help your horny Mom out?” Sylvia’s eyes dared him to say no.

Johnny had no intention of saying no but was at a bit of a loss. “What do you want me to do Mom?” he whispered.

Sylvia smiled at her son. “Well to start with Johnny … have you ever licked a woman? No? Then it’s time to learn. Follow me to my room for your first lesson.”

With that Sylvia stood up and walked to the stairs. Johnny’s eyes were drawn to her taut buttocks as they swayed before him. His Mom looked over her shoulder at him saying, “What are you waiting for young man? Throw your clothes on the floor there with mine and get yourself up to my room right now.”

By the time Johnny finished disrobing his dick was once again very hard. His mother watched him from the stairs and was openly admiring the magnificent fuck-organ between his legs. Once he was done she turned on her heels and pranced off to her room. Johnny quickly followed, his cock bouncing as he sprang up the stairs.

Johnny walked into his mother’s bedroom to find her flat on her stomach. “If you want what I think you want Johnny then you’re going to have to earn it. I want you to start by giving my asshole a good licking before I let you move on to my pussy. Get busy.”

The horny lad was so desperate that by now he would do anything his mother said. He watched as she pulled her asscheeks apart revealing the pink rosebud of her anus. Johnny crawled onto the bed behind her and gazed at his mother’s firm buns for a few seconds before moving in. He decided to tease her a bit and started licking at the top of the crack then worked his way down to the pulsating opening. Tentatively Johnny worked his tongue over her anus and flicked it quickly back and forth causing a low moan to escape from his Mom’s mouth.

“Work it right in Johnny, shove your tongue right inside my ass.” Sylvia was loving every second of this. escort pendik “Fuck my ass with your tongue Johnny.” Sylvia moved her hands to her clit and started to pinch and rub it as her son worked away at her back door.

Johnny tried to do as he was told. He curled his tongue up into a tube and pushed at her rear opening as hard as he could. His exploring tongue was able to penetrate a little inside her shit tube and he moved it in and out quickly.

Sylvia was pleased that her son was so good at taking directions. She was going to tell him so when she felt a strong orgasm approaching. “Hold on to my thighs Johnny I’m about to come, keep your tongue up there.”

Johnny grabbed his Mom’s thighs and pulled his face tight against her bum. He poked and prodded her ass with his extended tongue as she started to buck in ecstasy. “Oh Johnny I’m coming son. I’m coming so, so good.” Sylvia was thrashing so hard that Johnny could barely hold on. She pinched her clit with one hand and shoved the other up into her gushing fuckhole as her orgasm peaked.

Johnny didn’t know how much longer he could keep contact but finally his naked Mom started to relax as the tremors abated. He lifted his head and took a deep breath then lay over his Mom, hugging her tightly.

Sylvia had almost passed out from the force of the outstanding come she’d just experienced. She lay exhausted, flat on her tummy. As her son held her she could feel the hardness of his erection on her back. “You must really be horny now Johnny. Well since you did such a good job I think you deserve a reward. Move your body back a few inches so I can reach your cock and guide it in.”

Shivering with anticipation Johnny slid down his mother’s back until he felt her reach between her legs and grasp his dick. Sylvia pulled him forward and led him to her most private opening. She thought for just a second about what she was about to let him do but knew it was too late to change her mind now, it wouldn’t be fair. The horny Mom inserted just the head of her son’s cock into the middle of her cuntlips then let go of him. “Push it in slowly Johnny I need to get used to a cock up there again. It’s been a long time.”

“Okay Mom.” Johnny didn’t mind taking his time. He had already come downstairs and wanted his first fuck ever to last as long as possible. The lad eased his dick into his Mom’s vagina and felt it opening up to accept his invasion. The cuntal opening was slick but tight and he could feel every ripple as he thrust his way in. His Mom’s ass was in the way and he couldn’t totally penetrate her. Sylvia realized this and raised herself up to the doggie position so she could welcome more of him inside her.

Once Johnny was all up inside his mother he stopped, waiting for further instructions. He knew what he wanted to do, fuck her cunt till he came, but didn’t want this to be a one time thing so was patient.

“Start to fuck me slowly Johnny until I tell you it’s okay to go faster.” Sylvia felt so full, as full as she ever had in her life. What a wonderful cock her son had, if only she’d known.

Johnny started sawing his hard cock gently in and out of his Mom. He had to exercise great restraint but managed to move tenderly between her silky thighs. His balls swayed slowly and felt very full. Quite a load of come was building up.

Her cunt was now fully stretched open so Sylvia encouraged her son to start fucking her in earnest. “Okay Johnny it’s time to enjoy a good hard fucking now. Move your hips and force your cock as deep as you can lover. My cunt needs another good come and your cock is perfect for the job. Fuck me Johnny, fuck your mother good.”

Sylvia bit her lip and held on to the bed sheets as Johnny took her at her word. Every stroke of his young body pounded against her up thrust ass as he held her hips and pulled himself forward, jamming his cock deep up into her vagina. His balls swayed even more now and slapped at her clit with each hard shove.

Johnny was having the time of his young life. Never had he imagined that fucking could feel so good. Compared to this, jacking off was like driving a Ford instead of a Ferrari. His mother’s cunt grabbed and sucked his cock. He gazed at it as the lips pouted out when he withdrew then seemed to draw him back in as he moved forward. The feelings were so intense he wished he could go on fucking her forever.

“I’m getting really close now lover.” Sylvia was gasping. “Fuck me very fast now, as fast pendik escort bayan and as deep as you can. Make me come all over your cock Johnny, make my cunt come. Please Johnny fuck me faster.”

Johnny increased the speed of his fucking until his hips were a blur. He gritted his teeth and expended every effort to get his mother off. Sylvia’s opening seemed to get even wetter and slicker as her orgasm approached, making it easier for him to go deep and fast. The naked Mom began to push back hard meeting her son’s every stroke with one of her own. Faster and faster they both went, like it was a competition each wanted to win.

Sylvia made one last lunge backwards then held still as she started to come. “Pound it in Johnny. I’m coming, coming, coming Johnny. Ooh I’m coming so fucking good my darling lover. Fuck me! FUCK YOUR MOTHER HARD!” Sylvia threw her head back and screamed so loud Johnny was sure the neighbors would hear her. “Oh my fucking god Johnny my cunt is coming and coming and coming like never before. What a great fucker you are Johnny what a wonderful lover. Fuck me Johnny.”

Johnny fucked his Mom through her orgasm, he kept moving and guiding her through it until she once again collapsed flat on the bed. He hadn’t come himself but his face glowed with pride at his mother’s words. He’d just given her, she said, the best come of her life.

“Johnny I need you to pull out for a minute love. I know you didn’t come but I need a while to recover. Let me roll over and you can suck my breasts while I get my breath.”

A little disappointed Johnny did as he was told and pulled his aching cock out from between his Mom’s legs. It had never been so hard and he wanted nothing more than to stay inside her cunt but he trusted that his mother would not deny him.

Sylvia rolled over and Johnny once more took in the sight of her sexy full-frontal nudity. Her pillowy breasts beckoned him and he suckled away at her hard, long nipples one at a time. It wasn’t as good as fucking but it did have a certain different pleasure that he soon came to enjoy.

After a few minutes spent nursing and adding a few love bites of his own to her titflesh Johnny raised his head and stared deeply into his mother’s eyes. She knew what he needed and parted her silken thighs for him in invitation. As Johnny mounted her and eagerly forced his way back inside she smiled. He was so excited and she felt so wanted she couldn’t help but dismiss all of her earlier doubts. They were meant for each other and she knew that this wouldn’t be the only time that they would take pleasure in each other. But right now she wanted him to come, it was his turn.

“You can fuck as hard as you want now lover. Now I’m used to your size my cunt won’t break no matter how hard you fuck it. Use my cunt Johnny, use it the way it was meant to be used. Use it to make your cock squirt.”

Johnny wasn’t going to last long now. He flopped his body down onto her breasts and moved his hips in the age-old fucking motion men had used since the dawn of time.

“Oh Johnny you can enjoy a fuck in me any time you want lover. I want you to take me any time your cock gets hard. I’ll always want you to fuck me any way you like. In my ass and mouth as well as using my cunt any time you’d like.”

His Mom’s wanton talk got the come boiling in Johnny’s balls and he knew he was less than a minute away from coming. His cock swelled. “Mom I think I’m about to come, I’m going to come right in your cunt, is that okay Mom?”

“Oh yes Johnny. You’re getting even bigger inside me Johnny I can feel it. Your cock is getting ready to come isn’t it Johnny? It’s getting ready to fill me with cockjuice isn’t it lover? Do it Johnny, let your load go inside me son. Fuck your mother’s cunt and come in it Johnny.”

Sylvia reached around her son’s ass and tickled his anus with her long fingernails. That was the final action that set Johnny off and he pushed deep and held his cock as far inside as possible as he dumped a huge helping of come into his Mom. He felt spurt after spurt jet from the tip, splashing against the walls of her vagina. Johnny started slowly stroking again to prolong the feeling and felt a couple of more small squirts gushing out. His whole body was tingling and it seemed that even his eyeballs were sweating. Nothing in his life could compare to what he had just felt between his mother’s legs and he knew he wanted to return there again and again.

Finally he lifted his weight off his mother and looked down at her. They both had huge grins and couldn’t help but start to laugh aloud at the joy they had just experienced with each other.

“I love you Mom.”

“I love you too Johnny.”

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