Getting Even

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I had arrived a day earlier than kelly. We had been planning this vacation together for almost two years, but one of us always seemed to have to cancel out for one reason or another. This was the first time since college that we could have our reunion.

Now laying by the pool I closed my eyes and reminisced about our last two years in college, and particularly the times we had spent as room mates in the sorority house.

Our room was on the third floor at the end of the hallway and I guess our little experiments began as a sort of intimate dare.

Actually it had started one evening after we had both been to a Frat party and returned rather drunk. Kelly was far more daring than I was and when we tumbled into our room she mixed herself a drink, then turned to me and made the simple statement that started it all.

“I’m horny as hell and I’m going to fuck myself until I pass out.”

I heard her, but really didn’t quite grasp what she meant.

Then she stepped out of her dress, took off her bra and kicking off her loafers. Next she went to her top dresser drawer and took out her toy. Oh I knew about it because I had one too, and early on we had compared them and discussed using them, but it had ended there.

I assumed she used it when I was out just as I did when I was alone between classes, but now there was no secrecy about it. She was going to use it on herself, with the lights on, and with me in the room.

I was giggly and sort of dumbfounded so I just turned and poured myself a drink, and thought about getting undressed too.

From behind me I heard the soft purr as she turned her “wiggly Wabbet” on. I turned to see her with her panties now off and her feet drawn up tight against the cheeks of her ass. Her knees had dropped to either side exposing her pussy with its outer lips parted.

She seemed oblivious to my presence and began by just running the pulsating translucent jelly toy up and down her shaved pussy while she rolled her nipple between her fingers.

For a young woman who had too much to drink, her ability to feel things certainly hadn’t been affected. Within moments she was panting and moaning softly. I forgot about undressing and simply sat on the corner of the bed and watched her.

She began doing thing with her Wabbet that I really hadn’t thought of doing. With her one hand on her breast, and her other pressing the side of her toy firmly against her pussy she began to moan louder, and as her thighs began to quiver and her ass lifted up, she tilted the toy forward and inserted it all the way in.

That effectively pressed the little rabbit’s ears against her clit. With a rather loud gasp, she cried out, and began to pump the thing in and out of her pussy. She was on the verge of her first orgasm and was so wet and slippery that I could hear the slurpy sounds that filled the room as she worked it in and out.

I was torn between watching her, and my own throbbing need. I could only sit there and watch as she writhed on the bed and I lifted my skirt and slide my hand up to touch my own sticky slit.

“My god,” I had thought, “it’s taking her a long time to come down,” and yet I really didn’t want to see her stop because I was getting close to cumming myself.

With a low scream she strained her neck up, stared at me and cried out. “Cummmmmmingggg, Oh yeah here it comes now! Ooooooh Fuck yeah, Oh god it feels so fucking good! And in that instant I yelled out to her, “Meeeeee tooooooo Kelly, Me toooooo!”

I was plunging three fingers in and out of my open pussy while my thumb wobbled sideways on my clit. Suddenly I didn’t care how loud I got, I was totally absorbed in the wonderful sensations of an intense orgasm.

When I finished I pulled my sticky hand from under my panties and brought my fingers to my mouth and sucked each. She lay moaning on the bed, but as she gasped for breath, she watched me. I was embarrassed, but in those moments I really didn’t care either.

She smiled at me and whispered: “Again? Want to do it again Patty?” I sort of smiled and mumbled, “If you can, I’ll Try. I think I can cum again. Just let me get out of these things.”

I was in the process of stripping down while trying to watch her. She had started slowly plunging her toy in and out of her noisy wet pussy again.

That night we each came four times while we watched each other masturbate. That was more than I had ever cum before, but it was only the beginning of a weekly ritual that was to evolve from our new found pleasure. We had found that watching and listening to each other as we fucked ourselves, was a real turn-on.

It was about three weeks later that we began to be more daring, and by then we had purchased additional toys. Things had gotten to the point where we were having little contests to see who was the fastest, or who could cum most or sometimes who could get the wettest.

That was also the time when Kelly asked me to help her. Up until then we sort adalar escort of kept to ourselves and watched each other, but on that Friday night Kelly was on her fifth attempt and she was right on the edge, but no matter how fast she moved her hand, or where she put her vibrator, she simply couldn’t make it.

“Patty? Oh god Patty, I’m right there but I can’t. Do something! Help me! Do something please.”

I really didn’t know at that time, what to do, but I was willing to try. So that’s when we began to do each other. I first played with her nipples so she could use both hands on her pussy.

Then I had the idea of using my vibrating egg on her clit, while she used her wabbit inside her pussy.

That did it. With my left hand on her breast, and my fingers rolling her nipple between them, I held the silver egg to her clit and she screamed out as she came. “Ohmygod, oooohgoddddddd Patty, Here it comes, I’m cumming Oooooooooh shit its so fucking good!”

It was long and hard, and she began by thrusting her cunt up high, forcing the wabbit deep into her pussy and the egg tight against her clit. She began moaning, than she gasped, “pinch them! Squeeze my nipples! Oh my fucking baby I’m gonna lose my mind! Cumming again Patty, cumming, cumming, Oh yeah, yes, yes oh yessssssssssss.”

I remember watching her face and than looking down at her pussy. I took the twisting toy from her hand and drew the squirming jelly vibrator out of her and put it in my mouth.

It was coated with a creamy coating of her juices and for the first time I was tasting another girl. I already knew how I tasted, but the thought of tasting her had me intoxicated.

“Kelly? Could you do me? I mean would you help me to cum like that? You can do anything you want, but I want to finish hard like that. Would you?” I pleaded.

That had been the beginning of our intimate relationship. Not intimate in that we were lovers, but intimate in helping each other satisfy our need to cum.

I suppose it was inevitable that others in the sorority house would become involved. I guess we got a bit noisy down at the end of the hallway and the packages wrapped in brown paper that kept coming in the mail, aroused interest and soon our Friday evening sessions became mini orgies with perhaps eight or nine girls joining our little sessions. Always there was the booze and the x rated videos before we began and the girls would begin trading their favorite toys so we could each decided which one did the most for us. For the most part, the girls would do themselves, but eventually we became comfortable with helping each other.

The contests became more and more diverse. Gloria had one toy that was black. It was perhaps twelve inches long and consisted of a series of golf ball sized round bulges that ran the full length of the rather rigid jelly dildo. She would suction it to a smooth surface and squat over it and move up and down slowly.

She would get really wet and creamy and you could see the milky juices clinging to the black rings. One night as she came, she contracted so hard that she actually pulled it loose from the table top.

That began another contest. Who could squeeze tight enough to pull it loose with their pussy. After a while we had all succeeded except for two of the girls.

That’s when we began giving ourselves rankings. The A’s were the winners in most contests, the B’s were good but couldn’t quite keep up with the A’s, and the poor C’s, who could only cum once or twice and never really were in the competition. A “C” rating was better than being called vanilla anyway.

Actually towards the end of my senior year, we were in the midst of a drunken Friday night session when the house mother came in. You might have expected us to come to a screeching halt, but when a girl is orgasming or about to, nothing matters except finishing. So when she entered, only those who were either finished or resting between sessions, were alarmed.

Strangely it worked out pretty well. She stared around, but said nothing. Then she walked casually over to the bar and asked one of the girls for a drink. Then she turned her back to the bar, rested her elbows on it, leaned back and watched.

Quickly finishing her drink, she opened her blouse, pulled it up from within her slacks and shrugged out of it. Next her bra was discarded and finally her slacks and panties fell to the floor.

She was now a participant and she proved to be more daring than most of the A’s. Those were days of learning and of exploring our own physical needs.

I must confess, the two things that I never really got involved in to any great degree, was anal masturbating or going down on Kelly or any of the other girls. But I also must admit, I wanted to try it but never could muster the courage to do it.

On the other hand I would let the others eat me and I did try the vibrating butt plugs, but I never could finish using the plugs and only rarely when anadolu yakası escort I was being eaten.

When Shirley introduced the strap-on to the evenings entertainment, we each finished, as I remember, but it was more of a novelty and not something we all enjoyed a lot.

Neither was the fisting. Most of us found it painful but I have to admit that once in a while, if I got hot enough and had enough to drink I would let Kelly do me but never deeply.

The only thing missing, and we all agreed on this, was a real guys cock. It was the only toy missing, and because it was too risky to ever really consider, we had to leave that out of our most wanted list of toys.

So now we were finally going to get back together after almost four years. Kelly had been engaged twice, but never went thru with it. I had more or less given up on the hunt because it was too much damn trouble and because I think I probably would have been looking for a commitment if he turned out to be really good in bed.

Anyway I figured that if it was going to happen it would, and if it wasn’t, then that was all right too. I will admit that I had gone beyond using the simple toys we used back in college, and I had graduated to more expensive and better quality toys since then.

I had even brought several along to show Kelly how much I had advanced in the art of “self pleasuring”.

As I lay there I opened my eyes and did my little scan of the pool area. I always enjoy looking for the perfect ten in the men’s department. You know, the guy you see wearing a bulging tight pair of Speedo’s and you think about as you Jill yourself. Anyway I spotted him right away. He was headed for the gazebo For a drink.

Oh Hell I thought, why not. I left my beach chair and gathered up my room key and clutch and went over to where he was sitting.

I’m not too comfortable starting a conversation so I was relieved when he simply said: “Hi. Fantastic weather we’re having isn’t it?” I nodded yes and to my own surprise, I felt comfortable enough to continue the conversation.

He explained that He was a doctor and was here on a business vacation of sorts. He was attending lectures during the week and getting sun when ever there was free time.

All interesting, I thought, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off his package. I was imagining all sorts of things. You know, how he would be in bed, how big would he get when he was hard, was he circumcised, and lastly, would he be a good lover with staying power.

I took a sip of my drink and listened to his voice, but not hearing everything he was saying really. I was imagining his voice making love to me. It’s crazy but I can do that.

In my mind he was whispering my name, He was telling me what he was going to do to me, and what he wanted me to do to him. It was all wishful thinking, but it was making my bikini wet and since it’s a pale blue, the dark blue spot between my thighs wasn’t something that would go unnoticed.

I crossed my legs and tried to keep the conversation going. Finally names were exchanged and I found out he was Dr. Blake B. Brahman. We sort of laughted when I said that’s a lot of B’s, sort of like a bumble bee.

He smiled but didn’t really laugh at my little joke. Looking at his watch, he excused himself and explained that he had to go to a lecture or something if it hadn’t been cancelled, but he did say he’d look for me again if I was staying. I was, and told him so.

I was getting a little pink from the sun so I decided to go up to my room. Kelly would be arriving sometime around six and I wanted to shower and rest up a bit.

Arriving at my room I showered and found that I was short on towels. I had left one of mine on the chair down by the pool so I had to call the desk to have one brought up.

The girl in housekeeping seemed miffed, and said she’d see if she could find someone to deliver one.

Now I was sitting in the living room, my hair still damp but my body fairly dry, I bided my time by going over my collection of toys. The ones I wanted to show Kelly, and I hoped, share with her.

I had graduated from the battery things and only used ones that plug in. I wasn’t going to ever be on the verge of cumming only to run out of power.

I looked for a plug and tried out my newest addition. It was a bit noisy as the beads in it spun around, but the clit attachment was super quiet as was the head, which twisted and turned. Out of curiosity I slid it into my wet pussy far enough so the beads were well inside me, and turned it on.

Yes it was quieter when it was deep inside but got a bit louder when I pulled it back out. I was really getting excited and began to stroke it in and out, and getting closer and closer.

I didn’t hear the door open. I didn’t see him come in. And I don’t know how long he stood there with a towel held in his hand or what he must have thought as he watched me sliding my vibrator in ataköy escort and out of my pussy.

But when he cleared his throat loud enough for me to hear him, I was just starting to cum and nothing was going to stop me.

I had been standing with my back to the door and the sofa was directly in front of me. I had my legs spread apart and I was bent slightly forward as I moved the throbbing dildo in and out of my dripping pussy, when I felt his hand on my shoulder.

I was startled, but not startled enough to stop what had begun. I heard his voice soft and low whisper, “Go on Patty, let yourself cum. Don’t stop, just let it happen!”

My mind heard that voice. The voice that I had imagined speaking to me in exactly that same way only an hour earlier. But now the words weren’t imagined, they were the words I needed to hear.

I turned my head slightly and my legs began to tremble. I wanted to say something but all I could gasp was: “Cumming Now, Blake, Oh god it’s going to be strong. Oh yes, yessssss Now! OHGOD Now it’s Cummmmmmmmingggggggg Blake. Hold me! For gods sake hold meeeeeeeeeeeee.”

I felt his arms wrap around me and his hands clasped each breast. My hard nipples protruded between his spread fingers and he squeezed them as he brought his fingers together. I tossed my head back and again screamed as I felt the surging rush of tingling sensations roar thru my pussy.

He held me up and put his mouth close to my ear and whispered. “Give it to me Patty, Come on baby cum for me! You want to cum for me don’t you? Now let it happen Patty, More, give me more!”

And I did. Oh god I did. His voice elevated my sensations to heights I never dreamed possible and when I thought It couldn’t get any more intense, it did.

The room seemed to fog over and my blood roared in my ears as I finally slumped in his arms and let the vibrator slip out, letting it fall to the floor.

He walked me forward and turned me around so I could sit on the sofa. I stared first at his face, then down at his slacks. He was Huge and the cloth was being stretched so taunt that I expected him to suddenly break free.

I sat there panting as if I had run a marathon. I couldn’t catch my breath and I had to sit there and stare directly at his bulging manhood. I was trembling and panting while trying to think of something to say that wouldn’t be foolish, but that didn’t happen.

He looked down at me, smiled, bent down and picked up the squirming vibrator and lay it on top of the towel he had brought. Now without a word, he turned, and quietly left.

I was mortified. I wanted to run after him and explain, but realizing that I was still nude, I just resigned myself to the fact that it had happened and there was nothing I could do to change things.

On the way back from the airport with Kelly I told her everything. She was in hysterics. “so did he watch you fucking yourself with it? I mean did he see your pussy as you did it?”

No I answered. “well, will we see him again? Did he seem interested in you? Would he go for a threesome if we asked?” her questions went on and on. Finally she asked one last question.

“He isn’t gay is he?” I shook my head, “How the hell would I know, Kelly, he didn’t stay long enough for me to find out,” I answered. The rest of the ride was more reminiscing about our Friday night parties and the things we did together, than anything else.

After dinner we went to the pool area in the hopes of seeing him again. He wasn’t there, so we went to the bar in the hotel and had a few more drinks, still hoping that he’d show up, but he didn’t. Half snockered, we returned to my room and chatted for a while, but all the time, I kept thinking about him.

I think Kelly realized that I wasn’t really paying attention to her because she finally got up and went to her room and returned with a small case.

Sitting down next to me she opened it and as we did three years earlier, we compared toys and discussed how we used them. That night we masturbated. I must confess that it was better than usual, probably because Kelly was watching, but more likely because I heard Blake’s voice whispering and telling me to cum for him.

In any event we each orgasmed two or three times solo, before we again started to help each other. And, as it had been in the sorority house, we competed again to see who was better. Yet, I couldn’t get him out of my mind, and finally Kelly rolled over and looked at me.

“your really hot for him aren’t you? Did you know your calling out his name each time you cum? Look, Patty, tomorrow we’ll get to him and work this out. I want to have him fuck me just as much as you do, it’s just a matter of seducing him if that’s what it takes.”

I had to agree with her, but I was still a bit shy about approaching him, especially after what he saw and how ashamed he made me feel.

The next morning I was again at the pool but this time with Kelly. She was scoping out the guys at the pool and pointed to Blake. She couldn’t have known it was him and yet she picked him out as being the best prospect at the pool.

Actually he looked even bigger and better than I remembered. I told Kelly that yes, that was Blake. and I think it was at that point that she realized why I had the hots for him.

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