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I had only seen my daughter Rajni a few times since her Mom and I were divorced 25 years ago. The last time was more then 10 years ago. She was now 29, I was 50. We live over 1000 miles apart.

I had returned due to a death in the family. I called her to see if she would like to meet because I had some family pictures for her and I just wanted to try to renew my relationship with her.

She said that she would love to see me. She had recently gotten divorced herself and wanted to talk about it. We spent the day together and really got to know each other again. She asked me to stay the night with her in her apartment so that we could get an early start visiting other people the next day.

She cooked a wonderful meal for me and we talked the evening away. She put on her nightgown to go to bed. I looked at her with near tears in my eyes because she looked as innocent as she did when she was four. She kissed me good night and a vision of her standing naked at 4 years old entered my mind.

I had always thought it was cute when she ran around naked as a young child and I never had any inclination to violate her. I knew that someday she would grow into the beautiful woman that she is now. As I watched her blond hair swinging and her ass bouncing as she left for her bedroom, I felt a stirring in my cock. I hardly slept at all that night and when I did, I would dream of Rajni running naked through the house as she used to do.

The next morning we left to visit with family and friends until early evening. I pretty much forgot about the night before. She asked if I would like to go out to dinner or she could cook at home. I said that we should go out to eat. It would be my last night in town and we would spend it doing whatever she wanted to do.

We had a very nice steak dinner during which she said, “Daddy, will you take me dancing?”

I said that anything she wanted to do would be OK with me. She guided me to a night spot that had a band that played music from the 60s to the 80s. Something for both of us.

After a few drinks I started to loosen up and agreed to dance. We danced to about three fast songs and then a slow song started. As Rajni came into my arms, I felt that stirring again in my cock. I made sure to keep my distance during the dance because I didn’t want to walk back to my seat with a hard cock pushing my pants out.

At the end of the dance, she put both arms around my neck and pulled me close and said in my ear, “I love dancing with you Daddy.”

I was slightly off balance and had no choice but to move forward. My cock made contact with her leg. She just looked up at me and smiled.

Another slow song started and we began dancing again. This time we were much closer and my cock made contact with her crotch several times. I was getting very embarrassed but Rajni was laughing.

“Daddy,” she said, “am I making you horny?”

I tried to reply with something that would sound normal but all that I could say was, “Yes, little girl, you are.”

She squeezed my neck tightly and pressed her whole body to mine. I could feel her taunt nipples against my chest and my cock was tight against her pussy. I thought I would cum right there.

After a minute she relaxed her strong hold on my neck and said, “I’m sorry Daddy, I shouldn’t be teasing you.”

She said something about my girl friend getting the benefit of my getting horny when I got back home. We both laughed and finished the dance but she kept her breasts pressed firmly to my chest and my cock bumped her pussy several more times before the dance ended.

I had a couple of strong drinks after that but I could not get rid of the thought of her soft slim beautiful body pressed to mine. She said no more about it and acted like it was nothing. I was greatly relieved that I didn’t have to explain my raging hard on.

We returned to her apartment a little after midnight. I showered first while she prepared a nightcap for us. Rajni came out after shower wearing a large robe. I was relieved that her scanty nightgown was covered. I was sure that I would not have been able to resist the temptation to fuck her if she were only wearing that nightie.

The drink that she had made for our nightcap was strong. I hoped it would help me sleep better tonight. After a little more talking and laughing, we said goodnight. Rajni wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close while kissing me full on the lips. I returned her passionate kiss for as long as I dared. I broke the kiss when my cock jumped to attention again and began to move between our pressed bellies.

I asked her to set the alarm for 7 am because I had to be at the airport by 10. She said that she would and went to her bedroom with her blond hair flowing behind her. I went to the spare bedroom and undressed.

I had just removed my underwear when I heard a soft knock at the door. I hurriedly jumped under the blankets and called for Rajni to come in. She said that her alarm did not always work correctly escort bostancı and that she would set the one in my room just to be sure.

As she entered the room, I saw that she was no longer wearing the robe. Her nightie was a white see-through thing that came down to the waist. I could clearly see her pert breasts through the material. I could also see the dark patch of hair in her panties and the bulging pussy lips at her crotch. When I looked back at her eyes, I knew that she caught me staring at her pussy.. I could not help it.

Rajni sat on the bed next to where I was laying. She bent forward to set the alarm on the clock radio. As she bent forward, the bottom of her nightie hung down giving me a full view of her breasts. I swear, I tried to resist. I just could not stop my hands.

I reached under her nightie from behind her and cupped her breast. I felt her nipple shoot straight out against my fingers. I heard a sharp intake of her breathing. She reached up with both of her hands and held my hand tight to her breast. She leaned back onto my chest and turned her face to me.

We locked into a very passionate kiss. Our tongues doing battle. She broke the kiss long enough to remove the nightie and panties. I stared at her nude body while she undressed. Without a word, she pulled back the covers and joined me in the bed.

As Rajni stretched out molding her body to mine I had the hardest cock I think that I have ever had. We locked in an embrace exploring each other’s bodies. I brought my mouth to her nipples and licked them both several times before settling on one to suck on for a while. I alternated kissing and sucking each perfect breast while she held my head in her hands. I reached down her belly, straight to her pussy.

Rajni was making sounds like OOOHHH OOOHHH. As my fingers made contact with her clit she said, “Oh Daddy, You make me feel sooo good.”

She released one hand from my head and reached down to grab my full cock. Her fingers were doing magic things to my cock as she slowly moved up and down the shaft pausing to rub on the head.

I was about to explode from her wonderful hand. I moved down her body and she released the grip from my cock. I kissed and licked my way down to her pussy. Rajni was now moaning and making unintelligible sounds. UGGGH EHHH UGGGH. I began to eat her pussy like a wild man. I licked up and down her pussy lips stopping long enough each time to flick at her clit with my tongue. She was moving her ass up and down in time with my licking. I positioned my hands under her sweet ass and drove my tongue as far into her pussy as I could.

I continued my onslaught into her pussy until she grabbed both sides of my head and her body shook in obvious orgasm. I then began a slow but steady flicking of her clit with my tongue. As her next orgasm grew, I increased the rate of manipulation on her clit until she was again making Ugghh Ugghh sounds and her body shook in her second orgasm.

I kissed my way back up her belly to her sweet tits while she was recovering from the last orgasm. I sucked and pinched her nipples as she moaned. My daughter reached under her ass and grabbed my cock. She positioned it at her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit a few times while pausing it against her clit on each pass. Her pussy was incredibly wet and my cock and her hand were both soaked with her pussy juice.

Rajni brought my cock to the entrance of her pussy and raised her ass to meet me. I drove in balls deep on the first stroke. I was in heaven. I could hear my daughter saying, “Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy!”

She wrapped her arms around my neck again and gave me the longest, wettest, deep kiss I have ever had. I began driving into her like a mad man. All I could think about was that this was my daughter and I was fucking her. It was the best pussy I had ever had.

I was nearing orgasm. I was trying to prolong it but I knew that I was going to cum very soon. My daughter was still sucking my tongue deep into her throat like a wild woman. With each stroke, I was getting nearer and nearer to orgasm. I broke our kiss and said, “Rajni, I am going to come.”

“Yes!” Rajni screamed. “Come in me Daddy.”

My daughter locked her ankles around my waist and fucked me with wild abandon raising her ass to meet me on every stroke.

“Come in me Daddy. Come in me Daddy.”

When I heard those words, the cum started to rise from my balls. I started to grunt. My daughter recognized that I was about to come. She tightened her pussy to milk me of my cum while increasing the lock her legs had around my waist. She again sucked my tongue into her mouth. She reached under her ass and gently massaged my balls.

Mmmfffhh, I was trying to scream into her mouth as I was coming the hardest I had ever done in my life. Rajni was making a MMMmmmgggh sound of her own as her third orgasm wracked her body. It seemed like we were both coming for several minutes. I emptied my balls deep into ümraniye escort my daughter’s belly.

After a few minutes, I started to pull out of Rajni’s pussy. She renewed her leg lock around my waist and said that she would keep my cock in her forever. We both fell asleep with me still buried in my daughter’s pussy.

Sometime after we fell asleep we must have become uncoupled. I awoke to a warm sensation on the head of my cock. I opened my eyes to see my daughter’s beautiful blond hair splayed across my legs and her lips on the head of my cock. When she saw me awake she said, “I owe you at least one more orgasm because I had several and you only had one. Lay back and enjoy it Daddy.”

I did lay back as she continued to lick the underside of my shaft. I was once again fully erect. Rajni did her best deep throat on me as my orgasm grew. She then did some magic things under the head of my cock with her tongue that brought me to an instant orgasm in my daughter’s mouth. She sucked and massaged my cock with her tongue until I was dry.

Rajni kissed me good night again and we both fell back to sleep.

The alarm went off at 7 am. I reached over my daughter to turn off the alarm.

“Ummm,” said Rajni. “Is it morning already?”

” Yes, Honey,” I replied. “Daddy has to leave soon.”

“Stay a little while longer Daddy, I have missed you so.”

With that, she snuggled her ass back against my cock and pulled my arm over her waist to her breast. Who could resist that? Not me after last night.

The snuggling turned into serious petting after a few minutes and my daughter Rajni and I engaged in a very long slow fuck ending in what I can only describe as yet again the best cum of my life. God, she has such sweet pussy. I will always be the most grateful dad to her for fucking me in the way that only a daughter could do. It is the most treasured gift I have ever received.

Rajni’s version.

The phone rang. I thought it was probably that rat ass ex-husband of mine crying for me to take him back. It was not. It was Daddy. I was so pleased to hear from him. I had lost contact with him after he and Mom got divorced. She would not allow me to talk with Daddy. We had talked a few times after I grew up but it was almost like we were strangers not knowing what to say to each other.

I had always loved him. I used to dream about him being my knight in shining armor, taking me away to, “Happily Ever After.” Later, when I learned about sex, my dreams would always end as Daddy loving me. I would wake from the dream and rub myself to orgasm while imagining it was Daddy’s cock against my pussy.

When I married, I found that my most rewarding sex was when I imagined it was Daddy fucking my pussy rather than my husband. He was a fair lover, but, to get the intense orgasm, I had to close my eyes and see Daddy’s cock moving in and out of me. I knew that the marriage would not last. I elected not to have children. I didn’t want them to be without their Daddy.

I would not miss this opportunity to be with my dad again. When I heard his voice, I was determined to make him part of my life again. I gave him directions to my apartment and he drove there in record time in the rental car. My heart was doing flips as I answered the door. “Daddy was home.”

I made up my mind that all obstacles to keep us apart would be brushed aside. The conversation was a little awkward at first with me doing most of the talking. Eventually, we both became more comfortable with each other and fell into a normal father-daughter relationship. I was tingling just from being near him.

I busied my self making dinner for us to keep my mind off of the tingling feelings and to have something to do with my hands because they were shaking. I was just so excited to see him that I could not control my body.

We had a couple of glasses of wine after dinner and talked in depth about our lives. As the evening drew to a close, I dressed for bed. I am not sure if I intended for Daddy to see me in one of my frilly night outfits, but he did. Maybe, unconsciously, I wanted him to see me and become as aroused as I was.

As I kissed him goodnight, I was sure I saw a rise in his pants. Maybe it was just my wishful thinking. I rubbed my pussy to orgasm several times that night. Even after going to sleep, I was awoken by the dream I had not had in years, and I had to bring myself to orgasm again. “Daddy was home.” Part The next day we went to see several relatives and a couple of his old friends. I clung to his arm all the while. I was in heaven just being at his side, holding his strong arm. We decided to go out dancing. I guess it was my idea. Anything for an excuse to hold him close.

Part II At first, Dad didn’t really want to dance. The crowd was younger than he and maybe he was uncomfortable with that. The band played some 60’s music at my request and he seemed to like that better. He danced to a few fast songs with me. Then the tempo slowed. No way was kartal escort bayan I going to miss slow dancing with my Dad.

When the song ended, I didn’t want him to leave the dance floor. I clung to his neck and told him I loved him and I loved dancing slow with him. He stepped close to me and I felt the unmistakable hard cock rub against my leg. I didn’t want to discourage or embarrass him so I gave him my best smile.

The music started again and we began dancing. I held tight to his neck. I didn’t want to miss a chance to bump that hard cock again. Several more times I felt his cock press against me. I could tell that he was trying not to, but I kept stepping close so that I could feel his hardness. I loved it. I asked him if I was making him horny just to relieve his tension about it. He called me “Little Girl” like he used to do, and said that I was causing him some distraction.

That was all it took for me. I slammed my whole body into his and locked my arms tight around his neck. I felt his cock tight between my legs. I didn’t intend to but I had an orgasm right then and there. It was like I was in another world for a few seconds and nothing else mattered except the orgasm and Dad’s cock against my pussy.

I regained some composure and to cover the fact that I had just cum, I apologized for teasing him and said that his girlfriend would be happy when he gets back home. We both laughed at that. We continued to dance and I clung to him tightly. I made up my mind, right then, that I would have that cock inside me that night.

I know that he was still slightly embarrassed about having to walk off the dance floor with that large cock jutting from his pants. I didn’t want to have him to think too much about it and so I kept the conversation light. That gave me time to form a plan. I would fuck my dad tonight.

I didn’t care what I had to do. I knew that I would have to be sly because he was resisting. I knew that if it didn’t come off just right it could end our relationship forever. I had to make him think that it was his idea to fuck. I had to play innocent. The problem was that he would not make that move without me helping him along.

I was sure that him seeing me in that nightgown last night had turned him on. I also had sure evidence that he had no control over that beautiful cock when it was near pussy. Well, when it was near my pussy anyway. We decided to go home for the night because he had to leave in the morning. On the way home, I finished making my plan. I was so excited.

We took turns showering and I made drinks. I made Daddy’s drinks especially strong. I wanted to lower his defenses as much as I could. I knew that when I made my move, It would be all or nothing. So, I kept my robe on until bed time. The next time he saw me I would be looking my best. I hoped he would be unable to resist. I was sure that he was still thinking about his cock against my pussy and I just needed a strong temptation to put him beyond the point of no return.

Don’t get me wrong, I was going to have that cock tonight. Whatever I had to do to get it, even if it meant ripping his clothes off and raping him. I just hoped that we could continue a good relationship after this but, I had to be fucked by my Dad tonight. As it turned out, my plan worked.

We said good night and I pressed close into him with my full body and gave him my best kiss. I felt his manhood rise between us. Daddy broke the kiss and hurried off to his bedroom saying something about setting the alarm while trying to hide his hard on. That was the excuse I needed. I hurried to my bedroom and took off the robe.

I studied myself in the mirror. I had on my most sexy shorty nightgown and matching white panties. They were both very sheer and my nakedness showed like I was wearing nothing. Gawd, I was turned on. I pulled my panties up so that the outline of my pussy showed in the crotch. I walked to Daddy’s door, took a deep breath and knocked lightly. I was hoping I had timed it to where he was undressed.

I heard Dad jump into bed and I smiled. He must be undressed. He replied for me to come in. I pinched my nipples to make sure that they were erect. I discovered that they were already erect. I opened the door and entered Daddy’s bedroom.

I watched his eyes as they locked onto my breasts. My pussy was tingling as I started across the room. I saw Dad’s eyes drop to my crotch and I could feel him staring at my protruding pussy lips through my panties. I was trembling with excitement. I saw Dad’s hand go involuntarily to his cock. I don’t think he even knew that he had grabbed it.

As I came across the room I said that my clock was broken and that I needed to set the alarm clock in his room. It was a lie but, I just needed a reason to say why I was there. As I neared the bed, Dad tore his eyes away from my pussy and looked into my eyes. I could see that the animal desires had taken him over.

I sat on the bed next to him and leaned toward the alarm making sure that my bare tits would be right in his view. I just finished getting the alarm set when I felt Daddy’s arm move under my arm and grasp my breast. The shock of that touch pushed me into an orgasm. My nipple responded against his hand and I held his hand to my breast.

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