The Maintenance Man

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The day I moved to the Villas, had been such a hectic day. The movers weren’t on time and the truck I was provided broke down. My intention was to hire these big strong men and have them do all the work, but that’s not what took place. I had three movers, two of them old and one able bodied man who reeked of alcohol. A job that should have took three hours ended up being six. This was going to be my first apartment and I didn’t want any mix ups.

The Villas were townhouses in a gated community of ten. The posh neighborhood around us was a happening place to be in Virginia Beach. I had the newest and last unit in the complex. As I pulled up to my new place I was greeted by Mr. Adams, the maintenance man. He led me through the new home and pointed out the new amenities. He seemed to know about everything in the home and outside the home. Mr. Adams knew everyone’s business. As we talked, about who was clean and dirty, whose husband is cheating with whom in the complex, I noticed his hands; he was wearing a wedding ring. I quickly excuse myself from Mr. Adams because the movers had arrived.

“Those are the guys that are supposed to help you?” He asked as they got off the truck. I hated to admit it but I confessed. He laughed as he joked how old they looked. I laughed as I said that one of movers is fifty years old. Mr. Adams didn’t laugh, “I’m fifty.” I was quiet embarrassed and tried to apologize but I had to admit he looked good for his age and his body was tight. His work suit hung on him perfectly, complimenting him.

“Look baby girl, I’m a help you out. I ain’t doing anything right now,” He insisted. I told him I would be grateful for his help but I couldn’t pay him right now. He looked at me and told canlı bahis me I didn’t need any money, he could think of other ways for me to repay him as he headed toward the truck.

As the men unloaded, I watched Mr. Adams direct the help, he took over the show. I like a man who is direct and knows how to get things done. Our eyes met every time he brought an item in the house. He flirted with me, playfully winking at me, sticking out his tongue or licking his lips. I could not believe I was flirting back. He was old enough to be my father but he was sexy in his own way. After the job was done and I paid the movers, it was time to relax. I would do the unpacking tomorrow.

Mr. Adams had left and vowed he would be back. I believed I made his day, a young woman flirting with him. I decided to try out my new Jacuzzi tub, I was exhausted. I ran myself a bubble bath with the works; candles and a CD. I admired my body as sat in my 72 x 72 Jacuzzi for two. The bubbles lather my body as I lay still. My body was tense and in need of some healing. Only one thing could remedy this feeling; I pulled my pussy teaser out of its bag and turn the dial on. I needed to cum.

I opened my legs and swirled my vibrator around my pussy. The warm water intensified the feeling. I felt like a kitten that needed to be licked. I caressed my skin; I put my teaser on my nipples as they expanded with each stroke. I felt my legs stiffening with each pulsating jerk of my pussy, but I didn’t want to come yet. I imagined Mr. Adams here with me, finger fucking me. I fantasized that with each stroke, he made my body boil over as we pleasured each other. I was hot with fever. I couldn’t believe the feeling; I was high from squeezing my hips together. bahis siteleri Oh mama, I was going to blow. I lay motionless as I was released.

“Good Morning baby girl.” I looked up to see Mr. Adams, he was getting ready to weed whack the spacious lawn. I waved hello, as I entered my car. I started it up and looked through my rearview mirror and saw Mr. Adams winking at me. I thought to myself, he needed to be careful before he gets some of this pussy. At work, I found myself daydreaming about him. His ripping chest, his sweaty brown skin, and those honey brown eyes. I wanted his arms wrapped around me, clawing at me like I was raw meat and he had been starving for months.

It has been two months since I moved in, and that me and Mr. Adams have been flirting. I have played with my pussy envisioning him fucking my brains out but today of all days felt different, I was feeling hoe-ish.

“You sure look good,” he expressed. I smiled and winked at Mr. Adams as I empty my trash. He was watching me walk away, licking and puckering his lips. I watched him as well, with his work suit down around his waist and his amazing chest exposed. I know that I am flirting with a married man but it felt so right. He wanted me and I definitely wanted him.

“Let me help you with that,” he said as he open the door for me. As I entered, he smacked my ass and told me how firm it was and he would love to put his tongue in it. I looked back at him and poked it out, giving him permission to do so. I couldn’t believe Mr. Adams was nasty, ooh I liked.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked. His eyes brightened up. I moved toward my kitchen island, jumping on it.

“Yes I do, bad,” he expressed. I licked my fingers and motioned bahis şirketleri for him to come closer. His sexy eyes watched me as I kicked my shoes off, and unbutton my blouse. I wrapped my legs around Mr. Adams and he began kissing my lips, and neck. He licked my ears, playfully teasing them as I kissed him all over his face. He moaned, “Don’t stop baby girl,” he whispered as he unbuttoned my bra, pulling my titties out, sucking them vigorously. I moaned as he pushed me down on the island. He had his lips attached to my breast as if he was breastfeeding. He took his fingers and slid my panties over and began massaging my pussy, I moaned even louder. I helped him and slid them down to the floor. I wanted to feel his dick inside of me. I lay back on the island as he twisted his tongue around my pussy. He held my clit in his mouth as he sucked my juices. I caressed his bald head as I shoved his face deeper into my pussy.

Marvin opened my legs wider and stuck them in the air as he inserted his fingers into my ass. He begged me to say I loved it. I was willing and an eager participant. I was cuming as he shoved his fingers in deeper as he ate my pussy. Mr. Adams pulled his fingers out licking them and then shoving them into my mouth. I tasted good. He pulled me down by my hair ordering me to suck his dick. I pulled his jumpsuit down to reveal he was naked underneath. I spit on his big dick and devoured it. He moaned my name over and over as swallowed deeper. He had the tastiest dick I have ever had. I let my saliva drip down his dick as I licked it up with each swallow.

I order him to fuck me. He pushed me up against my counter as he entered me raw. We both moaned at the same time. His dick felt like heaven to my pussy. With each stroke we rode a rhythm of ecstasy. Slow then fast, faster and when the ride was over, he came all over my pussy; and like a big cat, he ate his own cum. The maintenance man always gets the job done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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