The Clan Ch. 20

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Chapter 20 – Jack

Jack had tried for weeks to bring his mother to a point were he could make an advance toward her, and she would respond by giving him some signal to proceed, as it were. However, nothing he tried had any success at all, and he was becoming frustrated and even angry with his mother. Subsequently, Jack’s mother Leslie found him stewing in the kitchen.

Leslie had come from the backyard, bringing in the washing. She was wearing a sleeveless light summer dress that reached to halfway to her knees.

“What’s with you?” she asked her son, as she could see his black mood.

“Nothing, forget it, you wouldn’t understand,” Jack told his mother angrily and he turned his attention to the washing, looking for his clothes.

His face dropped and he said to himself, ‘not again, shit, how come she always does this and with my stuff?’ Jack had found one of his white tee shirts and it was now pink. His mother had washed it with something red and the colour had run, and his tee shirt was suffered.

“What’s this?” Jack asked his mother angrily, holding his tee shirt in his fist and shaking it.

“Oops,” was all his mother could manage with a smile.

This angered her son even more.

“Oops is all you can say? You’re ruined another tee shirt of mine, and all you can say is oops?”

Leslie could see her son was angry, but didn’t seem to care at all.

“Yep, what else do you want me to say? Anyway there’s nothing you can do about it now, it’s done.”

And Leslie smiled sweetly at her son, and continued to fold the rest of the washing. Jack fumed because this had begun happening a few weeks before camp. She had never been like this before; she had always been so careful to do all things well. However, it seemed at over the last couple of months, his mother would ruin or stuff-up something. Some of his meals were ruined, or Jack would find he would have no towel when he came out of the shower, and he would have to get one for himself. Then there were the times she had ‘forgotten’ to pick him up, and it could be uni, or from the cinema or anywhere. On a number of occasions his mother had left him stranded late at night, and he had to walk miles home. It was really starting to grate on him, and this was not the morning for one more incident.

“Nothing more I can do about it? That’s not fair,” Jack thundered, “if it had been me, I’d be punished. So you have to be punished just like me.” He told his mother angrily.

His mother looked haughtily at him.

“Oh yeah, what are you going to do? Send me to bed without dinner, send me to my room or make me write lines or something?”

Leslie asked stilling looked haughtily at her son.

“No, but I think you need a good spanking.”

Jack told his mother bluntly and Leslie blanched a little. He had never spoken to her like this before.

“I beg your pardon young man; you don’t talk to your mother like that.”

Leslie had spoken with her ‘serious mother’s voice’. However, Jack was really angry now, and all his good manners were out the window.

“Fucking bullshit! You fuck-up and you get punished just like me,” Jack thundered at his mother and stood up to push his point.

Leslie stood like any shocked mother, with her mouth open, but when she spoke Jack heard something else.

“Don’t you speak to your mother like that, and who said you could use such language?”

Yet, rather then thundering back at her son, Leslie had spoken very weakly and very breathy, as if she was struggling for breath, because she was so shocked. Jack wasn’t sure what was happening here, but he felt he was in a dominant positioned and pressed on.

“I’ll speak to you how I like because you fucked up and you need a good fucking spanking. How come here,” Jack moved to grab his mother’s arm.

To his surprise she didn’t move, but Jack could see his mother was breathing heavily and fast, as if she was frightened. He grabbed her high on her left arm and began to pull her out from behind the kitchen table, and he was going to take her into the dinning room. Leslie continued to rebuke her son, but made no attempt to remove his hand.

“Jack stop this, I’m your mother, you can’t treat me like this, stop it, stop it now,” she ordered of her son.

“Yeah, well maybe after a good spanking you won’t fuck my washing up any more.”

And Jack pulled his mother into the dinning room and to one of the dinning room chairs, with the high back and no arms. He stood next to the chair and Leslie tried weakly to pull away from her son.

“Now Jack stop alright, it’s gone far too far but it stops now. Please Jack stop it.”

Ignoring his mother and still a little enflamed, Jack sat on a chair pulling his mother across his knees, using his strength and weight to pull her down. Jack held his mother down with his left arm across her upper back, and he thought his mother would have fought far harder then she was, but Leslie was pleading with her son not fighting.

“No Jack stop it, you can’t spank your mother. canlı bahis Please Jack let me up, don’t spank me I’m your mother.”

Yet, Jack was excited now; he couldn’t believe he had his mother held down like this. Leslie wasn’t even trying to protect her bottom with her hands; they were wrapped around her son’s left leg. As Jack looked at his mother’s bottom, which he was about to spank, he saw her dress was just covering her panties. He brought his right down on his mother’s bottom, not too hard, and there was an audible ‘thack.’ Jack couldn’t believe the sound that emanated from his mother, rather then a scream or cry of pain or indignation; it was a cross between squeal of delight and a moan of pleasure.

“Jack don’t, don’t spank your mother, please don’t spank me.”

Then it hit Jack like a ton of bricks. His mother was enjoying this. This is what she was into; so now Jack knew how to proceed and he hoped this would be his story for The Clan. His mother had been sending him signals; he just didn’t expect them to be these sort of signals. The ruined meal, the not picking him up, it all make sense. His mother was just wired differently to the other mothers, and he hadn’t read it. This is what she wanted with her son, and she had been trying to provoke him into action. What a dickhead he’d been. Now he wanted to hear the real ‘smack’ of a spanking, not the dull ‘thack’.

Jack spanked his mother again, and this time a little harder and her response was just as he hoped. Leslie squealed louder with a groan mixed in, and her body squirmed a little.

“Oh Jack stop, don’t spank me, I’ll be good.”

Those last three words gave him the assurance he was allowed to go to the next level. Jack now pulled his mother’s dress up and over her bottom to expose her white cotton panties.

“Oh no Jack, don’t show your mother’s panties Jack, you shouldn’t, it’s rude for a son to show his mother’s panties. I’ll be a good.”

Leslie pleaded, but it only served to stimulate Jack even further, and he spanked her panty covered bottom a little harder.

Leslie squealed and groaned, as her body seemed to convulse just a little. She continued to groan, even though Jack had paused. She still didn’t try to protect her bottom with her hands. Jack spanked her again, and it produced a resounding ‘smack’ and Leslies’ squeal-groan transformed.

“Oh, oh. Jack please don’t smack your mother. Ooooh Jaaaack. Mmmm, Jaaack don’t show your mother’s panties, someone might see.”

Jack saw an opportunity to advance yet again.

“You don’t want people to look at your panties, hey… hey?” Jack asked in an agitated tone, all the while his mother was groaning and twisting a little.

“No Jack don’t show my panties, I’ll be ashamed,” Leslie pleaded.

“Ok I won’t then,” Jack replied agitated, and with that he unceremoniously pulled his mother’s white panties down, to stare at her fat, smooth pussy between the cheeks of her white taut bottom; and it was all he had dreamed.

“Oh Jack, what have you done, what have you done?” Leslie pleaded weakly.

Yet, her body responded by thrusting her bottom up toward her son, which showed all of her pouting pussy to him. Even now Jack’s mother did not try to cover her bare, naked pussy.

‘Smack’, Jack spanked his mother and watched her fat pussy reverberate, and he could see the thin line of wetness between her fat pussy lips.

“Does that hurt mum, hey, did that hurt?”

“Oh yes Jack it hurt, but cover my pussy Jack. Anyone can see my pussy, cover up mother’s pussy.”

Leslie’s pleading was very weak now.

“No I won’t cover your pussy, you’ve been naughty and this is your punishment as well.”


“No Jack please, I’m your mother, don’t, please cover me,” she whimpered.

“No! But I’ll tell you what you can do to stop your punishment.”

“What Jack, I’ll do anything, anything,” his mother pleaded.

“Right then, tell your son to play with your pussy.”

“Oh no Jack, I can’t, I can’t,” she sobbed back at him.

Smack, smack.

“Oh please Jack no more.”

“Then tell, tell me mum.”

“Alright Jack, play with my pussy,” she sobbed again.

“No, you’ll have to better than that. Ask me like you want me too.”

His mother asked him again, and the change in her voice was remarkable. It was filled with desire and yearning.

“Oh Jack, play with my pussy, play with me, I want you to play with me.”

Jack was left in no doubt that his mother was speaking her real desire for her son. With her permission he groped his mother’s pussy, kneading her fat pussy lips, watching her pussy juices ooze out between her lips and onto his fingers.

“Oh Jack, Jack your touching mother’s pussy, you’re a naughty son, I’m your mother,” Leslie said breathlessly, as her breathing was now very ragged.

“You want me to touch your pussy mum, don’t you?” Jack asked as he continued to knead her smooth, fat pussy.

“Oh yes Jack, touch my pussy. I want you touch my pussy, ooh yeah Jack,” Jack’s bahis siteleri mother cooed.

Her voice and body response told her son of her enjoyment, as she writhed with extreme pleasure. Leslie’s arms were still wrapped around her son’s leg, and she tried to spread her legs, but her panties were preventing her. Jack used his free hand to help her shed them, and then she was able to spread herself wide for her son.

“Oh Jack, touch my pussy. Touch your mother’s pussy. Finger fuck my pussy, finger fuck me Jack, finger fuck me. Oh Jack, Jack my beautiful son.”

Jack didn’t need his mother’s pleas to tell him what to do, as he pushed his middle finger between her pussy lips and into her love tunnel. Leslie groaned loudly with pleasure, and Jack pushed a second finger into his mother’s pussy and Leslie’s body bucked as her son finger fucked her pussy slowly. After a few seconds of this, Jack suddenly stood and made his mother bend over the dinning table, as he pulled his dick out and slammed it into his mother’s hot, wet, gapping pussy.

Leslie went mad. She squealed, bucked, screamed, grunted and did some noises that Jack had no idea what they were. He pumped his mother hard and fast, and as he felt he was cuming decided to come on the outside of his mother’s pussy. Leslie was already cuming as he son pulled out of her pussy and blew his load all over her lips.

Leslie stayed slumped on the dinning table, as Jack cleaned both of them up. After a few minutes and amid moans and groans she stood, put her panties back on and rearranged her dress, and said to her son very demurely and softly,

“I’m sorry Jack, I won’t fuck-up your washing again.”

Jack stared hard at his mother.

“You’d better not, or you will be punished again,” he warned her.

“Yes Jack, if I’m a bad again you should punish me.”

It was 10.00am and Jack felt elated; he was no longer going to be the odd man out in The Clan, and he couldn’t believe what had just happened with his mother. As he sat enjoying these feelings his mother can into the lounge room.

“Well are you going to help me with the rest of the washing?” Jack’s mother asked him, sounding a little miffed.

The Leslie from before the spanking was back, all haughty again and Jack was a bit confused. The rest of the morning proceeded like any normal Saturday, as Jack’s mother chased him up for housework and his home work. At midday Leslie asked him if he wanted some lunch, he nodded. Jack was feeling somewhat deflated after believing he had discovered the way to his mother, and now wondering what had happened, was it a once only?. He actually thought his mother had decided to pretend nothing had happened, so what was he to do?

“So what would you like?”

Leslie asked a little short, and Jack shrugged and answered,

“Peanut butter.”

Both knew this meant a sandwich. Jack walked back to the kitchen to eat his lunch, and his mother set a plate before him with his sandwich cut in half on it — as always. Jack could tell by just looking at his sandwich it wasn’t peanut butter but vegemite*. He thought for a moment. ‘What the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound’, he told himself. He gripped the sandwich in his hand and turned on his mother.

“What’s this?” he asked in a quiet, angry voice, and shook the sandwich at his mother.

Leslie looked coolly at her son, but with the slightest of twinkles in her eye and asked in all innocence,

“What’s what?” Jack sprung up and as he spoke his voice rose with each word.

“This is not peanut butter, it’s vegemite. I told you peanut.”

Leslie smirked.

“Did you, so?”

But Jack had a feeling for this game now. He stepped to within inches of his mother and holding his now squashed sandwich under her nose.

“Yeah, and what did I say if you fucked up something of mine again?” Leslie looked like a defiant teenage girl now.

“Don’t speak to me like that Jack, I’m your mother. Now just settle down.”

Yet, the twinkle in his mother’s eye was more evident now. She was enjoying this as much as her son.

“I’ll fuckin’ speak to you any fuckin’ way I please. Now I’ve got some punishment to dish out,” he told his mother and the twinkle in her eye suddenly turned into a look of poorly suppressed excitement.

Jack sat down on his kitchen chair and pointed to his knee, but Leslie looked defiant again now and shook her head. Without further encouragement Jack leaped up and grabbed his mother’s upper arm again, and as he sat back down he pulled Leslie over his knees once again. A great thrill ran through mother and son alike. There were no hands from Leslie to cover her bottom, as she held on to her son’s leg again. The game progressed with Leslie pleading and whimpering for her son not to shame her by spanking her, but of course Jack spanked his mother once. Leslie’s body responded far quicker this time, and Jack kept pace. He told his mother in harsher tones that she was naughty and needed to be taught a lesson.

“You’ve been very naughty bahis şirketleri mum and I have to spank you severely,” Jack told his mother and spanked her again.

Then without warning he pulled her dress up over her bottom, and to his surprise Leslie wasn’t wearing her panties this time, her bottom was bare, naked as was her fat pussy. ‘One more spank’, thought Jack as his mother pleaded with him not to shame her anymore — still no hands from Leslie to cover her naked bottom and pussy. Jack had something new in mind; he had been thinking about it after their earlier experience. His mother’s pussy slit was already glistening with pussy juice in her excitement.

“Put your hands on your bottom, go on you naughty girl,” he instructed his mother, and she complied immediately placing a hand on each cheek.

“Can you feel you naked bottom, you naughty girl?” he asked harshly.

“Yes I can,” Leslie whimpered back to her son.

“Now pull your cheeks open,” was Jack’s next instruction and although his mother did as she was told immediately, she still whimpered her protest to her son.

As Leslie pulled her bottom cheeks apart, she also opened her pussy for her son to see. Jack marvelled at the beauty of his mother’s pussy.

“No Jack, someone will see my pussy.”

“You don’t want anyone else to see your pussy?” her son teased.

“No I don’t,” Leslie protested back at her son.

“Then I will invite that man over there to come and have a look,” Jack pretended with her.

“Oh no Jack, please don’t ask him to look at my pussy, please Jack,” Leslie whimpered without missing a beat of his change in direction.

“You over there, come and have a look at my mother’s beautiful pussy,” Jack called to no one, raising his voice a little.

“No Jack no, I only want you to look at my pussy,” his mother continued to plead.

“If I send him away will you show me whenever I ask?” Jack requested and his mother nodded.

“Oh yes Jack, I only want you to look at my pussy, look me any time you want.”

Jack could hear the heavy desire in his mother’s voice.

“And if you don’t show me I’ll spank you, do you hear?”

“Yes Jack, yes, now please send that man away,” Leslie pleaded with her son.

“Hey you, fuck off, go on, get out of here. There’s nothing for you to see here,” Jack said in a commanding voice — he was his mother’s white knight.

“He’s gone mum,” Jack told his mother like a big, brave son defending his mother.

“Oh thank-you Jack,” Leslie said gratefully.

“Well if you don’t behaviour yourself, I might let him look next time or even touch your pussy,” Jack warned his mother.

“Oh Jack, you’re so naughty,” Leslie replied breathlessly and Jack new the prospect of pretending someone would look at or even touch her pussy had thrilled her — but not the reality, he somehow knew this intuitively.

“Now do you want your son to touch your pussy?” Jack asked expectantly.

“No Jack, don’t touch your mother’s pussy, it’s not right for a son to…”

It was too late, Jack’s hand began to knead Leslie’s pussy before she could finish and her words turned into loud groans of pleasure. Yet, Jack didn’t linger on her pussy, as he pulled her off, stood himself and sat her on the kitchen table, spread her legs and plunged his dick deep into her pussy. Leslie grabbed her son and pulled him into herself. Then she held him out a little so both could watch as son fucked mother, as his dick thrust in and out.

“Oh Jack, Jack, fuck me, fuck me,” his mother moaned, encouraging him. Jack didn’t last too long and neither did his mother.

He reached his climax quickly and came in her, the fact that her own son was fucking her and now cuming in her, pushed Leslie to a quick orgasm. Both arched their bodies in unison toward each other as they climaxed together. When they had finished they slumped into each other’s arms, panting. When they recovered they held each other, and Leslie covered her son’s face in kisses.

“I think I might be naughty quite a bit from now on,” Leslie told her son breathlessly as she kissed his face.

“Then I will need to punish you won’t I?” Jack said offhandedly, and Leslie smiled.

For mother and son this became their special relationship. That’s not to say they didn’t have a lovers’ normal relationship most of the time, but this was their special thing between them. Jack begrudgingly realized Jeremy was right — again. * You must know all us Aussies eat vegemite — these no further explanation, it is what it is.

To everyone who had read this series and enjoyed, I’m very pleased because that was my intension; now a little information for those who care. I originally intended there to be only four sons, the four mates — Jeremy, Benny, Bobby and Daniel. I had written extensive stories on all four, but I changed my mind when I had the idea for the twenty sons.

To those who have offered ideas and suggestions, let me try to address all of them here. I have always intended these to be love stories between mother and son, not gangbangs, mother swapping or anything like that. I wanted to write stories of love — as I feel it should be. I know that may not sit well with some of you, but then again these are my stories.

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