Tell Me

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Note: All characters over 18. Work of fiction, blah blah blah…


Eric sat at the dining table finishing the last of his breakfast slowly. Sunlight streaming in through the large windows looking out over the backyard brought unseasonable warmth into the house. He plucked at his t-shirt as beads of sweat began to form on his skin. Turning back to his food his attention was immediately caught by his mother entering the kitchen in her robe.

“Morning dear,” Rachel sang heading to the fridge. Eric only grunted in response, his eyes caught on the soft white silk peeking out from under his mother’s robe. “Oh I’m so excited! Your sister and Rick will be here today. I can’t wait to see how big her belly has become.”

Watching his mother bustle about the kitchen, Eric was amused at how animated she had become since learning that his sister and her husband were coming to visit. Karen had called and said that she was six months pregnant and was really starting to show. At first Rachel was a little put off that her only daughter hadn’t informed her immediately that she was with child but her anger soon evaporated when Karen said they were coming for a visit. Rachel had busied herself all week preparing for her daughter and son in laws arrival. Eric had been thankful that his mother’s attention had been diverted from him, even for a short while. He was a dutiful son and diligent student but sometimes he felt smothered.

“What’s got you smiling so?” Rachel asked. Her son’s mouth was open and split into a smile. His eyes appeared as if he might be daydreaming. “Hello? Earth to Eric?”

“Oh, sorry,” Eric said shaking his head. “What did you say?”

“Why the big smile?” She stood alongside the counter, a hand upon her hip. The top of her robe had slipped a little more and the swell of her breast was easily visible.

“Oh no reason,” Eric replied slowly before turning back to the last of his eggs. Swallowing the last bite he gathered up his plate and stepped around his mother to put the dishes in the sink.

When he had left the room Rachel looked down at her clothing and noticed how much cleavage she had been showing. With a small blush she covered herself more completely, gathered her coffee and went up to her room to change.

As she made her way towards her room she passed by Eric’s door and poked her head in to tell him something. Looking in she could see him putting a shirt on and when her eyes scanned lower she could see that his boxers were tented with what could only be an erection. Her blush returned and she could feel the heat rise in her cheeks as she looked upon her son. Quickly she darted away and went on to her own room, a smile on her own lips now. The excitement of her daughter coming was now tinged with a slight amount of sexual satisfaction that she could get a rise out of a man, even if it was her own son. Five years without a husband, or any man for that matter, had made her forget what it was like to be looked at with desire.

“Your sister will be here at 5,” Rachel called down the hall. “Make sure you’re here okay?”

“Sure thing mom,” Eric replied heading towards the front door.

When the front door closed Rachel began picking through her clothes, looking for something that would be more flattering than she would normally wear around the house.

“Wow! Look at you,” Eric said as he enveloped his obviously pregnant sister in a hug. “Hey Rick, looks like you guys did it right.” Rick smiled as he took his young brother in laws hand and shook it. “Let me help you with those bags.” Stepping aside he let his sister into the house and then started towards the car.

“Is Mom home?” Karen asked.

“I think so, I haven’t seen her since I got home about half an hour ago,” Eric replied over his shoulder.

“Mom?” Karen called making her way down the hall. When she got to her mother’s room she pushed the door open and found her mother putting on a pair of earrings.

“Karen! Oh honey!” Rachel squealed seeing her daughter in the mirror. She rushed to her and wrapped her arms around her shoulders, hugging her tight. “Oh my, you are getting big, but you look so beautiful. My baby is going to have a baby!” Rachel’s eyes were beaming with pride

“I know, thank god Rick likes me this way,” Karen said with a laugh. “You look great mom, hot date tonight?” She stood back and admired the dress on her mother. It was a soft yellow number that clung to her form nicely.

“What? Oh, no, ” Rachel said.

“Well I know you didn’t get dressed up like this for me,” Karen laughed.

“I just felt like getting out of my old fuddy duddies, sometimes a gal likes to look nice.” Rachel smiled and led Karen out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen.

“I had better keep Rick away from you, he see’s all that cleavage and he’ll forget which one of us he’s married to.”

“Ha! Yours look to have swollen at least a cup size, I’m sure he’s got his hands full with you.”

“Yeah, I never knew that some tuzla escort men get really turned on by pregnant women. I’m just not sure,” Karen trailed off as they entered the kitchen where her husband and brother were sitting at the counter enjoying a drink.

“Rick,” Rachel said and gave her son in law a very motherly kiss on the cheek. “I’m so glad you guys are here.”

“You look lovely mom,” Rick said sitting back down in his chair.

Eric sat contentedly watching his mother and sister gush about her pregnancy. He was surprised by the dress she was wearing, surprised but not upset. It accentuated her curves very nicely, giving her a very feminine appearance. Lately his mother had been doting around the house in nothing but sweats so this change was more than welcome. He tried to be discreet but he found himself staring at her more than once and he thought she might have caught him a time or two.

Rick and Rachel had begun talking about his work giving Karen a moment to take in her brother. She noticed that Eric’s eyes were drawn to their mother’s body quite frequently.

“Boys will be boys,” she thought to herself with a small chuckle.

“Oh I had better get dinner going,” Rachel said bringing Karen out of her thoughts. “Eric will you help me in here?”

“Rick can help you mom,” Karen offered. “I want to talk to my brother before we eat.” With a mischievous smile Karen went in to the living room.

“What’s up?” Eric asked, sitting next to his sister on the couch.

“Nothing, just wanted to catch up with you is all. How is school?”

“It’s good. Just finished first semester finals; got my applications off for college and now it’s just a waiting game.” Eric tried valiantly not to stare at his sister’s chest. He remembered growing up trying to sneak peaks at her while she was changing and now she was even bigger.

“Any girlfriends?” Karen asked, jabbing him in the ribs with a finger.

“A couple,” he answered.

“Well I hope you are being safe, you don’t want to get any girl in the condition I’m in any time soon,” Karen rubbed her belly for emphasis.

“No, nothing like that. Just a couple of girl’s I go out with on occasion. Nothing serious or anything. Guess girls just don’t see me like that.”

“Oh, is Eric still a virgin?” Karen teased. She felt bad immediately when she saw the black look come over her brother’s face. “Look I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Don’t worry, it’ll happen and soon if I remember how high school girls are.”

“Well,” Eric said looking up, no longer angry, “you kind of set the bar pretty high for ‘adventurous girls’. Or is that setting the bar low?”

Karen punched him in the arm playfully.

“Stop it now or I’ll tell Rick just what kind of girl you really are!” He squirmed away from Karen’s tickling fingers.

“Oh? You think he doesn’t know? Why do you think he married me?” Karen said triumphantly.

“So he wanted to marry the tramp?” Eric said breathlessly.

“Well, when I’m ‘his’ tramp its okay.” Karen might have said more but at that moment their mother called out needing help.

After dinner Rick begged off anymore conversation and headed off to bed. Eric left his mother and sister alone in the dining room as he went to study. Karen and her mom were more than happy to stay up half the night gabbing about her pregnancy and all sorts of things the men weren’t really that interested in. After a time Karen finally got the courage to ask her mother something that had been bothering her for a while.

“Mom,” Karen began, “did Dad and you ever,” she paused searching for the right words. “Did you ever role play?”

Rachel looked at her daughter thoughtfully for a moment before responding. “What do you mean?”

“Did Dad ever want to pretend you were someone else? Not like a particular person, not someone you knew, but like a certain type of someone? Like a nurse or a schoolteacher?”

“Well yeah a couple of times,” Rachel answered softly. “Your father wasn’t very imaginative I guess. But I do remember there were a couple of times that he liked to pretend I was a naughty school girl or something. Why?”

“Was that the only thing Dad ever liked to pretend? There wasn’t anything or anyone else?” Karen seemed a little nervous to her mother. Rachel moved her chair closer and put a hand on her daughter’s leg and patted it softly.

“Whatever you and your husband do is between the two of you. So long as you feel safe and loved there is nothing wrong in pretending. Okay?” She looked into her daughter’s eyes trying to offer comfort.

“I know that Mom,” Karen said quickly, “But did Dad ever- ever regress?”

Rachel’s eyes squinted and she tilted her head in confusion. “Regress? Like what?”

Karen bit her lip. “Did Dad ever want you to be his Mommy?”

“No,” Rachel said softly, trying not to sound judgmental. “Are you okay honey? This seems like its bothering you a lot.”

“I don’t know Mom,” Karen said in tuzla escort bayan confusion. “It’s just ever since I’ve started to show”, she patted her belly, “Rick has gotten into this kink of calling me Mommy. And it’s not just him calling me Mommy he wants me to call him ‘My big boy’ and other stuff. It’s all very weird.”

“Does it turn him on?” Rachel asked after a moment.

“Oh yes, it turns him on very much.” Karen replied enthusiastically.

“Does it turn you on?” Rachel asked softly. She searched her daughter’s face and she already knew the answer before she spoke.

“Yes,” Karen said looking up. “Does that make me a bad person?”

“No dear, it doesn’t make you a bad person. You are two people who love each other very much. What the two of you do in the privacy of your bedroom is between just the two of you.” Rachel could see that her answer was of little comfort to her daughter. “When I was your age it was unheard of for a couple to have oral sex. It was considered degenerate to do those kinds of things. I’m sure the two of you do that and more,” Rachel laughed when Karen looked up with a sheepish grin.

Karen hugged her mother and went to join her husband in bed. Rachel shook her head and slipped off to her own bed.

Eric had a normal day at school capped off by basketball practice. He rushed home to shower and change so that he’d be ready to go out with his mother, sister and brother in law. When he arrived home he could hear his sister and Rick in Karen’s old room so he grabbed his clothes and headed to the shower.

He opened the door and plopped his clothes on the counter and turned to grab a towel out of the closet. When he turned around he saw his mother step from behind the shower curtain, a towel over her head as she dried her hair. Her breasts were full and flush from the hot water and Eric could feel his heart begin to pound as he stared at her. He knew he should say something but he could hardly breathe. His eyes darted down and he noticed the faint hair protruding from between her trim legs and he swallowed hard looking at her. His cock began to stiffen as he continued to gaze upon her.

Rachel pulled the towel down and tossed her head back to finish drying it. She slid the towel across her chest and over her tummy. She opened her eyes and for the first time noticed her son standing there. A gasp escaped her lips and she instinctively pulled the towel up to cover herself. She couldn’t control herself, she looked down at his crotch and she saw his erection tenting his shorts. The sight of his arousal caused her own nipples to stiffen up and her breasts began to ache.

“Sorry mom,” Eric said simply. “I didn’t know..,” his voice trailed off as his mind couldn’t continue while he relived the moment over and over.

“It’s ok. But can you wait outside while I finish?” Rachel asked. He nodded dumbly and then turned to leave. When the door closed behind him Rachel sank to the edge of the tub and exhaled deeply.

The drive to dinner was a little strained as Eric and his mother sat in the backseat of Rick’s car trying not to look at one another. Karen prattled on and tried to engage her mother in conversation but couldn’t quite draw her out. When she asked what the matter was Rachel assured her it was nothing. At dinner Rachel excused herself to the restroom and Karen asked Rick to get her mother a drink from the bar.

“Okay, what’s wrong with Mom?” Karen asked her brother.

“I saw her coming out of the shower,” Eric admitted in a rush. “She was drying herself off and I saw everything. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Oh my!” Karen said trying not to laugh. “Look its okay, not like you planned it right?” When Eric didn’t respond she asked again. “Did you plan it?”

“No!” Eric answered defensively. “I didn’t know anyone was in there. When I saw the steam on the mirror I just figured someone had used it recently. I was in a hurry and everything.” He thought for a moment. “What I can’t figure out is how come she didn’t hear me come in? The water wasn’t on and I wasn’t exactly quiet opening the door or the towel closet. She must have heard me.”

“Maybe she wanted you to see her?” Karen said coyly.

“You think?” Eric asked unbelieving.

“It’s possible. You are a good looking guy and she hasn’t had anyone in a long time. Maybe she likes the idea of someone looking at her.”

“You’re sick, you know that Karen?”

“Okay maybe I am sick, but tell me, did you like looking at our mother naked?” Karen saw the blush creep across his face. “You did! You liked looking at our mother naked!” Eric looked around nervously to see if any of the people near them had heard what she had said.

Eric sat back in the booth and began to ponder the possibility that his mother had wanted to be seen naked in the bathroom. Maybe she had thought Rick might wander in. Or maybe she had wanted to be seen by her own son. Could it be that Mom was trying to be noticed as a woman again by someone? By anyone?

Rachel escort tuzla and Rick returned to the table and dinner proceeded as normal as possible under the circumstances. Karen began to ply her mother with wine and wouldn’t let the conversation die down. Karen made crude sexual advances towards her husband in front of everyone. At first Eric was mortified and embarrassed for his mother but he noticed that after her second glass of wine she was laughing along with Karen. He shook his head and chalked it up to his sister having fun at his expense.

When they returned home Eric quickly excused himself to his room and Karen and Rachel sat on the couch laughing and joking loudly. Before it was time to turn in Rachel could feel the effects of the alcohol wearing off and she made her way to her bedroom.

“Better have a talk with Eric, Mom”, Karen said pausing at the door to her room. “Clear the air and all that.” Karen smiled as she stepped into her own room and shut the door. Rachel stared at the closed door and wondered if she knew about what had happened in the bathroom. After a moment she concluded that her daughter was right. No point in avoiding each other forever over something so silly.

Knocking on Eric’s door softly she waited for him to answer. No need to barge in on him and possibly catch him in a compromising situation. That thought brought a small flush to her cheeks and a tingling feeling coming from below. The idea that her son might be masturbating on the other side of this closed door was a delicious thought. She only had a second to ponder though before she heard his voice saying “Enter.”

“Hi dear, just wanted to have a little talk, if you’re not too busy.” Eric was under the sheet, could she see any sign of excitement? He was sitting up and the sheets were awfully ruffled, no way to be sure.

“Sure Mom,” Eric said with a nervous chuckle. “I can guess what this is about.”

“Yeah, well we kind of need to get past it, don’t you think?” Rachel came around to his side of the bed and sat by his legs. “Look, it’s not that big a deal really. I’m really very sorry if you are embarrassed by it at all.”

“Uh, wow,” Eric laughed nervously. “Really not what I expected you to say.”

“Oh? What did you expect me to say?” Rachel looked at her son coyly. She turned her head to the side and the soft smile on her face was disarming to her only son. His eyes traced the soft material of her dress from around her shoulders, down her neck and to the plunging neckline that led to her bosom. Though the cleavage was appropriately covered he could imagine her breasts beneath the material even now.

“I kind of thought you would be mad or something,” Eric said returning his eyes to meet his mother’s gaze.

“Well I didn’t think you did it on purpose and it was my fault really,” Rachel said. For a moment she wondered if he did do it on purpose. “Could he have really wanted to see me naked?” She thought. “Did he want to look at my body? He had gotten hard from looking at me in my robe just the other day; perhaps it had sparked an interest in him.”

“No it was an accident, really Mom!” Eric said plaintively, breaking Rachel’s thoughts. “I was actually surprised you didn’t hear me come in.”

“Well it’s over now. I’ll be sure to shower in my bathroom from now on.” Rachel leaned forward to kiss her son on his forehead. As she pressed her lips to his warm skin she wondered if he were peeking once again. She held the kiss a lot longer than she normally would have and then they both heard something from the next room.

The sound of muffled voices for a second and then a moan. Rachel sat back and looked at her son with a guilty grin as both of them knew they were listening to Karen and Rick. For a moment they sat in silence and then clearly,

“Momma, I’ve got something for you!” Rick said loudly.

“Oh, my! What a big boy you have become. Look and it’s all hard. Is this for Momma?” Karen sounded excited and playful.

Rachel held her hand to her mouth and giggled. Eric’s face was white with embarrassment.

“Momma, will you do that thing for me? To help me when it gets all hard?” Rick asked.

“You know you have to ask Momma the right way. Now try again,” Karen said.

“Mom, will you suck your son’s cock? Please? Will you take it in your mouth and kiss it and lick it and suck it?”

“Do you like it when your Momma sucks your cock?” Karen asked.

Eric closed his eyes tightly and tried to suppress a groan. Listening to his sister and her husband play their sick games was having a terrible effect on him. His own mother was sitting next to him on his bed and he could feel his own dick starting to unfurl and become hard.

Rachel turned her head to the side to hide the surprised look on her face. She knew she should leave, flee to her own room where she couldn’t hear what was going on between her daughter and son in law. She knew it was wrong to sit here and eaves drop, but she couldn’t help it. She was curious to know exactly what it was that went on, especially after Karen had confided in her.

“Oh yes Mom, I love it when you open your mouth and take my cock deep in and make it feel oh so good.”

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