The Annual Christmas Party Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 : Early Christmas Present

This is a continuation from Lust: In the beginning. All events happen years after that story. It makes more sense if you read that first and then move on to this.

Next week was going to be our annual family Christmas party. I was so excited. That’s usually when my Mom dresses up all sexy and actually drinks. My sister Julie called and asked if she could come by my place. She said she had something she really wanted to talk to me about.

So Julie is at the door and I let her in. She is looking nice and hot like she always does when she comes over. Her brunette hair tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing a little skirt that screamed to be taken off. We greeted each other and I gave her a nice little kiss on the lips and grabbed her ass.

She said something like “hey, easy there big bro!”

I asked her what she had to tell me and then she told me it was about the annual Christmas get together. It was a huge yearly party where almost everyone in canlı bahis the family gets together and parties. It usually gets a little crazy. My Uncle Paul and Aunt Cheryl know how to throw a party and they do it every year at there amazing house. It’s more like a castle or a mansion.

“So what about the family get together?” I asked Julie.

“Me and mom went shopping together and we got matching dresses in different colors. We also got matching bra and panties. She is going to look so hot in her little black and red dress.” Julie said.

“I’m sure both of you will look unbelievably hot” I said.

Then I said “So why are you telling me this?”

“This might be your chance to live your fantasy and I will help you.” Julie said.

“So whats the plan?” I said.

“It’s pretty simple. We are going to get mom plastered. She will need a ride home and you will be the one to drive us home. That’s when I will help you seduce Mom.” She said.

“What about Alicia?” I said

“She is staying overnight so bahis siteleri we don’t need to worry about her.” Julie said.

I couldn’t believe it. She was going to help me seduce our mom at the Christmas party. She was right about it being the best chance. She lets loose at that event. It’s like her one free pass to drink and have fun with family and friends.

I liked the plan, it was simple and it had a good chance of working because Mom won’t remember that it happened hopefully. I asked her if this was my Christmas present. Julie said it was and that if it didn’t happen I can fuck her. I couldn’t believe she said that. Either way I get her with or without mom.

I had a raging hard on just hearing my sister tell me this.

I told her ” How about giving me an early Christmas present.”

She gave me a look and said “Good things come to those who wait.”

Then she said she had to go and that I should take care of that, looking down at my crotch. I said maybe you could help me. She said this weekend bahis şirketleri but I have something that will help you. Call it an early Christmas present. It was a pair of panties. She took them out of her purse threw them at me. I could tell they were dirty. Are these your panties I asked her? She said find out for yourself and made her way out the door in a hurry. I know she wouldn’t been able to resist if she stayed a second longer.

I locked the door with the panties in hand. I brought them up to my nose and took a nice hard breath in through my nose. I smelled that familiar scent. It really was my moms panties. I took off my clothes in hurry. I hadn’t had a pair of moms panties in years. I was so hard after hearing about all this amazing news. I started to lick the crotch and ass part pretending I was licking my moms pussy and ass. I was stroking with my other hand and I knew I was close to cumming already. I came in a minute all over the panties. It was so much cum that the panties couldn’t contain it so some of my cum spilled onto the floor. Then at that moment I had a dirty thought of my sister naked bent over licking up my spilled cum. I got hard again and jerked off to the thought of finally getting to fuck her.

To be continued…

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