The Story

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It all started out so innocently, I just happened to sit down at Matthew’s computer and found an erotic story still on his screen. As I read the paragraphs, I found myself becoming more and more aroused; a story with an incestuous theme had me soaking in my panties. I do not know why but the more I read the more I knew I had to make myself cum.

The fact that we both were reading a story about a brother and sister seemed to only heighten my orgasm. Whether by accident or fate, reading that story has propelled both of us towards something that I would never have guessed in a million years might happen. Yet, just thinking about it makes me wet, fucking my own brother just like in the story, the ultimate taboo realized.

Does he feel the same way though, does he jerk off thinking about fucking me? Just because he read a story about a brother and sister does not mean he actually looks at me that way. Guess I never noticed if he even looks at me as more than his skinny older sister, why would I. Now, my radar is on full alert to see if he does in fact see me as more than just his sibling.

I am not hard to look at either, tall and slim with long brown hair. If I could change anything, it would be bigger boobs. Mine are small; I’m not flat but not far from it either. Guess my best features are my legs and little ass, I know he looks at me when I’m in the pool, I figured all guys just like checking out a bikini. Now, I wonder if it was more than checking out a bikini.

My head is spinning now, there is only one real way to find out and then I will know for sure. Is this so wrong? It does not mean we have to go all the way and yet the intensity of my orgasms lately are incredible. The thought of Matthew fucking me makes me yearn for night to come so I can get myself off again.

At twenty-one and two years younger than I am, Matthew is so attractive, maybe I am biased but he looks like a young Tom Cruise. Guess I never realized it from this angle but now that is all I can think of lately. At almost six feet and toned, those gorgeous arms and ripped abs make me moan every time I see him.

This can be so destructive though, if it ever came out it could ruin me. And what about Mom, granted she always seems to be on the road lately but she might sense something when she is home. That’s assuming anything even happens, I’m horny and scared all at the same time, funny but tied together those two emotions are driving me crazy with pictures in my head of what might happen.

The thought just occurred to me, was it really an accident after all. I did tell him I had to use his computer to look at some sales at Kohl’s, could he be the one seeing if I’m interested too. I wonder, can this really be happening?

“Hey, I need your computer later. Kohl’s is having another sale.” I tell him.

Give him enough time and see what happens. Maybe another story will be waiting for me, he must know I saw that last story and the fact I did not say anything negative might embolden him even more. Who is really in charge here, now I wonder?

My heart races as I click the mouse, the ache between my legs is almost painful and I feel my panties already soaking. I have never felt more turned on as I do now, it has to be the nature of doing something so taboo. But is it wrong?

Instantly, type appears, I realize he is writing a story and as I read through it, it becomes apparent that he is writing a story about a sister who just happens to discover a story on her brother’s computer with an incestuous theme to it. That ache between my legs begins to throb as I read his thoughts that mirror my own.

Brilliant, is all I can say, four years of college have not only made him an excellent writer but his imagination an daring just blow me away too. The thought of actually writing down ideas and then acting them out later with a willing partner or should I say willing sister is incredible.

‘I wish she only knew how much I like looking at those long legs, go to Kohl’s and buy a short nightshirt, show me that tight little ass too. Then I can jerk off with those images in my head.’

So, he wants to see my legs, ass, and then jerk off thinking about them. God, I want to cum right now, just slide my pants down and do it right here. No harm in showing a little more leg-is there? Why not!

“Kohl’s is having a sale, think I’ll get rid of this old robe and get something different. ” I tell him.

We are on the same page, his smile says it all. The thought of modeling for him has me in a fog; it will be more than modeling though. This is just the beginning, but what a sensuous one at that. I wonder if this happens often, do siblings engage in these affairs more than publicized?

If we lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere and it was only the three of us, I bet it would happen just by being lonely. What about Mom, she is not that old either, would she be inclined to get those urges relieved too. I guess the American farm family might have had a lot more issues to deal with escort ataşehir than just getting the crop in.

Walking through Kohl’s in wet panties is a first for me, I cannot ever remember a time when I have been turned on for such a long time. I thought men were the one’s who were driven by their penis, now I wonder. My pussy aches for relief, soon kitty I’ll get you help.

Is this moving too fast? What is the harm in a little role-playing anyway, no one is getting hurt. We’re both just having a little fun, neither one of us is dating anyone, so what’s the big deal. I think I accept it or just convincing myself now, what a relief.

“Find anything?” He asks me as I walk in with my teasing outfits from Kohl’s.

OH My God, his cock is rock hard. Tight jeans and erections do not go well together. I cannot take my eyes off it either, this is just too erotic to be true and yet it’s happening in real time. It seems like the two of us are just being pulled along with no will of our own, fate perhaps or just lust. I don’t care; I just want to continue the story.

“A few things, I picked out this cute yellow one, I can’t wait to wear it.” I say excitedly. Then a thought crosses my mind and I quickly add, “Maybe, I’ll go on-line later and see if there is something I missed.”

“I bet you’ll find something new has been added.” He says back to me.

I am in a haze, my crotch is screaming and I’m looking at Matthew’s dick silhouetted in his jeans. Now, we are both flying down this highway of eroticism together, no longer even hiding what is really going on. Yet, I want to keep it mysterious and pay out our little game together; it’s too much fun just by itself.

“I love finding something new has been added.” Is all I can think to say.

‘Julie came back from Kohl’s, she says she bought a cute yellow nightshirt. I hope it’s short, just down past that beautiful ass, maybe she’ll wear it tonight so I’ll have something to jerk off to later.’

His words just keep enticing me more and more, I’ll give him something to jerk off too. Don’t want baby brother to go to bed frustrated, do I. Thank God Mom spends so much time away, I think she would shocked at what is going on. Or would she?

‘She must know I love looking at her legs, something tells me she gets excited just thinking of teasing me with them. But I wonder, what turns her on, maybe when I come up from working-out tonight I should only wear my old high school gym shorts. My cock would be rock hard; maybe that is what she would like. Teasing her with my cock as she drives me wild with those beautiful legs, tonight sounds like it is going to be interesting.’

Why not, as I scan what I just typed. We both can write this story since we are acting it out. Is this tempting fate too much, what’s the harm in a little fun. My kitty just purrs as I read what I wrote. Soon kitty, soon you will be rewarded.

“I think you should go on-line later, something new has been added at Kohl’s that you might like too.” I say to him trying to hide my excitement at the same time.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I can feel my heart racing as I turn and model for myself. The shirt is short and the only question is, do I wear panties under it. He did say he wanted to see my ass too. The fact they are soaking helps me decide what to do, slowly I slide them down my legs and toss them on my bed.

Modeling again for the mirror, this time I feel so naughty. At least with panties on, there was a feeling of innocence but now I feel so naughty. The fluid just drips out of me which only makes me feel more turned on. My thighs are glistening with my own cum.

How do we do this, what is the protocol anyway. Do I yell down to him that I am ready? Come up with your dick hard and look at me in this little shirt. How are we supposed to act, guess we’ll have to work that out.

He must have heard me walking around or should I say thumping around. I just wanted to let him know I’m ready, that’s all. Hearing him coming up the stairs I can feel my heart racing waiting for the door to open. Then what do we do?

Just act naturally, walk around like normal, that’s all. Give him a peek but don’t show him my pussy, not yet anyway. This could be fun as long as I don’t get carried away too much, but isn’t that the whole idea.

“Good work-out.” Is all I can think of saying to him as he walks in the living room.

I love those gym shorts on him; maybe I have been the one giving out the signals after all. I used to wait to catch a glimpse of him when he would wear them, makes me wonder now about myself. Who cares, I’m too hot to think right now.

My eyes just stay locked on the bulge in his shorts, can this really be happening. Do you know how hot I am right now Matthew? If you could read my mind you’d pull down those shorts and let me see that big cock. Not yet though, the teasing has to be initiated, it already has though according to the throbbing between my legs.

“Yeah, I kadıköy escort needed it.” Is all he says.

It’s definitely not going to be a lot of talking between us, that’s for sure. I can feel his eyes going up and down my body. That always made me so mad when guys would do that but now I can only quiver with delight as he scans my figure. He must notice my legs glistening with my own fluids slowly dripping down my thighs. My nipples are sticking straight out like two small darts that truly reveal the state I’m in, I would never have guessed this could be so much fun.

“Why don’t you see if there is a game on.” I say.

Just sit down and I will give you that little show you have been waiting for, let me see that dick straining at your shorts as you watch me. Trying to act as casually as I can, I slowly begin walking around the room feigning to locate some imaginary object all the while bending over just enough to keep his eyes glued to me.

How far do I bend over? Should we talk or just enjoy this game of cat and mouse we are playing. I’m getting to the point where self control might be a problem soon. I like these feelings sweeping over me just like I like staring at that dick a few feet away.

For fifteen minutes, we play our game, walking around the house feeling almost naked knowing my every move is being watched just sends shivers through my whole body. It’s intoxicating this feeling I have and I want more, much more as I slowly expose more of my body.

Just sit there with that giant bulge in your shorts Matthew, let me tease you to the point where you can’t take anymore either. Will you pull your shorts off and jerk off for me? Please do it so I can see you cum, I hope it’s thick and white and hot. Shoot it on my tits, I’ll let you-just ask.

Do I give him a free show? I don’t care anymore; the ache between my legs is driving me crazy. Kneeling on the love seat directly across from him, I bend over reaching for that imaginary object. I feel the shirt ride up past my ass; I am wide open for you Matthew. Can you see how open I am for you? I don’t care anymore about self control as I arch my ass up in the air opening myself wide for you. I’ve never done this for my boyfriends but I am for you, do you like my pussy wide open? What about my ass Matthew? Is it tight enough for you?

“I dropped the remote.” Is all I can think to say as I keep myself wide open for him. I know he has the remote but it just popped in to my head and too late to take it back now. Just enjoy this show I’m giving you, let that dick get ready to explode.

“I think I see it, lean over a little more, you’re almost there.” He says.

He sees it all right but it’s not the remote. Opening my stance and stretching myself wide open, even my asshole has to be in plain view. I don’t know why but I really love being in this position, all he’d have to do is slide his shorts off and he could fuck me right now. No complaints from me if he did just that.

I’m too hot, I need to cum but how do we get there. I don’t want to fuck, not yet. Let’s play this game for as long as we can and then we’ll fuck like rabbits. OH, I need it so bad too but not yet. Where do we go from here?

Arching my back and with no shame now I spread myself as wide as I can. How do you like this Matthew? Is my pussy open enough for you? How about my ass, look at my asshole and think of fucking me.

I have to think of something to do; we can’t go on like this much longer. But what? The story, that’s it, I’ll write something and we can follow the story line. You started this Matthew and now it’s my turn.

‘Matthew sat at his computer debating which picture to jerk off too. All the young girls with their legs wide open begging him to jerk off, their tight little pussy’s glistening with their cum dripping out. Choose me; choose me they all say, let your dick decide for you’.

But Matthew is a naughty boy, he just watched his sister walking around the house in her short yellow nightshirt, he got so hard watching her that he thought he was going to explode. Her long thin legs and tight little ass just drove him crazy, he prays she’ll come in naked and spread herself wide open so he can jerk off looking at her. That’s what he really wants, please come in Julie.’

That should do it, and then we can both make ourselves cum while we watch each other. I have to admit that this was a good idea, now for some fun.

“I think there is a new entry on our story, go check it out.” Is all I can utter.

Slowly turning his door knob, I feel light headed as I push the door open ever so slowly. Being naked and about to reveal myself to Matthew has me shaking with expectation. Will he be disappointed that my boobs are small? I hope not.

We both stare at each other as if transfixed by each other’s presence. I knew he had a big dick; it has to be six or seven inches and thick. Oh how my kitty wants you to stretch her wide open, soon kitty but not tonight. I’m so hot and can feel all maltepe escort bayan my inhibitions draining away, why be shy now.

“She’s pretty, do you like it when girls spread there ass wide open like that? You must be an ass man then.” I say referring to the picture on the computer.

“Not as pretty as that tight little ass you have, I love you ass especially when it’s wide open.” He moans as he starts to stroke his cock.

Getting on his bed, I kneel so he has a clear view of my ass as I start to finger myself. I really want to see him cum but I’m so turned on my clit is just screaming for my fingers. Rub harder my kitty tells me and my fingers instantly obey her.

We both enjoy stroking ourselves as our hands bring us closer to our climax’s. I’d love to see him cum but I’m too far gone. Then a thought appears in my head. That’s what I want as I get ready to moan my idea.

“Shoot it on my ass Matthew; let me feel it on my pussy. Please Matthew, shoot it on me.” I moan.

In a few seconds I can feel his cock right next to my lips, he could slide right in and I wouldn’t fight but not yet. We have to go slow, enjoy this game we are playing. That yellow nightshirt still has plenty of teasing before we start fucking.

I can’t believe it; he’s shooting all over my asshole and pussy. It’s so hot and sticky, I can feel each jet as it shoots out of him, he has so much, my God suppose I suck him. He’ll fill my mouth completely, I don’t care I love cum. I love seeing it shoot out and then tasting that salty reward. I’m so shy and such a whore too, C’mon Matthew, watch me cum now.

I can feel my pussy soaked with his cum and my own as I feel the first wave over take me. This is incredible, I’ve never had one like this, and it’s overpowering me with its intensity.

“Rub my ass.” I blurt out.

No shame now, I just need to cum. I feel his finger rubbing my tiny asshole, to think I could never ever conceive of asking a man to rub me there and now my brother is licking me there. This is beyond incredible as I feel myself surrender to his tongue and my fingers.

“I’m cumming.” Is all I can say.

We both just look at each other; this is too good to be true. My brother is the one who can give me the best orgasms I could ever imagine. If I knew this before I would have done this along time ago.

“Get some sleep, we can add more to the story tomorrow, stud.” I say as I leave his room.

I’m still horny, dam it’s only eleven-thirty and that ache is back. I wonder if Mathew is still up, I need to add to the story. I need to get fucked, I need it bad. No harm in peeking in his room, maybe he’s just as horny as I am.

“Matt, are you a sleep?” I ask. I know that sounds so stupid to ask someone if they are a sleep. What are they supposed to say, I was.

“I can’t sleep; guess I’m still too excited from before.” He says.

“I was thinking of adding to the story, you up for it.” I giggle at the innuendo.

“I’m so horny; you’ll wouldn’t believe how bad I ache.” He replies.

Sitting at the computer, I have to think for a few seconds what I want then an idea flashes in front of me. He’ll like this idea, that big dick will finally slide into my kitty and shoot all that cream into her. Wait kitty, soon you’ll be fed.

‘Julie laid on her bed, her pussy throbbing waiting to be ravaged. Will Matthew guess what she wants? Please open the door and fuck me with that big dick, fill my kitty with your cum and watch it drip out of me. I’ll be waiting lying on my stomach with my ass wide open waiting for you. Hurry please and if you’re a good boy I’ll let you fuck me in the ass’

“See you in a few minutes.” Is all I say as I walk back to my room.

This is so exciting, waiting for the door to open and then feel myself filled with that beautiful big cock. I’m so wet, laying on these two pillows just props my ass higher and I spread myself wide open for my lover, my brother.

I hear the door open and every pore in my body tingles with anticipation. He must be so shocked at what he is learning about me, good girls like anal too. At least I do, you’re in for some surprises baby brother when it comes to me.

That’s it; tease me with that big dick. Rub my lips and asshole but fuck me soon. I need it bad, play but not too long. Ride me Matthew, fuck me hard and cum in me. Ass or pussy, I don’t care, either one or both if you’re up to it. That’s it, that’s what I want, both holes filled but can he cum three times in one night.

“Matt, can you cum two more times?” I ask almost hysterically.

“Easily my little tart.” He replies.

“I want one in my pussy and one in my ass, can you do it. Can you make me moan like a whore? Can you?” I beg him.

I feel my pussy stretched wide open as he slides into me. Ride me, ride me hard and fuck me deep. That’s it, pound that big dick into me, you’re so big and deep in me. It hurts and feels so good at the same time; my pussy is screaming it feels so good.

“We’ll fuck very night, I’ll suck the cum right out of your dick. Fuck me Matthew, just keep fucking me.” I moan.

“I’m goanna cum, I’m goanna cum.” He moans.

“Don’t pull out, I want it in me. Shoot it deep inside, fill my pussy.” I whisper almost in a frenzy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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