That’s What Good Boys Do Ch. 03

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“Such a good boy,” my mother purred, standing naked in her bathroom doorway, her face and chest still flushed from the stream of orgasms I’d helped give her in the shower.

I stood behind her with one of her big velvety towels, slowly drying off her naked body. I was moving much slower than I probably needed to, but I wanted to savor the sensation of laying my hands on every inch of her big round body. I reached around the front of her with both hands and took my time running the towel up her belly and under each of her huge breasts.

“I can’t believe how good I feel right now,” she said softly. “And from my own son…” She breathed deep and stepped forward. “I can’t believe I let myself do all that… I mean, you must think I’m…”

“I think you’re beautiful, mama,” I said. I stepped closer to her, lifted her hair and kissed the back of her neck, relishing the fresh-shower smell of her. I whispered next to her ear: “And I think you’re the best teacher a boy could ever have.”

“You do?”

In answer, I pressed forward, against her soft, broad ass cheeks, and let her feel my cock, still half-hard and pressing out against the towel around my waist. I felt her shiver, and I kissed her neck again.

“My God, baby. Don’t tell me you’re hard again.”

“Just a little, Mama,” I said quietly into her earlobe. “I can’t help it when I’m around you.”

“It’s been so long,” she said. “I forgot how… eager you young boys can be.”

“Is that bad?”

“Oh no,” she said and grinned. “Nothing your mama can’t handle.” Then she turned around in my arms and kissed me on the mouth.

My mother’s tongue in my mouth was even more skilled than her hands had been between my legs. I rushed to return the kiss, and she put her fingers up to my face and stilled me. “Kiss Mama slow,” she said, then put her lips back on mine, so soft and they were barely touching. I felt my stomach shaking in my chest. Just as when I’d had my fingers in her, I discovered that when I moved slow—much slower than I would have thought I should—I felt everything twice as strong. We stood there, in her bedroom, making out, her lips teasing the corners of my mouth, and her hands strong against me, feeling the small of my naked back.

“Come kiss your mama on the bed,” she said, staring into my eyes. She stepped backward, sat on the bed, and eased her naked body back onto the sheets. Her legs spread, and for the first time I saw her furry pussy in all its opening glory. I knew I shouldn’t stare, especially at my own naked mother, but I just couldn’t help myself.

“You like to look at your mama’s pussy, don’t you baby?”

I nodded. “I can’t help it.”

“That’s good, baby. Because Mama can’t help showing it off for you.” She reached down, smiling. Then, just when I thought the view couldn’t get any better, she spread her fat white thighs as far as they could go, and pulled her pussy apart with both hands.

It was like nothing I’d ever seen. The pink lips were swollen against her fingers, and the fat clit was already pressing outward. Beneath that, she was bright red, and shiny with her own inner dampness. I realized, with a certain delicious nastiness, that I was looking straight into my own mother’s most private parts. She moaned, and I saw the tiny muscles inside her tense and release, wet and steady as a heartbeat.

“That’s right, baby. Go ahead and stare. Look at Mama’s big sexy pussy.”

As soon as she’d said that, there was no way the towel could hold me any longer. I let it fall to the floor and stood, naked and hard in front of her again.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” she said, licking her lips. “Such a sweet boy. Now come over here and kiss your Mama some more.”

Awkwardly I eased my body into the bed next to her. I’d never actually been in bed with anyone before, and the actual logistics of, say, where to rest my legs or put my hand, were a little confusing. Sure, I’d seen plenty of pictures in the magazines, of couples contorted into all kinds of wild poses, but it was hard to imagine how they got to that point without elbowing each other in the nose. My mother, though, made it easy. As soon as I was on the bed, she put her hands tight around my waist, slid a thick but nimble leg under mine and, to my surprise, pulled me right on top of her. Before I had time to think about it, my hips were wrapped in her soft, mighty thighs. I felt the faint bristle of her pubic hair against the bottom of my cock and stared down into her adoring face. She locked her feet around the back of my legs, ran her hands up my back, and pulled me close against her big splayed breasts. She was more comfortable than any pillow I could ever imagine.

We made out that way, slowly. I felt my hips sliding as if they had a life of their own, loving the sensation that the head of my cock gave me every time it brushed her fleshy belly. I wondered why, in public, everybody was so hung up on skinny women when, in private, it was becoming so obvious to me how much better a big woman’s body could make a ataşehir escort boy feel. The breadth of her hips, combined with that cushioned belly and the sensory overload of her tits against my bare chest, set off something deep and primal inside me, and I felt that I just had to fuck her… even if I had no real idea how to go about it. Thank God she’d already made me come twice before—otherwise, I probably would have exploded again, right there all over her. Endurance, I was learning, was just as important as technique. I’d figured out in the shower that, while my eighteen-year-old cock seemed to rise and fall by the minute, Mama took a lot longer to get worked up—but once she got there, she was capable of coming harder—and with more frequency—than I could ever dream of. I wondered if all women were like that, or if my mama was just extra special.

We made out for a long time, my thin pelvis slowly rolling against her giant one. I practiced ways of putting my lips on hers. As with her pussy, it seemed that the softer I went, the hornier it made her. The sensation was incredible—face-to-face, she was my mother, kissing me with all the love and patient adoration that only that one person on earth can ever give us (albeit with a little more tongue than I was used to). But further down, our hips were bucking crazily for each other, and I needed, more than anything at that moment, to push my cock inside her.

Instead, I caught my breath and moved my face downward. I kissed her neck near the ear, and felt an electric current grip her spine. Her whole body tensed against mine and she gripped my back.

“Oh,” she groaned. “You just found Mama’s spot.”

“I did?”

“You sure did, baby. Now be a good boy and kiss Mama there some more.”

I did what I was told, of course. I tried the neck again. Then further down, just above her collarbone. My mouth got more adventurous and moved out, toward her round fat shoulder. Each time I kissed her neck, she breathed in suddenly and moaned out loud. I swore I could smell her pussy again, faintly, and just the thought of my mother’s pink pussy lips soaking themselves again made me want to turn her on that much more. I moved down, to the gorgeous spot at the base of her neck, where her big cleavage began. So many times I’d noticed that spot on her—in her bathrobe, over the top of her work blouses, in her slick black tank suit during one maddening day at the beach. Now here I was on top of her naked, shaking body, kissing her there, lapping at that slightly sweaty place with my own hungry young mouth.

“That’s right, baby,” she moaned. “Use your tongue on Mama. Go on, lick Mama clean.” She put her hands on either side of her tits and pushed the mass of them together, offering them up to me. The nipples were already hard as little rocks. My mouth went to them like a starving animal. “Do you like to lick your Mama?” she asked.

I just nodded and moaned, my mouth full of one of her gorgeous candy-pink nipples.

“Lick Mama some more,” she said, grabbing at my shoulders. “You want to find Mama’s other spots, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mama,” I said into her skin. “I want to find all of them.”

“Then keep licking, baby. Lick your mama all over.”

I lapped harder at the nipple, but she was pressing down on my shoulders now. Trying to push me somewhere. Somewhere lower.

I froze for a moment, simultaneously terrified and excited out of my mind.

“Don’t be shy now, baby,” she purred up at me. “Go on. Be a good boy and lick Mama’s pussy.”

“I… I don’t really know how…”

“That’s what Mama’s here for, baby. Mama’s going to teach you how to lick her pussy like a good boy.”

I felt scared. Not because I was afraid of her pussy—if anything, I couldn’t wait to get close to it and get another look. But because I had no idea what to do, and wanted so bad to be good for her. But I thought of everything else she’d taught me that day, and knew I’d be okay. Mama knew best.

I slid my body downward, so that my lower half was hanging off the edge of the bed. My mother’s pussy was inches from my face now. The smell was incredible. It smelled similar to the crotch of her panties, except much fresher, and a thousand times stronger. A dense mix of fresh-scrubbed shower and something much riper. I felt drunk just being near it.

“Mama,” I said, almost whining. “I’m.. ” I felt too embarrassed to say it.

“What is it, baby? You know you can tell me.”

“I’m in love with the smell of your pussy, Mama.”

“You are?” She acted genuinely shocked. (Which seemed like a pretty difficult thing to do to her at this point.)

“Is that okay?” I asked timidly.

“Oh no,” she said sternly. I felt everything crash around me. Then she broke into a smile and said, “That’s way better than okay.” She propped herself up with some pillows, so that she was looking down at me. Then she opened her legs wide and spread her pussy for me again. “Go ahead, baby. Smell your mama’s pussy all you want.”

I kadıköy escort bayan felt like a kid on Christmas morning. A really, really dirty Christmas morning. I stared in absolute awe, not sure where to start. So I just put my face into the hairiest spot, just above her clit, and sucked in like it was my last breath. The smell of my mother’s pussy was even more incredible up close. I felt the tip of my cock go dripping wet, and I thought, This is where you belong.

“That’s a great start, baby,” my mom said. “Right above Mama’s clit, where you touched her so sweetly before.”

“Can I… Can I kiss it, Mama?

“Yes, baby. Mama wants you to kiss it.” Her breath got heavier. “Mama wants you to kiss it so Goddamn bad.”

I put my mouth against it, tender as I could manage. I felt the hard bump of her clit brush my bottom lip, and my mother moaned out loud.

“Now lick Mama gently, baby. Where the hair is.” And with her fingers, she stroked at the edges. My mouth followed her hand, and I dragged my tongue up the fleshy inside of her thigh. “Oh, fuck, baby! You just found another one of Mama’s spots. Go on, keep licking Mama’s thighs.” My tongue got more daring. I dragged it up one side, just outside the bushy edge of her pussy, and she cried out. I dragged it down and she went crazy all over again. I went up and down a few more times, until the soft crack of her thigh was soaked from my spit, and each time she moaned louder.

Earlier, I had thought that just touching her there was good. But this was out of control. The more I got close to her and tasted and smelled her, the more she got off. And the more she got off, the more I wanted to get close and taste and smell her… I felt like I’d just been handed the keys to the castle. And I was still only at the thigh.

I needed to see what else my tongue could do. I switched the other thigh and slid my tongue softly all over it until it was as wet as the first one. I tried out different ways of licking her—with the tip of my tongue, or lapping with my tongue out wide, or just the soft kiss of my lips on her skin. She was openly groaning now and staring down at me. It was as if my mother’s body had become possessed, speaking in a new, more gravely (and much hornier) voice. “That’s right baby,” she said. “Tease Mama’s pussy. Put your mouth all over it.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I moved up the inside of her thigh, dragging my tongue just outside her bright pink pussy lips, then down the other side.

“Yeah, baby. Tease Mama like that.” I put my face into her bush, breathing heavily. The heat of my breath made her hips buck even harder. “You got it, baby. Just don’t touch Mama’s clit. Kiss everywhere except on Mama’s clit.”

I did as I was told. I licked up both sides of her gorgeous fat lips. I practiced brushing my tongue in lazy circles back and forth, all around her clit without ever touching it. I was always a good student—and never with as much incentive as I had now. I slid the tip of my tongue into the tight opening of vagina and tasted, with absolute wonder, the bittersweet mess of juices brewing just inside her. She was groaning like an animal now. I licked my lips and dragged my tongue firmly up the middle of her pussy, then stopped short at the clit, which was poking out now, fierce and bright red. I flicked my tongue all around it, growing faster with the shaking of her hips.

“Now, baby,” my mother was muttering through her hyper breath, “Now. Lick Mama’s clit now.”

I knew I shouldn’t disobey her. But I was curious to see how far this could go. And I’d learned already that, with Mama, it was all about time. I kept licking all over her swollen crotch, pretending I hadn’t heard her.

“Come on, baby,” she said again. “Lick Mama’s clit now.”

I kept ignoring her. Instead, my tongue continued to trace its way around her swollen hood, while I pressed two fingers against the opening of her vagina. The combination of my eager mouth and her own juices had her soaking wet, and I slipped my fingers right in.

“Oh, that’s good too, baby,” she moaned, choking on her words. “Move your fingers inside Mama.”

I slid them gently around. Her insides flexed and wrapped around my fingers like a third hand. I felt a swollen, raised spot, just inside her, like a tiny wet sponge. Curious, I pushed up against it slightly. My mother’s eyes went wide and she screamed out loud. “Oh, fuck baby! You just found another spot!”

I kept the pressure there inside her, while still circling her clit with my tongue. She sounded ready to cry.

“Please baby,” she half-whispered. “Please be a good boy and lick Mama’s clit.”

Instead, with my hand still moving gently inside her, I raised my head and gave her my most innocent face. “But Mama,” I smiled. “You said not to…”

“I know what I fucking said!” she yelled. “That was then. But now, Mama needs her clit licked!”

I was loving this game. Being on the teasing end certainly was more fun. I smiled escort maltepe big again. “But Mama…”

“Lick my fucking clit!” she screamed, and grabbed me by the back of my hair. I’d never thought of my mother as particularly strong, but at this moment, in her heightened state, she felt like she could break me in half. She jammed my face against her soaking-wet bush. “Fucking lick it!”

And I did.

I slid my tongue as hard and warmly as I knew how across the sweet, hard spot at the top of her pussy, all the while still stroking her slowly from the inside. In a moment, her hips stopped moving and went completely tense. Her eyes clenched. Her voice, so otherworldly and terrifying a second ago, went completely silent. For a long moment I was flooded with doubt— I was sure suddenly that I’d done something terribly wrong, and screwed it all up for her. Then she found her voice—and screamed so loud the windows rattled. Her clit throbbed against my mouth. Her pussy clenched like a vise, pushing out against all the strength of my fingers. Her hips shook so hard and so fast I was sure she was going to break my hand. She breathed in, and screamed out again. And then, to my complete surprise, her pussy shook, and contracted again, and then flooded my hand. A hot, steady stream of clear liquid shot straight up my forearm. I sat back and stared at my wet arm in horny disbelief. This was not in any of my magazines.

Her body went limp and she fell backward into her pillows, shuddering from her own aftershocks. I carefully slipped my fingers out of her—so soaked at this point that they were starting to wrinkle—and crawled up next to her. I kissed her, and to my surprise she licked greedily at my soaked face. I lay my wet arm across her chest, and she took it in her hands.

“Oh God, baby,” she said, her voice now low and whispery again. “Mama really soaked you, didn’t she.”

All I could do was nod.

“Fuck,” she said to the ceiling. She reached down and touched the pool of absolutely saturated sheet cooling between her legs. “All these years,” she sighed, “and I didn’t even know I could do that.”

“It’s beautiful, Mama,” I said. “You’re beautiful when you come.”

“Such a sweet boy,” she said, lazily licking my fingers clean. Then her eyes narrowed and she glared at me. “Except when he’s bad and decides to tease me.”

“I was just doing what you asked, Mama.”

“And then you intentionally disobeyed me,” she said. “I won’t forget that.” She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “You’re just lucky Mama came as hard as she did, or you’d be in much bigger trouble right now.”

“I’m sorry, Mama.”

“No you’re not,” she said matter-of-factly. “Look at you. You’re thrilled that you got to suck on your own mother’s pussy, aren’t you.”

“It’s true,” I said, and felt myself blush.

“And you’re so goddamned pleased with yourself for making Mama come so good, aren’t you baby.”

“I am…”

“And as for this…” Her hand traveled down the front of me, where my cock was still so worked up it was aching. “The taste of pussy got you so worked up, I’ll bet you’re dying to fuck your Mama now with that big cock of yours.”

I lost my breath just thinking of it.

“Well it’s just too bad then, isn’t it?” she asked dramatically.

My heart sank. “What’s too bad, Mama?”

“Well,” she said, obviously relishing the look on my face. “Maybe if Mama’s sweet boy had been a little more well-behaved, and hadn’t decided to tease his Mama just when she obviously needed his help so badly, well then maybe Mama would have let her little boy climb back on her and fuck her good wet pussy right now.”

“Oh God, Mama. You know I want that.”

“Well then you should have thought of that,” she said, “before you disobeyed your Mama.”

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Well baby, I’m afraid this time sorry isn’t good enough.”

Suddenly I felt five years old again. One of those moments when you know you’re in trouble and not sure what’s next. I wondered if she would actually spank me, the way she used to. And then felt a rush of guilt as my cock throbbed harder at the thought.

“You see, baby,” she said, rolling onto her side. “Mama can be a tease too, if she wants to.” She ran her hands over her big nipples as she spoke, as if daring me to notice. “I thought I’d taught you right,” she said.

“You did, Mama. You’ve taught me so much today.”

“Maybe,” she said. “But you’ve obviously got a lot more to learn.”

“Like what, Mama?”

“Well, you’ve done a pretty good job of learning the basics. But there are some times when a woman needs a little bit more. Especially a horny, dirty woman like your mama. Sometimes a woman needs things so dirty, she doesn’t even know how to ask for them. The kind of thing so dirty and secret that only a very special, sweet boy could ever know about it.”

“I’ll do anything, Mama.”

“That’s good, baby. That’s what Mama wants to hear. Because Mama’s gonna teach you a lesson now, baby. A very special lesson.”

“What is it, Mama?”

“Mamas’ gonna make you lick her some more.”

I breathed with relief. No problem there. “You know I’d love to lick you again, Mama.”

“That’s good, baby. Because this time, you’re gonna lick your Mama all over.”

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