That Summer Ch. 05

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Big Ass

*Sorry this took so long for me to get this out. I had something come up and I was unable to finish until now. I hope you enjoy.*

I stood atop the poling platform and silently pushed my 17 foot flats boat through the quiet back waters in arguably the best area for fishing in Southwest Florida. I spent most springs and falls in these waters since I was allowed out of the house without supervision. I started with a kayak then moved up to using my friends little john boat. Now I had acquired my own boat which had made things a lot easier.

I always loved coming here to relax. The peace and quiet these back bay waters offered was unsurpassed by anything I had ever experienced. This was the real Florida. Endless little cuts of water through the mangroves where snook, trout, and redfish were held up just waiting for bait to pass in front of them. You could pole through these waters all day long and never see another boat. Just the cicada calling from the branches and the shrill call of an osprey over head was about it. The popping of the fish was always a welcome sound too.

We came here to relax before our next stress filled event. We were going to tell my parents this evening about us, that’s if they didn’t already know. Uncle John hadn’t spoken to us in 27 days, not that I was counting or anything. Jessica was taking that especially hard. I did what I could to keep her spirits up. Today was more for me to relax.

I rounded the last little corner where the mangroves hung way out into a deep cut that always held fish. I scanned the area through my Costa sunglasses to find the slightest color change in the still waters. It was beautiful out here today. It was the perfect time of year to be here too. Every guide and weekend warrior was out fishing for tarpon so the back waters were a ghost town.

The sun reflected off the water and showed me where to cast. Tossed the white bait at the point and let it drift along in the slow moving current. Might be too early to get a consistent bite, the tide wasn’t moving quickly enough. Turned the reel and watched the line climb through the eyes on the pole. Little drops of water dripping back into the cut. A few more casts with nothing left me wondering. Maybe I was too close to the cut. I pushed the pole along and watched the front of the boat.

Jessica lay lounged out flat on her back soaking up the rays in her skimpy little black thong bikini. Looked so good laying there with her green lensed Costa sunglasses covering her face. Hair tied back in a loose bun, arms resting at her side. Flat little tummy gently rising and falling as she relaxed there. Sun reflected off her deep tan and the slightest hint of sweat. Breast making a perfect rise off her chest, little nipples taught inside her top. Surprised she still had her top on come to think of it. Bottoms hugging her mound tightly leaving nothing to the imagination. Just a little black triangle hiding her little treasure between. Golden legs stretched out and relaxed. Little toe nails painted red. Must have suspected me watching her as she smiled at me. Blew her a kiss as I cast again.

Felt the line bump but came up with nothing. Just kept casting and not worrying about the lack of success. The fish would bite when they were ready.

“Did you and Carmen go fishing together?” Jessica asked.

I sighed to myself. For the past week she had been asking these types of questions. I always brushed them off or told her what she wanted to hear. Needed to get to the bottom of all this. Climbed from the platform and pressed the power pole into the sandy bottom to hold us in place. Tossed the mostly dead fish into the water. It was time for a new one anyway. Climbed to the front of the boat and sat next to her hip to hip in opposite directions as she looked at me.

“Jessica, honey,” I said softly. “I like to run and I like to fish and I like to travel. Because I like these things, Carmen did those things with me. I’m not out here trying to recreate things I did with her with you. The past is the past. I’m building my life with you now. You are all I want.”

Silence as she sat up and scanned the mangroves absentmindedly.

“Are you having second thoughts?” I asked.

“No, not at all,” she replied, quickly turning to face me.

“Then what is all this about? Why are you questioning everything? It’s like you’re trying to find something wrong so you can have an excuse to leave.”

“Sometimes I can’t believe this is real,” she whimpered. “Can’t believe you would love me after five years of pain and waiting. Can’t believe you love me for who I am. I don’t feel I’m good enough for you sometimes.”

“I love you more each and every day,” I assured her. “This is as real as it gets.”

“Then why does it feel like the world is against us?” she cried. Pain in her voice becoming more evident as she looked down.

“Why hasn’t my dad called?”

“He isn’t ready yet,” I replied trying to keep the situation from getting worse.

“What about your parents, what if they hate us ataşehir escort too?”

“Your dad doesn’t hate you, he just needs time. We don’t know about my parents yet, we will know soon enough. You can’t get hung up on things you don’t have the answers for.”

She sighed, gathering herself as she pondered the next question.

“What if we can’t ever have a family?” she croaked.

Knew this was coming, held strong to keep her steady even though I was breaking on the inside. Little whimper escaped her as her lip started to quiver. We were so excited when the test was positive, devastated when the doctor said she lost it or it was a false positive. In her heart she knew she lost it.

“Jess, it just wasn’t our time,” I said so softly. “Once things settle down the time will be right.”

“But I was ready now,” she cried in anger.

“I know sweets,” I said. I pulled her to me and held her. Rocked with her like a baby for a while until she settled down. Being positive and not dwelling on the bad was who Jessica was. She calmed down enough to continue our talk.

“We are going to have babies Jess,” I assured her. “We might just have to wait until things settle down. Our time will come.”

“I hope,” she sighed.

We were silent now. Just watching the late morning sun reflect off the flat calm water as she rested her head on my shoulder. My fingers gently touching the underside of her leg as I stroked up and down it.

“Maybe we have to move,” I teased hoping she would respond in a positive way. Knowing Jessica, she would.

Just a soft smile as she looked up at me now.

“It would get us away from that crazy bitch you used to call your girlfriend,” she hissed with sarcasm.

“Girlfriend,” I teased. “Did she say that? That bitch is crazy.”

“Fuck toy, cum dumpster, whatever you want to call her, she needs medicine,” Jessica laughed.

“Well, I never, you know, in her,” I corrected her now.

Shocked look on her face as I said this to her.

“Didn’t love her Jess,” I said honestly.

“So?” Jessica asked timidly. Where was this conversation going?

“What did you do then?”

“Blue balls mostly,” I teased. “Learned control that night we went to Disney and you almost broke your toe on the bed.”

“The night we almost got busted,” she giggled.

“The night I fell in love with you,” I countered. “I’ve loved you since then. Nothing has ever changed that. No matter how many times you tried to make excuses for us and how many times you almost broke my heart I still loved you. I’m like a faithful dog that you abuse but he always comes back happily wagging his tail. Call me stupid but that’s how I am for you.”

“I’m not going to do that anymore,” she sighed. “Everything is stressing me out is all. Sorry I’m acting like crazy Carmen.”

“Jess, this is going to be the hardest period in our lives,” I offered. “We get past this and we are going to be just fine. The world isn’t against us, its testing us. Together we are going to make it. Everything is going to be all right.”

“You’re right,” she smiled. Leaned in and kissed me. Just a slow and tender kiss at first. Pulled away and looked at me. Had that little mischievous grin on her face. Loved that look. Leaned in and kissed me harder. Tongue tangled with mine as she pressed me down onto the deck. Pressed her weight on top of me as my hands raked her sides. Rippled over her ribs as she shivered at my touch. Bit my lower lip as she pulled back to look at me. Hands just twisting around her nipples as she raised her eyebrows.

“How bad do you want me?” she asked coyly.

I tipped my head towards my tented cock. It pressed hard against the thin fabric of my shorts.

“Hmmm,” she growled.

Slipped her leg across my body and straddled me. Sat down and pinned my cock with her mound. Softly tipped her hips along its length letting it tease her already excited clit. Ran her hands up her body and cupped her own tits. Squeezed them together and pinched her nipples putting on a little tease for me. My hands flattening out over her tummy just under her hands. Sliding gently down over her soft and oiled skin towards her center. Loved the way her skin felt, so warm and sensual, as my hands continued down.

Hips tipping harder as one of the triangles holding her tits folded up and revealed what I already knew. Hard little nipple pointing hard as her finger and thumb twisted it. The tease she was performing had me extremely hard. My hands reached her hips and the stings of her thong bottom. A little tug and the neat little knots quickly unraveled allowing the triangle to fold away from her puss.

Neatly trimmed blonde landing strip showed as she undulated still. Her top hung around her neck as she continued to tease her own nipples. My thumb parted her lips at the end of her hair and touched the excited nub of her clit. She sharply gasped as the pleasure ran through her body and tingled at her center. Her hands now clawed at my chest as she whimpered in pleasure.

My kadıköy escort bayan hands curled under her strong legs and cupped her ass. Pulled her hard to move her forward. She yielded and crawled up my body. Straddled my face as she leaned forward and held the center console of the boat. Puss opened wide as her legs stood on either side of my ears. She squatted down to reach my waiting tongue. Little lips wet with desire as her center leaked white.

Tongue pressed straight into her honey hole. Tasted so pure as she gripped the chrome handle that circled the console. Knuckles turned white as her little nose wrinkled with lust. Could just make out her expression as she looked between her legs at my lapping tongue. Loved the way her mouth opened as she gasped.

Teased the edges of her opening. Tongue just touching her little lips. Loved the way she tasted. Kissed her clit as she tipped her hips smearing her wetness over my chin up to my nose. Pressed the tip of my tongue hard into her hood. Felt her shudder as I flattened it out over the little nub. Let her grind her cunny over my tongue. Panting as she let me know I was doing a good job and hitting the right spot.

Thumbs pulled her all the way open. Felt her drip into my mouth as she rode my face. Tongue digging into her little hole all the way up to her excited clit. So wet, dripping onto me as she whimpered her warning. Held her still and shook my head as my middle finger slipped into her hole. Let it clamp down on my finger as she came hard. Gasped for air as she yelped with desire. Slipped away from my face as I turned over to look at her.

Knees pressed onto the padded seat in front of the steering wheel. Ass out and back arched waiting for me to hurry and get my shorts down. Arms locked straight as she looked over her shoulder at me fumbling in a rush to pull the button open. Glistening little cunny framed perfectly by her muscled legs and tight ass. Wanted to fuck her so bad but the fucking button was holding me back. Little girl giggles as she wiggled her butt. Knew this would drive me even wilder. Pink little lips glistening and begging to be fucked.

“Fuck,” I cried. Pulled and finally the one little thread tangled around the button broke free. Shorts instantly fell to my ankles. Cock like a pussy seeking missile as it darted straight to her. Parted her easily and sank in all the way. Pussy still quivering from her last orgasm.

“About time,” she cooed.

“Fucking shorts have seen their last fishing trip,” I howled.

Pressed her against the little windshield as my hips met her ass with a slap.

“Hmmmm,” she growled. “You going to go without them?”

“Wouldn’t get any fishing in,” I retorted. “You would be too busy trying to fuck me.”

Her laugh, so pure as she pushed her ass back into my thrust. “In your dreams,” she giggled.

I pulled her hips into my thrusts now. Felt her cunt so tight around my cock. Slipping so easy over my excited member. Loved how wet she got as we fucked. Slapping together as she cried with joy. Kept my rapid pace as my other hand found her tit. Twisted her nipple as she shrilled at the sensation. Wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me as I thrust deep into her now. Her puss so wet I slid so effortlessly into her. Drove deep inside her wet tunnel. Leaned into me as I kissed her neck. Yuck. Sun tan oil does not taste good. Turned her head as kissed her mouth. Hot breath panting in my face as we slapped together. Her ass rippling just right as our bodies met together. Sounds of sex mixed with the sounds of nature as we both closed in on release.

Her grunts into my mouth letting me know she was there. I started pushing harder with just my hips. Driving myself into her as deep as I could get. Feeling her tighten around my shaft sent me over the edge. Loud grunts into her neck as she faced forward and cried with intense pleasure. We panted and still pumped together as we gathered ourselves.

Held her body tightly and felt her still melt into me. Loved holding her and feeling her. She still undulating her hips, my cock still stiff inside of her. Her little growl was like a sexual dinner bell. My cock swelled again as she pushed her butt into me.

“Ok, you got what you wanted now go fishing,” she teased.

“We may have scared them away,” I joked.

Laughed as I pulled from her. She quickly retreated back to her towel on the front of the boat. Sat there with her legs open, puss slightly exposed as she drained. Fixed her bikini top and retied her hair into the loose bun again. Reached back and grabbed her bottoms from the deck with a smile on her face. Leaned forward and lifted the seat to access the storage. Tossed the bottoms in and pulled one of my long sleeve shirts out. Innocent little smile on her face as she unfolded the shirt and looked it over.

Watched her rest and get her shirt on as I pulled a fresh bait from the live well. Cast it out at the point and watched the tide move it quicker than before. Got escort maltepe a hard bite and finally hooked a fish. Reeled hard as it fought me. Jessica watched intently as she leaned over the edge of the boat. Little butt peeking out from under the shirt as she bent a little more than what was required. Focused on the fish but couldn’t help but glance at her perfect little ass.

Landed the under sized snook and turned it loose. Suddenly, she now had an interest in fishing. That always happened when I started catching fish. I got another bait and cast it quickly towards the same spot. She found her pole and looked at me so sweetly.

“You know where the bait is,” I offered.

Little lips pouted on her face as she gave her best effort to look sad. I didn’t budge as I cast my line out again. Wanted to see if she would actually try to get her own bait today. She moved past me, brushing her body against mine as she did. My hand just cupped her ass as she opened the lid to the live well. Bare skin felt good and reminded me she still hadn’t put anything on under her shirt.

“Bad,” she teased as she bent more deliberately then was needed to try and dip out a bait.

I cast again but found myself distracted by the flesh peeking out from under the shirt. Tight little muscled legs framed her peeking puss as my fingers grazed her slit. She sighed as my tips were moistened instantly.

“Very distracting,” she sassed as she wiggled her butt around. It only let my fingers press her folds apart just that much more. Slipped one finger into her cunny. Felt how wet and sticky she was as she pressed back. My cock was still hard and it swelled just that much more. Suddenly my line tightened and the pole almost got pulled from my relaxed grip.

“Fuck, I got one,” I said surprised. Finger quickly left her little cunny as I needed both hands to control the fish on the other end. Reeled hard and fought a big red for a good five minutes before pulling it into the boat. It was a keeper and found its way into the live well.

Jessica sat next to the bait live well, legs crossed and looking so cute with her little smile. Just the shirt barely covering her as she sat and waited for me.

“Can you get me some bait, please,” she begged.

“Hand me the net.”

She leaned over to reach the net on the floor of the boat. Exposed her little puss that was hiding under her body as she sat. Held the pose for just a second to let me gaze at the exposed flesh. Knew what the effect on me would be.

“Here go,” she chirped. Smiled so innocently as she watched my face. Knew her eyes we looking at my shorts from the little smile on her lips. Couldn’t see with the sunglasses over her eyes. Legs returned to crossed as I took the net from her.

“Thanks,” I said a little slack jawed. No matter how many times I saw her, it was like I was seeing it for the first time. Couldn’t help what she did to me. Dipped the net into the water and scored about a dozen fish in the net. Turned it towards her.

“Here you go, take your pick.”

“No, you shit,” she shrilled with giggles. Legs tucked up under her as she prepared to retreat. Her cunny peeking out from between them. “You do it, please.” Her little girl voice now coming out. Pleading look on her face.

“Give me your pole then,” I ordered. Eyes never leaving her exposed center. I was hungry for her again. She knew the whole time. Just content with teasing me for now.

Legs dropped back down as she leaned over to pick her pole up from the rod holder. Legs spread just enough for me to see between them. Set the pole between her legs right against her lips. Tipped her hips ever so slightly as I took the hook and place the bait onto it.

“There,” I said.

“Thanks,” she smiled. Blew me a kiss as she grabbed the pole and looked at the bait swimming in the air. My hand landed between her legs right at her center now. Just brushed it as I leaned down to kiss her. Deep kisses as she giggled into my mouth. Thumb just touching her clit as she pulled back.

“Don’t think so fish hands,” she laughed. Twisted away and tucked her legs Indian style as she kept looking at me.

“I see how it is,” I sighed.

“Shut up and fish bad boy,” she said coyly.

Took a bait from the net and dumped the rest back into the well. Hooked it onto the line and studied her body again. By now the tide was moving pretty good and the boat had spun around on the pole so the front of the boat was pointing in the direction the tide was headed.

“You know,” I started. “Best spot to be right now is the poling platform. Gives you the most water to work with.”

“Oh yeah?” she asked. Wondering if I had an ulterior motive or if I was being honest. I was a little of both. Tipped her head and looked at me, little smile lighting up her face. Turned now and stood. Exposing herself to me in the process of course. Took the two steps to the top and stood. Cute little butt sneaking out from under the shirt as she looked down at me.

“You better not be bullshitting me,” she joked. Bent at the waist leaving one leg straight and bending the other to itch her foot. Pussy winking at me as I made a cast towards the point of color change. She followed my lead and cast her line too. Not quite into the cut but she let the bait drift along anyway.

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