The Cabin Ch. 05

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Imani has arrived and she is dancing from her painfully full bladder. Her chocolate tits shake with the movement and her dark nipples are swaying with the rhythm. My daughter’s dark eyes are pulled towards her nipples and there is a sense of excitement on her face.

I lay on my back beneath her spread legs as she lowers herself towards my waiting mouth. Her body is pointed towards my hard dick and I can see my daughter’s eyes glued to her mother’s asshole. My eyes move to the pink hole spread open before me and I open my mouth to wait for her golden stream.

Despite the urgency of the situation, my wife lets out a controlled release of piss and just enough leavers her body to give me a mouthful of her golden wonder. The scent is almost as good as Nia’s and I love the saltiness on my tongue. I close my lips and feel a little drip down my cheeks as I swallow, which feels amazing as her hot gold flows down my throat. My daughter’s eyes are open wide by the control my wife has over her bladder.

Nia is starting to breath heavily as she watches my mouth opens to take more gold from my wife. Another controlled spurt and my mouth is filled with the wonderful sensation of her hot gold. The scent is getting a little stronger as more drips down my cheeks. My daughter’s breathing adds to the pleasure of more moving down my throat and I’m glad my wife is here. It’s important for Nia to see how a golden release should be.

My mouth is filled several times and my daughter’s breathing increases. Imani’s piss has imprinted itself on my tongue and I swallow the last of what my wife has to offer. Nia lets out a soft sigh as she watches her mother drip the last of her gold onto my closed mouth and my throat feels the pleasure one last time. Nia is licking her lips as she continues to stare at my wife’s pussy give the last few drips and I don’t think she would really mind being shared with my wife.

Imani moves her body and I lose the view of pink as she says, “Now can I shave my Nia’s pussy.”

I smile up at her as she turns towards me and say, “Not just yet. She wants to watch me fuck you in the ass first.”

My wife turns to face our daughter and her eyes move down her body with lust. I am standing as I see my daughter’s eyes move between my wife’s shaved pussy and my hard dick. There is no denying the desire that is emanating from Nia and her dark nipples are very hard.

Imani’s voice is a little playful as she says, “Is that so, Nia? Do you really want to watch canlı bahis your daddy ass fuck your mommy?”

Nia dark cheeks redden a little as she says, “Yes, mommy.”

Imani is getting onto her knees with her legs spread and bending over to show her dark asshole to both of us. The dark hole is closed tight and the dark ridges give a lovely sight as they stand out against her chocolate flesh. Her hands move back to spread her cheeks and we both see my wife’s asshole open just a little. Nia can’t take her eyes off of what is before her and her breathing is a little ragged.

My wife’s voice is firm as she calls back. “Lick my asshole, Nia, while daddy gets the lube.”

She is a little taken back as she asks in a startled voice. “What do you want me to do, mommy?”

Her eyes move to mine as I say, “Your mommy wants you to lick her asshole. Get on your knees and do it, Nia.”

She is trying to muster up the courage and it takes her a moment to find her words. “Then I get to watch you fuck mommy’s ass, daddy?”

I grin as I say, “That’s right, Nia. Now get down there. Your mommy’s asshole is waiting.”

Nia’s dark cheeks redden a little more and I can hear the nervousness in her voice. “Alright, daddy. I’ll do it for you.”

I don’t leave the room right away, since I want to watch my daughter please my wife. My daughter gets on her knees and positions herself so her face is close to her mother’s waiting asshole. She is several inches away as she sticks her tongue is out in preparation of what she must do. Nia hesitates and I know it’s just a matter of time before she moves her head forward just a little more. It is impossible to see my wife’s pussy and I know it has to be dripping in anticipation.

Nia’s tongue presses against the dark ridges as my wife lets out a soft sigh of pleasure. My daughter’s tongue starts to explore every ridge encircling the dark hole and my dick gets a little harder than it already was. Imani’s sighs are increasing as Nia gets a little braver with her actions and moves her tongue across the slight opening.

Just as she starts to press her tongue inside, I move to the bedroom and return with the lube as quickly as possible. My wife is moaning louder as my daughter’s tongue is darting in and out of her mother’s asshole like a woman possessed. I start to lube myself up as the moaning intensifies and am looking forward to what is about to happen.

I reach for my daughter’s head as I say, “That’s enough, Nia.”

She bahis siteleri licks her lips and her voice is filled with a desire to continue with her task. “Are you sure, daddy. Mommy’s asshole tastes so good.”

I grin as I speak in a playful voice. “I’m sure. Now lay across mommy’s back and spread her asshole for me, Nia.”

The view of my wife’s pussy is no longer blocked and I know the steady dripping is from something other than her gold. Nia’s dark face appears across from my wife’s chocolate ass and she is staring hungrily at her mother’s asshole. My daughter’s dark fingers move to the edges and she spreads the opening a little further apart than my wife had done. Imani lets out a sigh from her daughter’s touch.

Nia’s dark eyes are focused on the hole as she asks, “Like this, daddy?”

I fall gently to my knees and press the head of my dick against the slightly open hole as I respond, “Just like that, Nia.” I press in a little and feel the familiarity of my wife’s asshole as I continue, “Whenever I pull out, I want you to open your mouth and suck my dick.”

I feel the pleasure as I slowly sink myself deeper and hear the excitement in Nia’s voice. “This is going to be fun, daddy.”

I press myself all the way inside and my wife moans from the fulness as my daughter’s eyes get bigger. My hips pull back all the way out and my dick leaves an open hole behind. Nia’s lips and tongue press against the head as I move myself towards her throat. She gags on my dick as I press in a little deeper and enjoy the sensation of a tight throat.

Her lips stretch as I pull back and enter my wife’s asshole again. This time I slowly fuck her for almost a minute, before her asshole remains open and my daughter’s mouth is once again full. My dick presses a little deeper into her throat and her tongue works my shaft in search of all that she can find.

Over and over again, I repeat the process until my balls press against Nia’s lips and enjoy the sensation of her throat firmly around my shaft. I am close to that wonderful orgasmic state as I pull out of my daughter’s mouth for the last time and thrust myself deep inside of my wife’s open asshole. I just barely manage to keep my eyes open as I grunt out and my wife moans from the sensation of my first shot hitting her sensitive walls.

My daughter’s eyes are watching intently as I pull back and thrust myself deep inside to maximize my pleasure. Another shot releases into her asshole and her moans are getting bahis şirketleri a little louder. My orgasm lasts far longer than it has in a long time and I know my wife’s asshole is receiving far more of my cum than she ever has.

As I hold myself deep within my wife, I say, “When I move, Nia, I want you to lay your head under your mommy’s pussy and open your mouth. She’s going to force my cum out of her asshole and I want you to hold it. Don’t swallow any of it until I tell you.”

Her eyes pull away from my embedded shaft as she says, “Anything for you, daddy.”

Her eyes move back down to watch me slowly pull my dick free of her mother’s asshole. Imani gives a soft sigh as she feels my cum remain inside of her. The head of my dick is freed and a little strand of cum follows my out. It breaks as Nia releases her fingers and splashes onto the entrance that once again appears to be tight. I enjoy the way just a little cum has covered a few of her dark ridges.

I pull my body back and allow Nia to get underneath her mother as I instructed. My body is lowered to watch as my daughter’s mouth is open and Iman’s asshole starts to move into position. She licks her lips in anticipation of what is to come and I wish I could see her eyes at this moment.

Just as her asshole gets within an inch of our daughter’s waiting mouth, she grunts out and starts to dribble the white out of her body. Nia feels the first drop on her tongue and smiles at the sensation. More of my cum follows and my daughter’s mouth fills completely. A few drops of white miss their target and reach her chin.

Imani stands up and I can see the excitement on my daughter’s dark face. Her mouth is very full and she is going to lose some when she stands, but that can’t be helped for what I want to happen next. There’s a reason I didn’t want her swallowing and my daughter doesn’t show any hint of being aware of what’s to come next.

My voice is firm as I say, “Stand up, Nia, and share my cum with mommy.”

I help my daughter to her to her feet and there is a little white that drips down as she closes her mouth. My wife presses her lips to my daughter’s and soon their tongues are fighting for domination. Both of them have a little cum that drips down as they seek to get an equal share of my white. Mother and daughter are gripping the cheeks hard as they spin slowly for me.

Soft moans escape both of their lips as they continue to embrace one another in their shared passion. I can see both throats swallowing what had come out of Imani’s asshole and wonder if there is anything my daughter is unwilling to do for me. Their flesh presses against each other and I see a wonderful view of black mixed with chocolate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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