The Confession Ch. 01

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Rin knew she was a bad girl. She sobbed silently as she entered the church, hoping that no one would notice that she had cut classes. She hadn’t been inside St. Agnacius since junior high school, right before her parents got divorced. Now an 18 year old high school senior, Rin felt a need to reconnect with the church, especially after what she had just done. She looked around the church, hoping to find some inspiration, some sign that she could be forgiven for her sins. Instead, her guilt pressed even more heavily on her. She sobbed again.

She was glad the church was empty. She bowed her head and took a deep breath.

“Please God. Please forgive me. Please don’t let my mom ever find out.”

Rin toyed with her long silky black hair, trying to muster some courage. She played back the day’s events in her head, hoping to imagine a different ending. But each time, she felt flushed with guilt. But the memory also made her feel warm in other parts of her slim Asian body. She put her hand on her chest, and could feel her heart thumping loudly against her pert B-cups. She pressed her legs closely together, hoping to squelch out the sensations from earlier. She closed her eyes, remembering the things she had done for him, the way she squirmed, the way she…

Rin jumped back in startled surprise when Father Jim put his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you alright, my child? Oh, is that you, Rin?”

Father Jim hadn’t seen Rin in years, but in his eyes, she hadn’t changed much. He remembered her as a shy, but incredibly sweet little girl who would sit silently with her parents in the front pews. She still had that same beautiful angelic face, with soft almond eyes that shone with innocence. Her jet black hair was now longer, and her slim, firm body had filled out in the right places. He found his mind wandering as he stared at her milky white thighs below her short skirt, and had to shake his head to snap out the thoughts that were creeping inside his head.

“Oh Father….I’ve done something terrible.” Rin bit her lower lip as the tears started to form again.

Father Jim could not hide his surprise. He could not imagine what sweet, innocent Rin might have done that could make her feel so remorseful.

“Child. Do not be frightened. God loves you. You can confess your sins, and if you are willing to commit penance, you will be forgiven. Do you want me to hear your confession?”

Rin lowered her head. She nodded. She wasn’t sure that she could be forgiven, but she had to get the guilt out before it suffocated her. She walked over to the confessional and entered. She heard Father Jim enter his side and open the partition between them.

Rin looked around the cramped space, not having been to confession in years. The confessional was brighter than she remembered, and the open partition allowed a clear view between her and Father Jim. She chewed on her lower lip, thinking that confession would be much easier if she couldn’t see the priest.

“We can dismiss with the formalities, my child. You look very troubled. Why don’t you begin your confession.”

“Bless me father, for I have sinned. It has been six years since my last confession.” Rin blurted out. Once she started talking, she found she could not stop. She felt a wave of relief washing over her, as she relayed the day’s events. Perhaps she could be forgiven after all.

She had woken up that morning late. Her alarm had not gone off in time, and when she opened her eyes, it was already canlı bahis 7:30 am. Oh no. Her mother would have already left for work and now Rin was late for the school bus. She jumped out of bed, and rushed toward the bathroom in her bra and panties. She burst inside without knocking.

To her shock, her stepfather Steven was standing naked in the shower but no water was running. She could not believe what she was seeing. Steven’s eyes were closed while his hands…his hands were wrapped around his cock, pumping back and forth. Her stepfather’s cock was much bigger than those of her previous two boyfriends. Steven’s cock was a somewhat longer, but it was very thick, much thicker than even the ones in the few pornographic videos she had seen. Rin edged slowly back, and stumbled against the bathroom door almost falling down.

Steven was horrified to see his stepdaughter, sprawled out on the bathroom floor. He quickly grabbed a towel and tried to cover himself up. Rin ran out and back into her own room, shutting her eyes trying to forget the images. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t forget. She felt a little uneasy when she felt a slight tickle between her legs at the thought of Steven’s manhood…how erect it was, how it was throbbing as his hand…

She heard Steven knock on the door. He was still clad only in a towel wrapped around his waist when he entered. Steven had a concerned look on his face as he sat down next to her on the bed. Rin lowered her head and let her hair cover her face so she could hide her embarrassment.

Father Jim shook his head sadly as he listened to the confession. Rin was relaying the morning’s events in vivid detail. The priest, of course, knew both Rin’s mother and Steven. In fact, they had been in marriage counseling with him for several months, despite the fact that they had not been church goers in years. Rin’s mother had married Steven right after her divorce, and the second marriage was not working out well. While they loved each other, they had serious incompatibilities. Rin’s mother was very traditional and very timid. While she was beautiful, she was also very shy and conservative. Steven, on the other hand, was outgoing and adventurous, and proud of his Irish-American heritage. A gregarious man, he enjoyed the company of others and had dated many women before marrying Rin’s mom.

Steven had always had a “thing” for Asian women, and the two had hit if off immediately. Their courtship was brief, and they soon married. He had respected her conservative nature, and the two of them had only engaged in mild petting before their wedding night. Much to Steven’s disappointment, however, he soon discovered they were sexual opposites. His drive was immense. He needed sex and he needed it constantly. He felt as if his insides would explode unless he could relieve the building pressure daily. Rin’s mom, on the other hand, was as frigid as she was beautiful. To her, sex was dirty. And with Steven, it was also painful because of his size. She eventually found it physically impossible to have sex with her new husband. Soon, the marriage was in trouble. Father Jim thus was not surprised by Rin’s words as she continued her confession.

Steven stared at his stepdaughter as he sat on her bed. Rin possessed her mother’s beauty, but her body showed the radiance and vibrance of youth. Steven didn’t know exactly what to say, how to explain what Rin had just witnessed. He had to avert his eyes while he formed his words. Rin was still just in her bras and panties, bahis siteleri and he knew that the thoughts bouncing into his head were inappropriate.

“Rin, are you OK?” Steven’s query was met by silence. “I know what you just saw embarrassed both of us. I hope we can discuss it.”

Rin just shook her head. Her eyes were still closed, trying to shut out the images. She managed to whisper a few words.

“I’m so sorry…”

“Oh, Rin! Don’t be sorry. It’s nobody’s fault.” Steven reached over to give her a soft hug to comfort her. “I’m sorry I didn’t lock the door. I thought you had already gone to school.”

Rin buried her head in Steven’s shoulder. She was beginning to feel better. The two of them silently sat there together for a few moments.

“Can I ask something, Steven?” Rin eventually managed to speak.

“Of course, baby. What is it?”

Rin hesitated. “Why were you, umm, doing that?”

Steven hesitated. How could he explain? How could he tell her of his sexual frustrations? How could he tell her that he had not slept with Rin’s mother in over two years? Instead, he responded with a question of his own.

“Rin, how much do you know about sex?”

Rin could feel herself blushing. She was glad she was still resting her head on his shoulder so Steven couldn’t see her embarrassment.

“Well, I am 18. Ha ha.” She thought about what to say next. “I mean, they teach us stuff in school, and I’ve seen videos. But I haven’t actually experienced much, if that’s what you are asking.”

She paused, and when Steven didn’t say anything, she continued. “I’ve kissed and stuff with my boyfriends, and I’ve seen a penis before so don’t worry about that.”

Steven felt a little warm holding Rin in his arms. He gently pushed her away so she could sit upright. He looked into her eyes. Damn, she was so beautiful. He tried not to look down at her body.

“Rin, all guys masturbate. Some do it more often than others, and you just happened to catch me at a bad time.”

Rin pondered that answer. “But why do you masturbate when you are married?” She could not help glance down at Steven’s lap as she asked this. She could make out the outline of his bulge beneath the towel, and she looked away.

“Like I said. All guys do it. Even married men.”

“Really? Do all women do it, too? I mean, I don’t.” Rin couldn’t believe she had actually said that and grabbed a pillow to cover her face.

Steven now noticed her body fully. He did not want to ogle his stepdaughter, and was glad that she could not see him as he inspected her. Her tits seemed so perky and surprisingly cream colored. The bra revealed just enough for the imagination against her very firm torso. He eyed the few strands of pubic hair peeking out of her panties before he replied.

“Well, a lot of women do it, too. It’s normal, and pleasurable.” He formed his next words carefully. “Sure, it’s not as good as sex, and it certainly is not a replacement for sex. But sometimes, it’s the best you can do.”

Rin lowered the pillow a bit so just her eyes showed. “How often do you and Mom do it? Have sex, I mean.”

Steven took a deep breath. Should he tell her the truth? Should he lie? “Your mom and I don’t have sex any more.”

He looked at her. Rin looked adorable hiding herself partially behind the pillow. Steven continued. “Actually, it’s a big problem between us and that’s why you hear us fighting sometimes. You know that I love your mom, but sex is an important bahis şirketleri part of marriage. We are trying to figure things out, but we need to reach a compromise soon for us to work.”

Rin dropped the pillow. Did she hear that right? “You and Mom’s marriage is in trouble? Sex is that important to you?”

She couldn’t understand what she had just heard. To Rin, it was fun to kiss boys, and it felt nice when they touched her in those special places. But Rin couldn’t fathom how sex could be so great that it could jeopardize a marriage. She suddenly felt very sad at what she had heard. She knew how much her Mom loved Steven, and how hard the earlier divorce had been on her.

Wow. They might actually break up, and her Mom would be alone after Rin left for college.

Steven felt guilty as he saw how shaken up Rin was by the news. Perhaps he shouldn’t have said anything. Once again, he drew her into his arms for a hug to comfort her.

Rin allowed herself to be pulled against Steven. She rested her head against his broad shoulders. Rin knew she was petite, but she felt so small against his muscular body. But she felt better, safer. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed him back.

They held each other without speaking. Steven shifted his position to get a little more comfortable on the bed, and Rin’s hands dropped a little lower so they rested against his waist at the edge of his towel. Naughty thoughts started to edge back into his head so he closed his eyes. He could feel her breasts against his body, and he felt himself becoming aroused. He tried to keep his body absolutely still, when Rin shifted. Her right hand was now resting on the towel itself, and just inches away from his cock.

A question popped into Rin’s head. She looked up at him and whispered. “Is that why you were doing that…thing…in the bathroom? Does doing that help not fight with Mom?”

Steven barely heard the question, as her hand had now slid down so it was resting on top his cock. Rin did not appear to notice, and he didn’t know how to ask her to move it without embarrassing each other more. He breathed deeply, but all that did was nudge his now firming cock against the weight of her hand. He willed his body to keep still as he replied.

“Baby, it helps a little. Just a little.”

Rin put her head back on his shoulder. She felt so safe against him. And then she noticed something stirring underneath her hand. Horrified, Rin realized her hand was on top of his…thing. She felt an urge to move it away, but couldn’t. She started feeling a tingling sensation in her body, in between her legs, and it felt nice. She hadn’t quite felt anything like that before, and she didn’t want it to go away. So she kept still. Steven was still covered by a towel, and he didn’t seem to notice where her hand was. So maybe she could just stay like this for awhile.

Father Jim coughed, and then cleared his throat. His collar suddenly felt very tight, and he took a deep breath. He concentrated and willed his body not to respond to what he was hearing.

Rin stopped her confession, wondering whether she should keep talking.

Father Jim managed to croak out, “Please continue your confession, my child. Tell me of all your sins.”

Rin hesitated. Now that she was interrupted, she felt the shame come back. “Father, I did something really bad. I am such a….such a….”

“Child, do not judge yourself. Only God can do that. But first you must confess.”


That was the next word that would have come out of Rin’s mouth. Instead, Rin tried to obey the priest. She closed her eyes once more and forced herself to remember the morning. And to remember what happened next.

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