The Lusty Rendezvous

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I glance at my eye makeup in the rear view mirror for the eighth time since I’ve pulled into the hotel parking lot. It’s too much, I think to myself as I dab at the corners of my eyelids and then reach into my purse for my lip gloss. I’m fifteen minutes early for our meeting, but I couldn’t sit at home and fuss over my outfit any longer. After months of steamy chatting and cancelled rendezvous, we’d finally been able to get a weekend away that worked for both of us. Just the thought moistened the sweet spot between my thighs. I lean back in my seat and close my eyes, taking deep breaths and trying to shake away the cloud of sexual tension that was fogging up my mind. My God, I haven’t even met this man and look what he does to me! I can’t imagine what he’ll be like in person . . . and in bed. A devilish smile crosses my lips and I open my eyes only to see your car ease into the parking spot next to mine. Hmmm . . ., he’s early too. I’ll take that as a good sign. I give you a quick wave and eagerly grab up my purse. Moments later, I’m sitting in the passenger seat next to you, the tension between us crackling like lightening.

“Hi Cassi. It’s a real pleasure to finally meet the woman behind the vivid imagination.” I turn toward you nervously and give you an excited smile.

“Why thank you Jason, I’m glad you like what you see.”

“I know I do.” I giggle as you wink at me and put the car in reverse. While you’re turned away from me, I take in your full appearance. Black shoes, breezy khakis and a strikingly blue button down shirt that accentuates the playful fire in your eyes. Sexy, but simple . . . I like it. I lick my lips in anticipation and decide that my black heels, black knee-length skirt and thin white peek-a-boo tank top compliment you well. I shift my legs and cross them at the ankles, relaxing a bit. “Were you nervous missy? I promise I won’t bite . . . unless asked to.” You flash me a sexy grin and my pulse jumps. “So sweetheart, what do you feel like eating tonight? I know what I’m in the mood for.” Before I can answer, your hand is on my knee, your thumb running back and forth across my skin. Hot shivers shoot up between my legs and I can already feel the black lace thong I’m wearing getting wet. As you slow the car at a stoplight, your hand moves up my leg, passing the hem of my skirt and meeting the heat between my thighs. I gasp, my mouth parting as my eyes dart over to meet your gaze. Instead of a devilish grin, I’m met with a hungry stare—pure sexual hunger. Your hand creeps farther and farther up my thigh, the slowness of your movement agonizing. Finally, your index finger grazes my wet thong, putting pressure on my clit and sending electricity spiking through my body. My head falls back onto the seat as a low moan passes over my lips. My eyes roll thickly to the right and I notice a man in a pickup at the stoplight with us, his stare not on the light, but on what’s going on in your car, his mouth wide. “I said I know what I’m in the mood for, Cassi.” Your voice has taken on a huskier tone, but before I can alert you of our audience you curl the thin fabric of my panties around your finger and pull it up into my slit, tantalizing the sensitive folds of my pussy. I cry out in ecstasy as the light turns green. You pull forward, but the man in the pickup is so shocked at what he’s seen that it takes him several lengthy honks from the drivers behind him to get him in motion. Finally, I find my voice, unsteady as it is.

“Th-the hooo-ootel. The ho-tel. Hotel.” I barely manage to gasp out, your fingers still pulling my thong inside me, your hand flat against my pussy.

“What was that my dear?” Without warning I claw my way to the crotch of your pants and grip your cock, surprised at how hard it is. By now the sex in my voice is completely obvious.

“Take me to the hotel right fucking now!” As I accentuate my final word, I stroke your cock gently through your khakis, feeling you twitch in excitement. I notice your tongue lolling slightly out of the side of your mouth and before I can remark you whip a quick u-turn, pissing off a few people in the other lane, and rev the engine, passing cars like a wild man. The thrill of the fast car ride makes me hot and I arch my back against the seat, my nipples visible through my thin white top. I tighten my grip around your member, stroking gently as your finger slips inside me and draws slow circles around my clit, canlı bahis my thighs beginning to quiver. Just as my breathing becomes shallow, you whip the car into the parking lot and park in the nearest open space, though your car sits a bit kitty-cornered on the lines. As you slam the shifter into park, you turn hastily toward me and kiss me hard, deep. You cradle my face with both your hands and our tongues meet, dancing to the rhythm of the passion between us. It seems to last for hours, but after a few minutes we separate our lips and hands, gasping for breath. I shake my head and straighten my skirt, blinking several times, trying to calm myself enough to walk through the lobby of the hotel and make it to our room. We open the car doors and stand; I notice you adjusting your khakis which does nothing to hide the hard-on I’ve created for you. As I take a few steps forward, I totter and grip the edge of the car for support, my legs weak from your playing. A wide smile spreads across your lips and the fire in your eyes burns deeper as you come around my side of the car to lend your arm for support.

“Are you going to make it?” You chuckle as you gently lead me with your hand against the small of my back.

“I…I sure as hell hope so or we’re about to cause a scene in the lobby.” After a few feet I’m surer of my steps and within minutes we’re passing through the lobby. You brush a stray strand of my hair from my face and lean in close, your hot breath on my ear.

“I don’t think we’ll cause a scene in this lobby, but we might in the elevator.” You wink at me and I feel my nipples tighten at the thought of you touching me in that tiny space. We reach the bank of elevators just as one comes to a halt in front of us. You lead me inside and press the number five for our floor. I can barely wait for the doors to close before I whip around and press my body hard against you, one of my legs wrapping around your waist. I slowly grind into your crotch, the heat from our bodies warming the small space of the elevator. I wrap my arms around your neck as you take an ass cheek in each hand. My kisses aren’t strained or reserved, they’re wild and hungry, my tongue twirling around yours and filling your mouth. I unbutton the first two buttons on your shirt as your hands roam from my ass to my waist to inside my shirt, leaving trails of fire on my skin. Through my passion I hear the door of the elevator ding and my eyes fly open. I whip around to stand in front of you, your cock pressed hard against my ass. As the elevator doors slowly open I hear the chatter of young children and before us stands a family of four dressed and ready to go down to the pool. My face instantly reddens as I know my shirt is askew and my hair has gone a little wild.

“H-h-hi.” I manage weakly as I take a wobbly step out of the elevator. As I turn to grab your hand I notice the mother giving us a disapproving look up and down, but the father winking at you and grinning like an idiot. That sends me into a fit of giggles as we rush down the hallway to our room.

“Well that wasn’t awkward.” You comment sarcastically as you fumble with the key in the electronic lock. I giggle again and run my hands all over your back and ass, knowing I’m doing nothing to help you open the door. With sweet release the door finally swings into the room and I rush in first. I’m inches into the room, kicking off my heels, just as I feel you behind me, your hands wrapped around my waist as you slam the door shut hard. I reach behind me to caress your face as you fondle my breasts, tweaking and teasing my nipples. We inch toward the bed as I turn to kiss you again, moaning into your kiss as I feel you find the zipper on my skirt and slide it down around my ankles. Without breaking our lip lock I finish unbuttoning your shirt and start working on your belt. Before I can whip it through your belt loops you raise my skirt over my head and push me playfully down on the bed. I sit up on my elbows, knees together, my whole body tense with excitement. “You sure do like it when I tease that hot little pussy of yours don’t you?” you say as you finish undoing your belt and unzipping your fly. A side smile works its way across your mouth and I bite my lower lip and raise my eyebrow, trying to be coy.

“Why Jason, I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You naughty little liar! I’ll bet your pussy is just drenched right bahis siteleri now.” I shake my head, trying to maintain my cool while a firestorm courses through my pussy. You kneel in front of the bed, just your eyes visible over my knees. Your hands work their way up the backs of my calves as your lips work their way up the front. I lick my lips hotly and watch you, my breaths coming faster now. As your hands reach my knees you pull them apart, opening me to you. You ease my drenched thong off and toss it aside as your eyes focus on my bald mound “Ohhh, Cassi what have we here?” I try to answer but your lips are on my thighs before I can form the words. You inch me closer to the edge of the bed, the smell of my sex flaring up. My eyes roll back into my head as your lips travel father up my thigh, closer and closer to their end. I start to whimper and toss my head back as I feel your hot breath just above my dripping slit. I feel your tongue trace my pussy, working slowly closer and closer to the pink center. Suddenly you flatten your tongue and make one long sweep of my slit. I grip the comforter in both hands and cry out, pleasure filling all of my senses. I jerk my head back up to see your hot, burning eyes watching my face as you point your tongue and flick it back and forth over my clit. My whole body starts to shake, the sensation taking over my entire body.

“Oh fuck, oh my fucking God Jason, oh my God, you are going to make me fucking cum!!!” My chest rises and falls heavily now, my voice thick with sexual desire. Your head pops up, framed perfectly between my thighs.

“Not yet your not, honey.” As the words leave your lips and travel to my ears you stand and drop your pants and boxers swiftly, your cock bouncing to full erection. Quickly, but gently you position yourself on the bed on your back, at the same time pulling me on top of you and somehow managing to unclasp my bra all in one movement. Before me stands your thick cock in all its grandeur, my eyes growing wide as I see it pulse and quiver. “He’s lonely sweetie; show him how much you want him.” I smile and wrap my thumb and finger around your base, the rest of my left hand gently tickling your balls. I lean forward and let some of my saliva drip onto your cock, watching the iridescent beads travel down your shaft. I position the head of your member right under my mouth and breathe onto it, my tongue darting out to tease your tip, both back and forth over the top and around where your head meets your shaft. I let the tip enter my wet, waiting mouth and I suck hard, my lips creating a vacuum seal around you. Just as I begin to gently push more of you into my mouth, I hear you moan and I feel your tongue penetrate deep inside me, alternating between fucking my pussy and drawing rapid circles around my exposed clit. I moan onto your shaft as I start to pump you faster and faster in and out of my mouth. Your cock glides in and out easily and with my tongue I tease you, feeling every jump, every movement as I hit all your sensitive spots. I do my best to concentrate on teasing you, but your tongue is working my pussy over so good that I can barely handle it. I clamp my thighs around your face as you pump your tongue in and out of me. Your tongue-fucking spurs me to take your entire length inside my mouth and I feel you hit the back of my throat as I take you in and out of me in deep strokes, my hands massaging your balls. I start to rock back and forth on your face as I feel your finger slip inside my pussy, pumping hard and then moving up to my ass, teasing my tight little hole. I moan and whimper on your shaft and increase my rhythm, your dick now fucking my mouth. As I feel you sneak inside my ass, I grind harder on your face, your tongue working my pussy, then your lips moving up to suck and smack my clit. My left hand wraps back around your shaft as I use it to feed your cock into my mouth and pump you harder. Suddenly, I feel my legs start to quiver uncontrollably, my whole body shaking. I pop your cock out of my hot mouth, but continue to stroke you wildly with my hands.

“Oh Jason, oh my fucking God Jason. Fuck my little pussy, oh fuck me so fucking good with that tongue. Oh baby I’m going to cum all over your fucking face!!” As if to answer my confession, you increase the rhythm, your finger fucking my ass and your tongue fucking my pussy. Suddenly, the edges of my vision go blurry and an orgasm rises inside bahis şirketleri my abdomen. Like a dam bursting open, it spreads through my whole body and I scream, sitting up and bouncing on your face. OH FUCK YES! OH DON’T STOP, PLEASE DON’T STOP, OH FUUUCUK!” You steady me with a hand on either side of me as I pull on my nipples and moan wildly, unable to form words. I feel my passion peak and start to wash away, each wave causing another round of screams to escape from deep inside me. As I shudder to the end of my pleasure cruise, you ease me off your face and turn me around, kissing me full on the mouth. As our tongues dance, I taste myself mixed with your saliva and I think I may cum again immediately. As you cup my breasts, rolling my nipples with your thumbs, you feel my body tense up.

“Mmmm good girl. You know you’re not done yet.” I look at you, barely able to sit up, but you just smile hotly at me. Without warning you flip me onto my stomach and ease me up onto my knees and elbows, my ass in the air and my pussy again exposed to you, my thighs glistening from my massive orgasm. I turn to see where you are but suddenly I feel the tip of your cock slip inside my tight pussy. Each inch of you caressing my sensitive walls and I let out a long low sigh, amazed at how hard and thick you are. I feel my ass touch your stomach and thighs as your cock throbs inside me. I squirm and wiggle wanting so badly to for you to fuck me that I can barely contain myself. I feel your hands go to my waist and I turn to you, my eyes piercing you.

“I need you to fuck me right now Jason. I want to make you cum so badly.” Your hands tighten their grip and I feel you thrust out of my, leaving my pussy contracting for your cock, wanting you right back inside me. Again you bury yourself in my wetness to the hilt, thrusting up into me. As if you tell me you want me just as badly, you start to fuck me with reckless abandon. My ass slams hard against your thighs and your balls smack my pussy with each thrust, tantalizing my clit. I hear you start to grunt hard, pulling my ass onto you. I moan to your rhythm, lost in the sensation of your perfect cock penetrating my tight pussy. Every time you exit I crave you right back inside me. I can barely handle this tantric sex and I realize that you will soon make me cum again. “Oh Jason, oh baby, oh pound my fucking pussy, oh FUCK me that feels good. Yes baby oh fuck I’m your nasty little girl. I want your cock inside me so bad, oh fuck oh my FUCKING God, Jason oh you make me so fucking hot, I can’t FUCKING believe it. Jesus Christ.” Like wild animals our grunts and moans come together, our bodies becoming slick with sweat as you pleasure me with each penetration. I feel your hand leave my waist, only to land hard on my ass with a loud smack. I squeal as my ass tingles from your hand. “You like that, you bad girl you?” I nod vigorously as you pound away, piercing me with no control. Just when I think I’m going to lose it, I feel you increase your rhythm beyond anything I’ve ever felt and your cock starts to quiver inside me. “Oh shit Cassi, I’m gonna cum right inside you.”

“Yes baby, oh FUCK I want that so bad. Wreck my little pussy.” I scream with enjoyment as your cock quakes in my pussy, shooting stream after stream of hot cum inside me. You groan in a low, deep voice which sends shivers down my spine. Midway through your assault on my pussy, I spasm and bury my face in the bed. “JASON!” I screech out your name right before a second orgasm rips me in half, the sensation pleasuring every nerve ending in my body. I lock my pussy around your cock and grind, my walls gripping you inside me, doing their best to glue you to me. I’m lost for a brief moment in the sheer hotness of everything, unable to focus on where I am, knowing only that your cock is still spearing me with unwavering intensity. As I slowly start to return to reality, I feel you lean over me, breathing hard and rubbing my back, but never removing your cock from inside me. My moans are reduced to whimpers and then labored breathing as my orgasm subsides. You ease out of me and I cry out, my whole pussy sensitive and tender still. You crawl unsteadily up to the bed and lay back on the pillow, exhaling. I drag my body up to you, resting my head in the crook of your neck as we breathe together, basking in the intense glow of what has just happened between us.

After a few seconds of sex-soaked silence, I hear you chuckle.

“Just think Cassi, this is just day one. We still have the rest of the weekend.”

With all my strength I raise my head to meet your stare.

“Oh Jason, you are SUCH a bad boy. . .”

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