Tawndie’s B-day Bash

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The morning of my 18th birthday I am awakened not by my alarm clock, but the way I’ve been awakened the morning of every birthday I can remember. By a very boisterous, if badly out of tune chorus of “Happy Birthday to You”. I suppose I should be grateful that they seem to have finally abandoned the completely juvenile “you live in a zoo” version for the regular “Happy Birthday Dear Tawndie”. Even so, they still sound crappy at 6:00 in the morning.

“Geez you guys,” I groan as I roll over and stick my tongue out at the grinning faces of my dad and three of my brothers, “you’d think after all these birthdays you’d be a bit more in tune. I thought practice was supposed to make perfect.”

“Yeah well, that’s whatcha get for thinking.” Tony says as he ruffles my hair.

“C’mon Tawn, get that cute little fanny out of bed, unless you wanna be late for school… again.” my dad says, and the whole crew laughs. My punctuality, or rather lack of it, is a running joke in my family. The only thing I ever seem to be on time for is my period.

“Yeah well,” I mimic Tony “if you dorks would get out of my room, I’d be happy to kick it into gear.”

“Ok boys, let’s give the little lady her privacy.” Daddy says as he herds Tony, Sam and Chris out the door.

As Daddy stops to give me a peck on the forehead, I hear Chris joke, “It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.”

That’s true enough, I think to myself as I throw back my covers and sit up for a good stretch, before heading to the shower. Growing up the only sister to 5 older brothers, privacy was almost non-existent. That’s just as well, I suppose, since in the fall I’ll be trading the lack of privacy here with that of a college dorm. Well, at least in the dorm, it would only be girls catching me at inopportune moments. I giggle to myself as I adjust the temp in the shower, THAT might be fun.

As I step under the warm water, I realize that, wow, I’m 18 now. I’m old enough to vote, get married, and rent porn. Still not old enough to drink, but that’s never stopped me from nipping a beer or two from the fridge when no one was looking.

I soap up my neck and arms, standing out of the water so the lather doesn’t get washed away. I massage my soapy breasts, one in each hand, feeling their weight. They’re a C-cup, which isn’t huge, but they sit atop my 32″ chest nicely, I think. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. I’ve heard my brothers’ friends talking about me. On more than one occasion that kind of talk led to someone leaving with a bloody nose.

I travel on to my pussy, which is in serious need of a shave. The stubble has been driving me crazy for a couple of days now, but I haven’t had the time to do anything about it. I grab the shaving gel and rub it between my hands before slathering it on my lips. Then I gently go to work with my razor. Shaving my pussy is pretty new to me. I’d heard some of the girls at school talking about it one day and thought, hey, why not. The first time it took for freaking ever. And omg, it itched like hell the next day. I thought, there’s no way I’d do that again, but I did. Mostly because I couldn’t stand the stubble, but also because I really loved the feel of my bare snatch. And the more I did it, the less it bothered me. I’m starting to get pretty good at it too, plus, it still gets me horny as hell. So I make a couple of passes around my clit while I’m rinsing off. You know, with all of my brothers’ friends that have come and gone since I’ve hit puberty, I can’t believe I’m still a freaking virgin. It’s so frustrating, I could just… oh crap, there goes the hot water.

As I suspected, I was in the shower for entirely too long, and the boys and my dad are gone when I come downstairs for breakfast. There is a card on the table that reads “Happy Birthday Tawndie. Have a great escort bostancı day at school. The boys and I have an awesome party planned for tonight. Love, Dad”. I grin. My dad has always had great parties for us kids. ‘Course we’re not kids anymore. Now Tawndie-the-youngest is all grown up.

I pour myself a bowl of cereal and glance at the fridge as I open the door for the milk. I pause for a moment to really look at the photo of my mom that my dad has kept on the door all these years. I look absolutely nothing like her. Chad and Billy look most like her, with their wavy black hair and super blue eyes. They were her first born, twins, but not identical. Which is probably a good thing for us all, because they would have totally been the pranking kind. They’re 25 and have been away from home for about 6 years now. They live nearby, and they’re never more than a phone call away. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get rid of the other three that easily. Tony’s next to the oldest at 23, then Sam, he’s 20. Chris looks the most like me, and since we’re only 10 months apart, people often ask if we’re twins. Sometimes I’m so tempted to say, why no, we’re not, our parents just liked to fuck like rabbits. Of course being the polite young lady that I am, I haven’t…yet.

We don’t talk about our mother much. She died when I was almost two, and I really don’t remember her. Dad was only 27 when he became a widower, and there have been a bunch of women over the years who’d like to be the new Mrs. Wahengle, but Dad’s never been interested in finding anyone to replace mom. He’s always saying he’s got his hands full with kids and work, and I know that’s true. I put my bowl in the sink and glance at the clock on the stove. Shit, late again. No time to pack a lunch, as I grab the car keys and scram.

My best friend Jessica meets me at our locker with a huge hug and a “Happy Birthday, Tawn”. Jessica and I have been best buds practically all our lives, since the day we met in preschool. She had got into some of her mother’s gum, and when she got tired of it, she was kind enough to stick the glob, and her hand, in my cute, red curls. Somehow, by the time that sticky situation was resolved, we were the best of friends. Like all best buds, though, we have our “off days”, and on those days I swear she only likes me ’cause she hopes to get laid by one of my brothers. She links her arm through mine as we walk to class and asks, “So what amazing b-day stuff does your dad have up his sleeve this year?”

“I haven’t the first clue. All I heard was that it’s going to be ‘awesome’. Chad and Billy will be there, too. I haven’t seen them in a couple of weeks, now.”

Jessica sighs, and I know I’ve lost her for the day now. For the last 10 years I’ve had to listen to her increasingly explicit fantasies about Chad and Billy. I roll my eyes and head to French, where I’m slapped in the face with a pop quiz. Which I sincerely hope I pass, but I’m not holding my breath, as I do not seem to be destined to parlez anything other than anglais. The rest of my morning classes go without incident, leading to lunch with Jessica. I select a salad from the meager cafeteria choices, and Jessica drives me crazy with her chatter about Chad and Billy. Geez whiz, I pity her when any of my brothers get married. She’ll probably go into mourning for a month.

Somehow I manage to get through the rest of the day without having to hear my brothers’ virtues extolled too much. For all that I bitch about my friends drooling over my brothers, I have to admit it makes me proud. Even I can appreciate their awesome bods. Every one of them have been working in my dad’s construction business since they had summer jobs there at age 16. Between that and all the sports they played in school, they were the object of more girls’ ümraniye escort desires than I really care to think about.

I pull into the driveway and notice that the gang’s all here. I just hope they saved me some cake this time. The front door opens as I get near and I’m swept up into a bear hug by Chad. “How’s my baby sis? Ready to party down?”

I pull him down and give him a big kiss on the cheek. “You know it brother! Just let me have a shower and remove all the school yuck, ‘k?”

Chad pulls away in mock disgust and tries to fling the imaginary school goo off his arms. “Ew, warn a guy next time.” I giggle as I turn to head upstairs, but not fast enough to avoid his smack on my ass. I feel the color rush to my cheeks…both sets. God damn that Jessica, she needs to keep her thoughts to herself.

I put my auburn waves up in a pony tail, so I can just take a quick shower. Seriously, last year they truly did eat my cake, and I’m not giving them an excuse this year. I hop out of the shower and don my robe, which barely covers my ass. The ass that still feels warm from Chad’s smack. I plan to dart to my bedroom, but I’m ambushed as soon as I step out of the bathroom. It’s Chris.

“Hey babe, you better get downstairs. Dad says it can’t wait.”

I roll my eyes, it’s my most versatile expression Daddy says. “Arg. Will you bring me a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, pleeeeease?”

Chris gives me a hug. “For you babe, anything.”

I walk into the game room wondering what in the hell could possibly be so important that it couldn’t wait 5 minutes. “Belly up to the bar, little lady, and have yerself a drink.” Daddy says in his intentionally horrible John Wayne imitation.

I grin in spite of myself. “You do make my favorite Shirley Temples. Plenty of cherries.”

Daddy slides me a glass, “How about a rum and coke for the birthday girl?”.

“Whoa, Daddy, seriously?”, I almost swallow my gum, then decide I better spit it out.

Now it’s Daddy’s turn to roll his eyes. “Oh please, it’s not like you’ve never nipped one of my beers out of the fridge.” Omg, does this man read minds?

I try the rum and coke, and it must be the world’s weakest, but I’m happy that Daddy thinks I’m ready to share in the fun with the boys. “C’mon Daddy,” I say as I walk to the couch, “bring your drink and tell me about your day.” We often sit together, him with his drink and me with my Shirley Temple, and he tells me tales about his day. The boys usually spend the evening trying to beat each other at pool, or foosball, or video games, or sometimes they just wrestle around until I’m pretty sure someone will wind up in the hospital, and Daddy has to threaten to throw them in the pool to get them to stop.

Daddy steps from behind the bar wearing his beach towel. “Oh Daddy,” I pout “you went for a dip without me.”

Daddy shakes his head. “I tried, but the water is way to cold.” He settles next to me, puts his arm around my shoulder, and tells me about his day. I lay my head back and smile, sipping my drink and listening. When my glass is empty, I get up to take it to the bar, but Daddy takes it from me and sets it on the side table. He takes my hand. “Come here Tawndie, sit on your old man’s lap.”

I hop on his lap like I did when I was little, straddling him. I guess I’m a little fuzzy from the rum, ’cause I totally forget that I’m only wearing this skimpy ass robe. “Daddy, you know you’re not old.” I say as I lean forward to kiss his cheek.

At least I meant to kiss his cheek. Instead my lips find his mouth. God his lips are soft. I kiss them again, so gently, barely touching really. Daddy catches his breath. Then he’s kissing my lips, just as gently. I put my hands around his neck and pull him closer. The next time our lips meet, my kartal escort bayan mouth opens just a tad. I lick his top lip, so softly, and then I dip my tongue just inside Daddy’s mouth and his tongue meets mine. The sensation is electric, and I can barely breathe for a moment. I expect him to stop me at any time. I expect him to be angry at me, to be shocked and appalled, but I can’t stop myself. We kiss so lightly, each of our tongues caressing the other.

I’m aware of the sounds of my brothers playing on the other end of the room. I know they could look over any minute and see what their little sister is doing with their father. I know that this is wrong. I know all of these things, but all I care about… all I can think about is how incredible this feeling is. Daddy shifts slightly and I feel his cock growing hard beneath his towel. I pull my hand from his neck, my mouth never leaving his, and I reach beneath the towel. He’s not wearing trunks. Suddenly I realize that Daddy hadn’t been in the pool at all. This is why he wanted me to come down before I got dressed. And Chris never did show up with my clothes like I’d asked him to.

Daddy slips my robe off of my shoulders and his fingers trail down to my tits, leaving fire in their wake. He cups my flesh and massages so gently. Then he breaks the kiss, so smoothly that I’m left kissing the air for a moment. Before I can beg for his mouth again, it’s on my nipple. It’s instant fire in my pussy as Daddy licks first one, then the other. I lose all abandon. I pull his head hard against my breast, as he teases my hard little nipple with his teeth.

It’s like my cunt has a mind of it’s own. And a one track mind at that. I want Daddy’s dick inside me so bad I feel like I could scream. But I’m so afraid. I’ve heard girls talking about their first time. I’ve heard some of them say it hurt so bad they didn’t think they’d ever want to have sex again. But I know Daddy would never hurt me. I’m his baby. I want to say all these things, I want to tell Daddy that it’s ok. That I want to feel him deep inside me,but that I’m afraid, yet I can’t bring myself to speak. I’m so afraid that he’ll come to his senses and stop. I’m afraid he’ll realize what we’re doing and be ashamed of me. And I never want this to stop.

I slide my juicy wet pussy lips along the length of his shaft. It is so hard, and so hot, and I can’t see it, but it feels really big. I realize that I’m moaning softly and I freeze for a moment. “You ok, baby?” Daddy asks, with the huskiest, most sexy voice I’ve ever heard. I can’t speak, I can only nod. “Are you sure this is what you want, Tawn?” Again, I nod, and just to show him that I mean it, I reach down and try to guide his cock in my snatch. “Whoa there baby, leave this to me, hun.”

I go back to kissing his delicious mouth and I feel him guide the head of his cock between my slippery lips. God, I just want to grind and have it all deep inside me, but Daddy knows best… I hope. He grabs my hips firmly and eases me up and down, getting that beast nice and wet. Inch by amazing inch he slides in until he meets resistance. I’m suddenly afraid. Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. Once again Daddy stops kissing me. “Relax baby,” he says “I just want to make you feel good. Trust me.” Then he takes my nipple in his teeth again and I do trust him.

“I trust you, Daddy.” That’s all we both need. Daddy slides out once more and pushes in deep. “Oh my God!” I cry out. It does hurt, but just as quickly as I realize it hurts, I’m overcome by the most wonderful feeling of emotion and energy, as though there’s something about to explode deep inside me.

“Oh God, baby,” Daddy groans, “Oh Tawndie baby, please come for your Daddy.” And then that something inside me does explode and I cry out in ecstasy as Daddy and I cum together for the first time. I ride through my orgasm, biting my lip, and moaning like a mad woman. I’m vaguely aware of my brothers standing close, watching, as I lay my head on Daddy’s chest, and I realize two things. This is the best birthday ever. And I never want it to end.

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