Trick Her Treats

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Warning: somewhat abrasive language, casual racist stereotypes, sexual aggression, extreme violence, and some gay shit.

Our fictional story begins with a brief introduction. Not wanting to do character development, because I didn’t want to take the time to write any backstories. I felt this was the easiest way to introduce the five characters to the audience.

Starting with our hero of the story, Jimmy. Yes, everybody loves Jimmy. A proud, all American flag waving young boy, from anywhere USA. Scratch that, a proud, all American flag waving young man, from anywhere USA.

In high school, Jimmy’s captain’s hat, reigned supreme when it came to his extracurricular activities. Regardless, if it was Jimmy’s agile strength of a lion playing football, his take charge leadership skills in ROTC, or how he was known for being a master strategist in chess club. All tied together with the wit of a Harvard road scholar, on his high school debate team.

Yes, Jimmy was even captain of hearts, for having the ability to turn girls into squirrels. If you don’t get the squirrel reference, it’s because squirrels can’t get enough nuts in their diet. That’s right people, 90s jokes.

When it comes to our hero’s heros, it could only be Jimmy’s 4 older siblings who joined the Corps, to fight against Uncle Sam’s arch nemesis. Those evil, sovereign democracies, for self determination. Just because they live on top of the land for thousands of years, these people think they own the minerals beneath it. You terrorist make me sick!

Next character in our story, is Jimmy’s dad, Mr. Dela Cruz. Not wanting to go into details about what kind of man’s man he is. Mr. Dela Cruz, is every American dad, as he’s always tooling around in the garage.

Then there’s Jimmy’s mom, Mrs. Lorraine Dela Cruz. A curvy, voluptuous, 40 something adventurous fiery Latina. That’s more than just a soft spoken housewife, with a heavy accent. Although happily married, she’s the type of strong mature minded woman that would do porn after a divorce, to both celebrate single life, and get her rebound fucks in.

If you have any trouble imagining Mrs. Lorraine Dela Cruz, or want someone else, to do the imagining for you. Might I suggest a visual inspiration, whose beauty inspired me to write this story in the first place. Adult actress Loraine Del Sol, whose career in porn was way to short far as I’m concerned. I assume 2 fuck scenes, and a handful of solos, is all the girl power liberation she needed.

That’s right pretty mama, burn that bra, and show the world you can take it on the chin.

Not to forget Gen Z’s finest, Jimmy’s bestfriends for life, Richie Spaniard, and Dd Smalls. Two horny eighteen, early twenty somethings, whose favorite study habits is slapping titties, and drinking beer.

Richie Spaniard, being a scrawny light skin Hispanic, while Dd Smalls, is the opposite of everything Richie. For instance, Dd, is an athletic Adonis, who never needs any sunscreen when he’s hanging at the beach.

If you’re wondering if I misspelled Dd’s name, and if it’s actually spelled Dee Dee, you would be wrong. Dd’s mother was illiterate. Using a children’s alphabet chart when naming her son, she started with Aa, before Bb, then naturally Cc, to finally settling for Dd. That’s right people, we got 90s dumb mom jokes too.

And I will be your narrator, because I wrote the the damn thing. You will find some Spanish words used in the story with translation below.

Muy grande, (very big,) mas, (more,) si, (yes.) Dame chocolate, (give me chocolate.) Mijo, (son,) hola, (hello,) caliente, (hot,) idiota, (idiot,) dinero, (money,) and huevos, (eggs.)

End of introduction, and now on with the smut.

The story begins with Lorraine’s son Jimmy, about to leave the house to go hang with his boys on Halloween. While Lorraine is upstairs in her bedroom.

7 p.m. on a Saturday, October, 31, 2020 Halloween.

“Bye mom, I’m going to meet Richie and Dd across town,” Jimmy said, yelling from downstairs so his mother could here him.

“Okay Mijo, Just don’t slam the front door when you leave,” said Lorraine.

Jimmy, as usual not listening to his mother, slams the door anyways when he leaves the house. Dislodging a double sided note Lorraine had taped to the front door for her husband. The note, catching the wind just right flipping through the air similar to a coin being tossed, before landing on the welcome mat that reads, “Dela Cruz Family.”

Lorraine, alone at home on all Hallows night. Waiting for her husband to arrive from work, looking forward to a planned intimate evening for 2.

While Richie, and Dd, stop by unexpectedly to the Dela Cruz house. Thinking, they were supposed to drive over and meet Jimmy first, before heading to the Halloween Monster Mash across town. Where college students were bobbing for covid-19.

For some odd reason both boys picked Halloween costumes that a 7 year old would have gone as. Richie Spaniard, dressed head to toe as a cowboy, minus the toy pistols. maltepe escort While Dd, went as the Black Pirate.

Jimmy’s friends, finding Lorraine’s note on the doormat with instructions for her husband, “come upstairs, I’ll be waiting in the bedroom. And don’t forget to knock before you enter.”

Seeing no signature on the note, or who the information was for, Richie and Dd, assumes the message was for them. Knowing Jimmy often leaves the back door unlocked when he doesn’t want to bother coming downstairs to open the front entrance to his home.

Letting themselves inside the house without being announced, the two friends search for Jimmy in his room. After finding no future captain of industry, the boys roamed around upstairs, before coming across Mrs. Lorraine Dela Cruz, getting ready in her bedroom for a role playing date night. Lorraine, dressing up as a hooker for Halloween.

The boys, without being noticed, watched her from a partially opened doorway. While their friend’s mom bends over in different angles, in a tight black skirt, with her best fuck me pumps on. As Lorraine, checks herself out in front of a vanity mirror.

The top she had on was a long sleeved dark purple synthetic material that hugged her upper body. With glowing green leaves peppered in a bouquet of black, and orange rose designs, pattern around the upper part of her chest.

Paired, parallel from each other, ten small hooks in the shape of white skeleton hands, starting from her abdomen to going around her cleavage. While a light blue silk lace, fasten the top together, as it crisscrossed between the grips of each small skeleton fist. Ending with the lace, sticking out of the top right skeleton hand.

Knowing, Jimmy’s mom, had always been a MILTF. Richie, and Dd, was now getting a rare glimpse on how a dick assassin prepares for a kill.

Richie, now realizing he was reading the back of the note, after seeing more written on the front, with instructions for a Halloween costume in the living room.

“Like you asked, I got the outfit, and the makeup you wanted to live out your stupid fantasy,” Lorraine wrote. “However, I still think this is kind of racist. Because of covid-19, trick or treating has been canceled, so no pesky kids to bother us including our own. There’s more instructions on the back,” signed, Bottom Bitch.

Making their way downstairs, Richie and Dd, find a 1970s pimp outfit on the couch. Along with a can of black shoe polish, with instructions on how to apply on one’s face.

“These perverts are doing a Minstrel show, with blackface pimp, and his horny bitch,” said Dd, with an eye popping expression over his face.

“We got to get out of here before Jimmy or his father comes home, either one of them could be here at any moment,” said Richie Spaniard, warning his friend.

Dd, not listening to Richie, decides to switch out the pirate outfit for the pimp costume, knowing he doesn’t need to apply the shoe polish.

“Relax, its Halloween,” Dd said, coming up with a stupid idea. “Think how funny it’s going to be when her husband goes upstairs dressed as a pirate in blackface. Think about it Richie, we can’t swim, why would we ever be on a boat in the middle of the ocean?”

“There are plenty of black men and women who proudly serve in the United States Navy,” Richie said, unable to enjoy himself in the moment. “I’m sure they’re all terrific swimmers.”

“Is this how tonight is going to go, you want to be the Meathead to my Archie,” Dd said, while swapping out costumes. “I was joking. Besides, the pimp outfit comes with platform shoes, with fake fish swimming inside them. It’s the perfect Halloween trick. Sad we won’t be here to see Jimmy’s mom’s face, when her special big guy is standing there with a cardboard pirate hat on, that has the restaurant’s name in big bold silver lettering.”

Richie, realizing the note was no longer inside his pocket, now wanting to put it back on the welcome mat considering who the note was for. Thinking it might have been lost outside Lorraine’s bedroom, Richie went back upstairs, while Dd followed close behind.

Soon as they got upstairs, Dd, never to have walked in platform shoes before, trips on a rug outside Mrs. Lorraine Dela Cruz’s room bumping up against her bedroom wall.

“Honey is that you, don’t come in just yet,” Lorraine Dela Cruz said, taking a moment to herself. “Okay daddy, come in.”

Dd, peeking through the partially open doorway, finding his friend’s mom blindfolded, on top of the bed on all fours. With her round rump up in the air, directly diagonal to Dd’s point of view. Richie, grabs his friends shoulder, whispering, “we got to get out of here.”

Not knowing it was too late, Dd was caught in a big butt hypnotic trance, ignoring Richie’s calls for reasoning. Dd, enters the room in full cosplay, moving in on Lorraine’s round rump, as though it was magnetically charged to attract monster cock. Dd, without a thought in his head, whines up his right arm before releasing it with escort maltepe such velocity, he viciously assaults Lorraine’s ass with both a front, and back hand slap. You would’ve thought Jimmy’s mom had said, “okay nigger, come in.”

“Ow no, not so rough,” Lorraine said, thinking she talking to her husband. “You know I don’t like being spanked.”

Dd, lifting up Lorraine skirt, exposing her butt cheeks, before sliding Lorraine’s soft leopard design panty down her thighs. As Loraine lifts up her knees, one, by one, so Dd could remove the underwear entirely. Dd, then throws his pimp hat across the room, before wearing Lorraine’s silk underwear as a necklace.

Now more embolden then ever, Dd spreads Lorraine’s butt cheeks apart, before going muffdiving without a wetsuit, slipping two fingers inside Lorraine’s warm Spanish clam. Pumping his fingers in and out, as though he was searching for pearls, before making out with Mrs. Dela Cruz’s vaginal lips, as if she had a second tongue up her twat.

“Oh si, dame chocolate,” Lorraine said, playing up her Halloween persona. “I want your dick daddy. I’ve been working the streets for you all day, and I haven’t been fucked yet.”

Dd, forgetting his friend’s mom was roleplaying, does what comes naturally when a slut ask for some dark meat. Standing on the side of the bed, Dd pulls out his cock, and slowly starts stuffing Lorraine’s steamed clam on all fours.

At first Lorraine’s meaty vaginal lips opened up with ease around Dd’s fat utensil. However, in no time at all, Jimmy’s mom was looking as if she being shish kabob, by the large cock quickly moving in and out of her. While Richie, starts recording with his cellphone the sounds of a wounded animal, coming from the expression of horror on Mrs. Lorraine’s wide opened mouth face, as she gasps for air.

“Ouch baby, are you wearing a strap on,” Lorraine Dela Cruz said, waiting for a reply while biting her bottom lip. “Never gone this deep before, muy grande! I don’t like it, it’s to big. If you’re going to continue, take it slow so I can stretch out, and accommodate the larger size better. Just be careful with me Honey, I’m not use to monster cock.”

Dd, keeping a slower pace with the his stride, now careful not to go balls deep, in fear he might rip out Lorraine’s vagina. While Richie, pulls on the light blue silk lace to unravel Lorraine’s designer top. As each small skeleton fist released their grip one by one, the blue lace crisscrosses the neckline around Loraine’s cleavage. Doing what it’s designed to do, her top retracts to the sides from the spandex type of synthetic material.

Wearing no bra underneath, Mrs. Dela Cruz’s boobs plopped out looking similar to hanging speed bags a boxers might use to train with. Attached to long erect nipples you can chew on with your back molars. Both Richie, and Dd, careful to only use one hand each, as they fondled Mrs. Dela Cruz at the same time.

“Oh, oh, si baby,” Lorraine said, in a relaxed voice impressed that her husband is finally fucking her right. “Show me how the candy bunny does it, crack those creamy huevos inside me. Let me feel those chocolate walnuts kiss my cherry.”

Richie, now jealous from watching his friend having all the fun, as his better judgment loses the will to fight when he sees how wet Mrs. Dela Cruz’s thighs are. Now signaling to Dd, to switch places, while Richie, started removing his pants, and underwear.

Dd, taking his hands off Lorraine, and slowly stepping back as his cock slipped out of a warm buttery pussy. While Richie steps in, wearing only a cowboy hat, and an ugly button down shirt with a bolo tie. Finishing off the awful ensemble, with green cowboy boots, and plastic spurs.

“Si, muy caliente,” Lorraine said, thinking it’s intermission. “Wearing this blindfold really makes me feel like I’m getting fucked by a stranger. No, you don’t need a break? I never knew they made strap on dildos for men. This fake dick feels much smaller than the first one. Let me guess, first the pimp gets his, then a paying John gets sloppy seconds. Honey, you think of everything, you’re such a pervert.”

Richie, with a sad look on his face, standing on the side of the bed fucking his friend’s mom in the doggy style position. While Dd records all the action trying not to laugh out loud after hearing Lorraine’s comets. Mrs. Dela Cruz’s tits bounce with the motion from rocking back and forth. As Richie poses for the camera, flexing one arm, and pulling on Lorraine’s hair with his other hand.

“Si, dame mas dinero,” Lorraine said, playing up her part as a professional trick. “I do this to get paid, so stop trying to make love to me, and fuck me sometime before my family comes home. There’s other customers waiting to rent this ass besides you.”

With Dd, now busy focusing the camera on Richie, riding Lorraine’s backside like a cowboy. As Richie waved his cowboy hat in the air, while pretending to lasso cows, and shoot finger guns at invisible Bandits.

At one point, Richie leans over Lorraine, maltepe escort bayan and starts fucking her faster. Slapping Lorraine’s ass, so they can giddy up, and giddy out. For the Sheriff of Dela Cruz, and his trusty law dogs, are on the chase with our hero through Death Valley. Apparently, Richie Spaniard, is a wanted horse thief who stole the Sheriff’s prized Mare.

Richie, holding on tight to the back of Lorraine’s hair. He looks back. He looks forward. He looks back again. As imaginary law dogs fire off a barrage of bullets that come buzzing by Richie’s head. Moving around, playing a life or death game of dodgeball, Richie, then catches a bullet with his teeth.

Dd, turning around the cell phone camera to face himself. As he dramatically speaks words without any sound coming out, saying, “this cowpoke nigger, is catching bullets with his teeth!”

Knowing there’s only one way out, its killer, or be killed. Richie, being a deadly shot skilled technician, who always knowing his mark. Blindly from behind, fires off his finger guns, as law dogs start dropping like flies all around him.

“Ow, no idiota,” Lorraine said yelling, not realizing she was rudely interrupting a silent Western being filmed in her bedroom. “Stop slapping my ass, and pulling my hair! As the sign says in the antique store, ‘you break it, you buy it.'”

The movie critics called, “heart pounding, heavy breathing, neigh saying, clickety clack nut slapping adrenaline rush, that will have you at the edge of your seat.”

Bang Bang Lorraine!

Starring: Richie Spaniard, as the legendary horse thief. Mrs. Lorraine Dela Cruz, as the carrot sucking prized winning Mare. And imaginary guest star, Jimmy’s dad, as the Sheriff of Dela Cruz. Directed and produced by Dd Smalls.

With all the lawdogs now dead, and only the Sheriff of Dela Cruz left. Richie, turns the galloping high stepping Mare around, and charges forward to face his destiny.

In case you’re not following, Mrs. Loraine Dela Cruz is on her back with her nipples, and 8 inch pumps pointing to the heavens. Richie, hitting it hard and fast. Knowing there’s only so much more the prized Mare could take, especially from the sounds she was making.

“Mmm oh God, si mas mas mas,” Lorraine shouted, on her way to a climactic ending. “Kill that pussy for me!”

While Richie, is in the middle of a firefight for his life, with the Sheriff of Dela Cruz. Realizing his finger guns are out of bullets, and not knowing how much more he could push the prized Mare, as she was biting her lips, and moaning uncontrollably. With only one gun left being jammed in a tight overheated holster, Richie not wanting to pull it out knows he has no choice. Riding off into the sunset with the prize winning Mare is no longer an option.

As Lorraine’s electric blue nail polished toes, start to curl inside her open toe fuck me pumps. Her knees, crossing inward together, meeting in the center of Richie’s chest. While Mrs. Dela Cruz’s vaginal muscles tighten around Richie’s cock, and her thighs begin to shake. Lorraine, hits a single high note with the word, “si!” Right before every muscle in her body released simultaneously. Mrs. Del Cruz, looking as if she fainted. Although, you really couldn’t tell because of the blindfold.

Knowing the end has come for our hero, as the sweat from his brow keeps pouring off him, all while he continues to beat a dead horse. As the Sheriff of Dela Cruz, closes in fast. Richie then thrust himself off the lifeless Mare, as his rifle dislodges from the tight holster it was being jammed into. Attempting to grab a hold of the gun while 3 ft in the air, with no control, the rifle fires off two shots by itself, “bang bang!”

Dd, and Richie, in shock looking at the gruesome scene left behind. It was everywhere. On her blindfold. In her mouth. On her tits. Inside her left ear. Even in Lorraine’s hair, on the back of her head.

With tears in his eyes, the Sheriff of Dela Cruz slowly walks up behind the boys, and says, “I loved that horse. Looks as if she’s in the middle of being processed at the glue factory. What the fuck did you two idiots do?”

Then the Sheriff slowly disappeared back into the boy’s imagination.

Yeah, Richie’s dick gun shot off two heavy ball bearing loads, point blank into his friend’s mom’s face. Then Lorraine’s head went back, and to the left. Again, her head went back, and to the left. In order to examine what happened we need to discuss the official story.

Two shots fired, directly into Lorraine’s face. Followed by the two shots then bouncing off her face into the air, before making a slight diagonal curve to the left, moving in a downward motion. As the projectiles now passed the bed, and before it could hit the floor, it takes a straight line to the right going underneath the bed. Then there, by the grace of God go I. The ejaculate shoots straight up passing through the box spring, and the mattress, before hitting the Mrs. Dela Cruz in the back of the head.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen a lot of cum shots in my day. But I’ve never seen one with such mystical powers, it spits in the face of God himself. Using science, by checking all the angles, and crunching the numbers. I would like to present a secondary possibility.

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