Taking On A Step Daughter Ch. 03

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She was in the Kitchen when her mother came in.

“Hi Honey, I need a favor from you. I need you to go with your father on his business trip. I cannot make it this time and he needs someone to play Hostess for him. We will need to go shopping for some dresses for it. So could you do it for me Honey?,” her mother asked her.

“Sure mom, whatever just let me know when you want to go to the stores.” she told her mother. They set it up for the next day.

Her mother helped her pack, and then told her go ahead and get a shower, and some sleep. Around four am he came into her room, lean down and kissed her long and hard, his hand cup her tit, squeezing it.

“Come on baby wake up, its time to get up.” he said softly.

She opened her eyes and stretched her body flinging off the covers to reveal her naked body to him. He smiled, brushing a hand over her titties and down over her pussy. Then stood and told her to hurry and dress it was time to go. She watched him leave the room and got up.

Once the Hotel room door closed he pulled her into his arms, kissed her slow, and helping her to undress. Standing naked now she pulled away and kneel down and unzip his pants, taking out his hard cock. She moaned and slowly licked, and sucked his cock till he begged her to let him fuck her. She stood up and looked at him.

“You can have me anytime, anywhere, anyway. You can take me hard, fast, hot, up my ass, my mouth, my pussy, they are yours.” she whispered to him.

He grabbed her turned her around with her back to him, pushed her on the bed bostancı escort bayan and stood behind her and took his cock and eased it up into her pussy slowly. He took her hard, and fast. He grunted, stiffen, and exploded deep inside her.

“So, whose idea was it for me to come on this trip?,” she asked.

He gave her wicked smiled. “I let your mom come up with it, but I knew she could not come on this trip so I told her that I needed a Hostess for a couple of business dinners.” he said.

“You just wanted someone to fuck while away from home.” she told him smiling, as she climb on top of him, and sat up.

His hands cupped and squeezed her tit’s, and told her he did not want just anyone, he wanted just her on this trip. A whole week of hot sex, with a hot girl was what he told her. Then the phone rang.

While he went off to work she went shopping for something hot, sexy, and totally mind blowing. In a little shop she found just what she was looking for. Happy with her purchase she made her way back to the Hotel. There was a message from him, telling her to wear the long red grown to dinner tonight. She showers and dress with care , went down to meet the car. The drive was long and when they finally pulled into a driveway and stop she step out and saw him waiting for her. He took her hand and lean in and kissed her cheek.

“I have a man I want you to please, flirt with him as much as you can. And later after everyone else leaves you, me, and he will have some fun if you want to.” he told her.

“This must be ümraniye escort the young lady you were telling me about. You are very beautiful,” he said, then leaning in he whispers, “And the most erotic girl from what your daddy tells me.”.

The dinner and chatting went on for hours, after a few hours she excuse herself saying she needed a breath of fresh air. The man she had met earlier, said he would keep her company. Once outside the noise level was zero, and the air was cooler, as they walk though his garden, he took her to the other end of his garden, and into his private garden.

“It’s beautiful here Sir,” she said.

“Come I will show you something very unusually,” he told her.

Around many turns and corners later he step back and she saw a huge white bed in the center of the most beautiful colors of flowers. He leads her over and sat down, pulling her down with him.

“Your daddy tells me that you can suck a man’s cock like no other women. Can you?” he asked her.

Pushing him back on to his back and moving her hand down over his shirt, to his belt, undoing it, slowly taking the zipper down, reaching in and stroking his already hard cock.

“You tell me if I can.” she said.

With that she took out his cock and slowly took him into her mouth, sucking him down deep, while her hands and fingers played with his balls, and ass hole. With in a few minutes she had him trembling, and calling out that he was cumming. She licked him clean and stood up straighten her dress and help him back in his pants smiling.

She escort kartal found her daddy and went over to him. They talked, he asked where she was, she smile and told him, then told him she could not wait till everyone left. She told him that the guy had a big cock like his, then someone called him and he had to leave.

“So you like my cock do you?, well my cock likes you too, and he cannot wait till these people are gone to, mmmm why do not you go back out to my garden, and undress, I will be right out there to be with you.” he said from behind the brushes she was standing in front of.

Once she moved off and out the doors again he motion for his butler and told him to inform everyone the part was over and get everyone out. “Except for Mr. Hopper,” he added.

She slowly pulled off the dress and lay it on the chair, climbs onto the bed and looked up to the dark moonlight sky. Her hands brushed over her nipples, and down over her pussy. That is how he found her when he walked into his garden. Slowly he took off his clothes and lay them over hers. He came to the bed with only a hard cock pointing at her.

He layed down next to her and took her nipple into his mouth and moved his knee between her thighs, pushing her legs apart. Wrapping his arms around her he turned her over on top of him and told her to ride him.

“Ride me hard and fast baby.” he said.

She moved over him and took his cock in slowly, then she moved her hips in every direction, grinding her hips into his. Then she felt someone behind her, . turning to look she saw her daddy’s cock hard, and then she felt him pushing up her ass hole.

“OH Yes Fuck my ass, fuck me good.” she called out.

With a cock in her pussy and her ass hole she was in heaven. Each man pounded her with their cocks, till she screamed she was cumming.

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