Teaching Ellie Pt. 01: Frank

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I’m having a difficult time keeping my eyes on the road. Those gorgeous legs and your tight pink short-shorts causing my prick to swell in my pants.

Trying to get my mind off your charms for a moment, I make a stab at conversation. ‘Did you have a good time at the picnic Ellie?’

‘Oh yes Mr. Anderson, but I’m afraid I had a bit too much to drink.’

‘You’re okay. You don’t feel like you’re going to be sick do you?’

‘I think I’ll be all right Mr. Anderson. I am feeling a bit dizzy though.’

‘Call me Frank, Ellie. You’re an adult now aren’t you? How old are you?’

‘Twenty-one sir… er Frank.’

‘No boyfriend in the picture Ellie? Pretty little thing like you should be beating them off with a stick.’

I take another long glance at the crotch of those shorts. Is that a wet spot? The area directly over your pussy looks darker pink than the rest. I squirm in my seat trying to reposition my boner which is now starting to throb in the confines of my shorts.

‘Well I had a boyfriend, Robert, for a while but he went away to college and apparently found a girl he likes better there.’

‘What a shame. Pretty girl like you deserves some special bursa escort attention.’

‘Special attention? What do you mean?’

‘Well I’m sure a sweet young lady such as your self has some urges. Were you and Robert intimate?’

‘We never went all the way, if that’s what you mean. I mean I wanted to but I kept chickening out. I’m afraid I haven’t had much experience in that department.’

By this time I’m certain you’ve noticed the considerable lump in my pants. I catch you glancing sideways at it and I’m sure I can detect a new flush in your cheeks.

‘Would you like some experience Ellie?’

‘Whatever do you mean?’

‘Would you like someone with quite a lot of experience to coach you a bit and teach you a thing or two about sex?’

‘What would Laurie think if she found out?’

‘My daughter would be delighted actually. Who do you think taught her all she knows about sex?’

‘What? You fuck your own daughter?’

‘Well, not so much these days since she started going out with Devin. He seems to be taking care of her needs pretty well. Every now and then though, she gets super horny and comes to me for relief. Since her mother died I haven’t bursa escort bayan had much time for dating, so throwing a fuck into Laurie once in a while is my only outlet.’

Ellie’s face is now crimson at what I’ve just revealed to her.

‘Are you on the pill Ellie?’

‘Yes, ever since I turned 16. It turns out I needed it to regulate my periods.’

‘Well then, whaddaya say? Are you ready for your first lesson?’

‘You mean now?’

‘Sure, no time like the present.’

With that I slow down and pull off the highway onto a little dirt road that winds up into the cover of some trees so the car won’t be visible from the road. As I pull into a level shady area and kill the motor Ellie is looking very apprehensive and sitting bolt upright with her legs clamped together so I can no longer see the wet spot.

‘Now I know you get horny, don’t you Ellie? In fact your pussy is quite wet right now isn’t it?’

Ellie swallows hard and turns an even deeper shade of red, but nods slowly in agreement.

‘I saw you glancing at this lump in my pants. Would you like to have a closer look at it?’

Ellie looked directly at the outline of my cock in escort bursa the front of my shorts. ‘The only one I’ve ever seen was my brother’s and that was when he was little.’

‘Okay sweetie, come on over here and let this bad boy out in the light of day.’

Slowly Ellie shifts position and reaches over with one hand placing it on my rising tent. I pull down my zipper and unfasten my pants to allow her to reach inside. She rubs my cock through my underwear for a moment then reaches inside and struggles to pull it out, which in’t easy due to the severe stiffness.

‘Oh it’s so hot,’ she exclaims.

‘Yes hot for you. Do you have any idea how sexy you look?’

‘Do you think so? Really?’

‘My girl, this cock has been hard ever since I first lay eyes on you in those sexy tight shorts and tank top. Your titties are really fine and those legs are to die for.’

Ellie is stroking my cock now and she peers at it with curiosity as a large droplet of precum oozes out of the swollen head.

‘Did you cum all ready Frank?’ she looks at me quizzically.

‘No that’s lubrication. It helps when fitting it into tight holes. Go ahead taste it. See what you think.’

Putting my hand on the back of her neck I gently draw her face down toward my throbbing pole.

Tentatively she puts out her tongue and laps at the glob of clear liquid.

‘Mmmmm she moans. It’s not bad. Kinda salty but good.’

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