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A Touch of Hot Motoring (part one)

This is a tale drawn from my wild oat days. Wonderful times! I was built like a whippet and played in a small blues band doing the pub club circuit. Certainly never lacked for a girl! We were all into acid and dope – just a part of the scene. So was a fairly free attitude to sex – perhaps not untainted with guilt but….

One of my mates was a guy by the name of Ray. Not really into our stuff was Ray. In fact if it wasn’t for his girl, Josie, he probably wouldn’t have been around! Ray’s saving grace was that he was a seaman and very useful when it came to bringing home records from the States or little gift packs of happy baccy. He was 23, a well built bloke as you would expect from a life as a deck hand. Josie would have been about 19, petite, 5’5″, shoulder length blonde hair and a pretty face with kissable lips. A honey; tits like ripe little apples, beautiful slim legs. But there was this indefinable other. To this day I don’t understand why some women have ‘it’ and others don’t but she most certainly did – she exuded sex, felt constantly moist and hot for it. And Ray himself said she couldn’t get enough.

“I’ve never known anyone like it!” he would say with a face like a cat that got the cream.

Josie used to have this way of holding or touching us both when we went out together; walking between us holding hands or linking arms or insisting on a hand a piece on her bottom as we walked. It was not unknown for Josie to snog with Ray and give me the same treatment moments later – even with him around. And he didn’t seem to mind a lot either! (If your wondering if this odd relationship eventually led to a somewhat more adventurous coupling between the three of us, well…..you’ll just have to sit on your hands!) She and I could also get into some deep, stony, conversations about the meaning of life.

“Your much deeper than Ray.” Josie would say with a giggle “Seems I get the best of both worlds with you two. Ray for bed and you for my head. Aren’t I a lucky girl!”

Cheek! But we became very close and, of course, I was quite jealous of my mate getting what I wanted! Not that I lacked for sex but, I suppose, you always want that which you can’t have! Some social no go’s still worked and Ray was a big fella! Josie was an unmitigated teaser too, which didn’t help. She knew just how much I wanted her and just how far to go! Anyway, when Ray went back to sea for a time he asked me to look after her. As his mate I did my best to be the chaperone but I suppose it was inevitable that one-night things would change and I would interpret his instructions in very different way.

The band had done it’s set and the DJ was playing for the punters. Josie and I were dancing, Josie moulding her hot little body against me, arms around my neck, moist little mouth nibbling at me. My hands reached down squeezing her tight little bum, feeling the thin cotton of her long skirt sliding over the outline of her panties, pulling her against me so she would know how turned on I was. She smiled up at me as she felt my growing hardness pressing against her, a wicked little grin that said “Look what I can do – and when the music stops everyone else will know it too!” It wasn’t long before we were French-kissing, hands all over the place, oblivious to where we were.

Traveling home found me trying to drive while Josie massaged my aching prick through my trousers, trying her best to wash the inside of my ear with her tongue too. And then her fingers were pulling down my zip, reaching inside my damp underpants, pulling down on my foreskin! It was too much – and dangerous too! Especially as both of us were really very stoned having had a smoke before we left the car park!

I pulled off the road and with şişli üniversiteli escort practiced ease soon had both front seats almost flat. We began to snog in earnest. I don’t know about you but I love deep kissing. That amazing, head spinning, misty darkness that comes when lips and tongues meld, exploring. An essential precursor to all loving so far as I’m concerned! By this time Josie had me out and was running her finger nails up and down my shaft; painfully exquisite! My own right hand was busy under her tee shirt, teasing her delightful little apples, rolling nipples between thumb and forefinger, pinching hard until they were, oh, so firm. Pulling her tee shirt up and over her head I transferred my lips to her breast, biting and sucking softly while my hands slipped beneath her skirt. Being summer, and she a hippie girl, there was only bare flesh for my fingers to encounter! As my hand explored upward she pushed it away, gently but firmly, her legs remaining resolutely, unyieldingly, half open. Puzzled I stroked her thighs for a moment or two and tried again. Same result.

“Please, I can’t” she whispered “Don’t you understand?” She had stopped running her nails up my shaft and I felt a wave of irritation.

“For fuck sake Josie, your just a tease” I exploded sitting up, starting to put my seat back up, tucking my erection away. “If you knew how it was we shouldn’t even have started.”

“I’m not a tease, honest.” she squeaked defensively “I’m sorry, sweet, it’s just the wrong time of the month. It ought to be over but, well, there was a show when I last changed.” She was holding my arm, trying to calm me down, voice soft, pleading, “I really want you too, you know. I know your all fired up, but I’ll do something about that, make it really good for you, promise. Come on darling,” she wheedled “you don’t know how good I can be ‘cos you’ve never made it with me, have you? Come on, kiss me again. Relax, let it happen, you never know where it might lead…”

She pressed her lips against mine and I felt her moist tongue slide into my mouth – her teeth drawing my lips between them, biting gently. As we kissed her she took me out again, wanking me with a skill which left me breathless, a kind of teasing, stroking, twisting motion. My hands explored her skin, stroking her breasts, massaging her neck.

“Oh, Christ” I whispered into her mouth “That’s so good…..”

“I know, my love, I know,” she whispered back consolingly. “Come on up now, come on, kneel over me,” she was tugging on my prick, pulling me forward until I was kneeling on the seat, hunched over her as she sat cross legged. She rubbed the dripping end of my cock between her breasts smiling up at me under her lashes. “He’s big isn’t he?” she murmured “Turn on the light, darling, so I can watch it when you cum – I love to watch my men cum, love to see that hot spunk spurt. Mmm”

I reached up, turned the switch and the interior lit up with a warm glow.

“Does he shoot well?” she was whispering, as if I was an object, moving her fingers again unbuckling my belt and pushing down my jeans and Y fronts, pulling my cock free as she spoke. I started to speak but Josie reached up and pressed a moist finger to my lips. “You can talk later, I’d like that when it’s my turn. Does it turn you on when I talk? Like a bit of naughty talk, do you? Mmm. Me too.”

She took her finger from my lips, dropping it to join it’s companions whose nails were again inflamingly scoring up and down my shaft. She continued whispering as if to herself, answering her own questions. “Oh, I bet he does shoot well, bet he’s a good little shooter. But I shall have to find out for myself won’t I? Oh I do I hope he is, hope he’s really charged taksim anal yapan escort up! Mmm, I know just how make him fire too, just you wait. Oh my, yes, I know what to do with cocks. That’s better” she breathed letting my cock spring free as she reached up to open my shirt, running her hands over my chest before taking me in hand once more. “Now, I can really do him, now I’ve made him all hard and hot…but first…..let’s see what he’s got in his sack…” I was totally speechless as her fingers slid down to my testicles. “Ahhh…mmm….nice…weight” she murmered appraisingly rolling my balls between thumb and fingers “Mmm, this bag feels full of sperminess, full of silky, sweet tasting, delicious sperminess. Oh, he’s going to drench me with sperm…..” she gave a little shiver, “I know he is….I’m going to get my cream tonight…oh, God, yes…” she was sliding the thin skin between her thumb and fingers. As her fingers began to stroke up and down my shaft again she began to sing an old folk tune very softly, so softly I could barely hear..

“A maid she went a walking, a walking, a walking,
A maid she went a walking on a fine summers eve.
It’s time to go-a-milking, a milking, a milking,
It’s time to go a milking, a milking for cream.
See how soft and skilled my hands are, hands are, hands are.
See how soft and skilled my hands are…. to cream this sweet cock..”

With both her hands, one cradling and squeezing my testicles while the other stroked shaft and glans, darling Josie played to the rhythm of her song until it faded away into the softest hum. I looked down and saw her staring intently at my prick as she worked. The feelings she produced were so intense. I felt my prick swelling up, skin tight as a drum, yearning for release. She glanced up at me and gave a little smile

“Nice?” she asked running fingers over the top of my knob, picking up on dribbles of pre-cum to help things along. She offered her precum covered finger-tips to her lips and shivered. That was all I could take, such a turn on, and I felt points of no return starting to arrive deep in my sex, building, building. Josie must have felt it too because she looked down again, her face seeming to acquire a deep intensity. Her movements changed pace, slowing, holding me back. She slid her fingers into her mouth again, licking them, eyeing me before they again caressed my dick, sliding over increasing droplets of lubrication, slipping down my shaft, reaching under my balls, between the crease of my bum. I lifted myself up, letting her fingers explore, my erection achingly huge. Now she was just holding my shaft in the palm of her hand – scarcely moving, rhythmically squeezing. I felt a finger pressing against my arsehole, pushing up, slippery, insistent, demanding. Josie looked up at me, questioningly. Heart pounding I closed my eyes nodding assent, moaning as I felt my tight little sphincter began to open, the finger entering, probing, exploring. Waves of indescribable pleasure washed over me, so intense, no one had ever…done that…..ohhh!

“Oh, Josie, that’s fantastic, don’t stop I’m….who taught you how to….doooo….oh I’m cumming……don’t stop…..”

“Not yet….not yet my love….watch him cum……please…..watch him….cum… with…. me?” she had slowed right down squeezing and stroking me in rhythm with her words, her finger worming into my arsehole, pushing up deep inside, stroking back and forth. “Yessss, my love…..it’s coming……I know….oh yes….it’s coming……I can….feel it…..too…..it’s welling up….isn’t it….welling up…..shall we …..watch your…sperm….shoot out……” I was gazing down at her, seeing her glancing up at me, making sure I was looking at taksim bdsm escort her fingers on my cock. I could not hold it back….doh it was so intense…..

“oh, yes….” she was whispering “here it comes……oh, yes….you can’t…. hold back…. any more…..can you?……oh….no…..can’t expect…. you….to….can I..” I was shaking like a leaf, my thighs trembling “it’s alright …..now…..it’s alright…. now ….baby… we’ll watch it …..together…..’cos it’s….time……to…let….it.. GOOO!”

She pulled down on me in perfect rhythm with her words and almost at her command I cried out in the half-light, my body racked with ecstasy, prick jetting out semen. I watched the first spurt fly, reaching out to her face, clinging to lips and chin. The second pulse arced to splash breasts and throat. By the third her lips had engulfed my spurting knob-head, drawing it deep into the welcoming, soft, moist warmth of her mouth. She sucked hard, squealing with pleasure, as another pulse flung jism thick and white into her throat; another and yet another. She lifted her head allowing a flood of semen and saliva to pour down my shaft. It glistened in the low light as she gazed up at me. Slowly I subsided, shivering, shaking, barely noticing the withdrawal of her finger from my depths. Gently she held me, massaging my prick and balls, milking the last drops, smoothing semen and saliva into her tits, it’s aroma filling the air.

“Who’s a good little shooter then?” she whispered “Oh, such a noisy little cum artist aren’t we, darlin’. Hope you’re a repeater for me – I like a six shooter! Bang, bang, bang!” she squeezed me to her words, softly chuckling “‘cos it’s better than Nivea” she was palming cum into her right tit, pausing to roll the nipple between her fingers before giving the same treatment to the other “My Mum says it makes them grow – I do hope so.” She stopped and laid her head on my shoulder, her voice seductive in my ear, whispering. “Is he all sore from all that rubbing? Ah, poor little darling, better kiss him better then or he might not want any more.” her voice was baby sweet “And that would never do, would it? ‘Sides the night is young and I want him big and strong again. Very soon, oh so very soon!”

As I sagged back against the door totally spent as Josie slid down my body, licking my nipples, and going on down. Gentle fingers lifted my now rapidly failing erection to soft moist lips. I felt them envelope my almost painfully sensitive helmet, drawing me in, tongue licking my bell end, sucking softly. My back arched and I groaned out load with sheer pleasure.

“Mmm, you do taste nice.” She whispered, her lips finding my own, her tongue entering my mouth. A flood of saliva mixed with my own cum filled it. So salty, so nice and exciting. We kissed hungrily until she gently pulled away.

“Don’t forget about me, my little love!” she took my hand and pressed it against her knickers “That was just for starters! If you don’t mind it being a bit…..messy…. ……”

She took me into her mouth again and I felt myself beginning to firm up, swelling to fill her mouth. Before I knew it a fire was running in my belly, my cock rearing up hard and strong. My hands massaged Josie’s back, feeling her muscles rippling under my fingers, reaching round to tug on her breast’s, rolling nipples between my fingers, stroking her hair, feeling her lips swollen around my cock as she as she sucked, her breathing hard and ragged.

I pushed her away, unfolding her legs, reaching up under her skirt to pull down her knickers until they flowed down her legs and off her ankles. Josie laid back, against the door legs splayed wide in the half light. God, she was so wanton, so ripe, so female. I wanted her, all of her and to hell with the fuckin’ time of the month!

“You are a hot and sexy bitch, Josie” I breathed “And I don’t care if it’s a bit messy. Want me to get rid of it for you?”

“If you like, if that’s what you want.” she was masturbating for me now, eyes heavy, “Come on…….!” she murmured, voice husky “tell me what you want to do to me….talk to me…..”

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