The Body Mcallister Pt. 02

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I want to dedicate this entire series to my friend, Enrique Pullo. He knows why.

I’m going to go out on a limb by saying this sequel is pretty much impossible to follow unless you’ve read part 1 of this story. If you read my series No Sacrifice, so much the better. Ted from that series will be making an appearance. He’s like a bad penny, turning up everywhere.

Keep that feedback coming. Best wishes and happy reading.



Part 2

Luc stared at Minette. She had just stated her intention to rejoin the body McAllister. His cock became semi-erect at the very thought of having his sister back in his bed. She had been a lover like no other he had ever enjoyed. When she had been in his arms, his very soul had felt alive.

Incest was accepted and encouraged in his mother’s family. There were a lot of almost courtly traditions associated with it. Protection was a must; marriage and children of incest were forbidden. No force was allowed. All participants had to be over the age of 18. If a family member asked to be your lover, you had the right to accept or reject them. If you said no, they had to remain silent on the subject, never speak of it again. It was up to you to ask them in the future.

The cornerstone of the tradition was that it was loving sex without complications, without pressure. It was meant to be a beautiful thing, and for Luc, it was. He embraced every aspect of the body McAllister, as it was known. His first lover had been his cousin, Abigail. She was seven years older, an age difference that made less difference as they aged. He had lost his virginity to her while still reeling from his mother’s talk shortly after he had turned 18.

His father was not in the body McAllister. He accepted his wife’s family hobby reluctantly and only under the condition that he be allowed to have lovers outside of the family. It was a peculiar solution for a McAllister, but it worked for Pierre and Margo. The only wrinkle occurred when Pierre made one of his women pregnant and she decided to keep the child. Margo, a famous artist, had accepted the news with aplomb and without drama. Pierre supported and loved his youngest child, a boy named Philippe. He also carried on the affair with his child’s mother, who accepted the situation as well. She was not his only lover and she knew it.

Once Luc had accepted that this mother wasn’t pulling his leg or perpetuating some bizarre conspiracy upon him, he decided to join the body McAllister. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but about a week later, his cousin Abigail emailed him, inviting him to her apartment to become her lover.

Abigail McAllister was 25, seven years older than him. She was a tiny redhead like most of the women in his family, a slightly more mature version of his younger sister, Minette, or a younger version of his mother. Luc wasn’t sure which idea was kinkier. He arrived at her apartment on the appointed day, embarrassed to be a virgin. His parents had been strict disciplinarians as he and Minette grew up. They had focused on their studies and the arts, with very little time or inclination for dalliances.

Luc had been pleased that Abigail didn’t make fun of him for not knowing what he was doing. She was patient and kind. Abigail took his hand, led him into her bedroom and undressed his enormous body. Luc was huge guy at 6’3″ tall, a blond beast like his father. He had always stuck out like a sore thumb at McAllister gatherings. Abigail ran her hands up and down his chest, her tiny nude frame pressed against his own. She pushed him back on the bed, then took his cock in her mouth and licked him like a succulent piece of fruit before taking him into her mouth.

Luc had nearly died with pleasure at the sensation. His cock didn’t last long before he erupted, his sweet cousin swallowing his cum with pleasure, moaning at his taste. Abigail never allowed him to be embarrassed. She cuddled with him and told him of the family traditions, the rules. She told him of her own introduction to the lifestyle, without naming any names. Luc supposed he should have been curious, but he found that he wasn’t. Abigail was an erotic toy to him, he loved her as a cousin and he appreciated her as a lover. When she climbed on top of him and took his 7-inch cock into her body, he felt a closeness to her that he had never felt with another woman.

Yes, the sex was amazing. She taught him so much, in and out of bed. When they met at family functions, they would hug warmly, joke and laugh with each other. Their mothers were sisters, quite close, but they never suspected their children were lovers. They wouldn’t have interfered in any event. The body McAllister was there, it was available. Prying into the identify of various lovers was forbidden. Anything that might cause jealousy, drama or call attention to the whole thing was essentially out of the question.

Luc turned down many offers from some other cousins, an aunt and even a couple of his uncles. He didn’t have anything against any of them, even the male uncles. He was open enough to consider that he might find canlı bahis male sex erotic and enjoyable. He just felt he needed to take the entire thing slowly, and Abigail was satisfying his needs for now.

If Luc were being totally honest, he had his eye on his younger sister. She hadn’t turned 18 yet, so she was completely unaware of the body McAllister and the traditions of their mother’s family. Now that he knew being with his sister someday was a possibility, Luc stayed away. He agreed with the tradition that everyone be allowed to make up his or her own mind and he didn’t want to cloud her own decision when the time came. Family morals and his own sense of decency compelled him to wait.

Now that he had some experience under his belt, he did try sex with some girls at college. They were pleasant enough, but he found that he missed the connection of sex with a relative. It seemed that in the vanilla world, he had a choice of random hook-ups or a relationship. Sex with Abigail was a beautiful combination of both of those things, but without long-term complications.

Then the day of his sister’s birthday came and went. He hung on tenterhooks waiting for news that she had joined. The family didn’t trust email or any sort of electronic media to send out the news. Whenever a new family member joined, a plain white envelope with no return address would arrive with a simple picture of the newcomer inside. No further explanation was expected or given. If someone left, another white envelope would arrive with the same picture, only torn in two.

Luc had been wild with need waiting for the news. He finally called Abigail and went over to her place to relieve some stress. When she let him into her apartment, he slammed her against the door as it closed. He pulled his cock from his pants, ripped her panties from her body and shoved into her without preamble or foreplay. She had gasped in surprise, then held onto him for the ride of her life. He was rough with her, but she loved it and gave back to him in equal measure. He had carried her to her bedroom while still fucking her hot cunt. He laid her down on her bed and pushed so deeply inside her body, he bottomed out. It was the only time they had ever broke the condom rule, as he simply hadn’t had time to put it on. Fortunately, Abigail had her own protection in place and it wasn’t the dangerous time of the month.

If Abigail guessed why he was so horny, she never discussed it with him. She allowed his rough use of her body, loving the virility of her young cousin. When he came, she held his sweaty, large body and comforted him, making little shush sounds like you would a baby. He found comfort and relief in Abigail. It wasn’t romantic love, but it was love nonetheless.

The next day, his sister’s picture arrived in the mail. He stared at it, his heart clutching in his chest. She had joined. Two days later, he was at his parents’ house and in his sister’s bed, fucking her all-night long. If he had thought sex with Abigail was amazing, nothing could have prepared him for the exquisite agony of being inside Minette’s pussy. She was amazing, and he couldn’t get enough of her sweetness.

When they awoke in the morning after so many romps, Minette was too sore to be used further. He held her tenderly and explained the family traditions in full. As her first lover, it was his responsibility to do so, just as Abigail had done for him. She was of a quick mind. She asked the right questions and soon grasped everything.

“So next time, I have to ask you?” she queried. “Why is that?”

“The tradition is built around the premise of no one pressuring each other,” he explained. “Whether we do this again is completely up to you. I’ve had you, I’ve enjoyed myself. I have benefitted from the body McAllister. You are under no obligation to have me again.” His heart lurched at the very thought of never having her again, but he pushed on with the explanation. “Next time, you ask. I wait for you to ask. There’s no pressure. Out of bed, I’m your loving brother and nothing gets in the way of that. If you want me again, you ask. If you want to remain loving siblings, we do that. Then if you do ask, the next time would be up to me.”

Minette nodded, slowly. “And others?”

“Your picture will have made the rounds, everyone who is in the body McAllister will know. You’ll get other offers, I’m sure. The decision to accept or reject them is completely up to you. I would encourage you to accept others, though. There’s so much to learn and enjoy. I was surprised at the beauty of it all. You’ll have always noticed how loving and fun Mom’s family is.” He smirked. “Compare that with holiday dinners with the Dusseau’s.”

They both groaned. The McAllisters were quirky and fun, with lots of noise and laughter. The Dusseaus loved each other, but they were quieter. The men would watch football and hardly say three words to each other while the women played cards in the kitchen. Later, everyone would talk about how much fun things were, but no one could really say why. If they hadn’t had their McAllister family events, they bahis siteleri both would have declared family gatherings to be a crashing bore.

They talked awhile longer, then reluctantly got out of bed. They showered separately, then joined their parents for breakfast. No doubt their parents had heard the noise coming from their room, but they said nothing. They didn’t betray that knowledge with word or deed. It was a normal family breakfast, with warmth, laughter and good food. Luc hugged them all goodbye, then returned to his dorm.

Over the next few days, Minette received several offers. She was surprised and a little overwhelmed. She turned them all down with the explanation that she was new and still getting used to it. Then she received one from her mother’s brother. Uncle Eric had always been a favorite with her and she smiled. “Why not,” she thought. She replied with her acceptance and he set up a time a few days in the future.

Her Uncle Eric went all out, taking her to dinner at a lovely local restaurant. She had dressed as instructed, in a tight black dress she had borrowed from her mother. She had stockings on that ended in mid-thigh, the sort that didn’t need a garter. She wore no panties or bra. Four-inch heels graced her feet, sexy pumps that made her legs shapelier and her ass stick out invitingly. Her flaming red curls were done up, with tendrils pulled out to frame her face.

Uncle Eric had the same red hair, the McAllister trademark; his sensual mouth was surrounded with a goatee. He wore a sharp, black suit. During dinner, he asked her about her plans for college and listened to what she had to say with interest. He treated her like a woman, not his bratty niece. After dinner, he took her to a local hotel, checking them into a suite. He had been gentle with her, even after she explained this was not her first time. He knew she was still getting used to things and he made sure this was a lovely experience, even if it wasn’t exactly new territory.

Eric was tall, but he wasn’t the beast that her brother had been. In these heels, Min had been only a few inches shorter. He was able to pull her body against his and press his erection into her belly, making her groan with need. He chuckled against her lips at her responsiveness. His hands found the zipper to her dress and undressed her, smoothing the dress over her curves, then lying it on the chair. Clad only in stockings and high heels, she was a vision and he gave her a nod of appreciation. “You have turned into a beautiful woman, Min. Let me show you how beautiful you are.”

He took her to the bed and laid her down on it. When she went to remove her shoes, he urged her to keep them on. He pulled off his tie, slowly unbuttoned his shirt, removed his pants, all while staring at the perfection of her nude, pale white skin. When he was undressed, she could see his own body was pale and freckled like her own. He was fit, a runner like herself. His muscles were lean, with none of the bulk that had so thrilled her about Luc.

He climbed onto the bed, settling himself between her trim thighs and opened her pussy. He looked up her body and said, “I can smell you, Min. You’re aroused already, sweet girl that you are.” Eric started to tease her pussy slit with his tongue. He had a lifetime of making love to McAllister women under his belt and used that skill on his inexperienced niece now. Minette quivered against him tongue as he tasted her, moaning at her flavor. She was so fresh and new, like sheets that had just come off the clothesline smelling of sunshine. Eric was quickly hooked, lapping at her juices as if they were a drug.

Minette surrendered to his taking of her cunt. She had no weapons against his skill, not that she had need of any. Eric wasn’t rough with her, but he was bossy in a way that was thrilling. He had told her what to wear, had ordered her dinner, had undressed her body. Now, his mouth ravaging her pussy, he looked up over her mons, and said “Cum for me, Minette.”

Never quite sure how he did it, the very words made her body explode. She screamed his name as her juices filled his mouth. Min’s responsiveness was a calling card announcing that her body was built for pleasure. When she relaxed, he slid up her body and kissed her mouth.

Eric laid down and pulled her upright, guiding her plump lips to his dick. He rubbed his head on her full lower lip, nudging it open. Before she took him in, he asked, “Have you done this?” At her nod, he said, “I’m going to teach you how I like it. Do as you’re told and we’ll both enjoy this more.”

Minette loved his instruction. He was rougher than Eric had been, but he did it in a way that educated her rather than hurt. They spent a long time on oral sex, Eric teaching her how to relax her jaw, how to use her tongue to tease his head. She learned how to breathe through her nose so that she could stay down on him longer. She learned that sometimes a gag reflex was pleasurable, but how to control it, also. Eric had a raging erection and longed to fill her mouth with his cum. He wanted to be in her pussy more, however. bahis şirketleri He praised her for her efforts, reassuring her that soon she would be able to throat anyone she chose.

Then he guided her to sit on top of him. Her eyes opened wide as her stockinged legs straddled her uncle. Luc had always been on top, so this was new territory. Her uncle handed her the condom he had left on the bedside table. She opened the package with shaking fingers, then her uncle taught her how to put it on him. Eric was patient, rubbing his head against her slit, making her gasp with want and need. He took her hand and showed her how to place his head at her entrance. Then he took her hips and guided her down onto his dick.

Shorter than Eric, but still quite thick, he felt wonderful inside her. She could feel the throb of his cock’s pulse as she stilled, taking stock of the sensation. Eric indulged her, marveling at the way his sweet niece’s pussy squeezed him like a vice. “Fuck, sweet girl, you are so tight.” Eric tended to avoid the young ones, but he was glad he had made an exception for his sister’s daughter. She was built for sex and he hoped to have her many times in the future.

Eric guided her hips, pulling her up and down on his erection. Minette did as she was instructed, gasping and moaning at the way she could control the depth and rate of their copulation. Eric pushed his feet against the bed, pushing his dick up into his niece’s tight body, loving her pussy. His fingers found her clit and he used his thumb to hasten her orgasm. He could tell the exact instant she climaxed, feeling her cunt spasm all around him, squeezing him in a delicious hold.

When Min collapsed on top of him, Eric rolled her over. He kissed her mouth, then lifted off her, making her lie down on her stomach. He pulled her ass in the air, his cock finding its way back into her tight cunt. She was almost fully flat on the bed, but the tininess of her frame made it a simple matter to start fucking. He covered her as he rutted, taking his niece in a primal way. He bent down, and his teeth found the back of her neck. He bit into it firmly, as if holding this sweet little bitch in place, so she couldn’t get away.

Minette found her uncle fucking her this way to be an incredible high. She supposed this was how people fucked since time immemorial, as animals. She added it to her list of experiences and came again, her juices coating her uncle’s condom-clad dick. Feeling her squeezing him a second time, Eric could wait no longer. He gave up his control of himself and fucked her even harder, loving the way her ass felt against his balls as they slapped against him. He gave her a hell of a load, filling the condom and wishing he could have her pussy just once without it.

Spending the night with her beloved uncle, Min found he could get it up again with very little rest. He would fuck her twice more that night, then again in the morning. Each time, they repeated the words of the body McAllister to each other. “You have enjoyed the body McAllister and given it pleasure in return. May it always be so.”

Minette embraced the family tradition. In addition to her Uncle Eric, whom she enjoyed frequently, she also asked one of the cousins she had turned down to become her lover. He was a more distant relative, but as a McAllister, he counted. He loved to lick her asshole, and taught her to wear anal toys in between times, slowly preparing her ass for anal sex. By the time he finally took her anal cherry, she was ready to beg him. Scott was gentle and sweet, making it as pleasurable for her, rubbing her clit as he slowly entered her butt. Since no children could be created, they could forgo the condoms. Min supposed this was might be why Scott was such a fan.

Min soon graduated from high school. She had been accepted with a full-scholarship to both her brother’s university as well as the rival one. After discussing it with Luc, she elected to go to the rival school. They both agreed the risk of being caught was vastly increased if they went to the same school. Over the summer, she finally invited her brother back to her bed. Luc had been surprised and pleased to find his sister could now throat him, take him in her ass and ride him until his toes curled.

It was obvious to him that she had been enjoying the body McAllister. He was both thrilled and a teensy bit jealous. He would have loved to have been the one to teach his sisters these things, but he supposed he would have to be content at having been the one to have her first. He also got to enjoy the benefits of the lessons she had learned from those loving relations.

When he wasn’t fucking his sister, he still slept with Abigail. Being honest, he would admit that he saw Abigail more often. They were so comfortable in each other’s beds. It felt normal and natural to spend a lot of time there with her, generally a couple of times a week. They had a genuine love for each other and a shorthand with pleasing each other’s bodies. Luc had experience and skill that most college freshmen would have killed for and he had no problem getting ass on campus. He was known for being able to make a girl scream with pleasure, yet he was impossible to hold onto. This was an intriguing mix of signals and a challenge for a lot of women, to say the least.

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