The New Neighborhood Pt. 03

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Dear Readers, this is the final installment of The New Neighborhood. Again, this is a romp into a fantasy land that many would enjoy. I now introduce Jim, Saul, Barb, and Vicki to everyone. Their relationship dynamics were the most unique of all.


By the time we had arrived at Gene and Pam’s house for Saturday omelets and fruit, our four other quad residents were seated at their dining room table.

Introductions were in order and Gene made them quick. From the beginning, I knew that Lynn would like Jim and Saul. They were twin brothers, although not identical. Both were good looking and muscular. It was clear that they took pride in their physical conditioning.

Both had been divorced for over 14 years. Jim had two sons, both now in their 30s, and Saul had a 30 year old son. Jim’s blonde hair was very thin and receding at the top while Saul still had a full head of light brown hair.

Neither were necessarily hung especially well but I could see Lynn checking out their overall physique. Both were checking out Lynn’s goods as well. She was practically posing for them.

Barb was an attractive redhead with sparse freckles on her face and chest. Her breasts weren’t particularly large, in fact they were a B cup at best, and her overall build was very thin. She appeared to be close to 5 foot 8 and her legs were quite long. I couldn’t help but take extra notice of the red tuft of hair between her thighs. She was a true redhead, the first I’d ever seen naked.

Vicki wasn’t as attractive, at least by my estimation, but she did have raven colored hair that was pulled back in a ponytail and a full bush that matched. She also seemed to have personality traits that mirrored Sandy. She had a natural smile and seemed to be just as ease with people as Sandy. She didn’t have huge breasts but they were clearly proportionate to her 5 foot 5 inch medium build.

They each gave us a brief bio about their previous relationships. Vicki had a 29 year old daughter that lived in Florida with her husband and Barb had a 31 year old son, Drew, who lived only two hours away. He usually visited her about 3 times a year. He enjoyed his time and had made a couple of female friends, including Sandy, whom he had enjoyed sexually. He traveled a lot in sales and he’d make time to come to New River Estates when he had time off that coincided with his mother’s time off.

Barb’s husband had run off with Jim’s wife. Through that ordeal, they had become friends but not lovers. All four of them worked as correction officers with the state until Barb had a back injury that required surgery. Since then, she had worked in an office capacity.

Vicki, Saul, and Jim worked at the same prison and although they worked the same 6am-2pm shift, their days off were often different. Those that were scheduled on a particular day would carpool to work. The exception was Barb since her office was 20 miles from the prison yard.

Their unique relationship began 14 years ago. Barb, Jim, and Saul would meet together for a late lunch on the days they worked together. Eventually Vicki joined them when her husband left her for an 18 year old kid that had just graduated from high school.

Their friendship was based on their common jobs, their divorced status, and their resolve to never marry again. Throughout many conversations and soul-baring, they had bonded tremendously.

Eventually, the four of them decide to move in together. The girls shared one room and the guys shared the other. There were four twin beds. Everyone assumed that there was something sexual going on but they were wrong…at least for a while. They didn’t care what people thought or believed. They enjoyed being together and had developed a trust and bond that was unbreakable.

One night, Jim was leaving the bathroom after taking a shower. Believing that he was home alone, he walked from the bathroom to his bedroom nude. Vicki had returned home early from visiting her daughter in college and was shocked to see Jim in his naked glory.

The awkwardness was short-lived. When the others got home from work that day, the four of them agreed that to avoid any future embarrassment, that nudity around the house would be the norm from now on. Actually, this was Vicki’s idea. She grew up in a home where nudity was normal and she hated the feeling of covering up. Although the incident was accidental, Vicki saw it as an opportunity to get back to the kind of clothes-free atmosphere she had known for years.

After much discussion, they agreed. The men’s concern was that with two naked women in the house, it could lead to feelings of sexual desire. Those feelings already existed, as both men admitted, but their friendship to the girls meant more to them than trying to score with them in bed. All four of them had enjoyed some no-strings attached with other partners.

Through more dialogue and some nervous humor, they agreed that sexual activity between the four of them might be a good idea. None of them wanted a permanent relationship that mirrored some güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sort of ownership of their partner. The sex would be between friends with no expectation of the permanent boyfriend-girlfriend dynamics.

Over ten years ago, they heard about New River Estates. They were now all over 40 and thought that it would be the ideal place for them. They got the only 3 bedroom house available. Jim agreed to convert the den into a bedroom for himself. He preferred the outdoors anyhow and wouldn’t need to spend much time in his bedroom except to sleep and an occasional lay.

They were now the third longest tenured residents in the 12 year old community. They assured us that there was no ownership between any of the group. They were each free to do as they wished sexually. Some would call it an open relationship, but in reality it was just four single friends sharing a house and each was free to enjoy their sexual desires.

They even admitted that sex between the four of them wasn’t as frequent as some would think. Although they were usually together in the evening after work, their sex life was mostly with other members of their community, including Scott, Sandy, Gene, and Pam.

Jim had been told about our initial discomfort after moving in. He, as well as the others, were shocked to find out that we had moved in oblivious to the kind of community it was. Barb expressed even more shock that we seemed to adapt so quickly. She was the last holdout for the nude living arrangements many years ago. She was the last to get comfortable being nude in front of the guys. Vicki was much like Lynn…she enjoyed exposing her tits and pussy. That living arrangement just allowed the guys to get a good look at her. She enjoyed the looks of lust in their eyes.

As we talked, Scott and Sandy entered the kitchen. It was the first time they’d seen the four of them in almost 11 days and lots of hugs, kisses, ass grabs, and tit grabs were exchanged.

I admitted that I was still in a state of adjustment. Scott and Sandy had just arrived and I admitted to feeling uneasy about Lynn’s affinity for Scott. I admitted to being comfortable with the sex but not so comfortable with her establishing such a closeness that might wreck their marriage. The intimacy of sex wasn’t nearly as intense to me as that of a deep personal bonding. I could bare my body much easier than I could bare my soul.

“Let me explain something,” Barb said, interrupting my rambling thoughts. “I love Scott dearly. I’ve enjoyed him in bed at least a half dozen times in the four months they’ve lived here.”

“What you need to understand is, that man is so deeply in love with Sandy that not even a hot looking woman like Lynn is going to change that. Those two have been through a lot. They’ve grown together. They’ve always been there for each other. Not you, me, Lynn, or anyone in this room can screw that up.”

“Also, three of us know what it’s like to have our spouses leave us for another. It hurts like hell. It hurts so much that we’ve all stayed single for all of these years. We aren’t taking that chance again. None of us wants a spouse, especially someone else’s.”

“This community is so unique. This quad has had some great people. Gene and Pam say that you’re in an open relationship. If so, this will be the first time since we moved in 10 years ago that everyone in our quad is sexually free. We love our neighbors and I’m sure that we’ll love you two in due time. Gene and Pam have already gushed about how great you two are.”

I knew they were trying to be encouraging. I could honestly say that I really did like all eight of our new neighbors. Barb offered a different perspective for me to consider.

“Barry, just imagine you had just met all of your new neighbors and we were all dressed. Forget that we’re nude. Just imagine us as neighbors only and decide if you like us.”

“We do have a common bond in that we are comfortable in our own skin. Look at my naked body all you wish. Hopefully you like what you see, but if you don’t, that’s okay. That shouldn’t affect our friendship. I used to be as modest as they could be. Getting accustomed to being nude around those two guys and finally everyone here at New River, I’m a different person. I’m more outgoing, more confident sexually, and I believe in myself…mind, body, and spirit. Even my son could see a difference in me personally. He and his wife enjoy their visits here.”

“You see, we have a unique bond here at New River. Those of us in this quad also share a sexual freedom that’s unique. Once you get used to it, it would be so difficult to go back to any other way of life. I can’t imagine not living here. If you keep everything in perspective…as well as Lynn doing the same…you all will absolutely love this place.”

“I can tell you something I really like about you right now. You really do love your wife. Even only meeting you two less than an hour ago, you have something special. My ex-husband felt a need to sneak around on me…with Jim’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri wife of all people. Maybe I’m being too simplistic but I have the men and as much sex that I can handle and never have to cheat on anyone. What you’re doing isn’t cheating either, my friend. Your gorgeous wife has given you permission to enjoy these carnal pleasures. I’ll tell you right now, you’re welcome in my bed anytime.”

Wow, at the outset, I thought Barb was the quiet one. Maybe compared to Vicki, who had been in a long, loud, conversation with Lynn and Scott that was filled with laughter and ass slaps, she might be considered the quieter one. Vicki was bubbly and very friendly…putting her arms around people, calling them “babe” and “honey”, and seemed so at ease as the center of attention. Almost a personality clone of Sandy, it seemed.

Barb was talkative, but in a much softer way. She had a higher pitched voice that was soft and sweet. Her green eyes could practically hypnotize a guy. Her face was thin, yet, very pretty. Her smallish breasts were still firm and her nipples seemed to be perpetually stiff. I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at her red muff. That was a huge turn-on.

Sandy had helped Pam get breakfast ready and we all scattered wherever we could find a seat. Barb, Sandy, Gene, and I sat on the patio while Lynn, not too surprisingly, seemed to follow Scott to sit down with Vicki, Jim, Saul, and Pam at the main dining room table.

I did find it interesting that of all the men in our quad, Lynn took the strongest interest in Scott…who clearly didn’t have the looks or physique of Gene, Jim, or Saul. They had somehow bonded very quickly in a much different way.

The previous evening, I had taken a strong liking to Sandy. On this morning, she seemed to be in a more serious conversation with Gene while Barb and I got to know one another even better. Again, that intimacy of getting to know another woman other than my wife was still a bit uncomfortable. Somehow, Barb made it seem easier. By the time breakfast was finished, she had invited me to join her in the pool for a morning swim. She still wanted to share more about the nude cruise they had just taken. We walked to the pool with her arm around my waist. The rest of the crowd stayed back. Everyone else seemed to be paired off in smaller groups of two or three.

There is one thing about Barb…her powers of perception were working like a charm. She wasn’t necessarily wanting to get in the pool as much as a need to pull me aside to talk one on one. I had been observing Lynn’s behavior inside the house from my vantage point on the patio. She was sitting between Jim and Scott and had been very friendly with each, that is, they were exchanging several physical moments that ranged from ass grabbing, running their hands up her thighs and vice-versa, and watching her grabbing their cocks and balls.

Although I didn’t say a word, Barb sensed my disdain. Once we were inside the pool, far enough away to have a completely private conversation, she took it upon herself to encourage me while also showing the folly of my concerns.

“Barry, this isn’t quite as new to Lynn as it is to you. She admits to being an exhibitionist. I heard about her exploits in her younger years. That’s part of what gets her hot and horny. I can see that you’re comfortable in your skin but unlike your wife, it does nothing for you sexually.”

“I sense that you and I are alike. I don’t get any kicks out of showing off my body. It is what it is. I’m fine with my body whether you or anyone else approves or not. Flat chested? So what! Freckles? Big deal! Too skinny? I eat like a horse and stay skinny. So be it! If you like it, then look all you want, but showing it to you doesn’t do anything for me sexually. Knowing you will get my juices flowing.”

“I’ve had several lovers in my time here in New River. I’ve even had a couple of guys that I’ve become very fond of…emotionally that is. Still, in spite of all of that, I’m very content with my lifestyle. I’ll retire in 2 years…in fact…all four of us will be retired within the next 3 years. We’ll all be 55 or older and have 30 years of service. That will get us a full retirement with health and dental benefits. Not a bad deal, huh?”

“That’s kind of off the point though. Look, Lynn is a very attractive lady…in fact, she may be the most attractive woman I’ve seen come in here during my 10 years. She’s beautiful, she’s fit, and she seems to have an outgoing and genuine love of people. Guys will be hitting on her for a long time. Let her enjoy it. Let her know you’re happy for her. Enjoy me, Sandy, maybe Vicki, and Pam…among others that you’ll meet here. If you make a good friend…that is one that you really connect with…then enjoy them. Lynn will do the same.”

“So what if you and I end up having strong feelings for each other? I’ll tell you this much…if you ever dare consider giving up Lynn for me or anyone else, our friendship will come to an abrupt end. Take that to the güvenilir bahis şirketleri bank, baby.”

“Whatever you do, make up your mind that you’re going to love this place and its people…and its unusual benefits. I went from being very modest about my body to walking around naked every chance I get. I went from being a virgin when I met my husband and ashamed for him to see me naked on my wedding night, to feeling free to enjoy my sexuality with any willing partner today…and that includes you. I already like you a lot, Barry, and that’s only knowing you for less than two hours.”

“You and I both jumped right into the nude lifestyle having never considered it before. You were a faithful husband, I was a faithful wife. Suddenly, we’re in an environment that was like being in a foreign land…yours was probably more drastic since you had no idea what kind of neighborhood you were getting into. I still can’t believe your realtor didn’t tell you. Thankfully, it should work out for you if you’ll get over your sense of ownership of Lynn.”

“You agreed on an open marriage. Enjoy it, but I’d recommend that you two always end up in bed together by the end of the night. That’s advice that Pam and Gene always give the newbies here.”

As she was finishing, she had subtly moved her hand to my ass and was lightly rubbing it. I took the liberty of lightly grabbing her ass. Suddenly, she caught me off-guard by facing me, grabbing me with both arms around the waist, and planting a long, hard kiss on my lips. Within seconds, her tongue was darting around inside of my mouth.”

“I was so turned on yet all I knew to do was enjoy the moment. I tried to keep up with her kissing but I didn’t go any further.”

“Barry,” Lynn said as she stopped for a breather, “if what I’m doing isn’t a strong enough message for you, I’m not sure what else I can do…short of just sticking your dick inside of my mouth.”

“I’m a different kind of lover. I enjoy giving pleasure. I’m happy when my guy is happy. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy getting my pussy eaten and other forms of foreplay, but I will usually want you to initiate. If you want sex, more often than not all you have to do is initiate it and I’ll do it with you at your house or my house…and any room in those houses.”

Although I knew I had issues to deal with, I wasn’t about to give up a chance to have Barb in bed right then. We quickly took a towel and dried each other off and went into her house. She had me follow her to her room and we picked up where we had left off in the pool.

Barb was an incredibly energetic lover. Everything she did in the bed was with full effort. Someone that I had known for barely two hours was giving her all to me. At that moment I had no thoughts of what Lynn was doing. It didn’t matter. She could have all the guys gang banging her right then and it didn’t matter.

I was enjoying the first of what would be many intense sexual encounters with Barb over the years. I never tired of sucking on her small, yet firm breasts. I always enjoyed taking peeks down to see her full red bush. I often would run my hands through that forest of red simply because I enjoyed that feeling.

On that first day, Barb and I had sex twice and took two showers together in a three hour span. We never heard anyone come through the doors. That was the first of many times that we’d spend time alone like that. Sometimes, at night, we’d sit in one of our hot tubs together and just talk. We were friends first.

I learned later that Lynn had gone to Scott’s house and enjoyed sex with him during the time that I was with Barb for the first time. Later, she took Jim to our bedroom and experienced him for the first time. Saul hooked up with Pam that morning while Gene and Sandy enjoyed time together. Clearly, Sandy was Gene’s favorite. That became obvious over the years. They seemed to have a relationship similar to what Barb and I had.

10 years later, we still enjoy our time at New River. Every one of us has now retired. Scott and Sandy held on to their business for two more years until they finally got an offer they couldn’t refuse. The foursome were all retired within 3 years and did a lot of traveling…some together as a group and some in pairs.

Gene and Pam have remained close friends as well although neither of them has been too active sexually. Gene isn’t able to perform and Pam hasn’t shown the interest in it that she used to. Still, our friendship was based on a mutual love and respect and the sex was just a bonus.

I did enjoy four other lovers other than those in our quad during the past ten years. Lynn has enjoyed more lovers than I can ever remember. Included in that total was Barb’s son, Drew. Still, our love has never been stronger. Our sex life is still good and we’ve followed Gene and Pam’s advice to always spend the night together in our own bed.

We got involved in commercial investment property on top of our online trading business. That worked out so well that we were retired by the time we were 50. We had money to travel when we wanted. We went to Australia with Jim and Barb two years ago. Great trip, great scenery, and great sex. We shared a hotel room at each location. Although Lynn was always partial to Scott, she did enjoy a very close friendship with Jim as well. That was evident when watching them interact.

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