Taking Sally

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Sally curled her fingers in the soft white sand, digging them in to find the cooler sand below. The scent of sun cream filled her nose and the sun drummed on her skin until it prickled in the heat. The sound of children squealing in the sea rose over the steady crash of waves some way off. Closer, she heard John’s mum turn the pages of her book laying beside her, her long bronze legs shining.

Sally gazed up at the azure sky and her eyelids felt heavy as she watched a white plane trail snake across it.


Sally sensed the serpent sidling,

Across the beach as she lay idling.

It whispered over sandy ripples,

A breeze awoke her sun-kissed nipples.

The serpent brushed her ankle slightly,

Sally closed her eyes more tightly.

It slithered a loop around her neck,

Then squeezed a little as if to check,

Her pulse had quickened just enough,

To tell the snake, she wants it rough.

Her wrists and ankles bound the same,

The giant snake entwined her frame.

Slipping on her sun-creamed sweat,

It nudged her crotch and found it wet.

Sally’s thighs were parted wide –

Would the serpent push inside?

A forked tongue took her by surprise,

and Sally rolled her half closed eyes.

Her pussy painted quite the picture,

pouting as the creature licked her.

Sally gave no thought to escaping,

noticed her friend John’s mouth gaping:

He watched the serpent scene unfolding.

Sally gawped at what he was holding –

He pumped his hard dick with his hand, watching Sally on the sand.

The serpent pushed its head inside –

in Sally’s head she moaned and cried.

The thing felt huge, its neck was fat,

Nudging deeper in her twat.

John was watching without speaking,

Sally’s snake-stuffed cunt was leaking.

Sally writhed and arched her back,

Its pointed tail had found her crack.

She heard the pounding of her heart,

As her cheeks were forced apart.

Her little hole was tight and pungent

Slippery with her pussy’s unguent.

The creature flexed and poked its tail,

Up that hole to make her wail.

It slipped in deep and kept on going,

The head still fucked her without slowing.

The fullness of her snake-packed bum,

Sally knew would make her come.

The coil grew tighter on her throat-

Her mind began to drift and float.

She saw herself as John would see,

Double-fucked with writhing glee.

A drip of precum tipped his cock,

Sally felt an electric shock.

Another and she began to reel,

It must be some electric eel!

It shocked her tits and rasped her tummy,

Her holes were both becoming cummy.

Pain danced with pleasure in her mind,

The creature probed her tight behind,

And wetly fucked her sloppy cunt.

It flipped her over on her front,

Displaying her arsehole full of snake:

Coming, Sally began to wake…


Sally realised with a start that she was lying on the beach beside John’s mum trying to figure out if she had just come in reality or in her strange dream. Her body was slick with sweat from the sun beating down on her and her legs were quite wide apart – she must have moved them while she slept.

Her pussy felt soaking and she wondered if it showed through her dark bikini. A man walked past, looking first at John’s mum’s tanned legs and then straight at Sally’s wet crotch on the sand.

Sally saw that John and his dad were making their way back up the beach with their boards. She made no move to close her legs. ‘Let them look,’ she thought, hopefully.

John was lean and wiry, with tanned skin and sun-bleached, straw-coloured hair. His dad was built more thickly, but still athletic-looking since he was a keen surfer. His hair was the same light colour, but cropped shorter and flecked with a little grey. Both their bodies looked like they could show Sally a thing or two, she thought, as she lay sweating and horny.

But she knew that, in fact, John didn’t know too much about girls – the friends had confided in each other about their limited sexual experience and ever since, there had been an increase in the chemistry between them.

Still, at that moment in time she felt like they could do quite a bit of learning together. Or maybe John’s dad could sort her out, Sally thought – she’d seen him looking at her as though he was imagining it.

Sally dug her toes in the sand as the men came closer, dripping salt water and sparkling in the sun.

She could see that John had noticed her position – he was trying to work out where to look, and she thought his trunks were twitching.

“Hello ladies, don’t over exert yourselves, will you?” John’s dad said, crashing to the sand between them and giving John’s mum a kiss. She squealed.

“Don’t! You’re getting me all wet.”

“Not in front of the kids, Inge!” he joked.

“Dad!” John sat the other bursa escort side of Sally, still breathing hard from the surfing.

“Did you see me wipe out just then, Sal?”

John was looking at his friend’s breasts shining with sweat and cupped snugly by her bikini. He was trying to imagine her fully naked.

“No,” Sally replied, raising herself up a bit to look at John drying in the sun. “Was it massive?”

She glanced at his crotch as she asked, and imagined licking the salt from his abs and tugging his board shorts down.

“Yeah, I had to swerve to avoid someone and stacked it completely. It must have looked pretty mental. It’s big out there today.”

Sally noticed that on her other side John’s dad was gently touching his mum’s leg and whispering to her.

‘Horny old goat,’ she thought. And then, ‘Lucky bitch.’

Sally announced, “I might go in and cool off. I’m all sticky.”

She stood abruptly, and her pussy was close enough to John’s face that she wondered if he’d smell her. She wasn’t lying about being all sticky after all, and it felt like she had pissed herself. She was quite certain now that she really had come in her sleep, dreaming about that sea snake.

She set off, knowing that both he and his dad could see her little round arse wiggling as she went, her bikini slightly riding up between her sweaty cheeks – she’d nearly outgrown it but figured it would do for one more summer.

“Hold up, I’ll come with you.”

John ran to catch up, struggling a little with a bulge in his shorts.

Sally tossed her long blonde hair and flashed him a smile. He was handsome. His dad was full-on hot and she could see he was heading that way – he just was a bit more delicate. She liked the look of his hands and sometimes thought about sucking his fingers, tasting herself on them.

She knew her young body had started to turn heads in the last few years. Although she felt self-conscious about her height – she was shorter than the girls she knew – she liked her breasts and her pale green eyes and freckled, button nose, which gave her a sexy, impish look. A nymph, she told herself.

She had full pink lips that looked made for kissing, both on her face and between her legs, and she’d taken great care to make her pussy completely bald for the holiday. It was the first time she’d done it and her reflection startled her when showering now, as she could see her vulva at all times. It screamed for attention right now beneath her bikini as she wiggled down the beach next to John.

It occurred to Sally that she needed to pee. Maybe in the sea?

The waves were indeed high, and there were a few more surfers further out carving across them and then disappearing into the crashing foam.

John was a few steps ahead of her, waiting. Sally had intended to get gradually into the cold water and cool off from her sunbathing, but clearly the sea was in charge, and she would get wet on its terms not her own.

Waves crashed against her knees, splashing up to chill her instantly and she felt the power of the swell as it dragged sand back against her ankles ready for the next wave. John was reaching a hand out for her but she wanted to prove she didn’t need help, and also hoped to find a space to pee. However, the churning water looked challenging.

She battled through more waves until she was up to her waist, the horny heat of the beach a distant memory. Salt spray had drenched the rest of her and her hair clung to her face – she saw that her nipples were rock hard from the cold. As she strode forward the ground dropped away and for a second she looked up to see where John was, and a big wave caught her off guard and swept her legs from under her just as they were realising the change in depth.

Sally was caught in a roaring turmoil – she felt the sandy bottom bash against her and then saw a flash of sky. A powerful surge was still holding her and pulling her into the next wave. She began to panic and took on a mouthful of salt water, fighting the force of the water but not knowing which direction to struggle in. Hands had found her, and suddenly she was above the surface, with air and relief flooding through her, and it was John’s hands not the sea pulling her along now.

They were beyond the breaking waves now and the water simply rose and fell – John was swimming a little to maintain their position but they were out of the crashing. He looked at her with concern as Sally spluttered and blushed.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m ok. Thanks for the lifeguard bit. I wasn’t concentrating enough. It’s not my first time in the sea, really.”

Sally looked down and realised that her bikini had spilled one of her boobs as she was flung around. It was pressed against John’s chest, looking exposed and fragile with its dark rigid nipple poking into him and both their chests rose and fell as they panted. John noticed too with a smile.

“Perk of being a lifeguard,” he said.

Sally giggled, still flustered, and slipped it back into her bikini top. John bursa escort bayan hadn’t let her go and she didn’t want him to. But she was quite desperate to pee now, and the prospect of fighting back through the waves and then a long walk to some horrible beach toilets where she might have to queue seemed a ridiculous idea.

She was wondering how to politely escape John’s grip enough to gain some space so he wouldn’t feel it if she just let go, when suddenly John kissed her.

It was such a surprise, and she found herself kissing him back, but she also found herself weeing against him, her body giving in and releasing. Warmth surrounded them as Sally sighed into the kiss.

John pulled back and asked quizzically, “Are you peeing, Sal?”

“Mm-hmmm, sorry.” She blushed hard but kept going – there was no stopping now, kiss or no kiss.

She felt John’s fingertips against her pussy under the water – he was touching her while she pissed against him, feeling the flow!

“Wow, it’s so warm,” was all John said, and then he continued kissing her while she emptied her bladder against him, and he caressed the outline of her gushing pussy through her bikini under the water.

She had finished peeing, and still John was playing gently with her cunt in a way that was making her toes curl. She felt his cock, rock-hard against her. She was about to slip a hand into his board shorts when they both noticed that they had drifted some way from where they started.

“Ah, bit of a rip here it looks like. Stay close to me and grab hold if you need to. We’ll pick a diagonal line in the direction it’s already taking us and get back to shore. Might have a bit of a walk on the beach. Hopefully this boner you’ve given me will have worn off by then – it’s like swimming with a rudder!”

John was laughing as they set off. Sally reached for him and squeezed his hard dick briefly, thrilled at its firmness, and then turned her attention back to not drowning.

It was tiring making progress and Sally tried not to panic- as they crossed the break of the waves it took less effort to go in the direction they wanted to and the waves carried them forward, although frustratingly then sucked them back almost as far.

“Don’t fight the swell, just pick the right moment to swim,” John shouted.

They finally reached water shallow enough to stand and strode through the foam back to the beach, Sally checking that her tits hadn’t escaped again. What an adventure her quick dip to cool off had been. And she noticed that despite the distraction the fear had provided, and the relief of emptying her bladder, she was still horny as hell. Images of her dream returned to her, and she smiled at John, checking if he had managed to control his erection. Sort of, she decided.

“Nice trunks,” she teased him, and blew him a kiss.

It was a long walk, and the sun beat down and dried the salt on their skin and stiffened their hair. Both of them turned heads on the beach, Sally noticed – she certainly saw a couple of girls look at John’s body with interest from behind their sunglasses and magazines.

She had the usual looks. Men weren’t subtle, they would look straight at your cunt and think you wouldn’t notice, Sally thought to herself. It was sopping again, as it happened.

When they got back to their place on the beach, John’s dad was lying asleep in the sun like some large majestic ape, and Sally tried hard not to look at the bulge of his dick as he lay shining and toned.

‘Fuck, imagine riding that man’ she thought briefly. She really didn’t know which of the two turned her on more, but something about how confidently he held John’s mum made Sally think John’s dad could give her the sort of seeing to she kept dreaming of.

John’s mum looked up from her book. She had wavy auburn hair with blonde highlights and a pretty face that looked younger than it was. Shades hid her blue eyes.

“Oh good, I was starting to worry.”

Inge had a bemused way of talking to them both that seemed like she couldn’t work out if they were having sex or not. So it wasn’t clear if the implication that they’d been gone a long time was loaded with suspicion that they’d been fooling around in the sea. Sally was blushing anyway. Inge was a sexy woman, she thought, and so self-assured. She pictured her with John’s dad, not for the first time.

“I was thinking we might head back to the house soon, it’s baking here and getting crowded. We can fix some lunch and hang out by the pool maybe. What do you guys think?”

“Yeah, sounds good to me, I’m starving,” John said. “You’ll have to wake this oaf up though.”

John gave his dad a gentle kick. The two were close, both having an active, easy-going nature.

“Who’s an oaf?”

John’s dad smiled and swiped to grab an ankle, his eyes still closed. He got Sally’s, and she shrieked a little in surprise. Bill’s eyes opened suddenly when he felt the smooth skin.

“Oh, sorry Sal, I was after son of oaf!” He let her go.

His large hand wrapped escort bursa tight around her little ankle had been enough to make her mind wander though. Her clit stood to attention.

“How many times have I told you Bill, no grabbing Sally!”

Inge joked as though it were a repeat offence. The girl was blushing again, and Inge seemed to enjoy making that happen.

John was walking on his hands, apparently bored of the mild flirting that didn’t involve him.


Sally pushed him over in the sand. This time it was John who grabbed her ankle, and she relished the opportunity to compare his grip with his dad’s – again her mind wandered to a place where she had both men at once, and then the snake’s pushing in both her holes came to mind.

“No-one said I couldn’t grab you,” John said.

So he had been listening.

Sally struggled playfully, and John let go, fearful of getting another hard on for all to see.

They gathered their things and trudged back to the car, where Sally pulled on some jeans over her bikini and checked her reflection in the car window. Her nipples were poking again, and her blonde hair was looking wavy and wild, thick with salt. She couldn’t quite believe she had peed on John during their first kiss. He hadn’t seemed appalled, more fascinated and she recalled the feel of his fingertips on her hairless pussy.

In the car on the way back, Sally reached out for John’s hand and gave it a squeeze, then held it, pulling it against her thigh.

When they arrived, John’s parents busied themselves in the kitchen while Sally and John went off to get changed. Their rooms were opposite each other, and Sally left her door ajar and stripped off quickly, until she stood naked in the centre of the room watching the crack in the door. She thought she saw it move slightly. She touched a finger between her legs and her pussy lips were swollen and spilling her clear nectar. She spread it lightly over the lips and teased the hooded bud of her clit, rolling it.

John stepped quietly past the door, not quite into the room but enough for Sally to see he was there, looking at her touch herself for him, with wildfire in his eyes.

Neither spoke a word. Sally licked her fingertip and it tasted sweet. John’s eyes were bulging almost as much as his board shorts. He stared at her bald, naked pussy as it leaked on her fingers.

Sally stepped over to the bed and lay back on it, propping a pillow so she could see John as she parted her legs wide and began to masturbate for him in earnest. She’d never had a spectator before, and it was wildly erotic – she already felt that she could come any second. After all, she had been on edge all morning, and right now John was watching as she brought her other hand between her legs and slipped a finger into her sopping slit.

She was amazed at how wet she was. She was also keenly aware that the door was still open and that John’s parents were really not far away – the holiday rental wasn’t huge after all – and she couldn’t be in a more brazen position than spread out naked like this, fingering herself sloppily in front of their son.

The thought of all three of them watching her was enough to tip her over, and Sally began to shudder violently as she came.

She bit her lip and slid another finger into her clutching cunt as she fixed her eyes on John and was lost in the waves of her orgasm.

Moments later, Sally was on her feet skipping over to him in the doorway, her tits jiggling as she moved. She held her fingers to his lips, slimy with her cum, and he opened them obediently.

Once he had cleaned them for her, she coaxed John into the room and closed the door, kissing him fervently and tasting her own pussy on his tongue.

“That was so fucking hot. I can’t tell you how beautiful you are,” John whispered.

Sally simply smiled happily, still glowing. In a hurry (lunch would be ready soon, no doubt), she dropped to her knees in front of John and tugged his shorts down – almost caught in the face by his hard cock springing free suddenly.

She gazed up at him for a second with her mouth open, so he could see his dick beside her freckled little face, her mouth open and desperate for him.

Then she engulfed it.

She’d seen this done on video clips online, but never had a cock in her mouth before. She decided to go with the theory that making her lips and tongue behave like a tight cunt massaging the shaft would probably be the best approach, and enjoyed watching John’s expression as she explored his balls with her hands. She tried to see how much she could fit in her mouth and gagged as his bell end touched the back of her throat. She swirled her tongue against him, and bobbed and sucked to try and coax his cum from him. John’s dick did not need much persuasion, it turned out.

“Ah…Fuuuuuck!” John swore quietly as Sally’s mouth began to fill up with pulses of hot, thick semen.

‘So this is how cum tastes,’ Sally thought, and then ‘God, there’s a lot!’

Her mouth was full, and still John’s cock kept jerking and spurting, until cum spilled out from between Sally’s lips and ran from her chin in strands to decorate her tits. It seemed as though John had been saving it for her for years.

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