The Year of the Cat Ch. 17

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100% Fiction. All sexualized characters are adults.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are beginning our initial descent into sunny Miami this morning. Ground temperature is in the mid 70’s. We ask that you buckle your safety belts and…”

Janice looked over her shoulder at Kendra seated across the aisle. Kendra was seated tensely, wrapped in a blanket, wearing earplugs, an eye mask and a neck pillow.

Janice had never seen her friend so apprehensive when they boarded the aircraft.

“I hate flying. Whenever I’m forced to fly, I swear, I feel like I’m about to fall out of the fucking sky!” Kendra clutched Janice’s hand as they crossed the threshold into their first class seating area.

“Don’t worry, K. It’s only a couple hour flight and then we’ll be at our resort!”

Kendra sighed, giving Janice’s arm one last squeeze. “Ok… It’s ok. I’m gonna close my eyes and ears and just chill…”

As the wheels of the plane met the asphalt of the runway, Kendra moaned in trepidation.

“We made it, Lady!” Janice smiled to her friend.

“Oh, thank you, baby jesus!” Kendra exclaimed.

Once the women entered the airport, they both immediately gasped.

“Wow!” Janice remarked. “Feel how warm it is! Just think… this time last year I was up to my tits in snow!”

“Damn right!” Kendra exulted as she stood undoing the buttons on her knee length overcoat. “I came ready for this!”

Janice giggled bashfully when Kendra’s overcoat opened up revealing a tiny, brightly colored, cotton sundress.

The frilly skirt put Kendra’s long, toned legs on full display. The length was just long enough to cover her projecting ass cheeks. The top portion of the dress’ low cut allowed almost a foot of cleavage to show. The top halves of Kendra’s enormous brown breasts jiggled and quaked with every clacking step from her high heels.

Janice followed a couple paces behind her friend as they made their way to the baggage claim. She observed, with amusement, the reactions of people passing from the opposite direction. Men and women both had to take double takes at Kendra’s wild undulations walking towards them. Janice burst out laughing when she watched a man so distracted, that he walked directly into a pillar.

Kendra paid absolutely no mind to the spectacle she was creating. “So, what’s the first item on our itinerary?” She asked over her shoulder.

“All we have to do is check in and relax. They’ve got a social mixer scheduled for us later this evening.”

“Ooo! Good! I’m gonna wear my little green number tonight!”

The word “green” triggered Janice’s synaptic memory of a lavish party and an arm clad in a green sleeve hovering over a martini glass. The nauseating memory of a spinning room nearly overtook her. Janice shuddered the unpleasant thought away.


The women ‘Ooo’ed and ‘Aaah’ed as the taxi driver wound his sedan towards the entrance of the exquisite resort.

Two handsome, uniformed men graciously carried their luggage to the concierge counter to check in.

Once ladies had been welcomed and given their gift baskets, they followed the attendants to their rooms.

“Look at that! We’re neighbors!” Janice smiled as the door to her room opened.

She gasped at the lavish beauty of her accommodations; a wide open area with an enormous bed and expensive modern furnishings, leading to a sliding floor to ceiling glass wall. The balcony beyond boasted an astoundingly gorgeous view of the Atlantic waves crashing against a wide, pristine beach.

Janice and Kendra squealed excitedly in unison and strode forward. They happily found that they shared a balcony and had practically seamless access to each other’s rooms.

“Perfection!” Kendra exulted with arms outstretched, embracing the warm ocean breeze.

Janice noted how comfortable her friend seemed in her summer dress as opposed to her own constricting travel attire. “Oh boy! Here’s my chance to get some sun on my skin! Do you think anyone can see us up here?”

“I don’t see anyone.” said Kendra casting her eyes around. The orientation of the balcony walls and the angle which it stood seemed to allow complete privacy.

“Good!” cried Janice as she began to quickly undress in her room. Once she was completely nude, Janice cautiously tiptoed out to the balcony and let her skin soak in the warmth of the bright sun.

“This is so liberating!” bellowed Janice to the roaring waves.

It wasn’t often that Kendra felt overdressed. She licked her lips, eyeing Janice’s sumptuous curvy body. Soon, her tiny cotton dress was being pulled over her head as Kendra’s dark silky skin shone in the sun.

“You’re right!” giggled Kendra, “Wooo! Feel that wind blowin right up your coochie!”

“Oh, I love it!”

“Oh look!” said Kendra, turning to inspect her dwelling. “We got us a mini-bar. Let’s have us a toast!”

Janice bounced, excitedly from one foot to the other as Kendra poured two glasses of chilled champagne. canlı bahis

“I feel like we’re living in a Hip-Hop video! Cheers!”

Janice laughed as their glasses clinked. They sipped their drinks, silently taking in the peaceful lulling rhythms of the waves crashing upon the sand.

Kendra turned her glass all the way up and smacked her lips. “You know what? I’m going to shower and take a nap. This mixer tonight might be a rager, you never know.”

“Ok, girl. I’ll make sure you’re up in time. Sleep well.”

Kendra left Janice standing by herself. The sound of the waves guided her into an effortless, slow trance. Time ticked by unnoticed as she stood alone and naked to the world.

From behind her, a notice chirped on her phone, reeling Janice back into awareness. Inspecting the screen she saw a photo of her Bubsy cat napping peacefully next to a orange, long haired feline. The text from her neighbor Gracie read: “Look how well Bubsy and Nathaniel are getting along!”

Janice welled up, looking lovingly at her sweet cat so comfortable. She quickly texted back: “They’re so cuuuute!! Thank you so much for looking after my baby, Gracie. We just got to our resort and it’s INCREDIBLE! See you Sunday evening!!”

Janice unpacked her suitcases and hung her evening dress up in preparation for the social event later. She chose to bring the elegant dress she was wearing at the New Year’s Eve party. “Hardly anyone got to see me in it before it was replaced by a hospital gown.” she thought to herself, smoothing out the wrinkles of the blue fabric.

She frowned at a missed stain on a bottom hem from the liquor that had been splashed from her hand that night. Once again, Janice felt a shudder of horror glide up her spine. Feeling suddenly unclean herself, she decided to shower.


It was Kendra who ended up nudging Janice from her seated slumber.

“Hey, girl! Sun’s goin down. We should get ready.”

“Oof! Sorry I dozed off on you there.” said Janice, wiping the sleep from her eyes.

The women found that one of their bathrooms was more than big enough to both share comfortably as they prepared for the evening event. An hour later they were both looking stunning in their makeup and dresses.

“Hell yeah! Let’s get this party started!” said Kendra, excitedly.

The small line of people gathered in front of the conference auditorium waited to receive their name tags before entering. Acoustic music could be heard playing from inside the doors. As expected, heads everywhere turned to do double takes at Janice and Kendra’s approach.

The ladies checked in and affixed the their names to their décolletage. Janice felt a slight unease at the attendant’s lingering gaze while she patted the name tag’s adhesive side to her chest.

Kendra led her by the hand through the doors. Inside, a gorgeous room full of tropical decor and soft lighting. A light jazz trio played warm, subtle melodies under blue lights on the small corner stage. Clusters of men and women were scattered throughout the room, conversing with one another on matters of business and otherwise. Shouts of laughter were heard on occasion, signaling the likelihood of an open bar.

Despite the warm atmosphere, Janice couldn’t help a creeping sense of dread clouding her mood. When two tall, handsome men wearing business suits and eager smiles approached them, Janice felt a cold chill clutch her heart.

“Well, hello ladies!” said the blue eyed man. “Please tell me you need a drink! Paula!” the man called over his shoulder to the short bartender nearby. He held up two fingers. The bartender nodded.

“Hello, there!” Kendra smiled widely, fluttering her eyelashes at the second man with the dark complexion and brown hair. She attempted to raise her hand to greet the men but found Janice gripping it, tensely.

Surprised, Kendra looked up to see Janice’s wide, fear filled eyes darting back and forth between the men and her color becoming increasingly pale. “Are you ok, girl?” she whispered to her friend.

Janice stammered. She felt like she wanted to turn around and sprint out of the door. “I… I… have to go!” She stumbled backwards.

“Whoa!” said the blue eyed man. “Don’t go! We haven’t even m-” The man reached forward to grasp Janice’s arm in an attempt to steady her.

Janice’s terror filled scream resounded throughout the entire auditorium. Everyone in the room froze in place, craning their necks quickly to see the source of the panicked cry. The blue eyed man was completely taken aback, blinking in stunned confusion.

With tears welling in her eyes, Janice stumbled backwards again and then quickly turned to run out of the large room. Kendra cast an apologetic look at the two men and then turned to quickly follow her friend.

Janice could only run so fast in her high heels, but she didn’t stop until she was far away from the auditorium.

“Janice!” said Kendra approaching, out of breath. “What happened!?”

“I’m so sorry, Kendra!” Janice bahis siteleri cried. “I… I think I had a panic attack. Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Oh, sweety…” Kendra stroked Janice’s cheek, sympathetically. “It’s too soon after New Year’s. Of course you’re freaking out! I wasn’t even thinking… I’m sorry, girl.”

“It’s ok, Kendra. Really!” Janice said, taking a deep breath. “I’ll suck it up and go back in there. I’m not ruining another party for you!”

Kendra smirked, shaking her head at her friend. “Not a chance! You’re not ready!” She took Janice gently by the hand, lowering her voice. “We can have some fun together. Just you and me, like I said…”

“No, Kendra.” Janice insisted. “You should go have fun at the party. I’ll video chat with Matty. I’ll be ok!”

Kendra looked at Janice with skepticism. “…You sure?”

“Yes! Absolutely… and tell that guy I said ‘sorry'”

Kendra sighed. “Well… ok. If you need me for anything, I’ll have my ringer on. Give Matty some love from me!”

Janice chuckled. “I sure will!”


Janice breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the lock engage on the closed room door. From the window, the clouds in the sky were clad in beautiful hues of orange, pink and purple.

Slipping out of her dress, she fished out one of Matt’s button down shirts and draped it over her shoulders. Janice brought the collar of the shirt to her nose and inhaled his scent deeply as she leaned on the balcony rail, watching the sky darken.

The soothing sounds of the waves brought the Janice’s heart rate back to normality. Stars began to appear in the sky.

“I bet Matty is awake by now.” she thought to herself, checking the time. Janice climbed into bed and brought Matt’s number up on her phone.

The screen displayed Matt’s sleepy eyes opening and his face breaking into a peaceful smile.

“Hi, honey.” Matt said wiping his eyes. “I figured you would be out partying with Kendra.”

“Hi, baby.” Janice replied. “I tried to, but… I freaked out. I… couldn’t feel safe there with you being so far away.”

“Oh… baby. I feel terrible. I wish I was there with you right now.” Matt said with a sorrowful expression.

Janice looked lovingly at Matt’s face. “Don’t feel bad. I’m ok, really. I mean… just look at this gorgeous room!” Janice panned the camera across the luxurious suite and the astonishing view. “I mean, seriously! Would you want to be anywhere else?”

Matt’s jaw hung open at Janice’s beautifully appointed room. “Wow! It’s amazing! That much space seems almost obscene compared to my place!” he laughed.

Janice rolled on to her back, holding the phone above her. Matt saw the open buttons of the shirt she was wearing and her enormous piled breasts creating two huge domes pressing against her chin.

“That shirt looks familiar.” Matt said with a wry smile.

Janice smiled and let the camera glide down to her torso. Matt bit his lip watching her enormous cleavage appear and the bulbous spread of her giant breasts barely held within the red flannel shirt.

“I borrowed it from your hamper.” Janice’s voice could be heard off camera. “I hope that’s not weird. I just wanted your scent with me.”

“No. That’s not weird. It’s sweet.”

On the screen a dainty hand began toying with the single done up button just below her mid bust. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take it off?” she said playfully.

Matt watched Janice close her available arm around her breasts and heave them up over the lower half of her face. The massive movement of rolling breast volume overwhelmed the unbuttoned opening of her shirt. Her pink areolas slid into view through the open gap.

“Fuck yessss.” Matt hissed. “You don’t have to take it off. Just undo that last button!”

“Oh, Matty! Aren’t you tired of seeing my boobies yet?” said Janice, giggling.

“Never.” Matt said in a definitive tone. “Just like I’ll never get tired of seeing the sunset.”

“Oh my…” Janice swooned. “Well. In that case…”

The small hand on the screen flicked the button through the eyelet and the lapels of her shirt tumbled down, revealing her perfect huge tits.

Janice’s hand seemed dwarfed as it pressed into the luscious softness of her gargantuan breast. She brought the camera lens close to her right areola. Matt gasped as her gorgeous pink titty skin engulfed the entire viewable area on his screen. Her proudly poking nub of a nipple seemed nearly three dimensional. Matt was unable to resist the illusion, pressing his lips to the phone screen until bashful realization brought him back to his senses.

“What would you do with that if you were here, baby?” Matt heard Janice’s demure voice speak as the camera stayed fixed upon her areola, her fingers lightly pinching the pink nipple.

“Oh my god! I want that in my mouth! I would bathe those gorgeous tits like a cat!” Matt moaned. Beneath the sheets his hand was busy applying friction to his swollen cock.

“Mmm! I love that! bahis şirketleri Oh god, I want you so badly!” Janice breathed deeply as she kneaded her round tit. “I was never so horny before I was with you, baby. You gave me that juicy dick and now it’s impossible for me to get enough!”

Matt felt his balls tingle. “Oh! Oh fuck, yes! It’s yours, baby. This dick is yours forever!”

“Give it to me!” Janice exclaimed, rubbing her clit in rapid, tight circles. Her phone camera focused on the enraptured expression of passionate pleasure on her face. “Oh fuck! I want to feel it!”

“Uhhhngh!” growled Matt as white liquid issued in spurts out of the purple peak of his cock.

Oh… Oh!… YESSS!!” screamed Janice suddenly, feeling her orgasm blooming throughout her body.

The only sounds heard afterwards was two people’s heavy breathing.

“Oh, Matty…” Janice moaned. “It hasn’t even been a week yet! How am I going to survive three more months without you?”

“The only way we can, baby: one day at a time.”

“I know…” Janice sighed. “I hate it, but, I know.”

“Maybe a hobby is what you need.” said Matt. “I’ve been keeping myself busy by getting my Goshuin-cho filled out.”

“Your what?”

“‘Goshuin-cho’… it literally translates to: ‘Book of Seals’. Almost all the temples and shrines in Japan have their own special seal. You present your book to a monk or a priest. They will stamp a blank page with the unique red seal of the temple or shrine and then transcribe the name and the date in calligraphy. It looks so amazing when it’s done!”

“That sounds fun!” Janice exclaimed. “Hmmm. You know, our neighbor, Gracie suggested I take up indoor gardening.”

“Great idea!” Matt exclaimed. “I can imagine that really sprucing the place up nicely. Go crazy with it!”

Janice smiled. “Might as well. I’m going crazy either way.”

Matt and Janice happily continued to talk with each other for hours until Janice finally couldn’t hold back her yawning tiredness.

“I better get to bed. Tomorrow I have to sit through a boring seminar.” she moaned.

“I hope you get some good sleep, baby. I love you.”

“I love and miss you, darling. Have a fun day today.”


Janice slumbered peacefully through the night in the most comfortable bed she had ever slept in. She opened her eyes upon the sky through the windows getting brighter as dawn approached. Janice roused herself, donning the resort’s fluffy bath robe and stepped outside on to the balcony to feel the brisk, salty air.

On the horizon, the sky glowed brighter and brighter until a pinprick of sunlight emerged above the waterline, followed soon by growing light too bright to behold for long. Janice breathed deeply, feeling peaceful and inspired. The witness of the day’s birth sparked a desire for activity.

Janice decided a brisk walk around the resort would be an ideal outlet for her fix this morning. Janice squeezed into a pair of dark, elastic workout pants, a sports bra she had hoped still fit and a formerly oversized T-shirt which now stretched tightly across her chest. She stepped out of her suite into the empty halls and made her way to the open pavilion resort entrance.

Outside, on the grounds, she kept an active pace along the winding pathway. About ten minutes into her walk, Janice spotted a group of people gathered on the beach. As the path wound closer, she saw that a yoga class was in progress.

“Hi there!” Janice heard a voice call out as she was passing by. “You wanna join us? We’re just about to start. There’s plenty of room.”

Janice hesitated for a moment. “Oh… uhhh. No, thanks! I’ve never… I wouldn’t know what I was doing.”

“Don’t worry. It’s my first time too.” a middle aged woman spoke up.

“Same here.” a man chimed in. “You’re in good company.”

Janice shrugged, stepping off of the path to an available mat. The instructor began leading the class in a calm, soothing voice. From the last row, Janice observed, attempting to follow the lead given. She was surprised how stiff her body seemed compared to the supple flexibility a few members of the group displayed. Janice tried not to grunt, feeling the stubborn muscles stretching, as she bent her body in half.

The man to her immediate left was sweating more from Janice’s obviously failing sports bra beneath her tight T-shirt than his yoga position. Every time she stood upright after a Downward Dog pose, he saw more and more of her enormous tit mass had seeped out of her already outgrown sports bra. The display her bulging overflow created on the surface of her snug, cotton shirt, which was growing more translucent the more Janice perspired, soon had the man worried about his protruding erection being seen. Janice only half observed him quickly retreat from the group, holding a water flask to his waist.

When the class had ended, Janice smiled, feeling refreshed and energized despite being coated in a sheen of sweat. “I would do this again, no question!”

Janice concluded her trip by stopping by the lavish continental breakfast station near the lobby. She constructed a plate of delicious, fresh food to enjoy in her room while she prepared for the first seminar of the day.

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