The Punishment

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Tony Soporno glared at his daughter. He had caught her making out in the den with her new boyfriend. One of the most feared men in the city had been very specific to his daughter about what was acceptable in his house and what was not. She had disobeyed him. This required punishment, and the basement was the right place for it.

“What did I say? Huh? Did I not tell you specifically that if I ever caught you having sex with a boy I would make you do to me what you were doing to him?”

“Yes, daddy,” was his daughter’s glum reply. Summer twirled her blond hair nervously, rolled her eyes and popped her gum.

“But, Mr. Soporno…” the twerp that was trying to fuck his daughter tried to interject.

“You, shut the fuck up!” Tony slapped his face. “When I want to hear from you, I’ll beat it out of you.”

Tony paced in front of the two of them. The basement had been insulated for sound so no one could hear what happened there. It was Tony’s special place.

“Well, I have to go through with it, or else you’ll never respect me. On your knees.”

“What?” said Summer.

“Do it. Both of you.”

“But, Mr. Soporno…” Whack. This time it was with the back of his hand.

“You thought you were going get off lightly?” Tony looked at the punk’s face. To himself he admitted there was a rugged, ‘bad boy’ look that he knew attracted his daughter. “Well, you’re escort ataşehir not. I’m going to start with you first. Take your clothes off.” The kid hesitated, Tony’s hand went up, the punk complied. Tony noticed the punk’s hands tremble as he undid his shirt, pulled off his jeans, then finally, slowly, his underwear.

“What were you doing to my daughter, when I caught you?”


“Answer me.”

“She was giving me a blow job.”

“You mean, you were making her suck your dick! That’s right, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir,” was the barely whispered reply.

“Well, now, you’re going to suck mine.” With that, Tony unzipped his fly, pulled out his disconcertingly chubby cock, pushed into the terrified kid’s face, and forced him to suck it. “Yeah, that’s it. See how you like it.”

Summer gasped in amazement as she watched the guy she’d picked up only a day ago, gagging on her father’s cock.

Tony held the punk’s head firmly into his crotch. “How old are you?” he asked, releasing the pressure enough for a choked reply.

“Twenty six.”

“She’s nineteen, you fuck. Seven years younger than you.” Tony thrust hard with his hips, held him there long enough to make his point, then released him.

“If I ever catch you near my daughter again, I will really fuck you up. From now on, you work for me. Come to the club at 10 tomorrow kadıköy escort night ready to do whatever I tell you. Now get the fuck out of here.” Summer’s most recent, and now ex-boyfriend clutched his clothes as he scrambled out of Tony Soporno’s basement.

“Now, it’s your turn,” Tony looked at his daughter, beautiful and defiant, a woman and child-like all at once. He needed to punish her.

“You’re not serious.”

“Oh, yes, I am. What were you wearing when I caught you?”

“I was naked.”

“So, take your clothes off. It has to be exactly the way it was when I caught you.”

Summer unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Tony took off his shirt. Summer released her full, soft breasts from the confines of her bra, shimmied her jeans off her hips and knelt before her father, protected only by her pink thong.

“All of it,” Tony said. She obeyed.

Summer was naked, and so was Tony. He stood close to her, his cock full and hard. “Now, do to me what you were doing to him.”

Summer hesitated, staring up at him. She was silent and calm, a smile slowly growing on her face. Tony waited, his cock thick and hard in front of the face of his beautiful, naked daughter. She reached out and leaned forward, and there it was, the first touch of his daughter’s hands on his cock. Her mouth opened and her eyes close as she gently, maltepe escort bayan but surely took him in.

Sensations of softness, warmth and wetness exploded in primal shocks emanating from his crotch. His daughter was sucking his cock.

How had it come to this? She disobeyed him. He needed to punish her.

His right hand cupped the back of daughter’s head, while his left cupped her breast. His hips thrust towards her mouth, slowly, at first, but with ever increasing power. He pushed harder and harder.

“Oh, Summer,” he thought, and something changed. He no longer wanted to punish her, but to love her. And he did. Their rhythm was instinctive and natural. The sensation of her sweet, soft mouth wrapped around the head of his cock sent shivers throughout his body, taking him higher and higher into ecstasy. His mind swirled with thoughts of affection and lust. Were they his moans or hers that filled his head? Or both?

Faster he thrust, and faster. Harder and harder. Her other hand had now grabbed his ass and was pulling him toward her. She took him deeper and deeper. He could hold back no longer.

He released into her mouth with a growl that turned into a roar. Pulse after pulse. Groan after groan.

Summer held on and took all that he father could give.

At last, he was done.

In the end, she gently suckled his cock and lapped up the last of his cum. When she felt him soften, she stood and brought her lips to his. She kissed him, and Tony tasted his own cum from his daughter’s mouth.

Then Summer gathered her clothes, walked up the stairs, smiled and said, “I’m sorry, daddy. I’ll never do it again.”

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