The Long Summer of Love Ch. 01

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Arched Back

No-one ever said that married life in the army was easy. The men were often away and, for the most part, missed their wives terribly. Their wives also worried constantly about where their husbands were, and whether they would come back. It was equally difficult for the children, who never knew where their fathers were and when they would see them again. Eventually, they would get used to the lifestyle, but that wouldn’t make it any less bearable.

Sam Jardine was Tom Watson’s best friend. They’d spent the last four years of secondary school together after Sam’s Father’s regiment had moved there. It hadn’t exactly been friendship at first sight. Sam had regarded Tom as something like a poof due to an unfortunate hair cut, whereas Tom thought Sam was a loud bully. During their first sports lesson, they’d played on opposite teams in the rugby trials, and had spent a fair amount of time winding each other up until finally the coach had had to pull them apart as they traded blows with each other. Although the coach told them in no uncertain terms to put a stop to it, he’d also been happy to see some naked aggression from some of his team and so decided to start both of them in the first match of the season. Neither was happy about it, but they now had a grudging respect for each other.

At the start of their game the following Saturday, the opposition’s number eight decided to assert himself by flattening the first person he came up against, and high-tackled Sam long after he’d passed the ball to his scrum half. Tom was there in a flash. The number eight didn’t know what hit him — all he saw was stars, darkness and then the inside of the dressing room about half an hour later. Tom regarded that as being worth the yellow card he got, and they ran out easy winners having deflated the opposing team with their hard nosed attitude.

Sam and Tom became the bane of any team their school played against, and found that they also enjoyed each others company outside of school. Although Tom was a bit more reserved that the ebullient Sam, they were soon inseparable. And when they were out at night, many girls didn’t stand a chance against their easy charm and well developed physiques.

As Sam’s family lived in army accommodation, they didn’t spend as much time there as they did at Tom’s family’s three bedroom house closer to the school. Tom enjoyed speculating as to where Sam’s father and his comrades were at any given time, and also found that he got on well with him and his friends in the periods he was on leave. As it was getting on for the end of the last year at school, their thoughts were turning to what they were going to do next. Tom was thinking about joining the army, whereas Sam had set his heart on going to University. When they discussed this, Sam was always dead set against the army, which Tom found strange. However, he had yet to get the real reason out of him.

Once their A-level exams were over, they went to a huge party for all the final year students, and proceeded to get suitably drunk with their team-mates and friends. As they talked, drank and danced, it seemed that half the girls netball team were rotating their way through the good looking rugby boys, running their hands surreptitiously across the boys pectoral muscles and allowing their breasts to rub up against their partner’s torsos. The boys in turn enjoyed copping a feel of their partners tits and a couple even managed a slow hand illegal bahis between the legs, rubbing the girls’ pussies through the fabric of their filmy panties. The boys then had to work very hard not to let their erections show when the girls changed partners.

When Tom ducked out to go and get another drink, one of the taller girls decided to take matters into her own hands. Her name was Jenny, and she had shoulder length brown hair, flashing green eyes and long legs that ended in a very cute tight arse. She was wearing a figure hugging dark blue number which suggested more cleavage than it showed (not that she was lacking any) and presented her butt to the best degree.

Whilst Tom was ordering himself a beer, Jenny arrived silently at his side and breathed gently in his ear

“I hope you’re not trying to avoid me, gorgeous,”

and allowed her tongue to flick out quickly and touch his earlobe.

Tom’s heartbeat quickened slightly at the unexpected, though welcome manoeuvre, and turned his head to look into Jenny’s eyes.

“Why on Earth would I want to avoid you? How about a drink to clear up any misunderstanding,” he said, enjoying the closeness of her body.

“Sure, I’d love a vodka and coke,” Jenny replied.

As Tom turned back to the barman to place the extra order, Jenny allowed her hands to slowly fall to her waist out of sight of anyone on the other side of the bar, and then the left hand to wander over to Tom’s crotch, where it stopped with precision.

“Well well, what have we here big boy? I can see what some of the girls have been telling me is true! Why have you been hiding it from me all this time?” The last part ended up as an attempted pout, which just made her look sexier than ever.

Tom was trying to keep his cool, which wasn’t easy with Jenny beginning to grasp his cock.

“There never seemed to be the right opportunity for us, especially as I was seeing Janette for a while.” Janette was a friend and team-mate of Jenny’s.

“Well, your well developed friend down here seems to think this is the right opportunity. What do you think?” The pout had turned into a devilishly sexy ‘come hither’ look, which wouldn’t have needed the cock massage Tom was getting to make him stiff as a board.

He didn’t think twice, and leaned in to give Jenny a long kiss. She responded with equal enthusiasm, her tongue entering his mouth energetically and crushing her breasts against Tom’s shoulder.

The barman gave a discrete cough. Tom and Jenny broke apart so that he could pay, and she took her drink and downed it in one, before releasing her grip on his member and moving off in the direction of the hallway. The barman gave Tom a conspiratorial wink, and Tom grabbed his beer and walked off after Jenny, leaving the barman with his best tip of the evening.

When Tom got to the end of the hallway, it opened out into an atrium where there were several doors going off into rooms for conferences. He caught one of the doors closing with a click, and so stepped towards it whilst quickly checking that no-one else was around. The room itself was pretty dark, with only moonlight to show anything. As the door closed again, he fumbled for a light switch. At the moment, two long arms encircled his waist and went down to his cock, making him jump and spilling his beer on the carpet.

“Jesus! You scared me!”

“Well, at least that won’t be the only liquid you’ll be illegal bahis siteleri losing tonight,” came the giggle from behind him.

Jenny moved one hand to undo his fly whilst the other kept Tom where she wanted him.

“I think this guy needs some air,” she whispered as she pulled his pants down and let his cock spring free. She held it there for a second before moving her right hand to his helmet and back again, glorying in the size of it. Her left hand was rubbing Tom’s pectoral and pinching his nipple through his shirt, which was turning him on even more as he felt Jenny’s breath on his neck and boobs on his back.

Tom couldn’t do much as Jenny pleasured him, so he put his hands behind him and started caressing her bum cheeks, rubbing and squeezing them as best he could. As Jenny started quickening the pace with her right hand, Tom started lifting Jenny’s dress up using his fingers to inch up the fabric on her skin as fast as possible. He managed it get it half way over the curve of her rump before moving his hands on to her silky smooth cheeks. As he manoeuvred his hands round he could feel that she was only wearing a g-string. He got one of his fingers to her arsehole and started massaging the ring.

“Ooh, naughty,” Jenny squealed, and gave his nipple a sharp nip with her fingers.

“I know, and you’re going to have stop for a second, otherwise this is going to be over pretty quickly.”

“Why, can you only manage it once?” she teased.

“Fuck no,” he laughed, “but I can think of better places to put it.”

With that, he turned round and looked at the beauty in front of him, reflected in the moonlight. He put his hand to his lips, and snaked the other behind her to lower the zip on he dress. Then he moved the fabric down to release her glorious chest. To Tom, they looked like a D-cup, and were almost flawless. If anything, a small mole above her left nipple added to the whole. He gave her another long kiss, and the move down her neck and into her cleavage.

“Hmm, that’s nice,” she breathed, as he moved across and took her left nipple between his teeth and started flicking it with his tongue. She moaned for the first time as he moved across to her right nipple, but moved his hand up to caress her left breast. He felt both nipples stiffening and expanding as he continued to tease Jenny. Then he felt her move both hands down, one for her and one for him.

“We can do better than that babe,” he said and, standing up, picked her up in one swift motion and carried her to the nearest desk. He sat her gently down and then got on his knees. God she smelt good! With her dress up just far enough, he could make out her g-string. Jenny put her left hand down to her pussy and starting rubbing it.

“Oh God that feels good. I haven’t been this wet for ages!” Then she put her hand back to her mouth and licked her index finger.

“I taste good Tom. Don’t make me wait.”

Tom didn’t need telling. In a flash he had his face into her pussy and was licking the fabric of her underwear. Jenny move her hand down again and pulled the material to one side. Tom slowly licked the outline of her pussy, enjoying the taste and the teasing. Jenny already had her head back and her left hand was supporting her as she leaned back.

“Don’t tease me you bastard!” she said to the ceiling. “Get your tongue in there and satisfy me!”

Tom move up to the top of her pussy and slowly canlı bahis siteleri licked her clit, eliciting a flurry of moans. He didn’t think he’d ever seen a pussy get this wet before, and so he finally obliged Jenny by getting his tongue in there and lapping away as quickly as he could. The moaning was getting louder and more intense as Tom tongued Jenny. He moved one hand down to wank himself off, and move the other to Jenny’s crotch, sliding in two fingers whilst softly biting her clit.

“Oh…my…God…don’t..stop…now!” Jenny managed between breaths as Tom’s fingers fucked her hole and his mouth pleasured her cunt. He could feel her getting incredibly tense before finally arching her back even further and giving a half strangled scream as her juice came out over him. Tom took his face away but kept his hands going as Jenny thrusted herself on to his fingers as her orgasm continued. He was getting close as well, but wanted Jenny to take him all the way, so he brought his other hand up and rubbed her clit. This made her scream again as another orgasm racked her body. He kept going for all he was worth as he saw Jenny’s breasts bouncing and her hair swaying to and fro.

Once the second orgasm was over, he took his fingers out and stood up. Jenny sat there shakily, with a beautific smile on her face. Tom lifted his fingers and licked them.

“You’re right, you do taste good. Here, enjoy them for me,” and put the fingers in her mouth. She sucked greedily at them for a moment, before pulling back.

“You didn’t manage to jack yourself all the way did you? No? Good. Because I want something else in my mouth you horny fucker.”

Jenny got down on her knees and without further ado, opened her mouth and took his cock in as far as it would go. Tom almost came there and then, but manage to control himself as Jenny moved back up his member to the tip and back down again. She also manage to move her tongue around his cock as she worked it. Tom knew he wasn’t going to last long.

“Yeah, take it you dirty bitch, how does my cock taste compared to your pussy?”

He thought he saw her smile, but couldn’t be sure

“Oh yes, I am going to come in your mouth. Be a good girl and swallow every last drop.”

Jenny nodded but didn’t stop. He could feel the explosion coming and let it all go with muted roar as the gism hit the back of her throat. She swallowed it all and kept going, getting the second lot down as well as Tom lost himself in the best orgasm he’d ever had. Finally, she moved her head away, licking the helmet to be sure she had everything.

“Well well Tom, not only have you got a nice cock but you give great head. I could definitely find uses for you’,”she laughed.

“In a similar vein, you have a knock-out body and suck cock like a pro,” he said as she stood up. He moved towards her and cupped his hands around her tits. “How about we get some desert from the kitchen and I eat it off of the best tasting thing I had tonight?”

“Not right now lover, but maybe later? A few of us are going back to my place to carry on. Perhaps you would like to join us?”

Tom could already feel his cock stiffening again as he listened to Jenny and looked into her innocent yet incredibly dirty face. Jenny noticed and smiled.

“I’ll take that as a yes then stud. Now help me with my dress and we can go and have another drink.” Tom helped her put her chest back in, giving her nipples another lick for good measure, zipped her up and then helped smooth her dress back down.

“You still smell great Jen. Can’t wait until the rest of me smells like you.”

Then, hand in hand, they left the room and want back to their friends.

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