The Dinner

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Beth and her friend Theresa walked home from school, down the tree lined street on a friday evening. Kicking leaves and gossiping about boys. It was nearing the end of the school year and it was warm and slightly humid, the street spackled with sunlight falling through the leaves.

Beth was young. 20. her hair was a dark caramel color, glossy and often reflected many different warm colors in the sun. Her skin was rosy and fresh with her youth and her body was ripe and full. Her breasts had grown suddenly a year before and now were abundant and round, drawing men’s eyes in a way that caused them to practically walk into walls. Her lips were naturally red and pouty, most men got hard in their pants just at the things they imagined when they saw those lips. Her eyes were large and deep, a sparkling amber brown color shot with green. She looked fresh and innocent, yet caused nothing but lascivious thoughts in the men around her. She smiled and laughed a lot, and was whip smart. She’d stayed in her home town after college, attending community college. She barely noticed the boys at school and seemed too preoccupied with studying to return their attentions. She never dated.

Beth was wearing a long flowery skirt that fell straight to her ankles, a light material that moved smoothly around her legs. Her shirt was a button up white shirt that was from the year before and pulled a little bit across her breasts.

Theresa asked Beth if she wanted to come over for dinner and Beth paused for a minute. “I’d love to actually, but my stepdad is kind of weird about me making it home for dinner every night. He considers it important that we eat together like a family ever since mom left” Beth doesn’t look Theresa in the face and looks a little awkward. “I’d invite you over, but he considers it our ‘alone’ time.” They were at her yard now, her step father was in the yard watching them as they arrived. He heard Beth say “but maybe I can come over after dinner! I’ll give you a call later” Theresa said how much fun that would be, they’d rent movies and then skipped towards her own house a few blocks away, waving at Beth’s father as she left.

Beth walked past her dad (he insisted she call him that in his presence, although her mother had only married him a year before she’d walked out on them 2 years before) and into the house. He followed her in. “I’m sorry Beth, but I need you here tonight. I have company, and I told them about dinners at our house. there will be a feast”

:::Flash back two years:::

.. Her mother has been married to her new step father, John, for a year. Her mother has been acting more and more strange… distant. One day she just disappears. They wait, thinking she’ll return after a few days but they just receive a letter a month later saying she couldn’t hack it anymore and wouldn’t be returning.

John is angry.. depressed. Beth worries for him and takes care of him. Cooking their dinners.. being extra good and sweet and helpful, studying extra hard and trying to please him with her good grades. Occasionally he plummets into such anguish she sits next to him and holds his head to her and soothes him. After time, he begins pulling her into his lap and holding her…crying into her neck. He becomes more and more strange. Almost as though something in him has shifted, by her mothers betrayal. They’re also having financial difficulty, as her mother was the true breadwinner of the house. John starts insisting that she call him Dad or Daddy. She wants to make him feel better and complies. Their relationship has become a little strange, but she figures he just needs to work through this stage. She catches him staring at her sometimes, with a look somewhere between anger and hunger. She gets a strange thrill from it, as she is just blossoming into her womanhood, her figure rounding, and recognizing her fledgling sexual power. It feels gratifying to be looked at by a man and not a pimply little adolescent. The months pass and he becomes more and more erratic…but their lives also fall into a sort of rhythm.

One day he is in one of his moods and is clutching her to him, shuddering a little. She assumes he is depressed, and sits there passively..rubbing his hair. Suddenly his grip seems a little more insistent and he is pushing her head towards his lap. She pulls back in shock, but he grabs her head again and pushes it towards his lap. “Please. Please, it will make me feel so much better” She looks up into his ravaged face, his eyes burning at her. She swallows and makes a quick decision. She lowers her head and with a shaking hand reaches canlı bahis for his zipper. Breathe hisses through his teeth.

She slowly unzips his pants, her throat convulsing with fear. She’s never seen a penis before. She pulls open his pants and gasps at the sight of his erection. It looks so huge. It’s swollen with veins standing out in relief. The tip is glistening. She’s both fascinated and terrified. His dick jumps under her scrutiny and she pulls back. He reaches and pulls her back gently…his hand against the back of her head, guiding her. She looks up at him in trepidation. She isn’t sure what to do.

“Kiss it” he says. She leans down and kisses the side, his dick leaps in reaction. “lick it” She flicks her tongue out nervously and laps at the side of the shaft. He groans softly .”more” She grows a little braver and starts licking up and down the shaft… she finds herself liking the power she has over him.

He suddenly holds her jaw and is forcing her mouth open. She struggles a little bit but then settles.. he moves the tip of his penis into her opening mouth. She is amazed at the salty flavor of his skin, the silky skin that stretches tight over his engorged rod. He slides himself further into her wet mouth and makes guttural noises. “Open your mouth more” he says . She complies and he is filling her mouth with his enormous cock. She gags and saliva rushes into her mouth. “open the back of your throat” he whispers. He holds either side of her head and moves her up and down on him. “suck and lick” he says. She milks him slowly and he throws his head back, his mouth tightened into a grimace. She stares up at him while she sucks him off and he lifts his head to stare down at her pouting red lips wrapped around the length of him. His body begins to tense and the hand on her head grips into her hair with a desperate insistence. She tries to pull back because suddenly he is moving deeper and with greater force into her mouth, but his grip won’t allow her head to move. Suddenly his head falls back on the couch and he groans loudly “oh god your mouth feels so good” and her throat is being filled with something warm and salty and thick. She tries to pull away again but he holds her there , whispering “drink it. all of it” and she gulps at the liquid that is spurting out of him, down her throat.

His penis softens and he lets go of her head. .. She sits up and straightens her clothes. He zips himself up and clears his throat. He asks about dinner, as though nothing had happened .. and won’t look her in the eye. She gets up and quietly goes about the rest of her night. They never speak of it. For the rest of the week he seems calmer… at peace.

A few nights later she comes home and makes dinner. They sit down to eat, both silent. Suddenly he looks up from his pork chop and says…a little awkward but with a strange intensity “We’re having problems with money. It’s expensive feeding two on my salary.” She just looks at him, not sure where this is going. should she get a job? She waits for him to speak. He stumbles a little over his words and then says with a strange light in his eyes. “I recently read that sperm is high in protein and calories. I’ve decided that you will eat your usual lunch at school and vegetables with me, but from now on at dinner you will get your protein from me” She stares at him. He stares back. He looks firm and sure of himself. She remembers how calm he’s been the last week and feels good that she was the cause of that. “ok” she says softly.

This relationship continues for the next two years. Every night at dinner, after salad…she kneels in front of him and he feeds her. He makes jokes “Come get your dinner, honey” and unzips. He is definitely no longer depressed. He becomes a little proprietary but she settles into the role. She doesn’t date at school, because she has to be home for dinner every night and she just doesn’t feel like bothering with boys.

:::Flash Forward to the Present:::

She brushes past John, gaping at him. “What!?” she says. “you heard me, I decided tonight you’d get a feast. You’re getting thin” He has a perverse gleam in his eye. She walks into the living room and sees three men there. She knows all of them, one is Theresa’s father, one is a friend of her father who lives a few doors down and the last is a man from Johns work. They stare at her as she comes in and she stares again at John, nervous, and comes to a standstill, not sure what to do.

“Hello, Beth” Theresa’s father says. “hello Mr.. Chambers” she whispers. “Hello , Jim. Hello, Sid” she says to the other two.

“why bahis siteleri don’t you go get dinner started, Beth” John says “yes, dad” . she goes into the kitchen and tosses a salad. she cooks four steaks and some potatoes. The men are in the other room drinking beer and watching a game on TV.

She brings the dinner into the dining room and all the men come in and sit at the table. Everyone is acting as though everything is normal. The men dig into their steaks and she picks at her salad. Mr. Chambers occasionally looks up and stares at her mouth. When he catches her noticing, he grins shamefaced and returns to his steak.

When the men are done, they sit back in their chairs and have an after dinner cigarette. John says “who wants to be the first to give Beth her dinner? How about you Chambers” Beth stares fearfully at Mr. Chambers and he nods his assent. He pushes himself back from the table and she looks at her step father. He nods at her, so she walks towards Mr. Chambers and sinks to her knees in front of him. She can’t believe she’s going to see the penis of her best friend’s father. That whenever she sees Theresa she won’t be able to tell her that she swallowed her father’s come. She feels a rush of fear and excitement. Knowing this is wrong.

Mr. Chambers is staring down at her sweet face. All of the men know they are getting older. In their 40’s, their bodies are starting to go. They’ve got slight beer bellies and are going Grey. They all look at Beth’s innocence and young perfect body and the idea of her red lips wrapped around them makes them practically come in their pants. He excitedly unzips himself while staring at her mouth. She licks her lips nervously and Mr. Chambers groans. He’s been watching her whenever she comes over to visit his daughter, secretly coveting her youth and beauty, and now here she is about to suck on his cock.

When he’s uncovered, she lowers her head and begins to obediently lick him. He’s so hard he’s pulsing underneath her tongue. He hesitantly puts his hands on her head and stares down at her perfect pink tongue as it laps at him. She looks up into his face and licks the tip of him, where droplets of precome are glistening. He can’t look away. She can feel everyone else staring, and hear the quick breathing in the room. His hands get more confident and twine into her hair. She opens her mouth and takes the tip of his penis into her mouth and slides it in and out..just the tip, swirling her tongue around and around. He moans and bucks his hips a little. She opens her mouth further and takes all of him into her. She milks him sweetly and he thrusts harder, the tip of his cock bumping into the back of her throat. He humps her tender wet mouth with long strokes. “oh yea, honey. your mouth is so sweet” He caresses her head and pumps in and out… faster and faster until suddenly his cock is twitching and her mouth is full of his come. She milks every drop and swallows hungrily. He lets go of her head and slumps a little in his chair. Beth leans back on her haunches and licks her lips.

She stands up and walks towards Sid. He grins at her and says “come n get it baby” Before she can kneel , he reaches forward and undoes the buttons of her shirt and unclasps the front of her bra. Her breasts are revealed and across the table, Jim groans “I’m going to come right now” Her breasts are large.. especially for her frame, but firm and uptilted. They’re round with dusky rose colored nipples. She stands in front of him, a little nervous. John had never made her expose any of her body before. Sid reaches out and rubs his palms lightly over her nipples.. they harden and she gasps, almost losing control of her legs. He stands up and undoes his pants, letting them fall around his ankles.

She falls to her knees in front of him and stares at his cock. It’s huge and slightly curved to the left. The cap is slightly larger than the shaft and red with the blood pumping through it. The sight of the young fresh girl kneeling in front of him is more than he can bear. He grabs her by the back of the neck and shoves himself into her mouth. She’s unprepared for the swiftness and gags on the size of him. Her eyes tear up and she pulls her head away. He whispers “I want to fuck your throat” and begins thrusting into her sweet young mouth. His excitement is so great, he doesn’t try to maintain any control and within 30 seconds he’s spurting down her throat. She leans back when he’s done and can’t believe the amount of come he had in him.

She moves over to Jim, who already has his cock in his hand..rubbing slowly up and down while bahis şirketleri he watched. He pulls her down to her knees and rubs himself against her cheeks and mouth. She sucks him off with great precision and soon finishes him off. The last man left is John.

“come here, baby” “yes daddy” . She kneels before him, and he says “are you feeling full? how’s your dinner?” She nods at him and wipes her mouth. “work your magic” he says.

She lowers her mouth over his familiar cock and he slides himself into her. She hears Mr. Chambers mutter “shit, I’m hard again” as she laves Johns cock with her tongue. “hey, John…have you ever fucked her?” “no, I didn’t want to cross the line” Beth realizes she’s very aroused from all the cock sucking and sexual power she’s feeling. she rubs her thighs together a little bit and takes John further into her mouth and he bumps against the back of her throat. He groans and his head falls back. “Man, do you mind if I fuck her?” John is so caught up in the sensation of her wet mouth he mutters “I don’t’ care. do what you want” and moves his hips rhythmically so that he’s fucking her mouth gently.

She feels Mr. Chambers behind her, lifting her skirt up around her waist. She jerks forward, but john has such a firm hold of her there’s no where for her to go. Her throat constricts with fear, and he moans. She’s never had sex, and is scared. Her skirt is around her waist and the other men groan “oh Jesus Christ” . She has on white cotton panties that are a little too small. He slips them off her ass, and massages her cheeks with his hands. Her ass is round, plump and rosy. He is so hard he thinks he’ll burst.

He spreads her knees a little so that her legs are apart. She’s already damp and her pussy lips are swollen with excitement. He rubs himself against the outside of her, her juices slick against him. She tries to focus on johns cock while also tensing nervously against what will happen next. She doesn’t’ know what to expect. The cap of Mr. Chambers penis is rubbing against the outside of her hole….filling her just a little teeny bit. She makes a slight whimpering noise. John wont’ give her any slack and is pulling her mouth further and further onto him.

Mr. Chambers slides himself further into her…stretching her. She feels a slight burning and tries to scream, but can’t with her mouth full. Suddenly he thrusts forward with a sudden lunge. She is filled all the way and she goes still. She’s trembling and inexperienced, but it doesn’t matter. He grabs her hips and starts thrusting in and out of her. It both hurts and begins to feel good. He grunts and thrusts, his groin slapping against her ass until he throws his head back and shouts, she feels liquid dribbling down her thighs.

John, still not done, was so aroused watching her being fucked from behind he slips himself from her mouth and turns her around, still on her knees. He gets down behind her and plunges violently into her.. crossing the line he’d avoided crossing for 2 years. He grabs her ass cheeks , squeezing and massaging almost painfully, rocking his pelvis against her. His cock , which she knows so well in her mouth, fills her pussy …thick and wide. She screams, because she’s still not used to this kind of invasion. He plunges in and out, his lips pulled into a grimace…moaning helplessly as her tight virginal pussy clenches around his shaft. He leans back and shoves so hard into her she is pushed off the ground with each thrust. He yanks her hair with one hand so that her head falls back against his shoulder and plunges up into her. it seems like it will never end. he just keeps going… He parts her legs wider so he can reach in even further, it feels like he’s fucking up into her so deep she’ll feel it in her throat again, like he’ll split her wide open. His hand in her hair, his hips thrusting, he whispers in her ear “I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier. God, you feel so good. do you like this, baby?” She shakes her head vehemently, but proves it a lie as she whimpers when he stills his hips and moves her own in an inexperienced little impatient wiggle. He resumes his movements and then she feels his entire body go still and all his muscles tense, and then he groans gutturally as he spurts his familiar hot come up into her tight little body. They’re both panting and sweating. She knows the relationship will never be the same… she’s dazed and a little nervous.

In a haze she gets passed around for another hour or so… then the men are thanking her father, and caressing her ass longingly as they get ready to head home to their wives and children.

“I hope we can do this again” says one of them.

“yea great dinner. I hope you got your fill, Beth”

She straightens her clothes and sweetly smiles her girlish smile.

“Good night”

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