The Mother of all Nurses

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Cassandra was a bountiful middle-aged wet nurse in the prime of her womanhood, struggling to deal with tragic events in her life that has lead to her becoming a widow. Throughout her daily life of caring for others and living vicariously through her working relationships, Cassandra manages to get by, but remains somewhat lonely and saddened by the fact that most men she had dated since were frightened off by her home-maker qualities and her strong desire to start a family. Was it the fact that she was built larger and stronger than most other women – did men not find her attractive? Or was it because that she knew what she wanted and went for it, but in so doing smothered those she loved too much which pushed them away? Though she asked herself these questions over and over in burning self-inquisition, she attempted to find solace in burying herself in her work.

Ever aware of her fast ticking biological clock, her life intensified one day when she sees a melancholy and brooding young man rushed into her hospital after suffering serious injuries including a broken hip, arm and leg from a cycling accident. During his operation whilst unconscious, Cassandra finds herself strangely enjoying removing the man’s clothes and despite his horrendous injuries, finds herself fantasising about being the only one able to bring him back to full health. She begins to tend to him more than her other patients, wanting him to live, wanting him to affirm life and most of all, she wanted to see the cruel pained frown he wore change to a smile.

In his groggy semi-conscious state in a recovery ward, the man is only half aware of the voluptuous maternal looking older woman wiping down his brow with a damp cloth and smoothing it over the cuts down his chin, neck and over the abrasions on his chest. He groans and squints in and out of consciousness, the foggy shapes of the nurse’s beauteous outline forming a hazy thick and rounded hourglass, shades of dark brown hair and an expression so amiably warm and welcome. He faintly felt the cloth dabbed softly over his chest and gritted his teeth slightly as the pain of his injuries washed over him amid the dulling anaesthetic. He drowsily sighed back into sleep as Cassandra looked to him and bandaged a deep cut on one of his arms. Her image began to transcend his sleepy state and siphon directly into his dreams and memories.

She reminded him of many his mother’s close friends and his mind travelled back to his times as an adolescent growing up around them. He thought of the nights his family spent camping in the bush and their time cutting wood and creating firewood to be sold to customers. It was one night around a fire after a meal and some alcohol that his mother and lover were by themselves in the tent, his three sisters out for a walk, and others out driving. He sat around the fire by himself glumly and stared out to the stars and thought of his mother’s friend Mary who had gone into town for supplies. She seemingly knew how he was growing up and teased him constantly, pouting at him and pushing out her proudly ample chest and shaking it at him when she kartal escort bayan knew he was looking at her. She’d also extend her wide fertile hips invitingly and wave her bum at him, looking over her shoulder and sticking out her tongue. Pent up libido caused him to repress his ill-conceived thoughts of taking her out in the middle of the bush and having his way with her and he felt so guilty and wrong for having such lascivious thoughts about her. However, she was such a perfectly sculptured and wholesome woman that carved an indelible imprint on to his unconscious. Yet it was only the body of heaven that ever shook amidst his early straining for relief, the fire receiving and burning away his young seed.

In a dull throbbing daze, he gradually came to and again the shape of the nurse filled his senses with a strangely stirring and pleasing comfort, a sense that he was going to be just fine despite the complaints his body made. Cassandra had dutifully finished washing his upper body and now prepared herself for something she’d been secretly waiting for ever since she saw him come into the hospital. She squeezed out the cloth and soaked and rinsed it again, her heartbeat increasing faster as she bit her lip and gently took the edge of the sheet and towel covering her patient’s lower body. Marvelling first at his broad, well toned and muscled form and feeling deep sympathy for his injuries, she chastised herself for feeling like a giddy school girl, as she removed the towel and set her eyes down his chest, stomach and then squarely upon his large white uncircumcised penis, which lay softly flaccid and dormant in sleep. Gasping slightly, Cassandra quickly replaced the towel and caught her breath, the young man’s penis being much larger than her ex-husband’s, even when erect. Her thoughts went back to her dead husband, who had been impotent all through their marriage.

Gathering herself and concentrating upon her professional duty, Cassandra looked at the young man and sensed he was dozing from the anaesthetic and so again removed the towel. Her eyes were drawn once again magnetically to the young man’s penis and delicately she went to work, cleaning around his groin and pubic region, over his upper thighs, before with a shaking hand taking his thick members head between her fingers and thumb before cleaning around it, gasping slightly again at the sight of his bulging scrotum. Two thick heavy plum sized balls hung lowly and rested upon his thighs and the man stirred slightly as she cleaned them with the cloth and rolled her fingers underneath them. ‘His balls are enormous!’ Cassandra thought to herself, so much heavier and larger than her husband’s had been. She felt her body tingle all over with electrical energy, and after carefully watching her patient, knowing she still had to clean the most important part in her duty.

Delicately she took his flaccid penis in her hand and peeled back the foreskin, allowing his mushroom head to protrude proudly. It was a healthy shade of red and Cassandra couldn’t take her eyes off it as she washed it with the cloth in warm escort maltepe and soapy water. The man stirred again in his sleep and a groan seemed to be audible from the back of his throat. Cassandra was spellbound in cleaning his manhood and realised suddenly that her stimulation was causing him to become aroused. Her supple sure grip and soft treatment of his cockhead had caused the blood to rush into the shaft and Cassandra was shocked at how quickly it became hard and erect in her hand. At one stage, she let go and just stared at it…watched it grow larger and thicker, it’s one eye extending outwards and seemingly staring at her keenly as if demanding attention. Feeling her heartbeat send her nervous system on end, Cassandra quickly replaced the towel and hoped that he would quickly fall and that her patient would not realise what had just taken place as many men could not control such natural reactions to stimulation.

Cleaning up hastily, she turned to leave from him and put some items away realising that she’d best hurry to tend her other patients before the end of her shift. Before she could leave the room however her eyes darted to back to her patient and down to the tent she had inadvertently created in her patient. To her shock, it was still standing up imperiously. Going slightly red, Cassandra smiled to herself and looked around conspiratorially…I really should go tend to the elderly, she thought for a moment…but…I can’t leave him in that state! Helen can handle the elderly ward, she decided, leaving a mark on her roster in the hall before going back to her young patient’s room. Closing the door to the room and moving the curtain around the bed, Cassandra sure enough found her young patient still erect as she removed the towel again and marvelled at his manhood. I’ll make him feel better, she thought to herself…I’ll relieve him and take away his pain for a little while…

Cassandra felt her heart alight as she put on a new set of latex gloves and found some lubricant in a drawer. Deftly she squirted a liberal amount over the phallus which looked on at her with its loving one-eye. Tenderly she stroked it in her full hand, firstly by rubbing the glands with her fingers and thumb, tickling him, then gently massaging the whole shaft and squeezing as she got higher and closer to the head and loosening as she did the downstroke. She knew her husband had loved this method and she repeated the stroke with a wondrous slow rhythm, using her other hand to cup and rub the young man’s scrotum. Soon she felt her womanhood dampen, as she made love to the young man’s erect penis with her hands. The more she jerked on him and played with his manhood, the wetter she became, thinking unbidden lustful thoughts go dancing in her consciousness. Her eyes darted now and again up to the young man’s face, hearing a soft moan come from the back of his throat in half-sleep. When his eyes opened whilst she was staring at him, it was as if he were emerging into a dream. She heard him moan again and felt him try to push upwards in her hand now and again as she stroked him, his eyes pendik escort locked on her beautiful fertile body. She felt as if he were silently undressing her with his eyes, his gaze burning with lust ignited by Cassandra’s tender worship of his cock. Crying out loudly all of a sudden, the young man released a thick torrent of his sperm, the first shot of which jetted out and landed on his chest, “oh my sweet baby…it’s beautiful”, crooned Cassandra, slowing down her stroke perfectly to draw more semen out of him, each shot springing like a spring geyser from his cream canon, up and down all over his naked stomach. She kept stroking him and cooing as at least seven more shots squirted, some falling in strings and droplets over her gloved hand.

Eventually he subsided and she dutifully cleaned him again, all the time aware that his silent eyes were feasting upon her hips and breasts especially, wanting to catch glimpses of her from all angles. Carefully she removed the gloves and put them in a small bag before tucking him in and kissing him on the forehead, ensuring his fullest comfort. He sighed as she looked to his eyes to find that he had fallen asleep again. Cassandra smiled to herself, and then left the room quickly, her heart in her mouth, walking down the corridor to her next patient.

Before she could get there however, a burning in her loins sent her to the ladies room. There, she hastily locked a door and lowered her wringing wet panties. Cassandra touched her faintly with two fingers, for relief, thinking about what she had done and what the consequences might be. She thought of her patient’s silent roving eyes exploring her curvaceous body and inserted a finger inside her dampness, her mind full of his pulsing manhood. How much she had enjoyed watching him release his seed! It was the single largest volume of sperm she’d ever seen in one orgasm and it was all because of her!

She knew that he had found her attractive in the way his eyes pawed at her flesh despite the large age difference and his bad physical condition. He was young enough to be her son! The thought was taboo but still she found herself giving in to the lustful thoughts behind it all. Finding the only spare room with an empty bed that she could find, Cassandra laid herself down and rested for awhile, taking stock of the situation again. Her mind was flooded with the image of his sperm shooting out over his chest and the slow strokes she had made to get him hard, the first time she had pulled back his foreskin. Cassandra took out her favourite toy from her purse – a vibrator, to which she quickly entered and jagged herself to an ecstatic orgasm, thinking of her young patient’s hard cock. Before she was about to cum, a lustful thought rushed through her mind and she immediately opened the bag containing the latex gloves she had used on her lucky patient. The semen was still sticky on it and after smelling it and tasting a little bit of it, Cassandra put the glove back on and guided her now sticky fingers deep inside herself as far as they would go…her body shook all over and she cried out in pleasure as she cleaned the glove of the semen with her vaginal walls, their fluids mingling.

Gathering herself and looking left and right in the corridor, Cassandra took a deep breath and went back to work…thinking what tomorrow would bring.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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