Talk and Action Ch. 07

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Sunil may have unleashed her in the first instance. But he was not responsible for any of what happened. And certainly what happened next.

“Sunil, I have been in a situation,” she confessed.

“What situation?” asked Sunil. The professor’s wife, Nalini, his friend from school days had been his seduction target. And then she had gone on to take his every idea and sexually engage in those very acts with whoever she came by.

There was nothing left, according to him. He had been reduced to begging her to wait for his arrival, to keep some of those positions, special acts for him.

And still, she talked about a situation.

“What situation?” he repeated himself warily as his friend stared into space.

“My sister’s son came home today,” she said.

Sunil’s eyes widened.

“How old is he?” asked Sunil.

“Around 19,” she said.

“And?” he asked.

“I am telling you, na!” she said. “Don’t interrupt.”

“I hope it has nothing to do with … sex. I am not sure it is legal. And I do not even want to get started on how your sister will take it,” said Sunil.

“Well, why else would I be telling you anything?” she said irritably. “Here is the whole story.”

Nalini started narrating everything that had happened.

The boy had a backache from the rough bus ride. His aunt often massaged his back in his younger days. He thought nothing of asking her for a massage now.

Nalini also thought nothing of it. The problem lay precisely there. She thought nothing of it so she did not bother with how she was dressed. She had dressed to seduce the professor.

She wanted to be taken like a bitch on heat. She wore her filly black nightgown. It was in two pieces. She still remembered the day she bought it. The shopkeeper knew them as a couple because his son studied under the professor. When Nalini had reviewed her purchase the man found it difficult to show the wares properly. When all was said and done, it was a small community, especially among its permanent residents.

But it had two pieces. The inner was more daring and completely minimalist. It was sheer as all lingerie is. But it was also just about enough fabric as was needed to be called a garment. It left nothing to imagination.

The second piece, the one that went on top, was a sheer and complete gown. But it was so delicate that the professor could look through — it triggered imagination.

It had been her failsafe device with the professor. Whenever she was horny, she wore the nightgown. Right from the moment she served him dinner. When she leaned over to serve he could see her breasts, the patch of hair between her legs, her sumptuous swinging ass.

On occasion they would fuck before or during dinner. On other days, definitely before the professor took off his glasses. The dress indicated that she had reached the limit of her ability to sublimate her dire physical needs and the professor understood that.

Whatever was happening with her sexually and her own desires was not to be confused with her love for her husband. Everything she learned, she knew she could carry forward with him. She knew that while he was preoccupied with work and rarely made the first move, he was virile enough to be her man.

And while the student who was also the wrestler had a cock the girth of which was pleasurable, her husband could pleasure her in his own, fulfilling way.

She wanted, tonight, to introduce him to what Sunil had called doggy-style. She knew from the angles she worked out the other day for ‘on the top’ that he would cum easily if she just fucked him back. The wrestler had barely given her maneuvering room for fucking him back. But professor was not like that. She knew could thrust back and she knew he would cum helplessly.

The thought of the professor cumming helplessly had warmed up her pussy. She had signaled it all to him, even though the nephew’s arrival forced her to be more circumspect.

She had been wearing just the inner lingerie when the professor came home. But he came with her nephew, her sister’s son. She fled to her room and wore a more conservative caftan in a jiffy. But professor had seen the garment and smiled knowingly at his wife.

She had finished her chores and dressed up for him. Her mind was on how she would be on all fours and guide him from behind. She chose the spot in the bedroom where she would do this. She wanted to hold on better and control the fucking better than she had with the rampaging student. She wanted to give her husband a strong, powerful and unchecked, uncontrolled orgasm.

She did not intend to wear the outer gown. After all, even in the inner was going to last just a wee bit till her ass was exposed to her husband. Why bother? And then she heard the boy calling. Instead of bothering with the caftan again, she just threw on the outer gown.

Her sister’s son had just turned eighteen and had come to their house for some exam prep for which the professor was renowned in the extended family.

The children had all grown up traveling bursa escort and living with different family members at different stages in their life. This was true of her kids as well.

So when called to rub his back and give him relief she thought nothing of it. As she leaned on his back and rubbed, the boy pointed lower down to the small of the back where the hard seat of the bus had caused strained.

Warming to the task, Nalini straddled him from behind and leaning forward, applied pressure with a combination of hands; the shiatsu style.

She thought of the irony. She intended to be in a similarly prone position but not on top and behind her nephew — but ready to go under her husband with him being behind.

As she leaned back and forth her breasts swung freely. The inner was designed for ordinary bust sized women and Nalini was anything but ordinary in her bust. She had had her breast pop out in the past and that had only helped her in the seduction plan on those occasions.

Today when it popped out, she felt the need urgently stuff it back and she took her hands off the back on which she was working to do just that. The young man thought his aunt had chosen just the wrong moment to stop. The benefit of the massage had only just begun. Intending to stop his aunt from leaving he turned around.

He saw her breast, large and inviting and the grape like, large nipple on it. At his age, such an arousing sight invites an instant erection and so it was with him.

Nalini turned beet red and rushed with the act of stuffing the breast but only succeeded in uncovering the other one too. This was accidental but was part of the intended design of the garment. It was designed for seduction.

An 18 year old does not need too much seduction. Nalini could see the reaction in her nephew’s eyes as his pupils dilated. The boy flipped over and his aunt was now on astride his stomach. His eyes devoured her body. She felt hopeless even attempting to cover her impossible to conceal breasts. She reached forward and covered his eyes. She could not let him see her, his aunt, like that.

He reached forward and claimed those luscious breasts, ever so gently. He loved her but not in this way. This, was new. His fingers found those lovely large nipples and he tugged at them.

Hands are hands and skin is skin. One body is designed to convey pleasure to the other. She felt her sister’s son give her that pleasure with his gentle fondling of her breasts. She gasped, involuntary. It was involuntary. Her conscious mind kept telling her this was illicit.

She kept his eyes covered. Her own eyes watched his hands as they kept her covered. But they did more than cover. They played with her breasts. He sat up and she embraced him with no hesitation. His head was in her breasts and he eagerly, yet tenderly, sucked and tongued — his entire attention on the nipples.

“Ever been with a woman before, Pappu?” she asked, in a hushed tones, mindful that her husband was in the next room.

“No, mausi” he mumbled barely bothering to take his mouth off her, using the term for the mother’s sister. A blood relation.

The question and the answer to the question were irrelevant as the boy continued to taste and play with her breasts. It was not relevant to what she did next either. She pushed him back and undid his pajamas to let his cock out. She did not look at him. Her inhibitions with the nephew stood conquered by her desire. But she did not want to anything that made her think or stop.

She positioned herself just below his pubis and beckoned him back to her breasts. HE sat up and kissed them both reverentially. She reached in between and with two fingers, tugged the straining cock down towards its natural resting place in her. She hoisted herself just enough to snag the head into her gaping open pussy. She did notice how easily her pussy juiced and spread open to receive any male. She had changed in the weeks since she met Sunil.

The boy gasped as he felt his cock lodge inside his aunt’s wet, hot pussy. She rocked her hips forward and slid over the cock, holding her sister’s son close to her breasts. He moaned, feeding on her as her cunt fed on him. She kept control, rocking back and forth. Effortlessly she slid on him, took him deep in. and then effortlessly she slid out. She looked down, at his face — a picture of concentration. At his cock slowly sliding in and out of its new lair. The glistening cock slowly got covered with streaky white and other unnamed fluids as he slid and out.

Nalini’s passions, high as they were, were tempered by the seriousness of who her newest fuck-partner was — her own sister’s son. And then there was the fact of her husband sleeping next door.

Her cunt was tilted up because she made space for him to suckle on her. Her clit remained untouched while the insides clung to his virgin cock. She shuddered silently as the cock massaged her to a release. She marveled at how she had been able to scream out her orgasms when she was being pounded. All so much in the mind, she bursa escort bayan felt, admiring her own control.

As she controlled herself her muscles squeezed to contain her feelings. She drenched his cock. The surge of warm fluid on his cock felt fabulous. As his aunt slid over his cock rhythmically, the young man exploded. He filled her with his first release into a woman.

“Oh, mausi!” he sobbed as he spent into her copiously.

“I think, I think …” he sobbed.

“Shh! Shh!” she consoled him as she rocked back and forth, milking his thoroughly.

“I want you, more!” he wept. “But I think I came inside you.”

“Of course you do want me more Pappu,” she soothed him. “And yes, you filled your mausi. It’s all right!” she cooed.

“But you might…” he cried, his body shuddering as he was wracked with emotion.

“I nothing,” she said, still keeping the cock inside her. She felt abuzz in her love canal and maternal at her breasts. She held his chin and looked him in the eye. “Mausi let you. Okay? Nothing will happen.”

“But I want you more,” he said, his face hot and his desire unquelled in fact.

“You have me, na” she said as the gentle rocking-fuck continued. The position was so comfortable and the fucking by just sliding a wee bit on his thighs was completely lacking any strain.

His cock came to the point of reddening from the relentless fucking even after he had dried out. She felt him wince and let him slide out. She looked down and saw him undiminished in size.

“I want you,” he said and flung his face on her breasts.

“Wait, wait, wait,” she whispered to him. “I will be back. Mausa. Mausa,” She gesticulated towards her husband’s room, using the term to describe mother’s sister’s husband.

She swung off her nephew’s body in as elegant a manner as the situation permitted. She did not let him see her spread out legs. She did not let him see her get her garment back in order or the management of her breasts.

She vanished into the bath attached to the boy’s room and rinsed herself. She was mindful that the professor had registered the signal intended by her black nightdress. He would likely be waiting for her. She felt duty bound to what a wife must do for her husband. If she had planned doggy style for him tonight, then doggy style it was.

She barely glanced in the direction of her nephew as she emerged from the bathroom. Leaving the door partially closed, she entered her husband’s room, leaving the door ajar as they usually did.

But she should not have. It afforded Pappu easy access. He made no noise as he crept out of his own bed and room as the door was already ajar. And likewise, he needed to do nothing other than position himself at the right spot.

He had given his aunt several minutes before following her. He saw her on all fours. Her breasts hung out. Uncle was positioned behind her. They were rocking. Uncle was grunting and he could see the hips thrusting hard by the shafts of light that illuminated parts of the room. He looked for her breasts.

Sometimes they swung freely. At other times uncle seemed to lean forward and grasp them. That was when his aunt made mewling sounds of pleasure.

Nalini for her part, fully concentrated on fucking the professor. She was thrilled that while he was not as thick as the student, the pleasure she felt was no different in substance. He touched her in all the right places and her clit was throbbing with pleasure.

Minutes ago, her orgasms were from deep in her womb. Now they were from the walls of her cunt. She spent quickly once. Then she thrust back in a calculated fashion to make him cum. She knew his cock well from her experimentations of the recent past; not so much from the years of experience. Twenty years of the same thing was not the same as twenty different things in a year, in that sense.

She aggressively ran her cunt over the most sensitive parts of the head. The professor had been used over the years only to banging on till he came. In the last few days or weeks, his wife had made him come in many different ways. Today was one more chapter in that rapid evolution.

He gagged and his head flailed as he felt the impossible climb in pleasure. He wanted to stop her. He grabbed her rampaging ass, digging his nails in. he was not able to do exactly what he wanted. Events were more dictated by how his cock responded to that woman’s humping.

He thrashed about as he came. He slipped out in the process. She turned and opened her legs wide. The professor grabbed his cock and sank it back into his wife’s gaping cunt with a sense of urgency. He felt comforted back to sanity as the wet pussy gobbled his spewing cock.

Nalini felt she had not got that right. Twice, the student before and her husband now, had escaped at the moment of most intense need. She need some practice on fucking back without losing the man. She pummeled his buttocks with her heels making him empty in her fully.

Just outside her door, Pappu stroked his cock as he watched the wanton display escort bursa of lust by his aunt and uncle. The groans, the moans, the man pleading to his wife to take him back into her cunt — nothing escaped his attention. He also felt that his aunt’s breasts deserved more attention than uncle had given.

His aunt had said she was going to take care of uncle. This is not what he had let her go for. His face burned, he knew not why. And then she was with him for way too long.

He waited, stroking himself gently, watching the man and woman, his aunt and uncle rearrange themselves.

They kissed. She patted his cock. He squeezed her breast affectionately. It seemed to go on and on. And aunt had said she would be back!

When she settled into bed next to her husband he was most disappointed. Perhaps she was waiting for him to fall asleep. Even when the professor started snoring he could not see his aunt move. He grew sullen and angry.

She was in deep, tired sleep but instinctively knew it was her nephew Pappu when hands crept around and grabbed her breasts. One from above and the other below her body which she kind of helped by lifting herself ever so slightly. She was facing the professor in bed. He was on his back, snoring from the exhaustion caused by his wife’s nocturnal antics.

What was he doing here! This was dangerous.

“Get out,” she hissed at him. The boy kneaded her breasts vigorously. Uncle had left this work undone. He tugged at those nipples. He had not yet fed on them enough. He kissed her neck. He had not tasted her lips.

“You said you would come,” he whispered into her ear.

“I said mausa would be waiting,” she corrected him.

“I saw for what,” he said.

Her body went taut. The boy had seen her be a bitch! He should not have. She had nurtured and tended to him in his growing years. he was around the age of her own son. They had grown up together, these boys. He could not possibly seen her on all fours. Like that!

“Liar,” she said.

“Who was a bitch?” he taunted her. His one hand left her breast and he slipped it between her legs from behind. She shifted without realizing what she was doing and his hand found purchase between her strong thighs.

She clamped down the hand not allowing it any movement.

“Mind your language! Go from here, I will come,” she insisted.

He pressed down. “You wont!” he said, unreasonably.

He pinched her thigh with his hand. She had to shift. He slipped it deep between her legs, fighting for space.

“You were busy doing him doggy-style,” he whispered.

She was shocked. A term she did not know till the other day and this boy was using it freely!

He lifted her upper leg and positioned himself between her legs from behind. She felt him prod with his proud, erect, young cock.

“Not here!” she said in panic.

He angled his cock with his hand and positioned it further up, near her rear. “Then here?” he taunted.

“No!” she screamed low.

He now hoisted up her upper leg, feeling lesser resistance. Raising himself on his elbow, his cock searched for her cunt. She reached behind and tried to push him back.

“I will scream and wake him,” he said.

She slumped. He regained physical control of her. Now she decided that whatever was happening must end quick. She reached below and between and guided his cock to its target.

He raised himself some more and pounded down on her. She raised her upper leg almost vertical to the ground, giving him as much wide an opening he needed.

From a diagonal angle propped up he pounded into his aunt like a sledgehammer.

She shuddered from the vigor of the assault. Her cunt was soppy wet from her husband’s discharge and yet this young cock made its presence felt. The boy wanted her so bad he had given no thought to what made his aunt squelchy.

He gripped her breasts best as he could and hammered her into the bed. The bed creaked and squeaked under the strain of the vigorous fucking. Nalini worried about the professor waking, he being right next to them.

When Pappu put his hands to work where he conjoined with his aunt, she sobbed out in orgasm. She grabbed at whatever was at hand, and stuffed her mouth with a pillow in order to not wake up her husband with her sexual noises.

She gripped things hard and suddenly found her hand in her husbands. In his sleep, he clasped her hand. She did not want to pull back. She let him grip her and in fact held on to him for dear life as the young man who had mounted her from behind showed no mercy.

She begged him to finish. She was enjoying this so much but she worried more about the professor.

He was initially angry with her for fucking her husband instead of her coming back to him. The pounding was like a revenge fuck. But no sooner than his orgasm climbed he softened.

“Mausi,” he called out to her. It was pleading and child-like, asking for assistance.

She turned and looked back. “What?” she asked.

“I … uh … uh … ” he stammered.

She reached behind and pulled him by his buttocks into her. She thrust back. She understood him to be struggling to finish. She fucked him back hard and quick. IT was only she who came again. He — he could not.

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