Ted Takes Charge

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Ted was an officer at the New Orleans police department. He had served for 2 years, and so he was considered a veteran instead of a rookie. After graduating high school, he had entered the academy ASAP. He already knew what he wanted to do with his life, because he had seen the cops rescue his mom from his abusive dad, who was trying to kill her and her unborn baby with his bare hands.

Ted had called the cops at just 4 years old, and this act had saved his mother’s and sister’s lives. Ted’s dad, a crack-pusher, had gone to state prison on enough counts to keep him there until Gotterdammerung. Ted had become the de facto 2nd parent of his kid sister, Tricia, by the time he was in middle school.

Now, Ted was living in an apartment on his own. He was having a casual, friends with benefits, relationship with his partner, Isabel, with whom department rules forbade a long-term arrangement (even if he had wanted one). He also slept with other girls, but a lot of his spare time was still spent checking on his Mom and Sis.

Everything changed when he was visiting his Mom, Vanessa, just in time for a rather stupid, but desperate burglar to break into the house. Ted chased him down, called his buddies on the force, and had the fool sent off in cuffs before you could say methamphetamine (which was the SOB’s reason for the heist).

Then he went over to his quite distraught mother, and said “Mom, I am going to spend the night here, but starting tomorrow, you and Tricia are going to be living with me. Don’t worry, since it is my place, not yours, I won’t feel like I’m losing my independence.

In fact, it’s the opposite- for your own good, and because it’s my place, I will be in charge, and you will follow my house rules. The biggest rules for you, Mom, are that you will be a more responsible parent to Tricia, which means that you won’t smoke, gamble, or work too late at the doctor”s office.

You will come in by 6:00 every night, make sure she does her homework, cook us a family dinner once a week, remember to obey me as the head of the household, and always call me Ted, not Teddy, Theo, or Theodore!

You will call my cell phone if you have been out for more than 3 hours. We will both inspect the place for drugs now and then, mostly in Tricia’s new bedroom, which is vacant since my roommate just moved out. You will sell your place, and you will help me pay the rent, but otherwise your expenses will be light. Tricia will be expected to obey me as well as you, and if she does not, I will spank or ground her, depending on the situation.

You can bring your own TV over, but mine stays mine, with the remote still in my hands, and Tricia will be required to do her homework before she watches even hers. She will also have a curfew. It is clear that I need to be the disciplinarian here, which is why I am being so tough. I won’t have any peace of mind until you’re both safely under my roof. Do you understand me, Mom- I am the boss now?”

Vanessa, somewhat traumatized by the break-in, and desperately in need of a strong hand to protect her and Tricia, and to reduce the burden of being a single, working mother, was only able to say, gratefully “Yes, Ted, honey, I understand you, and I will comply with your rules, because, you are right, I really need help and a protector. Since we will be living at your place, I suppose that we should follow your rules. Thank you, my son. I can really use your help.”

The 1st few days were uneventful, but then, on the 4th night, Ted accidentally walked in on his naked mother.

He was about to turn his head, when Vanessa surprised him by saying “Ted, I am your mother- I have seen you naked a lot, so it should not be such a problem for you, a grown man, who has probably seen lots of naked women, to see your own Mom.

Am I so bad-looking, or are you just acting out of habit? It’s OK- I know that you are the boss now, but I am simply expressing my opinion that it’s alright for a man to see any woman nude, as long as they are consenting, mature adults, even if one is the other’s mother. Feel free to look at me.”

“Mom, are you sure that you won’t be freaked out by having your own son see your naked body?” Ted answered “You’re not getting some thrill from flashing your son, are you?”

“Ted, baby, to be honest, I have kinda had some fantasies about you for the past few months, especially since Tricia and I moved in with you. Please don’t get angry with a poor, lonely kartal escort 38-year old woman, who sees very few men these days, none of whom compare to her own sexy son. Would you ever consider me as a lover?

I am still somewhat pretty, right? I would not get jealous- I know all about Isabel and the others, and I don’t care, because I want to be with my strong, forceful Ted. That’s what I”ve always wanted in a man, and you have it, my love.” Vanessa told him.

“Mom, I have never imagined this up until now, but, even though I have always assumed that this was wrong, I can’t refuse you when you are so vulnerable and sweet about the whole thing. Sure, if you are willing to accept the submissive position in our relationship, I will take you as a lover. I must warn you, however, that being with me means becoming, not only a submissive, non-possessive, sharing kind of woman, but a slut yourself. Can you accept that? Would you be ready to indulge in the kind of rampant, promiscuous, swinging sex I like?” Ted asked her.

The look on his mother’s face answered his question even before she spoke. She was game, as long as she got to be the main woman in his life.

That night, after watching a horror movie, and sending Tricia off to bed, Ted let Vanessa stay much longer, knowing that he should consummate this arrangement now, while they both still wanted it. He started out with a simple, tender hug, then he kissed her cheek as always, and then he planted a wet, warm kiss on her mouth, to which she responded by using her tongue.

The experience of French-kissing his own mother was so deliciously taboo, it got him hard right off. She was clearly feeling the same way, as the soaked nightie she wore revealed. Soon, he pulled her slip down and began to kiss her shoulders, breasts, and stomach. After this, he moved back northward to taste her perfumed neck.

Once she was completely hot under the collar, so to speak, Ted turned her around, unsnapped her bra, and started to fondle her breasts. He followed this by turning her back around, licking his way down to her nipples, and then sucking them for what an excruciatingly long time.

Ted proceeded to move his mouth south, pulling down Vanessa”s panties, and soon slowly tickled her pubic hair with his tongue and lips. Then he reached her clit, and really, thoroughly, tantalized her female penis with his oral skills, which got her so wet, she soaked most of his face below his eyes and between his cheeks. As he touched her lower lips and her opening itself with his mouth, she instantly knew that this was the man of her dreams, and that he was devouring the entrance to the womb that had carried him. At last, a good, strong, manly, but kind lover was hers, and he was her own son.

He was her benevolent dictator, and she loved him for it. He pushed his tongue inside her pussy, and she squealed for a second, almost loud enough to wake up Trish. She no longer wanted him to go slow- she needed a vigorous oral penetration of her sex, so she begged him, with a pathetic look on her, to go faster with his tongue and bring her to climax.

That was just the request he was seeking from his mother/slave, and he started to dart his tongue back and forth from her cunt. After a few minutes, she was coming even louder than before, and her juices had covered his entire mouth. They were even dripping into it, past his teeth, and down his gullet.

Now, Ted knew that his mother was his to do with as he wished, and he was going to make full use of her. She would share him with Isabel and a lot of other girls, and, soon, she would become his slut as well as his slave. He made sure at this point to assert his dominance, ordering her to get on the bed, lie flat on her stomach, and spread her cheeks for him.

He first took a couple of photos, to make sure that she did not back out now, and then he entered her pussy from behind, giving her the most relentless doggie-style pounding of her life. She was coming all over his dick, but he would not let her go just yet. He was going to come, and until then, he was going to fuck her, however long it might take. After he heard his Mom scream a full orgasm, with his cock inside her, he finally came, filling his mother with his semen.

Ted next took his cock out of Vanessa’s pussy, and began licking her butt, which shocked her, but since she had already broken the taboo against incest, she was not about to stop short here. Of maltepe escort bayan course, she had little choice, anyway, because her son had compromising photos of his rather moist Mom.

Now he took some more, with her asshole damp from her anal arousal, and then he slowly, but forcefully penetrated her posterior, without any warning, and began riding Vanessa’s ass. The pain surprisingly disappeared after a few moments, and she felt nothing but the satisfying heat of his manhood inside her backdoor.

He rode her just as hard here, and, by the time he had come in her booty, and she was coming for the 3rd time rectally, she was stretched out for future anal intercourse. Once more, he stopped to photograph his Mom’s metamorphisis into a slut, with her cream-filled buns sticking out for the best camera smile ever. There was dried cum on her vagina, and the anally provoked ejaculate was mixing with it, falling down her crack into her labia.

He told her that she was not finished for the night yet, and he ordered her to face him, whereupon he stuck his cock in her mouth, and commanded her to suck him until he came there too, and then to swallow most of his cum. He also told her, however, that he wanted her to lap some of it up with her tongue and lick her lips- that way, there would be plenty of semen on her mouth to photograph.

She sensed that he did not just want a quick oral exercise here, so she really gave it her absolute best, deep- throating, licking, kissing, spitting, drooling, and even nibbling his member and his balls.

He grunted after this royal cock treatment, and he at last let loose his load, letting her pump his penis for milk. As she indeed lapped it up and licked her lips, he saw how lovely she really was- still under 40, still a great-looking babe, and she was his property, not a goddess but a nymph, treating him like a king.

He didn’t just want to take a picture or two- he had to take several photos of his sweet, slutty mother. That night ended with her snuggling up with her handsome, hunk son, and understanding at last her proper place- in his strong, protective arms.

The following evening, Ted decided to add Isabel to the equation, and so he called her up at 5:00, telling her to be at his apartment in 45 minutes. Being a true submissive with men, although she was a dominant with women, his beautiful, bisexual partner hurried to obey her occasional master, expecting some reward.

She was not disappointed, although staying for a family meal was not she had in mind, because, after everyone had finished with the meal, Ted took her and Vanessa into his bedroom and showed Isabel every one of those pictures- in front of his Mom. While Vanessa was stunned, and even a little embarrassed, she was not ashamed of her photographed body.

When Isabel looked at them, she did not have the horrified expression she would expect to have at such an explicit display of incest- she was just too aroused at the thought of how sexy a woman her partner’s mother really was. She knew, however, that was a way for Ted to blackmail Vanessa into complying with something, and she guessed that he wanted total dominance and his own way with her. How did he know that she would have the reaction she did?, she thought.

Then she remembered that she had expressed something about an incestuous fantasy she had about fucking a pair of sisters who were also eating each other. Ted had picked up on her desire to do “unheard of”things of the “naughty” kind. Now, she was trapped, because he was going to get her to not only fuck him tonight, but also help him train his own mother in slavery.

That did not get her to walk out now, when she might still have escaped her new role as assistant/mistress. She was just too wet at the thought of fucking Vanessa with a strap-on dildo and dominating her.

She decided to just clarify everything “Ted, do you want to assist you in training your Mom as a good, obedient slave? I can, if that’s what you have in mind. Just tell me what to do, and I will be back-up.”

“Why, thank you, Iz, that’s very nice, and I would love to share her with you, as long as you give up your cunt and ass tonight for a proper fucking, along with your mouth, of course. Naturally, you will enforce my instructions by hand-cuffing my new slave and lashing her with this leather strap if she fails to respond in time.

I will tell you how many lashes to use each time, and escort pendik you’d better follow my commands to the letter, or you will feel the whip yourself. If you’re really good, you’ll even get to butt-fuck her with a strap-on. Did you hear that, Mom- Isabel here is going to help me dominate and train you.” Ted answered.

Then, Ted grabbed his Mom and put her on her knees, ordering her to hike up Isabel’s skirt (which never had undies beneath it) and eat her pussy. While she did so, he entered Isabel’s bottom the way she loved it- suddenly and without warning. He just added some lube and invaded her. Isabel grunted as usual, but that grunt always indicated more pleasure than pain.

Her sweet Hispanic heinie totally enjoyed a rectal reaming, and the combination of that with the eating of her cunt by Vanessa had her so soaked, that Ted’s mother’s face was finally drenched with girl-cum.

Within half an hour, Ted was coming into Isabel, and she was messing up Vanessa’s makeup and hair with vaginal juice (to which Vanessa added her own sweat). Next, Ted withdrew from Isabel, leaving a dripping, slopping load of cum, and told her to turn her back toward Vanessa, so she could rim her semen-covered ass.

Vanessa surprised both of them with the enthusiastic lapping of Isabel’s milky ass. Clearly, she was turned on by the sweet, swarthy sphincter and the sperm pouring down it onto Isabel’s thighs, which Vanessa also licked.

While his mother ate anus, Ted entered her cunt again, pounding her sweet pussy with a passionate rhythm. When he came with a massive load of cum in her womanhood, he just kept fucking her until the 1st ejaculation was followed by a 2nd, but he would not quit yet.

All of this time, Vanessa was still rimming Isabel, and now Ted told the two of them to get on the bed and rub their cunts, which would make his cum spill over from his Mom’s cunt into his partner’s. As they did so, he penetrated Isabel’s hole, riding her and pushing her deeper into Vanessa.

She then planted a kiss on her friend’s mother’s lips, which only got Vanessa hotter, and she started to kiss her back. Then, Ted told them to 69 each other, and they gladly obliged, both of out of fear of his strap and out of desire for each other’s sex.

Once Isabel and Vanessa had tasted plenty of pussy, Ted informed Isabel that she had done an excellent job, and therefore, she would get the chance to fuck his Mom with the strap-on, while he banged Vanessa’s bottom. The DP was done with ruthless speed. Ted climbed into bed with his Mom while Isabel got out the dildo and thigh harness. Then she lay back on the mattress, turned to her side, and shoved it into Vanessa.

The forceful thrust of a plastic penis was painful, but not enough to diminish Vanessa’s enjoyment of being double-penetrated, filled completely up, with sexual attention focused on her. They both slammed her with their cocks for what some must have seemed an endless period.

Finally they came- Isabel on her dildo, and Ted in his mother’s ass. Then, Ted announced that the last act of the night would be a reversal of what they just did- Isabel butt-fucking Vanessa, and Ted sliding his dick into his Mom’s home plate.

They fucked furiously now, sensing that this was the final shot for all of them that night, because they were nearing exhaustion. After a series of powerful thrusts, Isabel came first, then Ted, and finally, so did Vanessa. Ted then told his Mom she had been too slow, and that he was consequently more tired than he should be, so she would have to be taught a lesson.

He made Isabel bring out the strap, saying “Mom, you need to be whipped into shape here, and Isabel is going to do you that favor. Iz, give her 10 good lashes.”

Isabel responded quickly “Yes, sir, Master! I”m going to love this!”

Vanessa screamed, but she was hand-cuffed, then gagged, and finally, as tears came to her eyes, she felt the strokes of the strap hitting her body and creating 10 crimson welts. At last, after pain that seemed would never stop, Ted made Isabel stop, telling her to pose with his mother in a dominant position, with her riding Vanessa’s back like she was a horse.

Ted photographed his sweaty, slutty, submissive Mom in a picture that screamed lesbian bondage (except for the not so apparent semen all over their bodies), knowing that he really had his Mom right where he wanted her- under his roof and under his rule. What was more surprising was the extent to which Isabel also belonged to him now, and he could make both of them do whatever he wanted of them.

He may have gone 3 days without cumming, due to the move, but he had completely caught up that night. All of that excessive cum was expelled.

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