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I started doing it when she was fifteen, but I had watched her for a long time before that – ever since the first tiny bumps appeared on her chest and her straight-hipped boy-like figure began to morph into rounded feminine curves. Aaaah, my lovely daughter Jennifer! Even at that tender age, it was clear that in later years she would become drop dead gorgeous. Now, at 20 years old and a full-grown woman, she has fulfilled that early promise and is very sexy with it. Yet at the same time she still retains an air of youthful innocence, if you know what I mean.

The first time was on a weekend that Jennifer and her mother went away to visit my wife’s sister and family. I didn’t get on at all well with my brother-in-law, so I was left at home to do odd jobs around the house and garden and generally fend for myself. They were gone for less than half an hour when, walking past her room, I glanced in at the typical teenage-girl chaos and saw them lying on her unmade bed – Jennifer’s panties. The ones she had worn the day before and in bed overnight and had discarded for fresh after her shower that morning. A nasty impulse to go into her room and touch them ran through me. They could be warm still from Her! She would be none the wiser…

I pushed my evil thoughts aside and went on my way. I think I may have taken ten paces, certainly no more, when temptation overwhelmed me. I turned on my heel and went back to my daughter’s room. I pushed her partially closed door wide open and went in. I was walking on tiptoes, goddammit! Despite being alone in the house, it was as if I was scared that someone else might hear me! With my eyes fixed on the object of my base desires, I stepped carefully over and around the piles of “junk” my daughter kept in her horizontal filing system to the side of the bed, where I stood looking down at them for a long time. Then, with trembling fingers, I reached and picked up the tiny scrap of material. It felt warm to my touch. My logical mind told me that her body heat was long since dissipated, but my wildly coursing imagination said otherwise. I lifted my daughter’s panties to my nostrils.

Aaaaah! The scent of Her! The spicy-sharp teenage-girl aroma of her pussy! My imagination ran amok with thoughts of how wet she got down there and, not knowing that youthful hormones randomly raging through her body were to blame, how embarrassed she would be and not understand why it happened. I sucked in my daughter’s musk to the depth of my lungs. I rubbed the gusset of her panties, lightly stained as they were with her female secretions, around my nose and over my lips. I licked them in a vain attempt to taste Her. Dizzy from wanting release, I fell backwards onto her bed, and hastily pushed my chinos and underwear down beyond my knees. My cock was like a rock! I wrapped her panties around it and rubbed furiously. I had never felt such a powerful orgasm before! I felt as if my whole body was about to burst out of me through my cock. I aimed the heavy spurts of my sticky stream to where my fluids would mingle with my lovely Jennifer’s and groaned my depraved ecstasy out loud.

The guilt flooded through me as soon as it was all over. I lay prostrate on her bed with my member slowly softening in my grasp and felt like a perverted, absolute heap of shit. I closed my eyes to shut away the sight of my shame and, also, to fight back the tears of remorse that stung my eyes. I have no idea how long I lay there – I may have even gone to sleep – but at some stage I realised that I was immersed in the scent of Her. It was not just the smell of her pussy; I was breathing in the very essence of Jennifer – the light perfume she wore, her deodorant, a faint undertone of sweat, her shampoo, her sex, and even her toothpaste.

Jennifer! Jennifer! Jennifer! I rolled onto my front and buried my face in her sheets. I sank joyously into my daughter’s fragrance. My cock hardened again beneath me and I reached to clasp it in my fist. I humped her pillow pretending that her pliant young body was welcoming my thrusting groin. And when the rising tide overwhelmed me, I filled her panties once again with my cum.

I filled those panties so many times that weekend that by the time my wife and daughter were due home they were stiff as a board. In haste, before they arrived, I gathered several other items of clothing waiting to be washed and piled everything into the machine to “dispose of the incriminating evidence”. My wife was quite impressed that I had even got around to doing the laundry for her, as well as all the other jobs!

Over the following months and years I did it as often as I could, masturbating into my Jennifer’s soiled panties, her bras, her nighties – anything of hers I could lay my hands on that had been in intimate contact with her skin. When I could not find any of her recently worn clothing, I took fresh from her drawer, secretly washing and drying it again before putting it back. The feelings of guilt and shame faded away quickly, leaving me enslaved by the thrill and bursa escort excitement of my crimes. Eventually, knowing that she would soon be leaving High School and home to head off to college, I took to stealing small items to cum into when she was away. I was sure that Jennifer suspected what I was up to, because I found her looking speculatively at me on many occasions, but she never said a thing. Several times I considered bringing things to a head by leaving a pair of her panties stained with my cum for her to find, but every time I “chickened-out” at the last moment. I could not have borne it if I made her so disgusted by me that she never had anything to do with me again.

Once Jennifer was “off our hands” my wife and I split up. It was not an acrimonious episode – there was no “blood on the walls” and we still met regularly to talk about matters of mutual concern. One of Claire’s main reasons for leaving me was that I had stopped paying attention to her in bed. How could I possibly confess to my wife that our daughter had supplanted her place in my desires? Claire was, still is, a very attractive woman, so she quickly found another man who was more interested in satisfying her physical needs than I was. She moved in with him, leaving me alone in our house. Jennifer shared her home time from college between us. It was on one of these weekend visits that my daughter discovered my secret.

I had recently discovered the Literotica site and was so utterly engrossed in reading a story called “Babysitting Elsie” on my computer screen, and jacking myself off at the same time, that I didn’t even hear Jennifer come through the doorway into my home office. Thus, my daughter caught me in front of my computer, naked from the waist down with my pants around my ankles, my cock in one hand and a stolen pair of her panties ready to catch my load in the other. Her quiet “Ahem!” as she cleared her throat killed my impending climax, but not the erection throbbing in my fist.

A cold ball of ice invaded my gut. I was not expecting a visit from Jennifer that weekend – she was due to stay with her mother. Red-faced with embarrassment, I scrambled to cover my nudity, only to elicit a gentle chuckle from deep in my daughter’s throat and a soft: “Don’t get all hot and bothered, Daddy…or should I say even more hot and bothered? I know you masturbate…I have done for a long time…it’s natural…you have to have relief, I know…”

Still trying to hide my genitals I swivelled on my chair to face her. Jennifer was smiling. Affection for me shone from her eyes, tinged with a trace of amusement. “In fact,” she carried on, “I’m a bit disappointed to see you using something else to stir up your imagination…I’ve always thought you fantasised about me…”

I was flabbergasted that she was taking things so calmly. After all it’s not every day that a girl catches her father having a wank and then talks to him about him thinking of her while he is doing it. “I-I did…and I d-do… And y-y-you d-don’t mind?” I stuttered.

“At first I felt a bit queasy, after all, I was only fifteen going on sixteen and didn’t know a lot about such things, especially when I realised that you were making your sperm go into my panties and my other underwear. Then I thought a lot more about it and ended up feeling quite proud that a young teenager like me was sexy enough to turn you on.”

“And look at you now…!”

“Thank you! So, it wasn’t just a fantasising about a young girl thing?”

“I have to confess, it was at first. But, how did you find out…?”

“You weren’t always clever at putting my things back in the same place in the drawer…and then I started checking the laundry basket.” Jennifer came right into the room, “You know, Daddy, I’ve always wondered what you look like when you do it…what you do… Can you finish yourself off? Do you mind if I watch? I’d like to see your stuff coming out of you…you won’t be too embarrassed?”

My erection, which had been starting to flag, returned with renewed force. My God! This was a dream come true! She dragged the spare office chair up close and sat down in front of me. Our knees were almost touching. Her already very short skirt rode up her beautiful smooth thighs, almost revealing her panties. She saw me looking and guessed my thoughts, “They’re white,” she said, “imagine what they look like on me!” I needed no such encouragement!

Jennifer watched my hand closely while I stroked my shaft. To my surprise, I felt no unease at masturbating in front of my daughter like that. I was doing it as much for her as I was for myself. I fondled my cock slowly and sensuously, and extracted every ounce of pleasure from it. I wanted to make it last, because didn’t know if it would ever happen again.

She said, “We don’t need this do we?” then leaned across and hit the power button on the monitor. As she did so, her legs parted slightly and her skirt slid further up her thighs. I caught a swift flash of white triangle, then it was gone.

“I suppose you fantasise bursa escort bayan about taking my clothes off and having sex with me while you do it?” she asked softly.

“S-sometimes I do,” I managed to croak, “but most times, when I can get hold of them, it’s the smell of you on your clothes…”

“You smell my panties…?”


“I didn’t know you did that,” she said musingly. “I knew that you came into my panties…but…do you ever wish you could cum all over me…?”

I was lost for words. The first tremor of a rising climax hit me with a jolt.

“I too have fantasies, you know, Daddy. Your “innocent little daughter” is a sexual person as well! When you cum this time, can you do it on my leg…for me?”

Jennifer put her hand between her thighs and pulled her skirt right up out of the way. Her hand cupped her crotch, hiding it from me. That made no difference; her invitation to shoot my sperm on her was enough to send me out of control. I pointed my cock at her so that my pearly white streams spurted halfway up her right thigh. The power of my orgasm almost knocked me out! It was just like that first time, when I filled her teenager’s panties with my sperm that Saturday morning five years before!

Almost before I was completely finished, Jennifer lifted her leg so that her heel rested on the seat of her chair with her bent knee almost at shoulder level. She held her skirt back with both hands. Her legs were parted. Her panties were now fully in my view. My breath caught in my throat when I saw the shadowy outline of her sex behind the fine cotton material and the one or two cute hairs that had managed to escape around the edges. Together, we watched my sperm slide slowly down her lightly tanned skin, leaving a glistening trail in its wake. We held our breath as it neared the triangle of white and then expelled a mutual sigh when the first droplets arrived and began to wet the cloth. A larger dribble split into two parts as it neared her mound. The larger part followed its companions to be soaked up by Jennifer’s panties, but the errant stream took a different course, slipping determinedly lower, into the delightful hollow at the top of her thigh adjacent to the pouting outer boundary of her pussy. Totally mesmerised, I watched it finally disappear beneath the tautly stretched leg of her briefs.

When I eventually tore my gaze away from my daughter’s sex I found her clear blue eyes regarding me steadily. “Wow! That was amazing!” she said happily. Then she smiled broadly and shrugged her shoulders up around her ears: instant flashback to a freckle-nosed five-year-old, with two missing front upper teeth and her hair in bunches, who had just been caught out doing something very naughty. If I was enamoured with my daughter before, I was totally bowled over by her now!

She held out her hand for the stolen pair of panties that I still clasped tightly and used them to wipe my now cold slime from her leg. Then she handed them back to me so that I could mop up the after-cum that was leaking from me. “I expect you’ll want a few moments to yourself, Daddy,” she said warmly. “I stopped for a burger on my way down, so I don’t need to eat. I’ll go to bed now, but will you come and say “Goodnight” before you turn in?”

“Sure, honey…” My mind raced. Was my daughter inviting me to join her in her bed? Did she want to have sex with me? Fresh arousal stirred between my legs making her smile.

Just in case I was jumping the gun with my assumptions, I didn’t go to her room naked, as I would have liked to do. Which was just as well, because it was very obvious that sex with me was not in Jennifer’s programme. Jennifer was having sex with Jennifer; I could see that from the positioning of her legs beneath the bedcovers and the movements of her hand between them. But she did give me the panties that she had just been wearing, “Because I know you would like to sleep with them tonight”. They were really quite damp and smelling magnificently of Her from where she had been rubbing them in her juices while she masturbated, waiting for me to stop by. And she told me that she would be remembering and fantasising about what we did earlier that evening.

I came twice more that night, into those panties, before I dropped off to sleep. And several times I heard my daughter’s uninhibited cries of pleasure from down the hallway and knew that she was doing the same.

The next morning, Jennifer told me the reason for her calling in so unexpectedly: her mother and her new man had to attend a last minute business-related dinner party – one of those events that you go to or your career prospects take a sudden nose-dive. But, she would be going to Claire’s place later that morning. Naturally, I was disappointed that Jennifer was leaving me so soon, but before she went she made up for it in a way I could never have imagined.

It was close to midday when she came to see me where I was hoeing weeds in the vegetable patch. “I am going over to Mom’s in a few minutes, escort bursa can you do something very special for me before I leave?” she asked shyly. Naturally, I told her that I was happy to do anything she wanted. With a quiet smile, she took my hand, “Oh that’s great! But it can’t be out here, come into your office.”

She sat down on my swivel chair near the computer and gestured to me to stand up close in front of her. My heart almost stopped beating when, with nimble fingers, she undid my belt and zipper and pulled my chinos down to my ankles. My cock sprang to instant hardness inside my underpants, which rapidly joined my chinos, leaving my naked flesh bobbing lazily mere millimetres from her face.

“Ohhh, Daddy!” she sighed. “Your penis is simply awesome!” Her mouth was so close to my rock-like tool, I could feel her breath as she spoke. I sent mental prayers to every god in the universe that she would take hold of it and lead its head to her lips! But again, this was not her intention.

“Can you stroke it for me, Daddy? Please…?”

I was her slave. Fondling my cock like that so close to her, swiftly brought me to the brink of ejaculation. And as my excitement grew, my daughter slowly began to unfasten her shirt, button by button until they were all undone. With her eyes fixed on the hand stroking my cock, she pulled her shirt wide open revealing her lovely breasts encased in a pristine, white bra. Oh God, she looked so beautiful! And then my heart very nearly stopped again when she pulled the cotton material away from her left breast to show me her rounded bosom nestled snugly inside. I almost died at the sight of the glorious upper curve of it and the pinkness of just a suggestion of nipple!

Jennifer let me drink my fill of her while she closely examined the dribbles of pre-cum coming from my knob.

“Are you close to cumming, Daddy?” she asked.

“Y-y-yes, Sweetheart…”

“Aaah, good…and when you do,” Jennifer pulled the bra cup further off her breast, “I want you to make your cum go in here…all over my nipple…”

Which was enough to bring on my explosion! And just as Jennifer had asked, I tucked the head of my cock inside the top of her bra cup and squirted my warm cum at her nipple; where it formed a small puddle with the soft pink of her aureole showing through the translucent white of my sperm. When I was finished, Jennifer pressed the material to her breast and massaged in a circular motion, rubbing my semen into her flesh. She shivered and let out a soft squeak under her breath. Then, looking up to me with shining eyes, she said, “Oooooh! I had such a lovely little orgasm just then!”

With the both of us fully dressed again, my daughter gave me a quick hug and a kiss on my cheek. “Thank you, Daddy…you are sooo cool! Can I come to see you again next Friday?”

As the big day drew near, I was like a cat on hot bricks; it seemed as if my cock was permanently hard! When Jennifer arrived on the Friday evening, I was “champing at the bit” in my office. At first, she seemed rather put out by something, just a little off-hand, and I couldn’t understand why that might be. Until, when I asked, she told me that she had hoped to find me waiting for her with my hard penis ready in my hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry Sweetheart…” I apologised, “but it is hard!”

I started to undo my zipper, but Jennifer swiftly dropped to her knees between my legs. “Let me do that,” she said breathlessly, “I really enjoy getting it out!”

And I really enjoyed her ‘getting it out’ as well, even though she didn’t actually touch me.

This time she caught my emissions in her palms. “This is really you!” she smiled, sniffing at the puddles of jism. I found myself hoping that she would put out her tongue and taste Me as well, but she didn’t. “I have been trying all week to catch the true scent of your sperm from last weekend, but my panties smell strongly of me as well as you, and my bra also smells of my perfume.” She sniffed deeply again, “But this is simply your sperm smell…kind of like baker’s yeast…and it’s strange looking stuff isn’t it? Just imagine, I am holding millions of tiny “My Daddies” here!”

Afterwards, when she had dried her hands on one of my stock of her panties I had close by, Jennifer invited me to her room to say goodnight to her again. “I reached a decision during the week,” she told me, “I think…I hope you will like my idea…”

My heart leaped in my chest again. Perhaps tonight she intends to allow me into her bed?

I went to her naked, but, erring on the side of caution, I was naked beneath my terry-towel bathrobe. Once again, discretion appeared to have been the correct path, because, just as she was the Friday before, Jennifer was making love to Jennifer with her fingers underneath the covers. Only this time, she had placed a chair at her bedside for me to sit on.

She seemed pleased to see the way I was dressed and told me so. Then, without pausing from her self-pleasuring, she said shyly, “Daddy…this is a big step for me, because girls are naturally very uncomfortable at being looked at “down there”…even by other girls. But, I want to do this for you…and for me as well, of course…Daddy, would you like to watch me doing it…?”

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