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Kenny Sooner walked down the hallway on the way to the family bathroom. His wife, Ginger was using their toilet and Kenny had to pee very badly. It was early Saturday morning and both of them were off from work as they usually were on the weekends. Kenny awoke this morning having to pee and found his wife perched in the bathroom. Kenny quickly reached the family bathroom off the hall and opened the door too find the room partly steamy and the shower running. Hmm Nick is up early this morning, especially to take a shower; Kenny thought to himself as he quickly moved to the toilet and lifted the lid to pee.

“Is that you dad?” Nick asked over the sound of the shower.

“Yeah son…sorry to interrupt ya, but I have to go like a racehorse. Ill be out in a few minutes son.” Kenny said as he began to pee, then he happened to glance over at the mirror, bored as he had to pee for along time. Kenny happened to catch a glimpse of his son in the shower and he quickly looked away, having no interest in seeing his son nude. Kenny then did a double take as he wondered at what he just saw. Kenny kept looking over at the mirror at his son’s reflection from the shower and after a few more seconds saw again what he had thought he saw. Kenny looked at Nick’s member, but not because of what it was, so much as how long it was. Kenny couldn’t believe his eyes and shook his head in disbelief. Kenny had glimpsed what had to be the longest and thickest cock he had ever seen or even heard about. Kenny couldn’t believe what he saw, it was almost unreal.

Kenny finally noticed he had finished peeing and also noticed he had made a mess on the floor as his aim had been off, seemingly after he had seen his son’s large member. Kenny hadn’t looked on in any sexual desire, but more from disbelief and maybe envy.

“Damn.” Kenny cursed, looking down at the pee on the floor, but wondering if he had cursed more so because he now felt cheated by nature. Kenny didn’t really feel cheated, he knew he had a decent sized cock, but compared to what he had seen on his son he felt a bit …well…small.

“What’s wrong dad?” Nick said as Kenny heard the shower turn off and saw his sons arm come out to grab his towel.

“Oh nothing…just missed the mark a bit and got the floor messy.” Kenny said as he made sure to avoid looking at his son, in case Nick wasn’t covering up. Kenny grabbed toilet paper and quickly cleaned the floor up and felt very awkward now. He then wondered why his son was up so early today, he usually slept late on Saturdays. “Hey Nick, why are you up so early for? Usually you’re asleep till ten o’clock or so on Saturdays.”

“Oh me and some friends were going to shoot some hoops before it got to hot, then probably hit the malls for a bit. You know, girl watching.” Kenny heard his son say chuckling at the end.

“Ah…ok son. Well you have a good time…umm your mother and me were probably going to spend this morning at least inside.” Kenny said as he moved for the door to leave. Kenny was feeling quite “freaked” out, like seeing a square peg fit in a round hole or something. As Kenny walked back up the hall to the master bedroom, he walked kinda slowly and couldn’t get the size of what he saw out of his mind. He gave a small grin, thinking HIS son was so blessed. Closing the door, he plopped down on the bed and started to chuckle softly. His wife came out of their bathroom at the sound of his laughing.

“What’s so darn funny Kenny?” Ginger looked at her husband, thinking he looked a fair bit out of it, as if he had been knocked on the head silly. She smiled as she sat down on the bed beside him and using her hand brought his face even with hers.

“Kenny…what’s so damn funny sweetie?” Ginger repeated, still smiling, but feeling confused. Her husband looked at her and tried to stop chuckling.

“Ahhh…um…Just something I saw…when I used the other bathroom. Umm, Nick is up and…was showering…and um…how can I say this. He asked me who it was…I said dad…and I started peeing and just happened to look up…” Kenny said pausing not knowing how to tell his wife. He was trying not to laugh again, feeling the whole situation funny as hell now. Ginger waited a second then grew impatient.

“AND…what? What’s gotten you in such a weird mood Kenny?” Ginger asked beyond curious now. Her husband was acting so strange. Kenny looked straight at her and gave a huge grin, trying not to laugh.

“Your son is hung like a horse darling.” Kenny said and then burst into laughter, laughing harder as his wife face looked confused then thoughtful.

“Wait, wait…what do you mean, ‘Our son is hung like a horse’? What does that mean?” Ginger asked still not getting the picture. Kenny looked at her, stopped laughing, but was still smiling.

“Sorry, I just found the whole thing funny as hell. Listen Ginger…I turned around and saw over sons…umm…penis. It was huge, gigantic. Do you understand? It was limp and even then it was almost as long as my arm and almost as thick.” Kenny said smiling at his wife.

“Wait…as tuzla escort long as your arm? You’re joking, right?” Ginger asked not quite believing her husband.

“Ok…maybe not as long…but damn near. It had to be at least 12 inches long and huge. And it was still soft. I’m sorry but it was a bit of a shock seeing it…I just had to laugh over it now.” Kenny said looking at his wife, and almost laughing again seeing his wife expression of surprise. Or was it awe Kenny saw on her face.

“Now come on…he can’t have a cock…oh shit…I mean a penis that big. I mean if…if he got hard it would have to be what…like longer right…bigger. Jesus.” Ginger said feeling flushed now, a bit embarrassed but also a bit thoughtful imagining a cock as big as her arm…or bigger. Her husband caught her expression and a wave of horniness surged through him.

“Ginger…that excites you doesn’t it? That Nick has a huge cock doesn’t it, it excites you.” Kenny said feeling excited himself and very much wanting to fuck his wife now. Ginger looked up at her husband and shook her head.

“What? Are you crazy…I’m just…a bit taken back is all. I’m not excited.” Ginger said again shaking her head. Kenny quickly shot his hand between his wife’s still naked form and moved it between her legs. Ginger tried to stop him by moving her body sideways.

“Kenny dammit…stop it!” Ginger said loudly, but not before Kenny had brushed her pussy lips and pulled his fingers back and he looked at the thick wetness on them.

“Oh yeah, bullshit. Look at my fingers Ginger. That’s your pussy juice there, not water or anything. Admit it, me telling you about how big that cock was excited you. You don’t have to be ashamed about getting excited by a guys cock sweetie.” Kenny said holding his fingers up in front of his wife’s face. Kenny saw Ginger had grown angry as he had talked.

“Kenny stop it. I did not get wet to you telling me that. I was already horny this morning is all. So just drop talking about Nick?” Ginger asked very firmly. Kenny shook his head yes, but thought that if she had been wet when she awoke, her peeing then wiping would have gotten rid of most of that. Kenny then tried to play with what she had said then.

“Well ok then, but if you’re so horny…why don’t we do something about it.” Kenny said as he again reached over and tried to get his hand into her crotch. But Ginger again moved away, though not as hard or as quick.

“Uh uh mister…I’m a bit pissed at you now, for insinuating I was turned on by my own son for gods sake. How could you Kenny?” Ginger said giving him a somewhat dirty look. But Kenny noticed he had brought their son back up.

“Ginger I didn’t say you were turned on by your son, but rather his cock, which I just described to you. You’re the one who equaled that description to mean more in your mind. I didn’t do that, you did.” Kenny said smiling trying to reason and maybe piss her off more.

“What? Are you fucking nuts, you were the one asking if thinking about his cock was making me wet and all? So what if it was, I wasn’t thinking about fucking him or something, god dammit Kenny!” Ginger said feeling quite flustered now, giving her husband a dark look. Kenny just grinned larger now.

“Ginger…you just admitted his cock made you wet, but I never said you wanted to fuck him. Though maybe you could use that energy on me instead of fighting with me over something you now admit you were doing.” Kenny said, seeing his wife turn a dark red at his comment.

“I did not admit to being turned on by his cock, and I certainly don’t want to fuck him…nor you either right now!” Ginger said as she stood up off the bed and stormed into the bathroom and locked the door.

“Ah shit.” Kenny said guessing he had gone to far, but feeling so damn horny. He knew she had gotten wet from thinking about the cock he had described. Kenny got off the bed and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Ginger. Come on out honey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push you like that. Can we just forget about the whole thing ok?” Kenny said through the door, hoping to get his wife out here and talking again to try and not ruin the whole day.

“Fuck off Kenny!” Ginger said loudly through the door.

“Shit.” Kenny said under his breath as he turned and slowly walked out of the room. Damn I guess I did go overboard, she rarely cusses like that, he thought. Kenny then thought about Nick overhearing their argument. It had gotten quite loud, but as Kenny walked through the house he saw nick had already left. More then likely before they had gotten too loud, he thought.

“Well damn…there goes the fucking day.” Kenny said walking into the kitchen and started hunting up something to eat. He decided to just get a bowl of cereal, and quickly ate and then moved to the living room to watch TV. Kenny wondered how long his wife was going to stew. She had been known to shut herself in a room for hours in the past when they had arguments before.

So Kenny sat watching cable, until he noticed tuzla escort bayan the time and saw it had been about three hours since he had left the bedroom and wondered about checking on her. Kenny got off the chair and walked to their bedroom, when he stopped. He thought he had heard something inside and cautiously put his ear to the door. Kenny thought he heard a slight rustling inside the bedroom and grinned to himself. Ever so softly and slowly he opened the door a crack and peeked inside their bedroom… and saw exactly what he was expecting after hearing the noises. On top of the covers was Ginger moaning very softly as she used one of the vibrators Kenny had bought her. Kenny also noticed and wondered about the fact that she had chosen the largest of the three she had, which was about an inch or so larger then himself and a bit thicker. Kenny watched for a half minute or so as she pushed the thick piece of plastic to the hilt and back out of herself…moaning all along.

Kenny almost stepped into the room to join her, but some inner voice told him not to and he peered at his wife for just a minute longer, even noticing she seemed to be getting close to an orgasm. He then closed the door too, making sure to be silent. Then he crept back to the living room and sat back down in the chair watching TV. But not watching TV, as he was too involved in thinking about what he had seen. And how he felt, which was very horny. A plan began to form in his head and Kenny began smiling and didn’t stop for some while later.

About thirty minutes later he heard the bedroom door open softly and close. Kenny heard Gingers footsteps in the kitchen behind him as she poured herself something to drink, and then as she walked into the room and sat down on the couch. Kenny noticed she had taken the seat the furthest from him that she could have in the room, and decided that his decision to not interrupt her in the bedroom was probably correct. They sat in silence for a few minutes, and Kenny noticed she was drinking some of the hard liquor they had. She rarely drank, he thought. He decided to break the silence first.

“So are we not talking for awhile?” Kenny said looking at her. He noticed she didn’t look back at him. Bad sign, he thought.

“What’s to talk about Kenny, you were being an ass and I got sick of it. End of discussion.” Ginger said, still not looking at him. Kenny did notice she downed her drink which she had been sipping. He figured that by its size, it had been a triple shot of whatever. Even though he was horny still and really wanted to have sex with her, her attitude and words really pissed him off.

“Jesus. Fine. Here.” Kenny said standing up and tossing the remote to the couch near her, making sure to toss it lightly and not at her. He then walked to their bedroom and closed the door and flopped himself down onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He wasn’t sure how long he lay there but it had to be near about an hour. Then he drifted off back to sleep.

He started to have a dream where he was his son, and in the dream told himself how weird to be your own son/father and vice versa. He then found himself starting to jack off and noticed the huge cock in his hand as he pumped on it and tugged it. It seemed to grow and move like it was made of silly putty or something. He remembered thinking how strange and also thinking that if he kept stretching it that if he wanted to he could suck his own dick. He laughed and then tried to do just that, and stretched his dream cock and it pulled in his hands and soon was near his mouth. He remembered thinking if he does suck it, would that make him gay, but figures to try it. It would be interesting and probably fun to try sucking himself. Then he leaned forward and swallows the head and it really starts feeling good and he even starts to feel like orgasming…and that’s when Kenny wakes up too find his wife as she was sucking his very real cock.

“Oh shit Ginger…umm that feels good. Hey I thought you were mad at me?” Kenny said as he raises up slightly to look at her better.

“I was…but now I’m making up…so shut up asshole and enjoy it.” Ginger says playfully with a smile, then lowers her head back down and sucks his cock back into her mouth with a slurp.

“Mmm sounds good to me then, but just to let you know….I’m already pretty close.” Kenny said as a warning. She didn’t always like sucking him off and usually wanted him inside her pussy when he came. She moaned and shook her head while sucking his cock still. In fact Kenny felt her pace increase and her suction on his cock became harder. Anther minute and he felt the blood rushing to his hard cock.

“Oh shit hon…honey. I’m…I’m cumminggg!” He tried to moan out in warning to let her pull it out so that he could shoot into the air. But she sucked even harder and as he started shooting she slammed him into her mouth and held him there.

“Ahhhh . shiitt!” Kenny shouted, the feeling of her swallowing his cum for the first time and the clenching of her throat escort tuzla muscle made him orgasm very strong as he shot into her mouth. Ginger started to choke and had to back off, so that the head only was inside her mouth, but she continued to swallow his cum and nurse on his cock as it shot inside her mouth. Soon the stream became a oozing and she pulled her mouth off his cock and began to run her tongue over it as she would a popsicle.

“Oh shit Ginger…that was awesome. That was some make up honey.” Kenny said smiling at his wife. She looked up at him and smiled, his cum coating parts of her mouth still.

“Don’t thank me now, we’re not done yet. So you better get this thing back up to full mast. I need to be fucked.” Ginger said as she again sucked his cock into his mouth and Kenny felt life returning to his shrinking member. More so though from the thought that the reason she was so horny was because of their talk earlier, then from her sucking his cock again. Kenny thought of his plan and hoped to try it in a minute when they were fucking. He began smiling as he enjoyed his wife’s attention to his now almost hard cock. Ginger rolled over after noticing her husband was now fully hard again. “Come on you bastard…fuck me silly!” Ginger said with a snarl that surprised Kenny, she rarely cussed during sex like this except when she really got worked up. Kenny smiled as he moved up and over and placed his cock head between her pussy lips.

“So you want this huh Ginger, you want my cock inside you.” Kenny said slowly using his cock to make circles in her pussy lips.

“Yes stupid…I want it. Now come on…fuck me!” Ginger moaned at her husband as he continued to play. She even humped her hips at him, trying to impale herself on his member.

“Uhuh…not till you beg me for it honey. Beg…or I wont feed it too you.” Kenny said now smiling ear to ear.

“Kennnnyyy….please Kenny…fuck me….slide your hard cock into me. Fuck me with your big cock please Kenny.” Ginger groaned as she begged her husband, still moving her body to try and slide it onto his cock.

“Well seeing as you asked nicely…here it is.” Kenny said with a grin as he slammed the whole length of his cock to the root into his wife’s very wet pussy. Ginger gasped aloud, finally feeling her husband cock inside her. Usually Kenny found that she was usually tight when he first entered her, but he noticed she was very open and super wet. He guessed it was from her thinking on his description of his son’s tool.

“You are very wet and open tonight Ginger. Makes me wish I had a bigger cock to really stretch you out.” Kenny said as he made long, slow, deep strokes into her pussy making her moan with each thrust forward.

“Uhh…you’re just…uhh…fine to me honey. Ugghh…just keep fucking me.” Ginger said as she wrapped her legs around him.

“So you’re saying…ahh…you wouldn’t want a big dick too fuck you then?” Kenny asked his wife looking into her eyes. He saw she knew where this was going by the look on her face.

“Kenny…oohh….just fuck me sweetie.” Ginger moaned out as she tried to use her legs to get him to fuck her faster. Kenny stopped thrusting into her and held his cock deep inside her.

“No…not until you answer me…would you like to fuck a bigger cock?” Kenny asked again fighting off the urge to screw her royally.

“Uhh shit Kenny…fine I would fuck a bigger cock if you had one ok. Please sweetie, please fuck me. I need it bad.” Ginger pleaded with him then bit her lip waiting for him to continue.

“Ok that’s all you needed to say honey.” Kenny said as he started fucking her again, this time a bit faster and harder, but still trying to get deep into her. She began to moan, and Kenny knew she would soon cum. “I wish my cock was as…ohh shit…as big as Nicks. Do you wish I had a cock as big as Nicks Ginger?” Kenny asked as he slowed down his fucking.

“Ohh Kenny, don’t stop. I was getting close.” Ginger pleaded to her husband. But Kenny again stopped fucking her altogether and again held himself deep into her pussy.

“Only if you answer my question.” Kenny said looking at his wife’s face. He could see the emotions as they played across her expressions.

“Yes. Yes, I wish your cock was as big as Nicks. Now hurry up and make me cum Kenny.” Ginger said in a loud voice, getting a bit pissed at her husband for teasing her this way. Kenny slowly started sliding his cock back into her and fucking her slowly again. “Uhhhh….more…faster.”

“Ok…Ill fuck you like Nick would fuck you, fast and deep.” Kenny said to his wife as he started to slide his cock into Ginger faster and faster. Kenny reached up and took both of her nipples and pinched them hard between his fingers. Ginger began to moan very loudly and began to pant, getting very close to orgasm. “Now Ginger…tell me you want me to fuck you like Nick would fuck you. Tell me or I stop altogether.” Kenny said loudly to his wife, seeing that she was getting close to orgasm.

“Uhhh Kenny….uuhh shit.” Ginger moaned aloud not wanting to repeat what her husband had asked of her. She tried to hurry up and orgasm, but Kenny stopped pounding into her pussy and and just looked at her expectantly. “Goddamnit Kenny…that’s not fair…I was close.”

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