The Rescue

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I was sitting at home watching a baseball game and sipping a brew when Elizabeth called. Her mother had married my father a few years back and in the meantime we had become friends. We weren’t super close, probably because there was a 10-year difference in our ages – I was 31 and she 21 – but we had hung out together on occasion. Holidays at our parents house, a few dinners here and there, usually with her older sisters and whatever girl I was dating at the time. Or we’d meet for a drink or several when she made it into the city from the ’burbs. But we got along reasonably well and often had interesting conversations – about classes she was taking, our parents, or our respective relationships.

In my opinion she dated guys who didn’t hold a candle to her. First of all, she is smokin’ hot. She has shoulder length ash blond hair, a long neck, high Scandinavian cheekbones, a cute little nose and nice, full lips. And she has a kicking body. She’s thin, but not waifish; has smallish, perky tits, and a terrific shapely ass, which she often shows off in short mini skirts or tight denim shorts. Liz is also a smart chick. She has a vicious wit and doesn’t hesitate to use it to put someone in their place. The guys she goes out with tend to be dolts. She admitted to me one night over cocktails that she found herself attracted to, “Guys with an edge.” Which I understood to mean, “Guys with face piercings, baggy jeans and unwashed hair.” Though they might fit some MTV model of “cool,” I thought they were all stupid and none treated her as well as she deserved. I would encourage her to find a guy who was up to her standards, but knew not to push. She was fast becoming a grown woman and had to make decisions and mistakes on her own – without her step-brother looking over her shoulder.

When I picked up the phone I knew instantly that it was Liz and that she was drunk. She was slurring and there was the thumping of loud music in the background.

“Hey Cal. It’s Elizabeth. Whatcha doin’?” Before I could reply… “I think I need a ride.”

“Sure darling. What’s up? Where are you?”

“I’m at Mickey’s Tavern, and Becky left with some guy. She drove and now I’m stuck here. And there’s some guys… I need a ride.”

Mickey’s was only about a mile from my house, so I told her not to worry that I’d be there in a few minutes. Whatever was going on with the guys she mentioned couldn’t have been good, or else she would have been happy to stay and flirt. So I wasted no time and beat it to Mickey’s.

When I got there I saw her Liz sandwiched between two frat boy-types who were none too happy to see me, although Liz was.

“Hey, Cal! Thanksh for coming. Wanna drink?”

She looked drunk and a little worse for wear, but still pretty great. After I sat down and ordered a bourbon, I informed the frat boys that Elizabeth had called for a ride. “We’ll give her a ride – the ride of her life, if you’ll get the fuck outta here,” one genius said.

“Thanks man. That’s awfully generous of you, but I’ll take care of her.”

“Who the fuck are you?” barked the other as he grabbed Elizabeth roughly and pulled her towards him. “We’ve been buying her drinks all night!”

“I’m her step-brother, here’s $20 for the drinks, Liz is hammered, she’s not interested in going home with you two assholes, and I’m taking her home after I finish my drink.”

I don’t know if it was my steely glare or the fact that Elizabeth chimed in with: “Yeah, so fuck off!” Or if the bouncer, who escort ataşehir happened to be a buddy of mine, scared them off when he walked over and asked if there was a problem, but Dumb and Dumber grabbed the $20 bill, got up grumbling and started looking for another drunk chick.

Elizabeth was grateful and gave me a big hug and a wet smack on the cheek. “My hero,” she said. I don’t know about that, but I did know it was time to go.

Once we got to my car – Liz leaning on me the whole way – she hugged me again tightly and whispered in my ear, “Thanksh Cal.” She held the embrace for what seemed like forever. I didn’t want to let her go – partly because she’d fall if I did and partly because I was enjoying it. I could feel her breasts through her thin top flatten against my chest and her bare leg was pressed gently in my crotch. I’m sure it was an accident, but a happy one. I felt myself getting hard and after a minute or so I maneuvered her into the passenger seat.

When I got behind the wheel I glanced over at Liz. She’d already nodded off. I took the opportunity to take a long look at my gorgeous step-sister. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her pouty lips were opened slightly as she slept. She was wearing a short black skirt, which showed off honey colored legs and, as it rode up a bit, a tiny triangle of white panty. Damn. She also had on a loose fitting, white, almost translucent blouse. I could see the outline of her tits in the dim light of an overhead street lamp. “God help mankind,” I thought to myself.

Once home, I carried my sleeping beauty step-sister up to my room and put her on the bed. She woke up and looked up at me dreamily and thanked me again.

“Cal you’re such a great guy. Thanksh for helping with thosh jerks. When Becky left I thought they were nice, but then they got grabby. I hate that. Will you help me take off my clothes?”

She said the last bit as if she was asking for a drink of water. I was naturally startled and it took a couple of beats before I realized what she’d asked.

“Sure honey.” I stammered. Now I was turned on again and suddenly fully hard. I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, trying not to stare too hard at her lacy white bra encased tits. I pulled her up to me so I could slip her shirt over her shoulders. She leaned into me and I once again felt her breasts against my chest. Whew. I laid her gently back down and noticed a small smile on her lips as I began to unzip her miniskirt. Her matching white lace panties slowly came into view. She lifted her ass off the bed and let me pull her skirt off. Mission accomplished, I took another long look. I could make out her curly mound and even a slight outline of her pussy lips. God she was hot.

“Bra too, step-brother – it’s too tight.”

“Sure Liz.” I whispered and unclasped her front-fasten bra. It fell open to reveal her perfect little, pink-hued nipples and milky white breasts. I think they were the prettiest pair of tits I’d ever seen. I had to get out of there. This was killing me.

But as I turned to head for the downstairs couch, she whined, “Stay with me Cal.” Against my better judgment I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans and crawled into bed, staying as close as I could to the far edge.

After a couple of hours of fitful sleep and dirty dreams filled with images of raping my drunk step-sister, the sun began to come up. Liz was spooning me from behind when I woke. I loved the feel of her naked tits and hard kadıköy escort nipples poking into my back. I dared not move. I heard her sigh contentedly and then she jumped a little. She was sober and awake now and realized the position she was in.

“Cal, what the hell happened?”

After a quick recap of the night’s activities, where I swore she begged me to take off her bra, she covered her tits and her face at the same time.

“God I’m so embarrassed. Did you think I was seducing you?” she asked.

“Liz, you were drunk. But to be honest, it wouldn’t have taken much convincing. I think you’re about the most beautiful girl in the world.”

She peeked through her fingers and I could see a slight smile on her face. “Really?” I nodded dumbly. Then Liz hugged me – and when she pressed against me she could tell how hard I was. She giggled slightly and without a word reached between us to feel my cock. We pulled apart and looked into each other’s eyes as she slowly stroked me up and down through my boxers, occasionally giving the tip a little pinch. I knew I should stop her but I just didn’t have the will power.

She closed her eyes and leaned toward me with her lips slightly open. I couldn’t resist. I gave her a soft, slow kiss, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She kept stroking me and suddenly began kissing me back forcefully, with passion.

I ran my hands up and down her body. Cupping her ass with one, and kneading her tits with the other. I let my fingers creep under her panties from behind and slipped one into her sopping pussy. Then I found her ass and gently pushed the tip of a wet finger in. She stopped rubbing my dick only long enough to pull my shorts down to my knees so she should grab it without fabric getting in the way. She pushed me onto my back and finally broke our kiss. With a sexy smile she slid down my body, pausing to give me sucking kisses on my chest, then my nipples, then my stomach.

I looked down to see the glorious sight of her lips sliding over the purple head of my rock hard cock. She sucked, and bobbed, and flicked her tongue around the head of my penis, all the while stroking up and down my shaft with her little hand. Then she reached under my balls with her other hand, rolling them in her soft, cool fingers. Then she went lower, until she found my anus. Never stopping sucking, she eased a finger into my asshole, slowly finger-fucking me. It was an incredible sensation. I could feel the cum boiling up my shaft. I begged her not to stop. She could sense I was getting close so she went down as far as should could on my cock and held there, sucking hard and still moving her tongue around the shaft. That was it. “I’m cumming!” I half-yelled, then I spurted stream after stream of semen into her mouth,

Liz swallowed it all then crawled back up and nuzzled against my neck. After a five- minute recovery period, we resumed kissing. We started slow and soon were kissing passionately and groping each other wildly all over again. Then I announced that it was her turn. I slid down – licking her all the way — until I was between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs, teasing her before I pulled her panties off. Then I gave her cunt my full attention. I stared licking up and down her pussy lips, practically drinking her juice, then I found her clit and sucked and licked it while pushing first one then two fingers into her pussy. She was so primed after all of our making out and the blow job that she gave me that maltepe escort bayan it didn’t take long before she was moaning and trembling and crying out with a powerful orgasm.

I admit, I was pretty pleased with myself as I quickly moved up Liz’s still twitching body. I was fully hard again and ready to fuck her. I plunged in. She was so wet so soon after cumming that I went into her easily. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her gorgeous, angelic face, twisted in passion, as I stroked in and out of her. She was tight. I went slowly at first, but then she started humping back insistently and so I did it harder. It wasn’t long before I was slamming into her like it was rape. We were animals now and were both loving it. She cried out “Fuck me. Fuck me.” Over and over. I shut her up with another hard kiss as I continually pulled all the way out, just so I could penetrate her again. Finally she pulled me into her as far as I could go, her hands on my ass, as another powerful orgasm tore through her body. Thanks to Liz’s amazing blow job, I was able to, somehow, keep from coming. Even as I felt her shudder against me and the walls of her pussy clench and unclench around my cock as she came.

I had always loved looking at Liz’s ass – so tight and shapely. So once her orgasm was through I turned her over onto her stomach. She was like a rag doll. I put a pillow under her hips to raise her ass up. I bent down and licked her pussy again, this time from behind. Pausing to flick my tongue over the rosebud of her asshole. That startled and, I think, helped her recover after cumming so hard. She began to moan again and begged me to fuck her from behind. I got on my knees and grabbed her ass cheeks as I eased into her pussy. I started slowly again and kept that up for several minutes. I kissed her back and the nape of her neck, as I reached under her to play with her nipples and stroke her stomach.

Then I bent down and whispered in her ear. “I want to fuck your ass.”

She smiled and, actually blushed as if we hadn’t been screwing like wild banshees for the past hour or so. “OK, Cal. I want you to.” I pulled out and reached into my bedside table for some KY. I slathered a little on my dick, then gave her asshole a few loving licks before I applied the KY there.

She spread her legs wide for me, but had a look of worry on her face. I positioned the tip of my dick at her little ass rosebud and pushed slightly and watched as it slowly disappeared. I wasn’t sure if she’d ever done this before, but I knew I had to go slow. It probably took two or three minutes before I finally got it all the way in. By this time, I was already so close to cumming. It was just so hot to have my cock in my sexy step-sister’s ass. And Liz was whimpering quietly.

I again bent down to whisper in her ear. “Are you OK?”

She grinned, and responded in a whisper of her own, “Yes, sweetie. Now fuck that ass.” Which made me laugh.

I pumped in out very slowly, marveling at how tight she felt. Then, as I got closer to shooting, I drove into her hard, which made her cry out. “Oh god! Yes! Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Do it! Yesss! Fuck my ass!” That did it for me. I slammed into her hard a few more times then screamed as I came inside her. It felt like a steady stream. When I thought it was subsiding, I would come again.

We collapsed in a heap. Exhausted, sweaty, satisfied. I continued to hold her close even as I rolled off and out of her. We looked at each other and she said what we were both thinking. “That was amazing, but it can only be this once.” I smiled sadly and nodded. It was over. Then she quickly added, as she reached for my dick again, “Or should I say, this one day.”

My smile got much wider as I said. “We can do a lot in a day…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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