Teresa’s Summer Race

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This story is meant to stand on its own for the SUMMER LOVIN STORY CONTEST 2014, though it uses characters from my ongoing mystery series. Please enjoy it under it’s own power…

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, extreme language, and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial or racist language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – Prologue

“Oh God, that’s good….” moaned Teresa Croyle as the long, thick, ten inch cock slid deep into her stretched, sopping wet cunt. The beautiful blonde was on her knees and shoulders, her cheek pressed into the pillow as the stud steadily pumped his massive meat in and out of her.

Todd Burke looked down at the woman that he was fucking. She was over ten years older than him, but her body was magnificent. Toned and firm from exercise and preparation for the race the next day, Teresa’s body was a luscious hourglass shape. Her breasts were large but stood proudly on her chest, her hips flared out just perfectly for Todd to grasp as he fucked her dogstyle, her asscheeks were perfect round bubbles that felt terrific when they smacked against his muscular groin and abs. Her thighs were strong tubes, her calves curvy and tapering to thin ankles, which led to shapely, elegant feet that looked hot in high heels.

“Oh, fuck me Todd!” Teresa said, the pleasure of being fucked by this handsome stud and his huge cock helping to release the tremendous tensions in her body. As always, when Teresa was being fucked dogstyle by Todd, she allowed herself to think of the hot matings she had enjoyed with Todd’s brother, the late Jack Burke, so many years ago. Jack had brought out sexual desires and pleasures that Teresa didn’t think she was capable of experiencing, and Todd was the only man who had come close to doing the same… and it was indeed a close second.

“God, you are so fucking hot, baby!” Todd gasped, the adulterous pleasure of fucking this woman very intense for him, also. As always, he thought of how he might easily have dated and married Teresa, but she’d made it clear that they were friends only, good fuck-buddies, but no more. Too bad, Todd thought… and of course it was one of many reasons she was once called ‘Teresa Cunt’.

It was the night of July 3d. The next day was July 4th, and the Town only the lights from outside filtered in.

“No, Senator.” replied Allen’s guest. Allen poured himself a large bourbon.

“I hear that the Croyle bitch is going to be back in Town tomorrow.” said Allen. “I want to make sure she does not leave the County alive.”

“Good God, Senator!” said the guest.

On the previous Christmas Eve, Nathan Allen’s son Dean had been driving drunk, and he had plowed into another car. A mother and her two daughters died, while the father, a man named Phil Kearns, survived. Detective Teresa Croyle had responded to the scene, and had reacted to the deaths by beating the living shit out of Dean Allen.

Senator Allen had brought every bit of his political power to bear in destroying Detective Croyle, but he had to work like hell at it. The Iron Crowbar, that pesky Lieutenant that was just too good at solving the toughest crimes, had worked hard to obstruct Senator Allen. Finally, Teresa had been banished from the Town your man can easily escape with none the wiser, and then he can participate in your plans for that kid.”

“All right, Nathan, all right.” the guest said. “But you’re going to owe me one hell of a favor if I do this for you.”

“Sure.” Allen said. “Trading favors is what politics is all about, my friend. That, and using political power to fuck women and fuck over our enemies, of course. I’ll be sure to remember this… hmmm, looks like I need another drink, sure you don’t want one?”

“No, escort ataşehir Senator.” said the guest. “I’ll be going now. I’ll be in touch.” He left as Nathan Allen poured himself another large bourbon and gulped it down.


4:00am. Teresa woke up, sensing something wasn’t normal. Her back was pressed into Todd’s muscular chest as they lay like spoons on their sides. She felt an electricity in the air.

“Relax, Sister, you’re going to do just fine.” she heard the voice say. No, that couldn’t be… it was her sister Alexis’s voice, and she was hearing it as clearly as if Alexis was in the room.

“You’ll win, I know you will.” Alexis’s voice said to her. Teresa then saw what seemed to be the outline of her sister, standing by the bed, her long blonde hair behind her. Alexis was in the race tank top and shorts she’d worn in the summer race those years before. “You’re going to win, Sis, you’re going to win for us.”

Raising her head, Teresa looked around. The room was lit only by the bedside lamp. That had to be a dream, Teresa thought. It had to be.

Teresa turned over, causing Todd to turn onto his back. Teresa bent over, her side pressing into Todd’s abs. She began jacking Todd’s huge, half-hard cock, and it instantly responded, becoming longer and thicker. Then Teresa began sucking Todd’s huge cock, hard and deep, letting her lips slide down over the thick shaft, taking his meaty inches into her throat as she swallowed nearly all of him.

“Unnnh… oh…. wha?” Todd gasped sleepily as he began waking up. Realizing what was happening, he relaxed. ‘Oh Jesus, that’s good.” he whispered, letting Teresa suck him and jack the base of his cock with her hand. He did not try to hold back minutes later as he erupted, giving Teresa a pre-race meal of hot salty protein as she swallowed every spurt of his huge load.

Part 2 – Independence Day, Race Day

10:00am, July 4th. The weather was beautiful, not too hot. There was an air of excitement as the racers gathered at the north end of Reservoir Lake, through which the County line with Nextdoor County ran north-to-south. The lanes were clearly marked so that swimmers didn’t go over the county line; a previous Nextdoor County sheriff had once threatened to shoot any swimmers who crossed that line. That sheriff subsequently lost his next election, but our County still made sure not to encroach the line.

“Good morning, partner. Ready to go?” said Cindy Ross as she came up in her skin-tight swimsuit, which showed off her toned body to perfection. Before becoming a police officer, Cindy had been a contestant in those ‘Miss Physical America’ contests, and had been extremely muscular at the time. She wasn’t at that level now, but with her mixed marital arts training, and participating in the gym that she co-owned and ran, she was in fantastic shape. She’d gotten Teresa into peak physical condition also.

“Good morning.” Teresa said. She looked hot in her own tight swimsuit of police blue that matched Cindy’s. “I sure am.”

“It’s going to be great.” Cindy said.

“Yeah.” Teresa said.

“So what’s up?” Cindy asked. “You look a bit distracted.”

“I… I had a weird dream last night.” Teresa said. “I dreamed my sister Alexis was right there in the room with me, telling me the race was going to be fine.”

“Oh, I see.” said Cindy. “Well, I hope your dream is right, and that we win today. Second place is not an option. Don said a lot is riding on this.”

“Yes, he told me.” Teresa said. The Iron Crowbar had ‘suggested’ that Teresa and Cindy winning the race might go a long way towards getting Teresa back home to the Town & County Police Force, where she belonged. Trust the Iron Crowbar, Teresa thought. I have seen enough to know that that man sees too much.

“Okay, I’ve got the first leg in the races.” Cindy said. “Our baton and shirt number is No. 29, and the baton can be zipped into the pouch of our numbers that are sewn onto the front of our suits here, so hopefully they won’t get lost in the lake. If we lose the baton, it’s all over.”

“Yep.” kadıköy escort Teresa said. “Oh, here comes your sister Molly.” Indeed, Molly was coming up to them, wishing them the best for the race.


I was walking amongst the contestants, wearing my light blue uniform shirt with silver Lieutenant bars on the shoulder epaulettes, think black leather belt sash from my right shoulder to my left hip, police blue pants with thick black ‘piping’ down the sides of the legs, and my blue full-brim Tilley hat with a replica of my badge underneath silver Army Airborne wings, which was not uniform regulation, but no one tried to tell me that.

I was sizing up the competition. Many of the participants were just here to have fun and do the course, but a few were out to win. Cindy and Teresa were part of that set, and so were a couple of tall, muscular men in their early 30s. They were the Bradley brothers, and they’d both been Army Rangers.

“Good morning, Lieutenant.” one of them said to me as I was passing by. I stopped to shake hands. “Rangers lead the way! And thank you for your service, sir.”

“Airborne all the way!” I replied. “And thank you for yours. So, you guys gonna win? I’ve got a couple of my police officers that think they can upset you.”

“We’ll see about that.” said one of them, giving a handsome smile. These guys were the clear favorites to win, and I knew Cindy and Teresa would have to push hard and dig deep to beat them. I had no idea of the ‘unearthly’ help my friends would be getting.

I greeted the Army ROTC participants, who I thought would also make a strong showing. I looked over the crowds that had gathered to watch. Some very beautiful women in swimsuits and halter tops were here, their large breasts bouncing, showing off their luscious legs by wearing tight jeans shorts, ‘Daisy Dukes’.

“Hi, Lieutenant!” I heard two female voices say in unison. I turned to see two of my wife’s college students, dressed in the skimpiest of clothing. One was a luscious blonde and the other was a brunette, and they were both smoking hot… porn star quality hot.

“Where’s Dr. Fredricson?” one of them asked, mentioning my wife and their professor’s name.

“She’s helping the Ladies Auxiliary in town. They’re on the Courthouse Square, selling all the hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, etc.” I said. Laura had suggested that Molly and I watch the race together while she pretended to work for the Ladies Auxiliary…

“She better get over here and keep an eye on you, Lieutenant.” one of the girls said enticingly. “A lot of women here would love to jump her claim and find out what your other ‘iron crowbar’ feels like…”

“You’re a riot, girls.” I said, grinning. It was just going to be that kind of day.


The starters gathered in the pack at the north end of the lake as the official held his starting pistol in the air. The loud crack of it firing echoed across the lake, followed by the first set of swimmers racing to the lake and beginning their mile swim.

When they got done, the second leg of the teams would swim, then the first team would bicycle over the long course that wound over the mountain range (and near my home), around north and west to nearly the state line, and then back to near Cemetery Hill. The second-teamers would be bussed to the exchange locations.

Part 3 – Teresa’s Vision

Being in a Police SUV definitely helps, as I was able to use otherwise-closed roads to get myself and Molly around to watch the racers. The local radio sports announcer, who normally did high school and Little League games, was broadcasting the race.

“And the first leg of swimmers are off.” he said as I listened in on headphones. “Ross of the Police Force team is off to the lead, with the Bradley Rangers in second place, following closely. In third place is the Army ROTC team, and in fourth place the Fire Department men’s team. After Ross, the next women’s team is the Fire Department’s girls. There is a separate award section for the ladies, maltepe escort bayan but Croyle and Ross have told me they intend to win the whole thing. Let’s see how they fare as the Independence Day Triathlon gets underway!…”


The Assassin moved through the dank tunnel that ran from the Pharmacy School to the Bell Tower building. That passage had connected to the old secret CIA laboratory, but even Dr. Fredricson had not known about it, and the Assassin’s associate’s had come across the information by accident.

He was dressed in all black as he came to a small door. It opened into the staircase of the Bell Tower, and seemed to be part of the wall. The main door that led to the rest of the building was to his left. He sat down on the bottom stairs. He had some time to wait.


The radio announcer intoned “And Ross is first out of the water for the Police team, handing her baton to Croyle. The Bradley Rangers are right behind, I can hardly tell the brothers apart. There goes Croyle into the water as the other teams make their exchanges…”

As Teresa swam south, the sun was beginning to move into a place where the light reflected off the water into her eyes. It didn’t bother her as she swam, concentrating hard on her swim strokes and plowing through the water. But that shimmering light ahead of her… was that the shape of a swimmer?

“Come on, Teresa, swim! Catch up to me, come on!” It was Alexis’s voice, as clear as reality. It looked like Alexis was swimming ahead of Teresa, urging her to swim harder. “There you go, that’s the pace!” Alexis said as Teresa sped up slightly. “Keep going, Sister! Swim… swimmmm!!!!”

“I’m coming Alexis!” Teresa thought to herself, trying to catch up to the shimmering image ahead of her, pushing herself to swim harder. “I’m trying, Alexis, I’m trying….”


“The Police team rounds the turn!” shouted the radio announcer. “The Bradley Ranger is twenty feet behind her, but Croyle is keeping the pace ahead of him….. here she comes down the stretch, swimming smoothly, still ahead…”

I said to Molly as we watched “Those Rangers are in good shape, but they left the Army because of previous wounds or injuries. I hope that’s enough to keep Cindy and Teresa ahead.”

“It’ll have to be.” Molly said. “But Teresa is holding her own. I’m not worried about Cindy… it’ll be all about Teresa at the end.” I agreed with her.

Part 4 – Sexual Preparations

Anyone listening carefully outside the door of Teddy Franklin’s dorm room would’ve heard the moans from inside.

Todd Burke was sitting in a chair. A gorgeous blonde was riding him, wearing only a t-shirt to help contain her large, bouncing breasts. She was working her tight, sopping wet cunt up and down Todd’s huge, hard, ten inch meat. Todd was holding her taut waist, helping her to ride up and down on him. Her arms were around his neck, her hands caressing his thick, black hair, her mouth sucking on his hard tongue as they deeply kissed. He let his hands slide down to caress her shapely feet, which were resting on the tops of his muscular thighs. Todd shared his uncle’s foot fetish likes, and the feel of the beautiful college girl’s feet on his thighs and in his hands added to his arousal and pleasure.

He looked over at the bed. Teddy Franklin was mounted on top of another gorgeous girl, a hot brunette that was the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. They were both totally naked, and Todd’s lighter brown hair contrasted with the deep black of the woman beneath him. Todd watched as Teddy’s long, hard, 9-inch penis jackhammered in and out of the brunette beauty’s tight cunt. Todd noticed that the brunette was looking over, watching Todd’s cock disappear into the blonde’s twat as she descended upon it, engulfing it into her womanly depths.

The rutting couples lustily mated, the wet slaps of flesh-on-flesh filling the air, the squeaking protests of the bedsprings and the chair’s springs adding to the sounds of obscene pleasure that filled the room.

Todd stood up, the blonde’s pussy still impaled on his cock, and carried her over to the other bed. He deposited her on her back, re-mounted her, and began fucking her in the missionary position, her legs hooked under his powerful arms.

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