The Boy Who Controlled His Mom Ch. 03

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It was all I could do to contain myself as I watched my mom day in and day out. Sometimes Kaila would come in and lick my mom’s pussy dry, or maybe it would be Kinsley instead. Either way, it was never hard for me to just reach down and massage my cock. With the glorious sight of the love of my life eating out my own mom, I was usually cumming in seconds. However, after a few days of this, things began to change.

One particular afternoon, Kaila and Kinsley came into the secret chamber that had been designed in our basement, dragging a girl behind each of them. I looked on in a mix of confusion and ecstasy as they were each chained up separately to a wall before my mom.

“Awww, who are these beauties?” my mom purred as she began to rub her engorged, pregnant belly.

“This is Holly,” Kaila said.

“And this is Taylor,” Kinsley said, standing opposite of Kaila.

I gazed at the two and realized that I recognized them from school. Standing about 5’7 each, they were twins with shoulder length brown hair with piercing blue eyes, both quite attractive. They were widely known as two of the most quiet, innocent girls at school. This would indeed be interesting.

“Well hello there Holly and Taylor,” my mom murmured as her pussy began to grow noticeably. “I’m sure you’re both a bit confused and frightened at the moment, but please, don’t worry. You’re about to become one of us now. Just sit back and enjoy!” At this point, my mom’s canlı bahis pussy was fully engorged and she slowly pushed out two, gooey round orbs that appeared to be eggs. She sighed with pleasure as they plopped onto the ground and both Kinsley and Kaila took one and placed them before Holly and Taylor.

“Now girls, feel free to relax and talk. Those chains are just to help you avoid making a bad decision. Just sit back and enjoy.” My mom then turned to me with a glowing fire in her eyes.” “Christian, won’t you come here and fuck your mother?” I didn’t have to even think twice. I practically sprinted to her. My cock was rock hard by the time I got there, all 8 inches of it. I shoved my cock into her moist, sticky pussy and our mouths hungrily met as we searched for each other’s tongue. We rocked back and forth for what seemed like eternity until I finally came inside of her, my seed spilling inside of her as her body tensed up and attempted to absorb it all. I slowly disengaged from her and walked over to the twins, my cock still hard and moist from the previous fucking.

Both twins were whispering quietly and were clearly frightened. I chuckled softly and removed myself to the shadows. All I had to do was wait.

I waited for what seemed like days, but was merely hours, for the eggs to hatch. Slowly the tops of the eggs stretched open and out came a single creature from each. They appeared to be much like the face huggers I had once seen bahis siteleri in Alien, quite ironically. I played with my cock vigorously as the creatures each approached Holly and Taylor. They both slept quite peacefully as the creatures crept up the wall and neared their faces. Holly’s creature reached her first and positioned itself over her face as a tendril seeped out of its stomach. It slowly slithered down to Holly’s mouth and the tip was already halfway into her mouth when she let out a muffled scream. The creature quickly inserted the tendril all the way down her throat before wrapping its actual body around her face. Holly let out a whimper of pleasure and fell limp.

However, Taylor awoke to the sound and let out a piercing scream as the creature hovered over her. With Taylor’s mouth wide open, the creature’s tendril rushed forth and Taylor swallowed it whole. She gurgled for a few seconds and her body jerked a few times, but the tendril made its way down her throat and a large visible lump was visible to me as I watched the tentacle slither into Taylor. Taylor fell limp much like her sister and was quiet. It was only then that I heard slurping sounds and turned to see both Kaila and Kinsley guzzling the sweet juices from my mom’s heaving pussy. She was using her hands to guide them both further into her and her thighs jiggled with pleasure as the girls drank her clean. I came into my hand multiple times before they were done. However, all bahis şirketleri of the sexual excitement had exhausted me and I wanted to be at peak attention for when both Holly and Taylor became fully joined and became part of our glorious Union.

I slept peacefully for a few hours and awoke to see the creatures retract their tendrils and crawl away back onto the ground. After a few seconds, they simply disintegrated into ash as the girls awoke. Holly woke first, followed by Taylor, and with a simple tug, each broke their chains and fell to their knees. Both coughed up some kind of goo and rose, unsteadily, to their feet. They both stood, naked, and shook terribly. It was then that I noticed the huge bulges each of them had, much like pregnant women do, except Holly and Taylor’s were much larger and you could clearly see that whatever was inside of them was moving. I could see ripples across their engorged bellies, which seemed to induce extreme feelings of pleasure for both twins. The fell back to their knees and struggled to crawl towards each other.

Once together, the two meekly helped one another to their feet. Their knees continued to shake, but they supported one another as they stared into each other’s eyes. Slowly, they both stuck their tongues until they met. Slowly, they took one another into their arms and began to kiss fervently as juices began to fall forth from their engorged vaginas. Their bellies swelled and they struggled to maintain their locked lips, but they succeeded. More juices spilled forth and they both began to scream in ecstasy as creatures began to wriggle out. They began to give birth to the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen.

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