Taming the Beast

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I approached with care, so as not to send this “doe” scurrying away too soon. She stared at me in the darkness. I could barely see her, but I could hear her breathing getting heavier. I got closer. I was ready to jump, to pounce. I crouched down, ready to spring forward when she grabbed me. I tried to pull her hands off, but she had surprising strength.

She pulled me down and was on top of me. I wrestled to get up, but she had me pinned. I grabbed at her, grabbing any part of her I could. Her breathing was ever harder, angrier, like she was frustrated. Her breaths became little grunts as she clawed at me. My shirt ripped. She yanked on my pants. A button snapped. She got to my bare chest. I winced in pain and she came close to scratching my skin off. I grabbed her wrists, determined to tame this beast.

But her face came down to mine, a menacing silhouette, illuminated only slightly by the moonlight. I tried to turn away, and I could hear her teeth biting at me. Her fangs were on my face, my ears, my closed eyes, my mouth, my neck, biting and nibbling. I felt a wetness. Her tongue slobbering on my face, licking me from chin to temple. She could’ve devoured my face if she wanted to.

I was losing control of her. But I still had her wrists. I maneuvered to push her onto the ground. It was a struggle, but I did. I got on top of her. She tried to get up. I put my weight on hers to let her know I was in command. She wriggled and writhed beneath me. I let her wrists go and instantly regretted it. She hands were on my back now. And those claws! My head pulled back and I yelled a little, feeling her nails dig into my back. I rolled away quickly.

She came at me again. I thought I was the big game hunter here. But there I was inching away from her like a wounded hyena facing a lioness. She was vicious. There was a glint in her eyes when the light caught it. There was a snarl in her smile. I was the prey now, wasn’t I? I turned on my belly ready to scramble up, but she had my legs. She was on top of my legs now. My pants were yanked all the way down. She was on my back, straddling me, then laying on top of me. And those fangs again! Like a vampire, she went for my neck. I pictured all the marks that would be left in the morning. I tried to twist and get her off, but she had the reins and wasn’t letting go.

We laid like that for a moment, her body over mine, until she was ataşehir escort done biting and nibbling. She began to move down on my back. The nibbling on my back was certainly better than the scratching, so I didn’t resist. She was on my lower back. I felt wetness. She was licking again. I could hear the wetness, too. Then her tongue was my ass. Her hands forced my legs to spread. I didn’t know where she was going with this, but I complied for now. Her hands grabbed a handful of ass cheeks. Her tongue between the cheeks. One of her hands snaked its way under me to my belly and pushed up a little, indicating for me to lift my body up. I moved my legs to comply, but I was nervous. Her tongue was still slobbering all over my tense butt. She must’ve felt it was tense. She hit it a little.

Then her tongue poked in.

I gasped and held my breath. I heard her spit. Then came more tongue. I groaned. She stopped licking. I felt something else. Her finger. Digging in. I winced. It went deeper and I yelled out and pulled away, crawling away.

I scrambled up and faced her. She was looking up at me from the floor, her hair covering a lot of her face, a demon-possessed girl looking at her exorcist with a mocking, challenging grin. I could still hear the hard breathing. I had to regain control of this, I decided. I waited. She quickly lifted one leg, in a stance ready to jump. I waited with anticipation. She jumped to her feet in one motion and in another charged at me.

But I was ready. I bent down and grabbed her with an arm around her belly. I lifted her up over my shoulder. Her legs were flailing. Her hands were beating on my back. I didn’t let her go. Hercules taking on the Cretin Bull, I was. And I threw my enemy onto the bed with a victorious roar.

Then I jumped on top of her again. Her legs and arms were spread eagle waiting for me. Once I landed, she had her arms around me tight and we wrestled for control. One minute she was on top. Next, I was. Then we were dangerously close to falling onto the floor. I didn’t want that, lest she gain access to my ass again. With a burst of strength, I got her on her back again. I yanked her hair a little and she groaned but wasn’t laying still. She tried to roll back but every time she did, I’d give her a hard spank. She moaned and rolled back to me. She tried again and got a harder spank. She rolled back to me and stayed kadıköy escort bayan there with a pouty but still defiant face.

I knew her weak spot. I grabbed her nipple. She started giving out these meek little squeals. She was mine now. I pinched them hard. She squealed and squealed some more. I pinched the other one and twisted. Her body seemed to twist with it, but she wasn’t getting off her back. I gave a mean little laugh, watching her squirm before releasing her.

Then I went for her other weak spot.

She gasped and suddenly went completely still. Not one bit of movement. I licked my fingers and went for it again. She laid still, her eyes closed, her mouth shaped in an O, little breaths emanating from it. I massaged it gently. Then grabbed it hard. Then touched it sweetly. Then poked at it hard. She didn’t know what to expect. Her breaths were getting harder, but she wasn’t moving.

Then came a twitch.

More hard breaths.

Another twitch. A jerk in one direction. A twist in another. A gasp. Her hands moved towards my hand. She grabbed my wrist but didn’t stop me. Her breaths became audible. Not the growling she was doing before. Something weaker. Something sexier. More feminine. Now she was moving. Her ass digging into the bed. Her legs moving around. Her head pulling back. Her hand grabbing a fistful of bedsheet. I removed my soaked fingers from her wet pussy and she grabbed my hand and tried to pull them back down to her.

I grabbed at her nipples instead to show her I was still in charge. I grabbed both nipples just to watch her writhe in sweet agony. I kept one hand on her breasts and, after a moment letting her suffer, put the other back where she wanted it to be.

She jerked up, suddenly sitting upright, howling at the moonlight. I pushed her back down and kept at it. She was a poor mess on the bed, twisting this way and that. She turned over on her belly. I rolled her back brusquely and went at her again. She pushed my hand away as she started jerking around like she was having a seizure. She tried to roll back on her belly, but I wasn’t having it. I turned her back around. She covered herself to keep me from getting to it. She squeaked in protest. I pried her hands open and went for it again.

She rolled away so hard she landed on the floor with a yelp.

I moved to sit on the bed near where she had fallen. escort maltepe I looked at her all messy on the floor. She had taken a blanket and a couple of pillows down with her. She was out of breath and trying to get back up. She dropped her forearms onto my lap trying to prop herself up. Her body was still twitching a little as she tried to catch her breath.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and led her face down between my legs. Her mouth was already opening. I directed my cock into her compliant mouth. She took it in. I let out a sigh. The conquest was done. I patted her head before leaning back on the bed to let her do her work.

Up and down, she went slowly. Then a little faster. Her head bounced up and down.

She was going faster and faster. I touched her head again. She slapped it away with one hand before grabbing my cock. She licked the tip and made me jump a little.

Then she took it back into her mouth. She was holding it hard and stroking it at the same time. My balls were cupped in her other hand. She took it out of her mouth and licked it up and down over and over. Now my breaths were getting harder.

Suddenly, she grabbed my ankles and pulled them up. I fell onto my back on the bed. She insisted on holding my legs up. Her tongue was on my balls but didn’t stop there.

She was down there again. The ass. Her tongue went straight in, which I liked. Then her finger went straight in, which made me wince. I inched up on the bed, but she didn’t let go. She held my cock in one hand, kept a finger in my ass with the other hand, and giggled as she watched me twist and turn and move up on the bed in a vain attempt to get away.

Once she was satisfied that I was punished enough, she thankfully released me and jumped on top of me instead. She massaged my cock into her and plopped down on me. Her hands were anchored on my chest. She rode me for a good long time. I grabbed at her breasts. She would slap me if I pinched too hard. I sat up so I could wrap my arms around her. I took over the operation and pumped myself into her. Then I suddenly stopped and held her tight. She had her arms tight around my neck. And I came and came and came inside her with a loud, satiated growl.

I dropped back onto the bed still holding her.

Our breaths started slowing down to normal. So did our heartbeats. We were still a mess of sweat and wet blanket.

I had tamed her beast.

She had tamed mine.

We sealed our mutual conquest with a kiss.

Clouds covered the moon and it was pitch black now.

I pulled the blanket from the floor and threw it over us. Just a few hours of sleep before we go back to society.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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