Teaching an old Daddy New Tricks

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I walked in the door and tossed my backpack on the floor, looking over at my dad sitting in the recliner.

“Hi Dad, I’m home from school,” I point out the obvious. I’m a senior in High school, and just turned eighteen last month. Dad had forgotten; I still hadn’t told him he missed it. I stared at him, and he stared into his computer screen.

“Dad?” I try again, frowning slightly. It hurt to be ignored by him so easily.

“Lauren, I’m busy right now, go clean your room or something,” He said, swatting his hand at me. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I muttered,

“Why can’t you just love me?” and ran up the stairs to my bedroom. I had wanted to tell him my boyfriend had just broken up with me, and that I needed someone to console me. He was too busy, though. With what, I had no idea.

Depressed and neglected, I turned on my laptop. My browser popped open, featuring my profile page. I looked at my display picture: my long tan legs draped over ‘his’, big brown eyes staring up at him with love. I can’t believe he cheated on me. I sighed, then stood up. No use sitting around, sulking. Going to my closet, I picked out a tight white button down shirt and a pair of lace trimmed shorts. Pulling off my school uniform, I put on my top, tying it right under my bust. My push up bra made my tits nearly spill out of the shirt, and I loved it. Sliding on the tight little shorts over my long legs and firm ass, I left them unbuttoned, so the lace of my thong was visible. My brown and blonde hair was curled today, in big bouncy waves.

Going back to my laptop, I turned on the webcam and posed. One hand partially in my shorts, the other wrapped around my exposed toned waist, I winked at the camera. That was a keeper. I quickly switched that to my default, so everyone could see what he had given up. A knock on the door startled me, making me jump up and shut my computer. Dad walked in, his head down.

“Honey, I just realized something awful. I’ve been neglecting you, and-” He had finally looked up at me, and his words were caught in his throat. I crossed my arms, making my breasts even more prominent. I was frowning, almost sneering, at my daddy.

“And you bursa escort missed my birthday? And my Prom? And you’re about to miss my graduation!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in the air. He stared at me, his lips curling down into that parental frown.

“Why are you dressed like that, Lauren.” He didn’t ask, but rather demanded.

“Well, my boyfriend, who you never had the chance to meet, by the way, cheated and broke up with me today. And since you didn’t want to talk it out with me, like a daddy should, I’m going to find a new one.” I said, turning on my heel to face away from him. It was childish, but damn it I was hurt, and when it came to him I would always be a child. I heard him sigh heavily, making my eyes start to burn with tears. I just wanted him to love me, to take care of me. I know my mom leaving was hard on him, but what about me?

I jumped slightly. I felt a warm hand slide across my belly, grabbing my side. Daddy spun me around until I was facing his chest, and held me tight. I closed my eyes instantly, nuzzling into the crook of his neck.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I haven’t been a good daddy,” He said, picking me up like I weighed nothing. It surprised me, I hadn’t realized he was that strong! Sitting down on my bed, he sat me in his lap like I was still five. My head rested against his shoulder, while his hands gently stroked my back and thigh. I sighed softly, that’s all I had wanted, was my daddy to care, and comfort me.

“I missed you, Daddy,” I murmur against him, squirming in his lap to get closer against him. He started to clear his throat, as my ass squirmed against his crotch until I was comfortable.

I could feel his eyes drifting over me, from my curled hair, tits falling out of my shirt and pressing against his chest, to my barely clad legs, hanging off the side of his lap.

“I missed you too baby girl…I can’t believe I missed you growing up so much,” He said, his hand on my thigh drifting upwards slightly, grazing my ass. I smiled inwardly to myself, feeling his fingertips on the hem of my shorts. My daddy was finally paying attention to me. I squirmed in his lap again, resting my head far up on his bursa escort bayan shoulder so my breath hit his neck.

Daddy got braver, his hand now fully on my ass, rubbing it gently. I have a happy sigh, knowing he could feel my hot breath and hear me perfectly right by his ear. I felt him stiffen, in more ways that one. Sliding his legs, he laid down in my bed and pulled me on top of him so we were chest to chest. He placed both hands on my ass cheeks and began to knead and massage them, making my moan quietly. I could feel my pussy begin to dampen. I could also feel my daddy’s semi hard cock grow against my belly. His hands dipped lower, and I know he could feel the heat of my pussy through my shorts. He groaned and rolled me over, kissing me deeply, keeping me pinned to the bed.

“Baby girl, I’ll never neglect you again,” He promised in between kisses, his fingers finding my hard nipples and giving them a tweak. I moaned against daddy’s lips, squirming beneath him. I could already feel an orgasm building fast. He must have sensed it, because he stopped kissing and tweaking me, and instead kissed each of my breasts, lightly. He continued down my stomach, untying the shirt and letting it fall open. His tongue flicked over each of my nipples, sending electricity through my body.

“Oh Daddy,” I moaned softly, running my fingers through his dark brown hair. That seemed to encourage him, as he kept kissing down my flat tummy, coming upon my unbuttoned shorts. He kissed right above my panty line, before sliding both my thong and shorts off in one tug. I laid in front of him naked and horny, waiting in anticipation for what he would do next. Ever so gently, his tongue began to prod at my pussy lips. He pressed it as deep inside of me as he could, his nose rubbing against my clit. I moaned loudly, my fingers gripping at the bed sheets. Keeping his tongue in my dripping pussy, he added in two fingers and started finger fucking my G-spot as his tongue lapped up all the juices. I bucked my hips against his face, whimpering, “Daddy, Daddy, I’m cumming,” I nearly whispered, my body shaking from the intense orgasm my father had given me. As my orgasm subsided, he bit escort bursa my inner thigh, making me gasp.

Sitting up, I undid the front of his jeans, pulling them and his boxers down. Daddy’s long thick cock sprung out to meet me, and again I was surprised. I hadn’t expected daddy to be this big! I eagerly wrapped my lips around his cock, drooling down the sides of it so I could slide up and down on his full length. My lips suckled against him, as I took my daddy’s whole cock down my throat. He moaned and bucked his hips, fucking my eighteen year old mouth.

“Oh baby girl,” he moaned, his hand getting tangled in my hair as he used it as a hold to push my head down onto his cock. All of a sudden he pulled his dick out of my mouth and grabbed me round the waist, flipping me over to my stomach. Straddling me from behind, he pulled me up to my hands and knees, and began to tease my dripping cunt with the head of his cock.

“Please Daddy,” I whimpered, looking back at him.

“please Daddy what, Lauren?” He asked, still running his head up and down my slit.

“Please, fuck me!” I begged, pushing back to get the head of his cock inside of me.

“Of course, baby,” He smile, thrusting deep into me in one go. I screamed, my tight pussy being stretched over his big cock. He put his hands on my hips and began drilling me hard and deep, making my tits bounce. Seeing this, he paused, and without removing himself from me, flipped me over onto my back. He continued to fuck me hard, watching my tits bounce with each thrust. He leaned down and took one into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the hard aching nipple. His hand went down to my pussy, and just barely grazed my clit. My back arched, as I was thrown into a frenzy of orgasms, one after another. He didn’t stop massaging my clit as he pumped into me, his mouth leaving my tit and going to my neck. He sucked and bit at my neck, making me moan even harder, my pussy tightening around his cock like a vice. He moaned and pushed into me once more, before I could feel his hot cum filling up my dripping pussy. After we recovered, he laid down in bed beside me, holding me close. Smoothing my hair down, he kissed my temple, and then the hickey he had left on my neck.

“I love you baby girl, I’ll be a better daddy from now on,” He said softly, kissing my cheek.

“I love you too daddy, all I’ve ever wanted is your love,” I smile, closing my eyes.

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