The house breaker.

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I was stuck working from home due to the Covid19 virus. I had all the legal papers delivered to me relating to a fraud case. I had been preparing my brief and was almost finished when I realised I had forgotten to buy bread and milk. I rushed down to the shop with my mask and got what I wanted. It was so nice outside I admit I took the long way home. When I got there I noticed one of the front windows was open. I immediately wondered whether I had opened it but I was pretty sure I hadn’t. Then I thought perhaps someone had broken in. I crept into the house and I could hear papers rustling. I peeked into the office and was shocked to find the solicitor, Randle, representing my opponent, looking through the court papers.

“What the hell are you doing” I screamed. He spun around in shock. “Umm….Teena…..I…..umm” he muttered. “You broke in” I screamed “trying to get information”. He started to leave but I said “well you can escape but I have you on CCTV. Perhaps I will call the police and have you arrested” I said. “Oh please don’t. I am sorry. It is just our defence is weak and I wanted to see what you had” he wailed. Now although Randle was on the opposite side I fancied him. He was tall, well build and very handsome. But I was pissed off and wanted to teach him a lesson he would not forget, ever. “So if I don’t call the police what do you suggest” I said. “I will do anything. Just don’t call the police” he begged. My mind starting spinning. He would do anything?

“How about you lick my pussy” I said and he looked shocked. “Teena please” he begged “I am really sorry”. But I asked him again “lick my pussy or I call the police”. “OK” he said “but turn off the CCTV”. “Alright” I said but only pretended to turn it off. I took off my knickers and sat in the office chair. Spreading my legs I said “do it” and he got on his knees and began pendik escort to lick my pussy. I grabbed his head with both hands and buried his face into my crutch. He was obviously well versed in oral sex as he soon had me moaning and trembling all over. “Yes that’s so good. Make me cum” I squealed and he did just that. “Don’t stop” I screamed and held him in a vice-like grip.

I glanced up at the clock on the wall and realised my husband was due home. I made him keep licking me. I had cum three times when I heard the front door open. “”Hello honey” I said “this is Randle. He broke in and now he is apologising to me”. Randle struggled to get free. “She was going to call the police” he told my husband. “Oh I see. So you thought licking her cunt would get you off the hook.” He growled. “You have him on CCTV?” my husband asked. “Yes Barry honey. He told me he would anything so I didn’t call the police” I said. “Anything?” he asked “that sounds very interesting” and he unzipped him pants. “Well you have licked my wife’s pussy. Now you can suck my cock” hubby said. “You are joking” cried Randle. “Oh no. I never joke about that” was the reply.

Randle realised his options were limited. Barry waved his erect cock at him. “Come on Randle” Barry said smiling “come and see if you suck cock as good as you lick pussy”. Knowing he had no real option he crawled over to Barry and began to suck his cock. “Mmm not bad” Barry moaned “not as good as Teena but you will get better” and he thrust forward causing Randle to gag. “Oh I love that sound” Barry groaned and he did it again. “Randle, why don’t you undo your pants and jerk off” I suggested. I expected him to resist but he immediately did as I asked. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of his cock. My pussy twitched as I watched him stoking his cock while sucking my husband’s cock. “Don’t maltepe escort cum darling” I said to Barry “we have more games to play”. He gave me a wicked smile. “OK honey” he said “whatever you say”.

Barry pulled back and glanced down at Randle’s cock. “You slut” he said to me “I see what you meant about games. You want that cock don’t you?” I smiled and nodded. “Well I guess you can have him. His reward for making you cum with his tongue and then sucking my cock” Barry said. “Now Randle my wife wants you to fuck her” Barry said “would you like that? Would you like to stick your cock into her nice wet pussy? I bet you would. Tell you want it. I am going to let you. Teena, take him to the bedroom and do your worst”. Poor Randle looked both shocked and excited. His cock was actually twitching.

I led him to the bedroom and told him to strip. He did so in record time. I looked him up and down. As well as a large cock he was also quite athletic looking. “Mmm nice body Randle. I am going to enjoy this” I said and slowly undressed while he stood open-mouthed. “My God Teena you are so hot” he said. “What do you mean” I said, feigning ignorance. “You have lovely tits and a sweet pussy. I can’t believe Barry is letting me fuck you” he said. “Well let’s not talk about it” I said “but first I want to suck that lovely cock” and I got down on my knees and took as much of that cock in my mouth as I could without chocking. He moaned and rocked back and forth. “You know Teena” he mumbled “I had known you for maybe two years and I dreamed of doing this”.

I pulled away. “Hey don’t cum honey” I said “I want to get that fuck you promised. I love doggy so do it now”. I got on hands and knees and Randle rammed his cock into me balls deep in one mad action. I squealed “oh shit baby that feels so good”. Just then the bed moved. “Enjoying kartal escort my wife” said Barry, who had climbed onto the bed behind Randle. Naked with his cock already well lubricated he thrust his cock into Randle’s bum hole. “I guess Teena neglected to tell you I am bi” Barry said as Randle wailed. But stuck between us he had no escape as Barry pegged him, forcing him deeper into me. So it was that both Barry and I got to use Randle. I know Barry would have certainly enjoyed Randle tight butt hole. I certainly enjoyed having my pussy pleasured. Randle came first and Barry kept pounding him until he came too.

Barry got up and went into the bathroom. “You bitch” Randle said “you set me up”. “Yes I did honey and I didn’t switch off the CCTV either” I said “I have video of you going down on me and sucking hubby’s cock”. “Oh shit” he said. “Yes oh shit” I said “now you will instruct your client to plead guilty to fraud and I will tell the judge that your client has paid back the money he owes and should not go to jail”. “What do I get” said Randle, scowling. “Well every Friday night you come here and make yourself Barry and my personal sex slave. I will hang on to the CCTV in case you try to back out”. Just then Barry came back into the bedroom. “Barry I think Randle knows where things stand” I said “why don’t you suck his cock and get it hard again. Another sandwich would be fun don’t you think?”

Barry grabbed Randle semi-erect cock and sucked it back to life. “He is nice and big isn’t he” said Barry “OK Randle why don’t you fuck Teena and then I will fuck you”. Randle seemed to accept that he was trapped. “Well I have always fancied Teena” admitted Randle “so if I have to be pegged do it so be it” he again mounted me doggy style and braced himself for Barry’s cock. Each Friday night after that Randle has visited us. A couple of times I was having my period but he still frolicked with Barry. I have a sneaky suspicion that he is liking it.

By the way, I did win the case which was just the icing on the cake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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