The Surrogate Wife

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The Surrogate Wife

2019 Sethp All rights reserved. Seth’s mother-in-law moves in to replace his late wife. This was a quick little very short story. Unedited and quick. Don’t be too harsh on it! Hope you enjoy it!

Surrogate; to be put into the place of another as a successor

Seth sat alone in the garage, again. He had meant to work on his motorcycle, but once he settled onto his wooden stool by the workbench, he was unable to move. He’d been unable to do much of anything for months. The sudden death of his wife had shattered him. He hadn’t been into work in weeks, and was barely keeping it together for his children. They had lost so much already, Seth had to make sure they didn’t lose him too. But as he sat there in the still space of the garage, he knew the truth. He knew he was inadequate for the job of single parent. He was barely a man any longer.

The doorbell rang.

“What…who the fuck is it at this time of night?” Seth grumbled as he went into the house and to the front door, irritated at being disturbed from doing nothing.

He pulled open the door and froze.

“Catherine?” He asked stupidly, as he stared at his mother-in-law.

“Oh good, you didn’t turn into a full retard. Maybe there’s hope for you,” she said, with a little too much acid on her tongue.

“No… I mean…what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m here to help. Can I come in?” she asked, but pushed past Seth, into the house. “There are two more bags by the sidewalk that you could get for me. I’m going up to say hi to the kids.” Then she was up the stairs.

Seth stood in the doorway, mindlessly, for a minute before forcing himself to go out to the curb and pick up the bags that the Uber driver had unloaded. What was Catherine doing here uninvited and unannounced? Except for the week after the funeral, they had barely spoken in the last several months, and truthfully he couldn’t really stand her. She smoked too much. She drank too much. She complained and gossiped too much. She was a nosy know-it-all, and was way too bossy. But he was sinking and he’d never been so happy to see anyone in his whole life.

Seth poured himself a stiff drink and got one for Catherine too, and then sat down in the living room. Catherine eventually sat down and gratefully accepted the drink.

“Catherine,” Seth began.

“Shhhh,” she said, cutting him off. “We know you need some help. I’m here to help. I’m here for the kids mainly, they’ve been telling me how things are here, but I’m also here to help you. You look like you need reinforcements.” She drained half her glass.

“The kids don’t,” Seth began, but Catherine cut him off again.

“They haven’t had a bath all week. They told me.”

“We’ve been busy.”

“They’re behind on their homework.”

“We’ll catch up.”

“You forgot April’s recital and her school lunch yesterday.”

“That was a onetime thing, and she got a hot lunch,”

“The kitchen trash is overflowing, the grass hasn’t been mowed in weeks and there are fruit flies living in the kitchen sink. When is the last time you cleaned the bathrooms?”

Seth knew that answer. It was never. Well, not since Karen had died. “Look,” Seth began.

Catherine took hold of his hand. “I know. I know Seth. It’s overwhelming and I should have come here weeks ago. We’ve all been so sad. I’m here to help until we get things turned around, and I’ll stay as long as you need me. That’s what family does.”

Seth thought of a thousand things to say and protest against, but simply said, “Thanks. Thank you.”

Catherine drained the rest of her drink. “I needed that. I also need to take a shower and change. Can I use your bathroom?”

“Yes,” Seth said.

“Thanks and can you get me another drink when I get out and bring my bags up to the spare bedroom.”

“Uh…about that spare room,” Seth mumbled, but Catherine had already charged up the stairs. He had thrown all of his deceased wife’s stuff in there. It was a big pile of junk, papers, exercise equipment, make up, clothing and assorted stuff from her life, that would take days to clear out. He decided that he would give Catherine his bed and sleep on the couch for the next few weeks. It wouldn’t be that bad.

Seth took his mother-in-law’s bags up to the master bedroom and then changed the sheets on the bed and cleared away the beer bottles and candy bar wrappers. He could hear her singing in the shower. This could be really good for the kids, he thought. Satisfied that the bedroom was clean and tidy enough, he went back downstairs and made Catherine another drink and went and sat on the couch, flipping through shows on the T.V.

Catherine came down and joined him after she was done. She was wrapped up in big, pink terry cloth robe that was a little too small for her size. Her large bosom was threatening to stretch the material. She thanked him for the drink sat down on the chair.

“Thank you for coming. I appreciate it…you should have let me know though.”

“Don’t pendik escort worry about the mess. I’ll start cleaning everything up tomorrow. You sleep in, and I’ll get the kids ready for school. You guys probably need some good home cooked meals too.”

“Yeah, that will be good.” Seth said, remembering that Catherine was a great cook. “There’s a problem though.”

“Oh, don’t worry about Brian,” Catherine replied, talking about her husband, and the kid’s grandfather. “He’s got his beer and is happy enough fishing and drinking while I’m away. He won’t even know I’m gone,” she finished, looking down at the floor sadly for a moment. Seth caught that look though.

“Uh…well that’s not what I meant. I mean the spare room. If I’d have known you were coming, I could have cleaned it out. There’s no way,”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I’ll sleep in your bed.”

“Good,” Seth said, relieved. “I’ll take the couch and we’ll be all set. I even put fresh sheets on for you.”

Catherine finished her drink. “Can you get me another one, even stronger? And don’t get all modest on me now, Seth. We can share the bed. The couch is filthy and you look like you haven’t slept in weeks.”

“I don’t know,” Seth started to protest.

“I’m not going to kick you out of your own bed. I’m really here to help you and I can tell you need sleep, as do I. If anyone is taking the couch, it’s me. So, it’s not up for discussion any more, now get me another drink already, will you?”

Seth did, and when he was back Catherine steered the conversation towards the children’s schooling, and the bills, and the yard work, and she made a plan for the next week, taking copious notes on a legal pad as they talked. Seth ended up getting several more drinks for Catherine and they ended up watching the travel channel much too late, until Catherine announced that she needed to get to bed if there was any chance of her being useful the next day.

Catherine got up from the couch, giggling and stumbled up the steps, obviously quite drunk. She made it up without falling, and went into the master bathroom to get ready for bed. Seth locked all the doors and turned out all the lights, giving Catherine plenty of time to finish getting ready, before heading upstairs himself.

When he got to the bedroom, Catherine was already under the covers, nice and cozy. She gave him a drunken smile, told him good night, and rolled over on her side. Seth normally slept naked but would have to forgo that habit in favor of gym shorts while his mother-in-law shared their bed. Once in bed, he soon fell asleep and once asleep, as he always did, he dreamt of Karen.

She was so unlike Catherine. He had thought, at one time, that she might have been adapted. Where Catherine was plump and busty, Karen had been slim, athletic and tall. Karen had high check bones and long straight hair, and Catherine had a full round face with plump lips and unruly thick red hair.

He soon dreamed that he was on top of his slender wife and that she had her long, thin legs wrapped around him. She was calling out his name in passion as he drove his cock into of her repeatedly. She squeezed her legs tightly, shaking in orgasm beneath him. He rolled off of her catching his breath, and getting ready for another round. He reached over grasping one of her large, doughy breasts as she squeezed his cock.

Then Seth awoke with a start. The air conditioning had shut off and it had gotten very hot in the bedroom. The covers were off the bed. Catherine had a tight grip on his cock. Her hand had snaked its way down, inside of his shorts, and he did, indeed, have one of her large, fat breasts in his hand.

Her pajama top had come unbuttoned in the night and her heavy breasts were exposed. She appeared to still be asleep, and god help him, but Seth was unable to pull his hand off of his mother-in-law’s giant boob. She started stroking his cock in her sleep.

Seth noticed that her other hand was wedged down the front of her pajama bottoms. Seth rolled over towards her and replaced her hand with his. She was sopping wet. He rubbed his hand over her slit and then inserted a finger into her hot, wet pussy. She arched her back off the bed, moaning louder and gripping his cock tighter, almost painfully. Seth needed some relief and he was going to get it.

He pulled her thin pajama bottoms down with several quick movements. He then moved between Catherine’s legs, pressing his cockhead against her sex. She opened her eyes, gasping for air.

“Stick it in! Stick it in!” she urged him.

Seth plunged his rock, hard cock deep inside Catherine, leaning forward; kissing her hard. Catherine raised her legs up around Seth as she sucked his tongue into her mouth, grunting each time Seth slammed his cock into her.

They fucked like animals until Catherine arched her back in orgasm, gasping and squeezing her legs tighter. Seth couldn’t breathe for a second until Catherine relaxed a little.

“Oh God…oh…so good!” She opened her eyes, staring maltepe escort right into Seth’s.

The gravity of the situation suddenly overcame Seth and he started to pull his cock out of Catherine’s pussy. She grabbed his ass, keeping him inside her. “You haven’t cum yet.” She gasped.

“We shouldn’t have…I…” Seth protested, but he was still painfully hard inside her, and she felt so amazing.

“Cum for me. I want you to cum inside me.” She smiled up at him, moving his hand up to one of her large breasts.

Seth slowly moved forward, pushing his cock deep.

Catherine moaned. “Uh…yes…fuck me.”

Seth did. He pumped his meat in and out of her faster and faster, loving the sound of their sex and Catherine’s quiet moans. Seth tensed up.

“That’s it,” Catherine gasped. “Pump it into me. Yes!” She could feel him squirting inside of her, filling her with his sperm.

“Uh…fuck…uh,” Seth collapsed on top of her.

“That’s it baby,” she cooed, stoking his hair and gently rubbing his back. “That’s what you needed. There. It’s all better now.”

Seth fell asleep on top of her, in her arms.

The next morning, Seth awoke with a start, quickly sitting up. “Last night!” The bed was empty. Catherine was gone. That was good. Maybe he dreamed it. His shorts were on the floor and he was naked. That was bad.

“Fuck,” he muttered, jumping out of bed, pulling on his shorts and a T-shirt and running downstairs. He was amazed when he got to the kitchen. The trash was gone, the dishes were done and the counters were clean. Even better, the coffee was made; hot and fresh. There was a cup next to the coffee maker for him and a note.

“Good Morning Seth,

I took the kids to school and I’m going to the store for some much needed supplies. Can you mow the lawn before I get back? That would be great.



No mention of last night. He had never thought of his mother-in-law in a sexual way before. She just wasn’t his type. She was too old, too fat, too bossy, and her tits were way too big. What was he supposed to do now? “Mow the lawn, I guess,” Seth said to himself, pouring coffee. After a quick shower, that’s exactly what he did.

Catherine, pulled into the driveway just as he was putting the mower away. He ran over and grabbed some of the groceries, when she opened the trunk.

“The yard looks great,” she said, walking into the house.

“Uh…thanks,” Seth managed. “Thanks for doing this and making the coffee.”

“My pleasure,” she said smiling warmly at him in the kitchen.

“Thanks for last night too,” he managed.

“Why? What happened last night? I was out like a log as soon as I hit the covers. I’m lucky I heard the alarm this morning.”

“You don’t?”

“Don’t what?”

“Uh…nothing. I mean, thanks for letting me sleep in the bed too, the couch would have been really uncomfortable,” he lied. Did she not remember? Was she asleep the whole time? What the fuck?

“Oh, you’re welcome. That’s why I offered. Can you grab the last few bags from the car, while I put these away and make lunch for us?”

“Yes,” Seth managed, wondering if Catherine was playing some kind of game with him or was she really so black out drunk that she had no idea of what happened last night. She had definitely had enough to drink to black out.

Seth had to admit that he was feeling much better than he had in months, and that he was getting more done than he had since Karen’s passing. All the bills were paid, all the yard and housework was done, and he had made a calendar with all of the kid’s upcoming appointments and events. He was even planning on going to work the next morning.

“See, you just needed a little help, Seth,” Catherine said that evening. She had made a wonderful Spaghetti and meatball dinner. It was the best meal that Seth and the kids had had in a very long time.

After the kids were in bed, Catherine and Seth were watching the travel channel again. Catherine was on her fourth drink.

“Thank you again for everything you’re doing for us,”

“You’re so welcome. I enjoy it. So you’re going to work tomorrow?”

“Yes. They’re already expecting me, and I finally feel like I can,”

“Well you better get a good night’s sleep then,” Catherine said. “I’m going to watch a little more TV. I’ll be up later.”

Seth had noticed something. “You haven’t smoked since you’ve been here.”

“I quit a couple of weeks ago. I feel so much better. I have so much more energy. I can breathe better. Thanks for noticing.”

“You’re welcome. Good night.”

“Good night, Seth.”

Seth brushed his teeth and got in bed. He fell asleep in minutes. He dreamt of a Karen again, of course. This time she was on top of him in a sixty-nine position, taking his cock down to the root in her wonderful mouth and grinding her sopping wet pussy against his face as he licked her. This had always been one of Karen’s favorite positions.

This kartal escort was no dream though. Someone was really on top of him, sucking his cock and grinding her pussy against his mouth. Someone plump and heavy with gloriously large breasts molded against his stomach, and someone with a really delicious pussy.

“Oh, fuck Seth…keep licking me right there,” Catherine moaned before taking Seth’s cock deep into her mouth again. She had her hands on his balls as she sucked him, drooling around his shaft. She took him down to the root again. Now Seth knew were Karen had gotten her skills from. She felt so good; too good.

Seth tried to warn Catherine that he was cumming, but was unable to move. He erupted into her mouth, grunting in orgasm, moaning against her pussy.


Catherine kept a firm grip on his balls as he exploded into her mouth. She swallowed every drop of his ejaculate. When his balls were empty she rolled off of him. “I need you inside of me, please,” she hissed, pinching one of her big, thick nipples.

Seth moved between her legs and plunged his cock inside of her on his first thrust. She was so wet. She was so ready for him. Her pussy was so hot.

“God, I love your cock,” she hissed up at him. “Fuck me hard!”

Seth obliged, plowing into his plump mother-in-law like a jack hammer until she came hard, trying not to scream too loud, in her pleasure. She pulled his head down for a passionate kiss.

“Oh, that was fucking amazing,” she said. “Do me from behind.”

Catherine got up on her hands and knees and Seth mounted her from behind. He loved the way her big ass jiggled as he fucked her. He reached around grabbing handfuls of her giant tits. He didn’t last long in this position and was soon pumping a load deep of cum inside of Catherine’s pussy.

“Fuck,” he muttered as they both collapsed onto the bed.

“Yeah, we did,” Catherine giggled at him.

“Will you remember this in the morning?” he asked a few moments later, as she snuggled against him; arm across his chest and large breasts molding against his side, but she was already snoring.

He lay there enjoying her plump body against his. She felt better than he could have ever imagined. That past two nights had not just been sex, but the best sex he had ever had in his life. Was this going to happen every night? Was this why she was drinking so much? What should he say to her tomorrow?

He fell asleep, trying to figure it all out.

The next morning, he was awoken by Catherine shaking him awake. “Get up, sleepyhead! It’s seven and you have to get ready for work. I already packed you a lunch and I have coffee and bagels ready when you come down.”

She left. Maybe he had dreamed last night too? His shorts on the floor determined that he was just lying to himself if he thought that. He quickly showered, shaved, dressed and ran down to get some breakfast and coffee.

Work was really good, that day. He hadn’t felt this productive in months. He felt like his life was moving forward, and it was all thanks to his mother-in-law, Catherine.

When he got home, he found another wonderful home cooked meal waiting for him, and then it was family time in the park and a family movie together.

Catherine as per her usual routine was on her fifth drink by the time the movie was over and kids were put to bed.

“I need to get up early again,” he said apologetically. “You know Karen always hated the travel channel.”

“Oh I know she did,” Catherine laughed. “I think that was her only fault though.”

They both laughed at that. Seth didn’t know why he found that funny.

“Go on up and I’ll join you soon. I think I need one more drink.”

“Okay,” Seth said, heading up to bed.

He got in bed, but didn’t fall asleep right away like the last couple of nights. He lay there thinking about life, mainly, but Catherine specifically.

She came up about an hour later. He heard her turning off the lights downstairs and making her way up to the master bedroom.

Seth pretended to be asleep, calming his breathing.

Catherine giggled. “Oh my cute little man already passed out again. Don’t’ you worry. Catherine will take good care of you.”

He heard her brushing her teeth and coming back into the bedroom. He opened his eyes a slit and was rewarded to the sight of Catherine unbuttoning her blouse. She slowly undid one button at a time, revealing a large, black, lacy bra. She folded her blouse neatly and put it on the dresser, then she reached back behind her, removing her bra; letting her large, heavy breasts fall free. She slid off her pants and underwear and got into bed, completely naked.

Seth instantly hardened.

Catherine turned off the bedside lamp and rolled toward Seth, placing her hand on his chest. She gently kissed him on the cheek. “Don’t you worry, Catherine will take good care of you.” She glided her hand down his stomach and over his shorts, gasping when she felt how hard he was.

“Wow…you’re always so hard for me. Let momma take care of this. I think I need it in my mouth tonight,” She giggled, and then kissed her way down Seth’s stomach. She pulled down his shorts and sucked his throbbing cock between her lips.

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