Teasing Sister

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Recently, I went to visit my sister Linda and her husband Dave, and she brought up the subject about how we used to tease guys when we were teenagers.

“Don’t you ever feel guilty about what we used to do, Bonnie?” Linda said. “I mean those poor guys—it’s a wonder we didn’t get raped.”

“Heck no. I still do it every chance I get. Don’t you ever tease Dave?” I said. “I bet you’d both love it. It’s a kind of foreplay. First you tease, then you please.”

Then our conversation took a strange turn. Linda told me that Dave had been a little inattentive lately, so she thought it might put him in the mood if I teased him. “What about me?” I said, laughing. “I do all the work and you get all the fun. You know teasing gets me all hot and bothered. Remember how we used to have to go up to our room and play with ourselves after teasing some poor guy to death.”

Her face reddened. I knew she was thinking about those times—about watching me play with my pussy while I watched her. “I could always loan you my vibrator,” she said.

I laughed. “Okay, I’ll do it, but you have to promise you won’t get mad at me.”

After our conversation, I borrowed a pair of scissors and went upstairs to get ready. First, I took a tight pair of jeans and made them into cut-offs. I made sure they would be short enough so that the cheeks of my ass would be sticking out in the back and in the front there would only be the narrowest of strips covering my pussy. Thong jeans, I guess you could call them. Next, I took a pink T-shirt and cut it so short that the undersides of my breasts would almost be visible. No panties, no bra, of course. Looking at myself in the mirror I knew I looked hot and slutty, that Dave was sure to like my outfit, but I was worried that Sis might think I was going too far. After all, it was her husband that I was going to be teasing.

When I came into the living room, Dave looked up from the baseball game he was watching and gave me a wolf whistle. The way he was staring at me kartal escort bayan sent a little thrill through me, and I could feel my nipples getting stiff. I walked over to him and gave him a little kiss on the cheek, making sure my boobs rubbed against his arm. “You’re so sweet,” I said to him. I turned to Linda and said, “It’s not too much is it?”

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” she said. “But come here a minute, Bonnie, before Dave finds out that you’re not a real blonde.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s these little dark pubic hairs,” Linda grinned. “They’re sticking out. Do you want me to put them back in for you?” she asked, her fingers stopping just short of my crotch.

“Yes, thanks,” I whispered. God, she was going all out.

Very slowly she brushed the hairs neatly back up under my crotch. Then Linda surprised me. Her fingers seemed to linger for a second on the lips of my pussy before she withdrew them. Behind me I heard Dave groan, and my pussy really started tingling. Linda winked at me. “I think Dave liked watching that, don’t you?” she said.

I couldn’t answer because I was stunned and confused. Stunned, because my sister had touched my pussy. Confused, because for some odd reason I wished she’d do it again.

Later, while Linda was preparing dinner, Dave and I went outside on their fenced-in patio where we were going to eat because it was so nice out. I stretched out on a chaise lounge across from the picnic table where Dave was sitting and watching the game on a small portable TV. I spread my legs and arranged myself in such a way that my T-shirt was scrunched up and barely covering my stiff nipples, and the narrow strip of cloth at my crotch was splitting the lips of my pussy. Dave kept looking up from the game to stare at me. His eyes were all over me. I was so hot I really wanted him to fuck me, even if he was Linda’s husband. I mean he is a good-looking guy. I hoped Sis hadn’t been kidding about letting me use her vibrator.

I escort maltepe got up and walked over to him. Pretending to be interested in the game, I stood next to him and pressed up against him. He put his arm around my hips and cupped one of my cheeks where it was sticking out of my cut-offs and gently stroked it. As his other hand went up under my T-shirt so he could play with my nipples, he groaned and then nuzzled his face against my tummy. Before I could stop him, he unsnapped my jeans and wormed his hand inside. “God, I wanna fuck you, baby,” he said, cupping my pussy in his big hand.

“Now what kind of a girl would I be if I let my sister’s husband fuck me. You better save that nice big hard-on for her,” I said in my best teasing voice.

He muttered something about Linda, but before I could ask him what he’d said, she came outside and started serving dinner. Even though I knew that she must have seen him hurriedly pull his hand out of my pants, she acted as if nothing had been going on. During dinner, I managed to calm down some. After eating, I stretched out on the chaise again to let my food digest. Just as I was getting relaxed, Linda came over and sat down beside me on the lounger. She took my breath away when she suddenly reached out and lifted my top up over my breasts. “Look, Dave,” she said, “doesn’t she have some of the nicest boobs you’ve ever seen?”

“Hunh-huh,” I heard him say.

I hurriedly tried to cover myself with my hands. “Sis, what are you doing?”

“I’m just letting Dave have a good look at what you’ve been teasing him with all afternoon.” She brushed my hands away. “I think she likes the attention, honey. Look at how stiff her nipples are.” She gently squeezed one.

“I think you’re going too far, Linda … Oohhh,” then I couldn’t talk anymore because she was now kneeling beside the chaise and sucking on one of my breasts.

“Jeez-uz, Linda,” I heard Dave say as he knelt on the other side of me and started sucking my other pendik escort boob.

Linda lifted her head up and came around between my legs and started pulling my cut-offs down off my legs. Without even thinking about it, I lifted my hips to help her. She paused and looked down at my pussy. The way she was looking at it made me shiver.

“You set this whole thing up, didn’t you?” I said. “You know what teasing does to me—how hot I get.”

“Hunh-huh. It wasn’t Dave I wanted to get in the mood. It was you. We both wanna do you—it’s our all-time favorite fantasy. You can’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” she said, as she began to lower her head.

“Go ahead, do it to me,” I moaned. “Eat my pussy.”

Then her mouth was on my pussy. I think she said something to Dave about how tasty my pussy was, but it was hard to tell with her mouth buried in my crotch. Myself, I can’t even describe how good it felt. She knew exactly what to do to make me crazy. As my stomach tightened in pleasure, I heard someone screaming in sexual excitement. I didn’t even know that I was the one making all the noise, until Linda lifted her head and told Dave, “Honey, you better do something to keep her quiet or the neighbors’ll hear.”

He quit sucking on my nipples, grinned, and then stood up and unsnapped his shorts. As Linda went back to work on my pussy, he leaned over me and stuck his big dick in my mouth. Of course, that only made everything better, and it wasn’t long before I had the best orgasm ever. After a few minutes, Linda said to Dave, “Go ahead and fuck her, honey. Fuck the teasing little bitch good.”

“I intend to,” he said.

I was so wet his big dick slid in easily. Propping himself up on his arms, he began slow fucking me, getting it in nice and deep. As I began to build toward another orgasm, I felt the chaise shift, and I looked up to see a naked Linda kneeling over my face. I looked up past her flat tummy and her big boobs to her grinning face. “I think it’s my turn to keep you quiet,” she said, lowering her pussy to where it was just barely touching my lips. It smelled delicious.

“Ohhh hell yes,” I moaned, grabbing her tight ass and pulling her to me. Linda wasn’t the only one who had been fantasizing all these years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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