Taylor in the Treehouse

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“Go clean your room Rob! They’ll be here any minute!” mom shouted.

“What’s the point? No one’s going in there!” I yelled back. “Stupid cousins.” I muttered under my breath. As I dragged myself up the stairs I heard their car pull up into the driveway followed by a honk. GREAT. They’re here. Although I haven’t seen them since I was 8, I don’t remember it being an enjoyable experience! I’m 19, and my two cousins are McKenzie (10) & Taylor (18). From what I DO remember they weren’t exactly fun. But then again I was 8, Taylor was 7, and McKenzie was 1. I watched from my window up stairs as they stepped out, first McKenzie, looking like a mannequin from “Justice for Girls” a store filled with all the glitter and sequins you’ll ever find! Next, Taylor walked out. That is when my jaw dropped down. A hottie stepped out in a short dress from Hollister, with her Dior shades, and Versaci handbag. She looked very fine, with a nice tan, slender body! I was actually about to start a game here. As I tossed my shirt on my bed I pranced downstairs pretending I just came back from working outside in the backyard. Yes, I had abs. An 8 pack actually. I walked out the door and surprisingly exclaimed,

“Oh hi, it’s been a while!”

“Goodness Rob if you grow anymore, you’ll be twice the height of me!” Aunt Linda said.

“Hah, yeah!” I chuckled.

“Well if you remember,” Aunt Linda sarcastically explained, “This is McKenzie, and this here is Taylor.” I tried not to blush but even her face turned a soft shade if pink. I was gonna get me some of that stuff, I can gurantee you I’m gonna fuck her by the end bursa escort of the weekend.

“Rob honey, help the girls move their luggage to the guest room please!” she announced glancing at me. “I’d be glad to.” I grabbed the suitcases and motioned for them to follow me. “So, how was the fight here?” I asked trying to break the silence.

“Good I guess, kind of like every other one. Long. Hah!” replied McKenzie.

“Oh…” I said, not completely satisfied with her answer. “McKenzie shut up! Thanks Rob, it was great!” Taylor quickly flashed a smile, her perfect white teeth shining. I grinned back. Later that night, we had a barbecque. “Mom!” I heard shouts back & forth between guest room, and bathroom as the girls were getting ready and man did that time pay off! Taylor looked stunning in her sleeveless top, and mini skirt. I must admit, I got a boner! I even had to go to the bathroom and relieve myself. Well after the burgers, we roasted marshmellows. As our parents talked about their trip and plans, I decided it was time. It wouldn’t have been possible if McKenzie hadn’t gone to sleep, but I’m pretty sure she got the point!

“Hey, so do you want to get a better view of the stars in the treehouse?” I asked while she was staring into the sky. “That’d be lovely!” she exclaimed. I led her to climb the ladder up to the treehouse. Once we were up there I held her hand, “What?” she asked looking at me confused by my gesture. “Its been so long since I’ve seen you. Especially since you were 7!” I replied.

“Yeah! I saw you’ve been working on those abs since you were 8 too! Can I see them bursa escort bayan again?” she curiosly asked.

“I guess!” I smirked as I took my shirt off.

“How about yours?” I asked mentioning her shirt as well, with a sly face.

“I don’t see why not.” she spoke as she took her shirt off.

“It’s getting kind of chilly.” she exclaimed as she leaned in closer. Right now it was me & her topless leaning onto each other in my treehouse, staring at the stars while holding hands, with our parents right below! I put my arm around her, making an effort to hug her. I started pulling her bra down, inch by inch until she stopped me.

“Eh-hemm.” she cleared her throat, looked down, glancing at our parents.

“It’s okay,” I whispered,

“It’s just fun!” I confirmed as I continued pulling her bra down. “No, no, no! Not until your pants are off.” Taylor replied.

“Ok! Fair enough.” I said as I slid my pants of. The thing is, that my 7″ long cock was sticking straight up through my boxers. I could see her getting wet, through her skirt, now revealing everything. At this point we were both naked. All the way. She began to pull my boxers down slowly, and sucked at the tip of my cock. Until finally, I couldn’t take it, i grabbed her head and pushed it, so she went down on me while stroking my shaft. She obviously didn’t like that, as she vigourously tried to lift her head as she gagged.

“Rob!,” she quietly spoke staring into my eyes.

“Hello? Are you crazy?” she retorted.

“What? You can’t stop now? Come on Taylor. Don’t die questioning!” I insisted. escort bursa

“Rob 2 big reasons why I CAN stop now. Firstly, you are my cousin. This is wrong! Secondly, our parents are gonna hear us! If you fuck me, then we’ll get caught.” Taylor mentioned. “Well, I’m willing to risk that. How ’bout you?” I snickered. “Bitch, get the fuck over here and eat me out!” she snapped. Oh wow, I thought! She’s finally getting serious.

“Ughh. Ooh. Yesss.” she moaned. A sudden shout led to my heart pounding fast!!

“Rob, hun! Taylor!” my mom shouted for us.

“Yeah?” we said in unison.

“You guys okay?” she questioned.

“Yeah, we are talking up here. We’ll just hang out here for a while!” I quickly responded.

“Ok, don’t stay up too late.” she exaggerated.

“Ehh. Mah. Gawsh. That fucking scared the living shit outta me! Continue.” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am.” I sarcastically saluted, as I began to play with her tits. Her C cupped tits. Yes admittedly I will say she has a gorgeous body. One to die for! I began to suck them, carefully including her erect nipples. I gently tugged, and began to nibble softly.

“Lets do this Instead!” I insisted as I turned around into a 69 position. As I ate her pussy, nicely shaved, she shoved my cock down her throat leading me to the most corruptive eruption I’ve ever had! I grunted, a little too loud, and she ate all my cum not dropping a bit! I couldn’t take it anymore though.

“Get your ass over here!” I demanded as I ferociously grabbed her while she now is on her back facing my as a slowly but surely gain speed into pounding my fat cock into her. At an increasingly rapid speed Isherwood climaxed letting out a screech, heard throughout the neighborhood. I forgot to mention the best part! Taylor lost her virginity to her cousin. Yuup that’s right. Me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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