The Award after The Ceremony

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When I woke up the first thing I did was roll over. My heart stopped. There was a warm body next to me. A naked, warm body.

It was my daughter Amy.

The events of the night rushed back to me.

Oh my god. What had I done?

Amy stirred and I held my breath. I didn’t want her to wake up. I didn’t want her to also have to face the horror of what had happened. How could I have done that to her… with her?

I tried to make some sense of it. It was supposed to be a simple awards ceremony. My wife, her mother, couldn’t come so Amy had agreed to be there for me. Awards ceremonies weren’t my thing, but the company was presenting me with a ‘Salesman of the Year’ trophy and my family felt someone should be there to support me. Amy was thrilled to do it. She had recently been divorced and looked for any way to take her mind off of it. This short, overnight trip to the city would be fun. We’d have dinner, attend the ceremony, and be back to the hotel room to sleep and leave in the morning.

The dinner and the ceremony had gone as expected. Things were normal. Amy was beautiful, as always, and I was proud to introduce her to everyone who came by our table to congratulate me. Some, who didn’t know me well, assumed she was my wife, and I was quick to correct them, which Amy found hilarious.

Like I said, it was all normal.

And then the ceremony was over and we decided to walk back to the hotel instead of calling an Uber. It was a bit cool so I put my arm around her as we walked.

When we got back to the hotel Amy suggested we have a drink first at the hotel bar. After all, how often is it that we got to spend time together in the city?

We ordered martinis and talked. The conversation soon found its way to her divorce and I listened as she told me about how she’d suspected her husband, Dan, been cheating on her. She eventually found out he had and that led to the end of their marriage. They’d only been married two years.

We had a second martini and talked about what she would do next. She was looking for a place of her own and would only be staying with us for a few weeks, a couple of months at the most.

While we talked I couldn’t get over how much she reminded me of her mother when we’d first met. Amy was a spitting image. The only difference was her blue eyes. They sparkled when she smiled. It was intoxicating at times.

After the second drink she was obviously a bit tipsy so I suggested it was time pendik escort to call it a night. When we stood to go she seemed a bit unsteady and, so she wouldn’t be embarrassed to walk, I held onto her arm lightly to help her to the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed she laughed, kissed my cheek, and called me her ‘knight in shining armor”.

For the briefest of moments I didn’t see her as my daughter. I think it was the kiss on the cheek. Her lips were soft. I hadn’t felt soft lips like that in years.

I helped her to the room and she held on to me as I unlocked the door.

Amy went into the bathroom and I climbed into bed. I took the bed nearest the door and had forgot to close my suitcase, which lay on the floor at the foot of the bed. I usually sleep in the nude but, being that my daughter was in the room, I opted to at least wear boxer shorts in case I had to get up during the night to use the bathroom.

I dimmed the light so Amy could see her way to her bed and settled in.

A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom. I glanced at her.

She really was a beautiful woman. What had her husband been thinking???

She was wearing a long t-shirt and her long, bare legs were uncovered. I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable so I closed my eyes.

And then I felt a weight on the mattress. I opened my eyes. Amy had her knee on the bed and was climbing over me.

“Sorry,” she giggled. “Still a bit tipsy and you left your suitcase all open. I can’t get by it so I have to crawl over you.”

And then she paused, she was poised halfway over me and was just about to swing her leg over to get to other side. She looked down…

“Do you mind?”

“Of course not.”

She swung her long leg over and, for a second, she was straddling me.

“You sure?”

I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing.

She laughed. “When was the last time there was another woman in your bed who wasn’t mom?”


This caused her to laugh heartily which made me laugh as well.

Pretty soon we were both giggling and Amy had her forehead pressed against my chest.

“Your chest hair is tickling my nose,” she giggled. And then she lifted her head and looked at me. “When was the last time?”


“That someone else was in your bed?” she smiled mischievously.

“None of your business little lady.” I laughed and tried to push her off and to the other side. maltepe escort To stop me she pressed down and gripped the covers. What began as innocent play soon turned a little weird as we both realized she was pressing herself down on me to prevent from being tossed aside.

It had been too long, I realized. Way too long..

Our giggling stopped. Amy lifted her weight off of me and brushed a lock of hair over her ear.

“I guess I’d better be getting into bed huh?” She said, looking down at me. She didn’t move to go away.

“I guess so,” I whispered. I found it suddenly hard to breath.

“You guess? Or you know?”

What game was she playing? Or was she just enjoying the effects of the alcohol?

I was all too painfully aware that the bottom half of Amy’s body was pressing down on my cock.

“Well?” She whispered. Her gaze darted between my lips and my eyes.

“Is it hot in here?” I stammered. I didn’t know what else to say. I needed to get her off of me before we were both embarrassed by my body’s unintentional reaction to having another warm, slender body pressing down on me.

Amy lifted slightly and pushed the covers off of me. She settled back down and this time I tried to shift.

“Is that better?” She asked.

Before I could answer her eyelids fluttered and she pressed down again. I fought to control my reaction. Was she wearing any underwear? Is she wasn’t, and her long t-shirt had ridden up, that would mean…

I could feel the blood flow and my body reacting. I couldn’t stop it.

“Amy…” I said, trying to sound normal but hearing the tremble in my own voice.

She pressed again. This time I knew she wasn’t wearing underwear. There was nothing separating her from me except my boxer shorts. And even those wouldn’t help if I became fully aroused with her on top of me and pressing down like she was. I was terrified that I was going to pop out of my boxers if she didn’t stop.

“It’s time to get up,” I said, and placed my hands on her hips with a slight pressure to move her towards her own bed. When she lifted I was sure she meant to comply but instead she readjusted and seemed to move her hips up towards my abdomen and then slid down again, succeeding fully in pushing her t-shirt up.

And then it happened. Thinking I was still in my boxers I felt the contact of Amy’s skin against my cock.

I gasped and Amy pressed again. Nature had taken over. For kartal escort both of us. Within moments we were both pressing against each other. I wanted to stop…I needed to stop… But I couldn’t…

And neither could Amy.

Amy eyes were closed now as she slid herself and her body along my length. I knew if I let myself I could easily reposition myself, even slightly, and IT would happen. The one thing that couldn’t happen.

But it was going to. I think we both knew it. At least my daughter did. At one point as we wordlessly humped in the dimly lit hotel room, Amy tilted her hips again just as I slid up and it was her turn to gasp. The head of my cock pressed against her slit. I almost pulled back, I was going to pull back, but Amy slid down further…

And then I was in! I felt a moment of extreme tightness and then wet heat…

I stiffened, not daring to go any further. If we stopped… maybe… Maybe we could come back from this.

“Dad…” she said. “You’re already inside.”

“But Amy…”

“Just fuck me, dad.”

And I did. I couldn’t help it. I pushed up and into my daughter.

“Oh god…!” she moaned. And then we were fucking. There was no hiding it if anyone were to walk by our room. Amy’s inhibitions were relaxed due to the alcohol. She moaned loudly and gasped with each thrust. I tried not to make a sound… I was too afraid to fully let myself go. But Amy’s movements and sounds were making it hard. Our bodies slapped together as we both moved faster. My cock was buried deep inside of her with every thrust. I don’t think it was possible to go any deeper.

I was going to cum. I had to warn her.

“Amy,” I warned.

“Do it Dad…” she cried out.

She’d said ‘dad’, out loud! Please don’t let anybody be in the hall. It wasn’t that late.

“Oh god dad, fuck me harder…”

I resisted the urge to flip her over on her back. I couldn’t. Not with my daughter… Not with…

And then I came. Hard. The moment I released Amy reached her own orgasm and together we cried out, pressing our sexes together… trembling, straining, moaning…

I continued to pump into my daughter long after there was nothing left.

Gasping for breath… Amy collapsed on top of me. We both clutched the sheets and struggled for breath. I felt her pussy squeeze me.

After a few moments Amy slid off of me and my cock slid out of her with a wet sound.

She kissed my shoulder…

And fell asleep.

And here I am… Hours later with my naked daughter beside me. I wasn’t even aware she’d taken her t-shirt off. She must have done so after we’d both fallen asleep.

I am terrified of what the morning will bring.

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