Who was My Secret Sweetheart?

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Many years ago my university dorm had an event for residents to select secret sweethearts for Valentine’s Day. I was living on an all male floor and we exchanged notes with women from an all female floor during the week leading up to the big day. We didn’t know who had picked us but we knew whom we had picked. The names were initially selected randomly but I exchanged my pick with another guy on my floor because he had drawn the name of a girl that I had a crush on. I found out later the woman that ended up with my name had also done an exchange to get me. So each of us was very motivated to make it a special week to impress our secret sweethearts.

I did my best to make an impression that week. But my secret sweetheart did even more. She was constantly sending me love notes and little things that really piqued my interest. I couldn’t wait to meet her. We had a mixer for the big reveal. Anne picked me and I picked Patti.

It turned out that Patti was already in a relationship so nothing came out of our meeting. Anne was not and she was super nice to me. I thanked her and told her I would do something special for her. I liked Anne, however, all we did together that spring was occasionally talk and go on one date with a group of people. I was more interested in another woman I met in the dorm and I was soon seeing her.

Anne and I were both away from the college for the summer but we ran into each other in the same dorm when school started again in September. We talked and she asked me my room number. I was still working my summer job so I was busy and did not ask her out.

The following Saturday night was a football night for our bahçelievler escort school. We were highly rated and there was a lot of excitement. I didn’t go to the game because I had to catch up on my studies since I had been working long hours as my summer job was coming to an end.

I heard a soft knock at my door close to 11:00. I was surprised to see Anne. She had been to the game and we had won. She was giggly and it was obvious she had been drinking. She came in, hugged me and then sat down on my bed. She asked where my roommate Gary was. I told her he was gone for the weekend. She smiled and leaned over to kiss me. We kissed and then she asked me if I remembered what I had promised her last February.

Anne looked very attractive that night with her golden brown hair falling on her shoulders, her bright blue eyes and her engaging smile. She was wearing tight jeans but a blouse that did not reveal her figure. I asked her to remind me and she said “You promised you would do something special for me.” I said “Yes I did say that.” She said “I’m still waiting.”

We kissed again more passionately and our tongues touched. I was soon kissing her neck, nibbling her ear and fondling her boobs through her shirt. She leaned back and undid the buttons and took her blouse off and revealed her white wispy bra. Her boobs looked even larger than I had imagined. We resumed kissing and probing with tongues but she suddenly stood up and unbuttoned her jeans and and asked me to help her out of them. Of course I was happy to assist. Her bikini panties were soon on display right in front of my face.

I took my shirt balgat escort off and we laid on my bed. Touching her breasts soon led to her unsnapping her bra and me taking my jeans off. Her boobs were fantastic especially her pink nipples. I was licking and sucking on them in no time and tracing my fingers over her panties. She was really enjoying this intimate touching evidenced by her nipples getting harder and her hips rising. Then I felt the nudge of a hand on my head. The message was clear enough – move lower. I trailed kisses down her flat stomach and over her panties and then I positioned myself between her legs.

She was wearing white panties with colorful polka dot or balloon style images. Her feminine scent was also apparent. My kisses and licks extended to her inner thighs as she spread her legs, then back over her panties, and with a move of my tongue, underneath the waistband. I then captured the top of her panties with my teeth and started to pull them down. She eagerly raised her hips and I slipped her panties all the way off which revealed a beautiful golden brown bush just like the color of the hair on her head!

I dived in and began licking all around the contours of her pubes and her pussy lips. Then I pushed my tongue in and out of the center of her honeypot. She was very wet and had a strong aroma of arousal. I then licked up and down her slit rising higher and higher. Soon I was at a spot that engendered a verbal reaction. So I stayed there, circled and then licked faster and faster. I looked up and saw that Anne was caressing her boobs and then twisting her nipples.

It didn’t take much ankara escort longer. Her body went tense, her head fell back, her legs tightened around my head, and I heard a soft moan. My tongue kept going until she relaxed. I then slipped off my boxers and moved up beside her intending to get on top and slide into her hot pussy. I kissed her and she said what we did was awesome, however, she didn’t want to spoil it by going any further. She then reached down and grabbed her panties and pulled them back on. I was instantly disappointed but still excited with a raging hard on. She smiled and said she wouldn’t mind if I touched myself. She ran her fingers and nails up my leg and across chest and said that “It would be hot.”

I was surprised by her suggestion but after a tentative stroke or two I decided to fully indulge her and also satiate my urgent need. My right hand retrieved some moisture from my mouth and went to work as I laid back on a pillow and she was on her side watching me. She said “This is so cool.” My stroking was slow at first but it increased in intensity as excitement overcame embarrassment. She didn’t say anything more but her mouth was half open with a big smile. She moved one leg up and those sexy panties were in full view. I was soon ready to burst and I suddenly reached the point of no return. My hips rose, my eyes closed, and I exploded wave after wave onto my chest and stomach. I eventually came back to my senses and Anne said “Now that was something special.” She got me some tissue, finished dressing, said she was tired, and was soon out the door.

We never got together again but every time I saw her I started to tingle. Ever since then, if I was with a woman, or saw a picture of a woman in panties like Anne was wearing, I would immediately flash back to that night. I have always wondered if she had this tryst planned when she picked me as her secret sweetheart. And if she was really just a pillow princess.

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