The English Twins child

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Rachel was a 35 year old single mother of a 12 year old daughter Clair, who had been conceived by way of artificial insemination by anonymous donor. Her husband had left the marriage, not being able to deal with the circumstances of their child’s conception.

Rachel’s daughter had been diagnosed with a severe blood disorder which could only be cured long term by a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, the child’s blood group was rare and an exact match was therefore very unlikely. As a result, Rachel had decided to seek a second insemination by the same donor in order to maximise her second child being a suitable donor and had undergone the requisite examinations. She was now on her way to see the specialist dealing with her case.

“Mrs. Clarke.” called the Receptionist who directed Rachel to the Doctors Consulting room.

“Do take a seat” said Dr. Dyson, indicating a large chair beside his desk. He then turned to his computer screen and called up Rachel’s case notes. After a moment, Dr. Dyson turned to Rachel and said, “I’m sorry, I have only bad news for you, we cannot replicate your first insemination.”

“Why not, is there no more sperm?” Asked Rachel, the blood draining from her face.

“No, that’s not the case at all,” said Dr. Dyson. “We have the sperm, we just cannot use it.”

“But you must” Cried Rachel, as the tears began to run down her cheeks .

“I’m afraid we cannot” said Dr. Dyson. “This is very difficult, but you should not have been inseminated by your donor the first time. For some reason, the DNA checks that were carried out at the time were mixed with others causing this dreadful scenario.”

“Was there something wrong with the sperm?” asked Rachel.

“No, not at all.” Said Dr. Dyson. “The sperm was healthy, but the DNA was too close to your own.”

“I don’t understand” said Rachel.

“I’m sorry” said Dr Dyson, “But the donor’s DNA was close to your own, very close to your own. Please let me assure you of the full support of the clinic in whatever your future intentions may be.”

“You mean like a.. member of my family?” Cried Rachel.

“I’m sorry” said Dr Dyson, “But the identity of the donor must remain anonymous. We would need a High Court order before we could release that information. But please, Mrs. Clarke. It’s not for altruistic reasons that I urge you not to take that path. We can do a search to find another suitable donor for you.”

“I don’t want another donor” Rachel cried, “It has to be the same donor.”

“I am so sorry” Said Dr Dyson, “We cannot use the same donor and his identity must remain anonymous.”

“I need the same donor!” Rachel cried and standing, fled from the room.

Making her way home, Rachel picked up the phone and placed a call to her twin brother, Robert.

“Robert” she said. I need some personal legal advice as a matter of some urgency could you call round after work?”

“Sounds mysterious” said Robert, “I may be a little late, I’m in court most of the afternoon, five-ish ok?” Robert’s face paled. “Tell me exactly what he said about the DNA again” he said.

Rachel repeated what Dr. Dyson had said about the close match. “Surely that must mean that the donor could be a member of our family?” she cried.

“Oh Christ!” Robert moaned, his head falling into his hands. “Oh please God, no.”

“What’s wrong?” Rachel cried. Grabbing his hands she saw him raise his head and in an instant, the truth struck home. “Oh my God Robert, you are the father of my baby!” she cried.

“Oh God Rachel, what can I say. I was a student, the money was good. These people are supposed to check these things.”

The twins fell into each other’s arms holding each other in despair. After a while, Robert got up and made them both two stiff drinks. Handing one to his sister he said, “I’m at a loss as to what to do. Normally we could sue the clinic but any such litigation would bring the spotlight on us both.”

“Neither of us need the money Robert and we don’t want to risk any kind of publicity.” Pausing, Rachel took on a thoughtful look. “I’ve just thought, Robert it’s your sperm, you can get the clinic to release it.”

Shaking his head, Robert said, “There are so many things wrong with that. Firstly, I no longer own it, secondly, there is no way the clinic could carry out an insemination knowing the full facts, any such act would be criminal.”

“Robert, I need the sperm, Clair needs the sperm. She will die without the exact match bone marrow. You have to find a way to get it.”

“I’m sorry Rachel” said Robert. “There isn’t a law in the land that could force the clinic to release the sample and even if there was, you would not find a clinic to carry out the procedure.”

“But what about Clair? is she condemned to an early death?”

“We can get the clinic to search for another close sample, it’s the least they can do.” Said Robert.

“That’s no good” cried Rachel. “You are the father of Clair and you have to be the father of the baby. It needs to be an göztepe escort exact match.”

Robert shook his head. “It’s not going to happen Rachel, don’t you understand? There is no way you will be able to get that sample.”

Rachel sagged, then sat bolt upright. “You Robert, you can give me the sample I need!” She cried.

“What?” he gasped. “No. and anyway, no clinic would carry out the procedure after they checked the DNA.”

“We can do it. Self insemination. You give me your sperm and I will use a syringe.”

“No Rachel, you are suggesting we create an incestuous child again, I couldn’t be a willing partner to that.”

“You must Robert. I’m serious, if there is no hope for Clair then we will die together. I cannot let her live a life of pain no matter how short.”

Robert could see that Rachel meant what she was saying and also knew she was more than capable of carrying it out. “Christ Rachel, think about what you are asking me to do, please.”

“I know exactly what I am asking you Robert, I am asking you to help me save our daughter’s life.”

Robert’s shoulders slumped in resignation. “Oh God help us” he said, “I’ll do it. I will bring a sample around when the time is right.”

“No, no” Rachel cried. “It must be fresh, you must do it here. Please come round tomorrow night, I’m ready now and it will give me a chance to get the syringes and whatever.”.

The following evening Robert arrived at Rachel’s home, still unhappy with the situation, but resigned to follow through.

“I’ve left Clair with Mum” Rachel said, so we are alone.

“What if it doesn’t take, what then?” Robert said.

“Then we try again until it works” Rachel replied.

“This is going to be very difficult, it’s all a bit clinical” Robert said.

“Let’s have a drink first, just the one though” Rachel said handing him a drink.

The siblings sat together on the settee, not saying a word.

“Lets do this!” Robert said suddenly and rose up to make his way to the bathroom.

“Wait” Rachel cried and handed him a large syringe. “You will have to, you know, put your stuff in there.”

Robert shook his head, took the syringe and headed for the bathroom, where he remained for nearly a full half hour before returning.

Rachel looked up expectantly, “Have you done it?” she said.

Her face fell as she looked at Robert who shook his head. “I can’t he said. I can’t even get an erection. It’s just too clinical.”

Tears began to well in Rachel’s eyes. “What if…What if …I helped?” She said. “I could do it for you if you let me.”

“For goodness sake Rachel, It’s sexual stimulus I need and having my sister jack me off is not sexual stimulation of any kind.” He replied.

“There has to be way” she said. “We can’t give up.”

Leaning forward and grasping Robert’s shoulders she said, “Wait, please trust me.”

Rachel stood and walked to the light switch, turning the dimmer down she walked off to her bedroom.

Robert sat alone for what seemed to be an hour before he heard movement from the direction of his sister’s bedroom. Looking up he let out a gasp as he saw his sister stood in the bedroom door, the light behind her highlighting her clearly naked body beneath the diaphanous short night gown which billowed around her frame.

Rachel switched off the bedroom light and slowly walked into the lounge approaching her Brother with a seductive sway to her hips. Inside, her stomach was churning, her embarrassment hidden by the low lighting. Reaching Robert, she dropped to her knees placing both hands on his knees and slowly pushing his legs apart.

Looking into Robert’s eyes she said, “I’m sorry, but we need to do this” and reaching for his belt said, ” Forgive me.”

Slowly she unfastened his belt and drew down his zip. Taking a deep breath, she reached inside his trousers and pulled down the front of his pants exposing a partially tumescent penis. She felt her hopes lift as she realised she must have had some effect on her brother, despite the circumstances. Slowly reaching out, she took his soft warm flesh into her hand, her fingers wrapping around its length. Gently she began to slide her hand up and down its soft length, feeling it slowly grow and stiffen under her ministrations. Her body attuned, she heard the low soft moan of her sibling as she began to stroke his growing flesh. With shocked awareness, she realised that her actions were producing a very un-sisterly reaction in her own body. Mentally forcing it to the back of her mind she continued to stroke her brother’s now much stiffened length, amazed at the soft, warm flesh surrounding the stiffness of his length.

Rachel continued to gently stroke his length until she heard him gasp. Looking up she said, “Are you ready?”

Robert shook his head and spitting into his palm, rubbed his saliva around his shaft before allowing his sister to continue her ministrations.

Realising her mistake, Rachel also spat into the palm of her kartal escort hand before taking a slippery hold on her brothers shaft and renewing her gentle but firm stroking feeling and hearing her brother’s response. His body began to squirm on the settee and she felt a slight thrusting of his hips as her hand slipped down his rod. Slowly she began to increase the pace, feeling his response as she did so. On and on she stroked until she felt his hand on her head and his hand took her own and lifted it from his penis.

“It’s not happening” he said. “If you continue you will make me sore. It’s just not working.”

“Please Robert, stay with me” she replied, we can do this.

Reaching for his hands she pulled them to her and placed them on her breasts, only for him to tear them away. “No!” she cried. “You need this, and reached once more for his hands and placed them on her breasts.

Once again she felt a surge run through her body as she realised her brother was now caressing her breasts, cupping them in his palms and rubbing her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. Taking a deep breath she composed herself, knowing she was going to take a very dangerous step. Grasping the soft skin of his shaft, she slowing pulled it down exposing the swollen head. In slow motion her head dropped and licking her lips, she slipped the pulsating head into her mouth, feeling it fill her warm, wet chasm, the slightly salty, acidic taste dancing on her tongue. She felt Robert clutch at her breasts, squeezing them as he let out a loud moan. Surely now she had him where she needed him to be?

Letting the swollen head pop from her mouth, she looked up into Robert’s eyes and said, “Please, let me know when you are going to cum,” before once more lowering her head and taking his pulsating length into the warm cavern of her mouth.

On an on she licked and sucked her brother’s shaft, fighting a building urge inside herself, desperately needing to hear him say he was Cumming. Her neck began to ache and her wrist too. Her brother’s groans and thrusts had begun to dissipate.

Raising her head, Rachel leaned back and rolled her shoulders in an attempt to ease the developing ache between them. Looking into her brothers eyes she said, “Please Robert, tell me you are close.”

“Oh God Rachel” Robert replied. “You don’t know just how close I am. I have been for so long, but I just can’t cum.

“Am I doing it wrong?” Said Rachel.

“Good Grief no!” said Robert. “If anything, it’s the best blow job I have ever had. It’s just the circumstances of it. I want to so much, but I can’t cum.”

Rachel’s head sank in resignation, before taking her brothers hands and saying, “I’m sorry, but there is no other way. We need to do this.”

“Rachel, it’s not working” her brother urged as she reached up and slowly began to undo the buttons of his shirt. Taking both of her hands in his he said, “What are you doing? I’m your Brother for goodness sake.”

Pulling her hands from his, she continued to undo the buttons of the shirt. “There is no other way, I see it now. We have to make this child, our child, naturally.”

“Are you crazy!” cried Robert. “We can’t do this. We are Brother and Sister.”

“What’s the difference? Syringe or prick? It’s still your seed, only the method of insertion is different.” She frantically pulled at his pants, pulling them over his knees and reaching up, tore his shirt from his body. Robert please, stay with me on this.”

Half in defeat, Robert allowed his sister to pull his trousers and pants from his body, leaving him naked. He watched as Rachel took hold of the hem of her nightie and drew it over her head, her breasts falling free and proud on her chest. Mentally, he abused himself for the sudden arousal he felt at the sight of his sibling’s body. Try as he may, he could not feel any disgust at his responses to her actions.

Once more she took his hands in hers and rocking back, drew him with her as she fell backwards to the floor. Laying on her back, she raised her knees and opened her legs, crying, “Quickly Robert, whilst you still can, join me.”

Robert knew there was no chance of him losing his erection despite the fact he was frantically trying to subdue his arousal. He now knew what he had to do, but it had to be done surgically, with not the slightest trace of feeling. Somehow, he had to have sex with his sister and inseminate her without losing control and turning the whole exercise into some tawdry, twisted union.

Rachel looked up and saw her Brother kneeling between her legs, his penis still engorged, standing steeling himself, he took hold of his swollen rod and began to lower it to the glistening engorged lips of his sister’s pussy. As the head of his pole made contact with her wet flesh, he looked into her eyes and said, “Are you sure this is what you want, there may be no going back?”

“Oh Robert, we have to do this. We need another baby to save Clair. I wish we did not have to do it this way, but it is all that’s left. maltepe escort Just remember, this is not lovemaking, just straight sex, nothing more.”

Looking down, Robert slowly pushed the engorged head of his penis down between the warm, slippery lips of his sister’s pussy, watching them part and then fold around him. Down he went until he felt the small tight opening of her entrance. Placing the head at her entrance, he looked once more to his sibling for confirmation and seeing her slow nod, began to push inside her.

Rachel held in her gasp of pleasure as she felt the head of her Brother’s prick slip across her clitoris and down between her ready labia. Controlled her desperate need to thrust her hips up as she felt the swollen head of his prick settle at her entrance. She was terrified of losing it, turning what was a pure act of insemination into a fully aroused sexual encounter with her brother.

Neither twin could hold back their groans as the pulsating head of Robert’s penis pushed and forced a way into his sibling’s pussy. The tight muscle at her entrance slowly giving way before closing tightly around the head of his rod.

Robert paused as he felt the tight ring close around him, felt the hot wet walls pulling at him, wanting to draw him in. He knew he was beginning to lose it. “Look at me!” he groaned. “Help me keep this under control.”

Rachel fought the urge to drive her pussy up onto her brother’s dick. Her eyes locked on his. “It’s just a baby. I’m your sister, it’s just a baby. I don’t want you, I just want your cum. I don’t want to make love, I just want our baby.”

Taking the weight of his body on his knees and elbows, Robert slowly started to lower his hips, feeling the edge of his swollen head abrading the warm slippery folds of her pussy, feeling the walls close about him as he slid deep inside her. Shocked as he felt his own pubic bone meet hers and realising he was now completely buried inside his own sister.

Rachel could not prevent a small whimper leaving her lips as she felt the large tumescent intruder slip inside her passage, rubbing the walls of her pussy and finally crushing her sensitive clitoris between the root of his cock and her own pubic bone. She almost screamed as she felt her brother adjust his body and in doing so, ground his hips against hers, squashing her swollen clitoris between them.

Their eyes still locked, Robert said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes” whispered Rachel. Let’s do it.”

Slowly Robert drew back, feeling his throbbing lance sliding along his sister’s passage and feeling a tightening of the walls as though her pussy was reluctant to have him leave. He was unable to prevent the throbbing and twitching of his rod as it slid in and out of his sibling.

“We’re just making a baby Rachel, just making a baby ok?”

Her hands gripped his biceps, “Yes, just making a baby, nothing else,” she replied as she felt his shaft twitching and throbbing inside her wet tunnel, realising at the same time that her own hips were rising to meet his every slow thrust.

The twins eyes were locked on each others, their breathing was accelerating, skin began to shine with the sweat of passion. Robert’s hips rose and fell, met half way by the rising hips of his sister. The slow, soft wet slap of naked flesh on naked flesh began to fill the room accompanied by the involuntary gasps of both siblings.

On and on went the sexual dance, both sibling’s holding back the building passion and excitement. Rachel’s grip on Robert’s arms grew tighter, their loins slapped together more urgently, but despite this, Robert knew he was not going to cum. In sheer frustration, he cried out and began to drive his hips downwards, thrusting his shaft into the depths of his sister’s hot passage, hearing her scream in what he thought was pain.

The sudden forceful thrusts of her brother’s hips took Rachel by surprise, In a matter of seconds the swollen head of his cock struck the mouth of her cervix sending a flashing shock of pain and ecstasy throughout her body. All control was lost. Her legs rose up around her brothers body, her heels locking behind his back. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she screamed out before drawing his head down and sealing her brothers lips with her own.

Robert felt her legs and arms wrap around him, pulling him to her. Instinctively his body knew that what had started out as just sex, had now become an act of passionate lovemaking. Their bodies fought to extract the most sexual feeling they could. This was no longer a matter of producing a baby by unfeeling sex, this was now a full blown animal rut. The sibling’s attacked the others body with their own, gripping, biting, scratching and hips pounding, cries rent the air as the hot sweaty bodies fought. Hard, throbbing flesh driving into her hot, wet, slippery passage.

Suddenly, the siblings bodies exploded. Her loud scream matched by her brother’s wailing moan as their bodies throbbed and twitched to the orgasmic shocks careering throughout their bodies. His swollen pole throbbed and twitched as it pulsed out jets of hot cum, spraying against her internal walls as her pussy involuntarily pulsed, contracted, squeezed and sucked at his discharging rod, drawing every drop of his seed from him.

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