The Airplane Ride Home

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Our flight home was delayed because of the thunderstorm that clattered and shook the small terminal. I glanced around at the few people waiting for this last flight out. They were a bedraggled group , tossed together by the vicissitudes of Mother Nature. Some tried to sleep, twisting and turning uncomfortably in the “airport chic” chairs. Others made idle chit chat with their fellow castaways on this modern desert island. Behind the check in counter a buxom blond did desultory things to kill time until this last flight of the night ended her shift.

My name is Sam Albertson. I am traveling home after attending my grandmother’s funeral. My mom, Jamie, and dad, John, had dragged me along. Even though I never met my grandmother they felt family needed to be there. At 18 I thought it was very unfair to drag me across country to a funeral for a woman I knew little about.

The service was interminable. It seemed everyone in town wanted say a remembrance. Near the front of the church was a large stained glass window. Some saint or other was depicted with his hands raised in benediction. Or maybe he was expressing horror at the banalities of life that he had to witness.

Mom and dad were getting drunk in the small terminal bar. Mom was 45 and dad was 47. Mom was a full figured woman and fairly tall at 5′ 9″, about 200 lbs. I had sneaked a peek in her lingerie drawer and knew she was a 38D cup. When I entered puberty she had move from this pleasantly plump authority figure to a voluptuous sex symbol. That big tit, big booty woman was the imagine I held in my mind when whacked off nightly.

Dad was a short stout guy at about 5′ 8″, 220 or so. He was a successful business owner and a good provider for his family. We lived a comfortable if not extravagant existence. I loved/resented him.

I loved him because he was a stern but loving symbol of stability. He provided an effective image of manhood for me to emulate.

I resented him because each night he crawled in bed with the object of my teenage lust. I resent hearing the faint moans and squeals he drew from her with their sex play.

Neither of them knew that on their noisier nights I would press my sweating brow against the common wall of our bedrooms. I would listen to the whispered endearments. I would hear the staccato slapping of flesh on flesh. I would stroke my tumescent member frantically, matching their rhythm. As their tempo built to the inevitable climax, so did mine. As dad spurted his seed into mom, I spurted mine into a pair of her soiled panties I had filched from the hamper.

Now they sat pounding down drink after drink. Their heads were close together, Dad would whisper something in mom’s ear. She would titter like a school girl who had a lewd suggestion made to her. The type of suggestion that at one time excited and frightened her.

Mom’s button up the front flowered summer dress fell between her legs as she sat wide legged at the bar. Dad’s hand was on her thigh. I had seen them like this before, drunk and touchy feely. At home it meant that I should take up position at my voyeur post. Here it was just fucking embarrassing.

Some of our fellow castaways noticed also. Some smiled knowingly. Others frowned at the public display of sexual sentiment.

Once I had crept into the hall during their lovemaking. I had planned on peeking into the bedroom. Just listening was no longer enough. I eased my door open. The hall was dimly lit by the house exterior lights.

I was stunned to see mom walk out of the bedroom stark naked. Her pendulous breast swayed invitingly as she crossed the hall to the bathroom. My dick sprang rigidly to attention.

She was holding a towel between her legs. She walked wide legged, unaware that her son was watching this erotic display of sex’s aftermath.

I was confused at first. Then I realized she was holding dad’s cum in her pussy. She made her way wide legged into the bathroom. It sat in a small alcove across from their room.

I could barely breathe. I slipped quietly down the hall. Stealthily I peered into the bathroom.

Mom had her back to me. One leg was on the closed lid of the toilet. She balanced herself with a hand against the wall. She had a wet towel. She was washing her pussy, cleaning out the remnants of tonight’s sex. She swayed slightly as she performed this post sex ablution. She dropped both towels into the hamper.

I held my aching cock in my hand. I watched as she used both hands to smooth her pussy hair. It was short but well-trimmed. Then she ran her finger in her pussy, pulled it out and licked it.

I groaned as I spontaneously came, spilling my youthful seed on the hallway floor. Gasping, I leaned against the wall to support myself.

Mom’s head cocked slightly. Had she heard me? I scurried down the hall to my room. I barely made it back before I heard her padding barefoot across the hall. I listened canlı bahis as the door closed followed by the squeak of the bed as she returned to the side of my father. Then silence.

I lay in bed sweating profusely. My dick was still granite hard. My heart was in my mouth. The metallic taste of adrenaline filled my mouth. The thrill of seeing her, the nearness of almost being caught was almost more than I could stand. My heart pounded wildly.

But I knew there was one more trip I had to make. On catlike feet I tip toed down the hall. I turned quickly into the bathroom and closed the door. The hamper would hold my prize.

I opened the hamper. There they were on top. The cum soaked towel she had held between her legs and the wet towel she had washed with. The wet towel barely held the scent I wanted it. But the dry towel took me to nirvana.

It was still damp with mom’s and dad’s sex juice. I took it to my nose and inhaled deeply. The pungent aroma of mom’s pussy and dad’s seed filled my nasal passages. I was a little light headed. With one hand I balanced myself on the wall. There was a pain in my dick from being so hard so long. It slapped gently against my belly.

Impulsively I stuffed the wet crusty part of the towel in my mouth. I sucked hard on their mixed juices. The sweet nectar assaulted my senses. The room spun as I greedily sucked on my prize.

In my other hand was the wet towel. I began to stroke my steel like member using the wet towel. I sucked hungrily on the towel in my mouth. All too soon I felt the tingle in my ass that moved up into my balls. My orgasm took me to my knees. I was drained, exhausted and covered in a heavy film of sweat.

Weakly I braced myself against the toilet and struggled to my feet. I chewed hard on the towel in my mouth, extracting the last vestiges of honey. Reluctantly I removed the towel from my mouth. I returned my prizes to the hamper.

Many nights I had whacked off to the sounds of their lovemaking. I had grown skilled at finding mom’s panties from those nights. Sometimes dad fucked her without her taking them off. I would inhale deeply, reveling in the smell of wet pussy and semen. Then I would add my sperm to the load dad had left. But this had been the best ever!

I didn’t know it then but years later I would read an article that said sons always lust for their mothers. Most men spend their lives looking for a woman who remind them of mom so they can fuck her. The article went on to say the king in Oedipus Rex didn’t really make a mistake when he took his mother for his queen. He was fulfilling the subconscious need to outdo his father and possess his mom.

I don’t know about all that shit. I knew I had to fuck my mother.

From my vantage point, I could see dad run his hand under mom’s dress. She giggled and made him stop. My dick hurt from being constrained in my jockey’s as I watched their sex play.

Fortunately they called our flight. It was well past midnight. The plane was a 727, the workhorse of the airlines in those days. We had scored the exit row seats. On a 727 that meant tons of legroom in the three across seats. The flight was barely a third full. The seats all around us were empty.

Mom took the window seat; dad the middle. I was stuck on the aisle.

Shortly after takeoff, the flight attendant passed out blankets. She apologized for the delay and announced they were dimming the lights to allow the passengers to sleep. I dozed off. When I awoke mom and dad were gone. I needed to pee and went aft to the bathroom. As I entered one bathroom, dad exited the other. He was obviously drunk and barely able to walk. He never noticed me. I watched as he staggered drunkenly up the aisle to our seats.

When I returned to our seats, dad was covered head to toe in a blanket and snoring loudly. He was in my aisle seat. I slipped into the middle seat, pulled my blanket over me and dozed back off.

I felt someone shaking me. I realized that my mom had returned to her seat.

“Wake up, John, she hissed, I want to play!”

I opened my mouth to correct her. I stopped. I realized that she thought it was my father. The semi darkness, the change in seats and her drunken state caused her error.

“John, wake up. You said we were going to join the five mile high club!”

I could hear the frustration in her voice.

“I took my panties off, she hissed!”

I broke into a light sweat. Did I dare? Had the gods of incest conspired to offer me this gift?

I reached over and lightly squeezed her ass. She wiggled it deliciously. She went to speak and I shushed her. I couldn’t let her talk. That would start a conversation and “dad” would be expected to answer.

I reached down and slowly pulled mom’s dress up. I was sweating profusely. My heart beat like a trip hammer in my chest. What if she realized it was me? What if dad woke up? You scared bastard, bahis siteleri I said to myself. What if the fucking plane crashed while you are dealing with what ifs!

I rubbed her bare ass. I was rubbing my mom’s bare ass! She pushed it back against me. I scooted forward. I eased my finger into mom’s pussy. The wet heat was incredible! Her bush was drenched. Obviously the sex play in the bar had her hot and bothered.

With my other hand I reached around and squeezed her huge mammary. The sharp intake of breath was my signal to continue. I started massaging her breast at the bottom and worked out to her nipple.

Her nipple was the size of my thumb. It was rigid from her passion. I rolled it slowly between my fingers. I heard the sibilance of her sharp intake of breath. Then her hand covered mine.

I froze! Would she realize that the hand that was exploring the tit that had once suckled me was the issue of her womb and not her husband? She moved her hand. I felt her dress loosen. I realized she was undoing the remaining buttons on this easy access dress.

I pulled her dress up until it was just bunched material between us. Mom was naked. My dick was caught between us. It was against my stomach and pressed into her back.

I heard her moan as I slowly worked my finger in and out of mom’s pussy. Her ass drove back hard against my fingers. She moaned loudly. I stopped finger fucking her and shushed her. I squeezed her nipple hard. Her whole body shuddered.

“Ok, John, ok, she whispered, but please, puleeeze fuck me now!”

I slipped my pants down. I scooted closer. I gripped mom’s waist in both hands and pulled her toward me. She scooted back. I reached between us and forced my stiff cock down. I pushed forward and slowly entered my mother’s pussy. The heat was almost unbearable. Her wetness was incredible. I stopped. She was so tight I was afraid I would cum too quickly. This had to last!

She leaned her head back closer to me.

“John, you feel so big in me! I have never felt this full!”

I began a slow in and out. Her pussy was so wet I was sure the whole plane could hear the sloshing sound. I could feel mom’s pussy contracting, holding me tight as I thrust harder and harder.

I shushed her again as her moans got louder.

Her big ass thrust back harder and harder against me. She stifled a scream with her fist as she came. She bucked and thrust back hard against me. Her orgasms consumed her as she tried to get me deeper. The hard contractions of her orgasm were more than I could take. I unloaded deep in mom’s pussy, pushing my dick forward hard to meet her thrusts as spurt after incestuous spurt filled the same vagina I had come out of in birth!

Now there was an image; the mental image of me exiting her vagina as a squalling baby. It was replaced by the image of my baby makers, strongly swimming, now on their way up that same birth canal. I collapsed into my seat. My dick still semi hard in my mother’s pussy.My blanket was soaked.

I could feel mom still shaking as her orgasm continued. I held her massive tit in my hand and squeezed her nipple as waves of pleasure wracked her body.

Does she cum like this when you fuck her, dad? Does her body quake with receding passion you have brought her like it quakes with me? Behind me my father snored.

“John, that was the best ever!”

Mom chortled as she reached back and patted my hip.

A few minute later she was snoring quietly.

I could feel our juices drying on my dick as I dozed off.

Mom and dad were still sleeping when I woke up. I lay quietly rubbing her ass. She had rebuttoned her dress. I felt the cloth and not that magnificent butt. She stirred. I quickly covered my head and pretended to be sleep.

“John, she whispered, I want you to fuck my ass. You know, like you do at home but at 30,000 feet. I got some lube in my purse. I’ll be right back.”

She crawled over me and dad and walked forward to the bathroom. I sat up and watched her ass roll sensuously as she moved down the aisle. At eighteen, I had fucked a few girls. But I had never had a pussy like hers. I knew girls would never again satisfy me.

I looked over at my snoring dad with a mixture of camaraderie and envy. He might never know it, but we now shared mom’s pussy. She had reveled in my bigger dick, old man, I thought. I envied him his many years of getting this fabulous piece of ass.

I saw mom exit the bathroom. I scooted down, turned toward the window and covered my head. Mom stepped across first dad then me and settled in her window seat. She straightened her blanket and covered herself. She glanced over me at my father. Did I detect a moment of confusion? Did the size of the person not match what she thought? Although not fat like my father I was a big guy.

She reached under my blanket.

“Here’s the lube, she said”

I peeked from under bahis şirketleri the blanket as she furtively looked around the plane. I panicked as she turned toward me. The game was up! She was going to move my blanket and realize her son had just fucked her. Would she scream in amazement? Would she stand and announce to the world that her son had fucked her? What state were we over? What was the penalty for fucking your drunken mom?

Instead she scooted down to her knees. She covered her head with the blanket. I felt her feeling around under the blanket. She found my dick! I felt her tongue lick me. She traced a line from just under my balls up to the tip of my cock. She took me in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down. Suddenly she stopped and sat back in her seat.

“Use the lube now, she whispered, but I just had to get a taste of your dick encrusted with our cum! You know how much I love that!”

Mom rolled to face the window. I felt her bare ass under the blanket. I slowly eased the head of my cock in her ass. She reached back and pressed her hand against my belly.

“Easy, John, easy! Lord, why are you so big tonight? Your dick hasn’t been this hard in years!”

We lay like that for a minute. The head of my dick was just inside her ass. Then I felt her push back slowly. An inch more slid slowly into her ass. I heard a sharp intake of breath as she pressed again on my belly with her hand.

Then she released her hand I slid halfway into her fantastic ass. I pulled back slowly. Then I pressed in again hard. I felt her body trembled slightly as she tried to handle my girth. Then she pushed back hard and I bottomed out in her ass. She reached back and grabbed my blanket. As I slowly pulled back, her death grip on my blanket caused her to pull it off me.

I scrambled to grab it. Too late! She turned to help with the blanket. Her eyes widened first in surprise, and then horror as she realized it was he son buried balls deep in her ass. She tried to move forward away from me. I grabbed her waist and assayed two quick in and out thrusts.

“Do you really want me to stop now; I whispered urgently, do you really want me to stop?”

She stopped moving and her head dropped to the seat. But she didn’t push me away. Nor did she push back in response to my thrusts. I moved slowly in and out of her tight ass. I reached around and palmed her breasts. Thrust in; squeeze tit. I sat up a rhythm. Her head moved back closer to mine.

“Cover us with your blanket, she moaned”

I quickly covered us with my blanket.

“Now hurry! Finish in me before your father wakes up. Son, give mom all that big fat fucking dick! Fill my ass with your seed.”

She thrust back and I pounded forward. I leaned forward so I could whisper in her ear


Mom, your ass is amazing! So tight!”

“Oh son, I have never felt like this. It’s wrong but so dam good.”

“I have wanted you for years, I groaned.”

We were good together. We settled into a rhythm that had us both blowing like steam engines.

I glanced back at my drunken snoring father. This is our ass now, old man, I thought. I squeezed mom’s tit hard. We were both covered in sweating and fucking like barnyard animals. From now on you share her with me. She is my mother, your wife but this ass and pussy is ours!

We came together. I filled her ass with my sperm. She groaned loudly as my dick spurt deep in her ass. I grabbed one large nipple and pulled it hard.

“Oh jezuz yes, she screamed, stuffing her fist in her mouth to stifle it”

We rolled to our backs, exhausted. Her dress was completely open. I watched her chest heave as she tried to catch her breath. I inspected this amazing woman. She looked so wanton laying there with her legs spread. A thin sheen of sweat covered her. Her pubic hairs were matted with sweat. In the dim light, I thought I could make out her still swollen pussy lips.

I reached down and cupped her pussy in my hand. I massaged her mound slowly, reveling in my conquest. Mom looked at me strangely. She moved my hand. She buttoned her dress. She stood to straighten it. For a brief moment, the hem hung on top of the curve of her bare ass. I quickly leaned forward and kissed her ass.

The lights came up in the plane. The flight attendant announced we were descending.

“Wake your father. But first, what you did…..what we did… is very wrong.”

“You didn’t like it?”

She paused and looked me deep in my eyes.

“It was fantastic! I haven’t cum like that in years. And you are so much bigger than your father. But what we did was legally and morally wrong. If anyone found out, we would both be ostracized and probably jailed. You must never tell anyone!”

I nodded my head. The thought that I would never enjoy carnal knowledge of this woman, my mother this amazing sexual animal again depressed me.

But I understood what she was saying.

“So we won’t be doing this anymore?”

She reached across me and shook my dad. He groggily started to come out of his drunken sleep. Mom smiled wickedly.

“I didn’t say that!”

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