Taking Control

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I walk through the club, the music pulsating, the bodies writhing on the dancefloor. Two steps behind me walks a man, his head inclined, his eyes on my ankles as is proper. He wears nothing but a collar. A collar around his proud, erect cock, and it is with this that I lead him through the club to a much quieter room.

I close the door and turn to face him. “Undress me my sweet.” He removes each item of my clothing with tender care, folding them and placing it on the dresser. I make him kneel at my feet and tenderly he takes my shoes off, then begins to wash my feet.

He washes first one foot, then carefully placing it on the plush carpet he lifts the other to wash it. When he places it next to the first and looks up at me, I frown and lift the foot again.

“Higher my pet. You must wash my whole leg with that same care, yet do not presume to touch me any higher or more intimately.”

He starts again, dipping and squeezing the sponge, gliding it up my skin. From his position on his knees, he is mouthwatering close to my centre, he can smell my arousal yet he can’t touch. Looking up he sees the weight of my breasts, tipped with nipples that are getting more puffy as my arousal grows.

When he finishes and looks up at me like that, I smile down at him. “Good job sweetling.”, I say as I move behind him, crouching down to secure his wrists behind his back with linked cuffs. Walking past him to a chair I turn and sit. “Come to me my sweet” escort kartal I say. Shuffling on his knees he makes his way awkwardly across the room to me and with a smile on my face I uncross my legs. “Taste me my darling, show me your love for me.” Pulling his head gently into my lap I encourage him with soft croons, then tighten my fingers into a fist in his hair and pull his head away as he gets too eager in his suckling.

“Now my pet, what have I said to you about rushing? All good things come to those who wait. You will need to work on your self control”. I push him back and he falls onto his rump as I stand up, taking the link on the cuffs in my hand and pulling him backwards to a hook on a chain in the centre of the room. I hook the linked cuffs onto it and wind the chain up until he’s just off balance and no longer standing comfortably. I walk to the door and opening it, I gesture to the girl kneeling outside. She rises smoothly to her feet and tilts her head up to let me kiss her passionately.

I turn back to the man, my eye flicking down to his impossibly hard, straining cock; and a small, wicked smile lifts the corners of my mouth.

“Pay good attention my sweet, otherwise I shall leave you there in your discomfort and let Layla be the only one to please me tonight.”

Taking her by the hand, I lead Layla to the chair; and as I sit myself down she sinks to her knees, her hands caressing my inner thighs. The man maltepe escort looks on with barely concealed frustration, his muscles visibly tensing as Layla coaxes me to orgasm. My eyes never leave his through her tender ministrations, until that moment of my peak, as I shudder my release. My eyes open again, and remain hooded. I break eye contact with the man, turning to Layla and kissing her languorously, tasting myself on her.

I dip a finger into my wet pussy and walk to the man. I force my finger gently between his lips as I say, “Have you strengthened your self control my pet? I will not treat another failure so lightly”. He nods, taking slow measured breaths as I reach down and caress his balls, before creating a ring around his cock with my thumb and forefinger and lightly sliding my fingers up and down. The pad of my thumb swipes across the head of his cock, collecting the pre cum there. My eyes search one pupil then the other as I bring that thumb to my mouth, seeing the dilation and searching for any loss of control in the man.

Happy with what I see, a self satisfied smile grows on my lips and I lick them eagerly, in a sign of anticipation. “You have done well my sweet,” I say as I remove the cuffs, “and you shall have your chance to find relief.”

I turn and walk to the bed, the man two steps behind me, his head suitably lowered again. I face him and lie back on the bed, bringing my knees up and open. He breathes in pendik escort bayan the scent of my arousal, the lips of my pussy are open and I am so wet, so ready for more.

“You may take me, gently and with control. I wish to feel your unflagging cock slide into me, as you would slide a dagger into a sheath. Make it pleasurable for me and if I am suitably delighted, I shall whisper the word ‘now’. And then you may take your pleasure, and your release from me.”

I tug my lower lip between my teeth, seemingly unaware of this tell, this signal to my own desire for this culmination. The man calmly steps to the bed, placing one knee up on the bed between my thighs, then the other as he positions himself. He takes his cock in hand and slides it up and down my slit, collecting my moisture and spreading his own slickness until he is ready. He lines up and slowly, achingly slowly, slides into me. I’m so primed that I convulse, my pussy fluttering on his cock before he even clears his glans in my passage. He continues to slide inexorably deeper until he bottoms out.

And now the control has shifted to the man, as he finds his inner strength. I melt at the sight of it in his eyes and as he starts to slide in and out I gently say, “Well done my pet”.

“Now! Take me now! “

And like a racehorse released from the starting gate he pistons faster in and out of me, his powerful hands, now free, grasp my thighs; bending them back and flat to the bed as he thrusts harder, quicker, with more and more intensity. I’m lost in the waves of sensations coursing through me, my eyes closing, and; as I build to an immense crescendo I hear the man yell his release, and feel his hot, abundant cum start jetting into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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