Goings-on in the Highlands Ch. 01

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“And that’s the early evening national news on Friday the seventh of June. Now on UKTR, it’s time for the news where you are. Have a good evening, and I’ll hand you over to your regional station.”

Blonde, beautiful Phillipa Phillips continued to smile at the camera until the little red light faded and she heard her producer’s voice in her earpiece.

“And we’re out. Thanks everyone. Studio re-set please ready for the half past eight bulletin.”

Phillipa stood up and a studio technician approached her and slid her hand down the back of her skirt to remove the microphone power pack. The woman smiled in embarrassment, but Phillipa wasn’t offended. She thanked the woman and removed her earpiece, handing it to her with a nod of gratitude. The door to the studio opened and Timothy Thomas, the studio manager stalked in.

“The weekend begins here,” he said flirtatiously to Phillipa. “Will you be joining us for a drink or two in the staff bar?”

“I’d love to, Tim,” smiled Phillipa sincerely, “but I have a long-standing engagement. Friends of a girlfriend of mine are celebrating their wedding anniversary. I’ve got a taxi waiting for me outside. I’m flying up to Scotland this evening for the weekend.”

“Huh! How the other half live!” Timothy pouted, a smile showing that he meant no offence. “Well, enjoy yourself with the dour Scots, sugar lump. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Hardly,” grinned Phillipa, making a limp wrist gesture to her flamboyantly gay friend and colleague. No-one took offence at the almost constant gay and lesbian teasing that went on in the studios. She blew him a kiss and hurried off to her dressing room to pick up the weekend case she’d brought to the studios with her that morning. Five minutes later, she left Broadcast HQ, ignoring the complaint from the security guard on the door that taxis weren’t supposed to wait in front of the building, and got into the back of the cab.

“Hiya,” she said to the woman uber driver. “Thanks for being so prompt. I’m going to The Meadows Airfield, please.”

“Going somewhere nice, dearie?” asked the driver, pulling away smoothly and giving the finger to the watching security guard.

Phillipa repeated her story about a wedding anniversary party, and then settled back for the short journey to the private airfield.

The gates to the airfield were shut when the taxi pulled up at them fifteen minutes later.

“What do you want me to do, dearie?” asked the driver. “I can’t hang about here all night. I’ve got fares booked after this trip.”

“Hang on,” said Phillipa, getting out of the cab. “I’ll see if I can open them.”

She walked up to the gates and tried them, but it was no good. They were securely locked. Then she noticed an intercom. She pressed the call button, and a voice answered immediately.

“Control tower. Can I help you?”

“I’m supposed to be catching a private plane from here tonight,” replied Phillipa. “I’m Phillipa Phillips from you-kay-tee-are. United Kingdom Television and Radio.”

“The broadcasters?” replied the disembodied voice. “Yes I’ve got you on my list. The Laird’s Lear jet is about ten minutes out from here. Come up to the tower if you like. No point in you waiting out there in the cold. Hang on.”

Phillipa heard an electronic buzz, and the gates started to open automatically. By the time she was back in the taxi, they were fully open.

“I’m to go to the control tower to wait,” she told the driver, who seemed to know where to go, and set off slowly across a very bumpy grass field.In the distance Phillipa could see a tall tower, and when, a few minutes later, they arrived at the base of the tower, she could also see that someone was waiting to greet her.

She thanked the taxi driver, got out and smiled at the middle aged man who was holding the door of the tower open for her.

“Welcome to The Meadows ” he said smiling widely. “We are used to handling the Laird’s guests here, but I must say this is the first time we’ve had a television personality here. I’m Ted, by the way. Head honcho and general dogsbody all rolled into one.”

He led Phillipa into the control room, where a young man wearing headphones was sat hunched over an illuminated screen. As they approached , he turned round and smiled.

“They’re on approach, dad,” he said. “E T A two minutes.”

Phillipa was very impressed with the efficiency of the whole set-up. As she watched, the jet came into sight and made a very smooth landing. The young man got up from his seat and went out of the room.

“Andy will see to the re-fuelling whilst I sort the paperwork out,” Ted said with a smile. “It’s an internal flight, so you don’t need a passport, but I will need you to fill in your destination and the purpose of your flight. Now, let’s start with an easy question. Full name?”

In keeping with the smooth, efficient operation she’d already witnessed, Phillipa found herself being escorted to the newly re-fuelled jet by Ted barely twenty minutes later. etlik escort A beautiful air stewardess in a gorgeously flattering uniform stood at the foot of the steps of the plane. She smiled, showing a mouthful of pearly white teeth. Her copper red hair, tied in a neat pony tail, shone with health

“Welcome aboard, Ms Phillips,” she smiled. “I’m Jenny, your stewardess for this evening’s flight. Now I just have to sign Ted’s forms and then we can be on our way. Please be careful going up the steps.” Phillipa was enchanted by her wonderfully soft Scots accent.

She had only just sat down and was about to fasten her seat belt when Jenny came up the steps into the aircraft.

“I’ll just secure the door and let the pilot know that we’re good to go, and then I’ll come and attend to you, she smiled.

“You can attend to me any time you like, sweetie,” thought Phillipa, eyeing Jenny’s impressive chest and equally attractive arse. She kept her thoughts to herself, however.

While Jenny was closing and locking the door in the fuselage, the cockpit door opened and Phillipa saw who she assumed must be the pilot approach her, smiling broadly.

“Hi, Ms Phillips. I’m Fiona, your pilot,” she said, in the same soft lilt as Jenny. She held out an envelope. “I was asked by one of the Laird’s guests to give you this.”

Fiona handed over Phillipa’s envelope. Having delivered her message, she smiled again and returned to the cockpit, pausing to have a word with Jenny on the way. The door closed and seconds later, Phillipa heard the jet engines increase their noise as they were powered up prior to take-off. She looked at the addressee and recognised the handwriting straight away.

As the powerful private jet screamed down the runway, Phillipa ripped open the envelope. She read,

‘My darling Phillipa. I can’t wait until you are in my arms again. It was such a nuisance that you had to work on Friday. I came up here on Wednesday, and I haven’t worn a stitch of clothing since. Kenny (that’s the Laird, by the way) has a wonderfully kinky set-up going here. The party on Saturday night is going to be some event. But you and I have Friday night to get through first! I hope you’re ready for a long night of sucking, fucking and everything that goes with it. Make sure you’re primed and ready when you land. Jenny has a most imaginative and educated tongue. Can’t wait to taste you again, my darling. All my love, O. xxx’

As she finished reading the letter, Phillipa felt the familiar tingle in between her legs. She slipped her hand up under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt, of course. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn underwear.

She felt the heat radiating from her cunt, and slipped a finger into herself. Her sleepy clit stirred and peeped out from under its hood. Phillipa felt the first beginnings of moisture. She gently scratched her clit with her fingernail.

“Can I get you a drink, Ms. Phillips?” Jenny’s sexy Scots accent interrupted Phillipa’s fingering. She opened her eyes and smiled at the beautiful stewardess.

“My friend tells me you know how to use your tongue,” she said breathlessly, nodding at the letter on the table at the side of her seat. “I think I’d prefer to give you a drink first.”

Jenny grinned.

“Thank you Ms Phillips. That sounds delicious,” she replied, licking her plump, red lips. She started to kneel down, but Phillipa stopped her.

“Not like that, sweetie,” she said with a pretend pout. “Tits out, I think, don’t you?”

Whilst Jenny shucked off her blouse, Phillipa yanked her skirt up and settled down, legs apart, displaying her pretty pink cunt, smooth as silk and beginning to leak at the thought of the tonguing it was about to receive.

Jenny’s bra overflowed with twin mountains of plump tit flesh. It wasn’t so much underwired as held together with steel coil, Phillipa thought. When she popped the catch between the cups, it sprang open and two immense, slightly saggy tits became visible. Jenny’s nipples were thick and hard, her large areola a beautiful dark chocolate brown. Phillipa grinned in delight and reached out for the two heavy globes. Gripping both nipples between her two thumbs and forefingers, Phillipa pulled Jenny towards her. Jenny sank to her knees and buried her face between Phillipa’s legs.

Her tongue licked the length of Phillipa’s cunt slit, causing a shudder of delight. When Jenny’s tongue penetrated her, Phillipa slumped down in her seat and wrapped her legs around her red-haired worshipper. She locked her ankles between Jenny’s shoulders and pulled her in deeper.

Phillipa’s correspondent was right. Jenny certainly did have a very educated tongue. Having penetrated Phillipa, Jenny licked up and down, pausing occasionally to tongue fuck her passenger. Phillipa felt herself galloping towards an orgasm. She gripped Jenny’s head tighter between her thighs and waited for the explosion.

When it came, it was absolutely mind blowing. ankara eve gelen escort Phillipa, panting like a dog, abandoned herself to the sensations rippling through her cunt. She relaxed her grip on Jenny and opened her legs as wide as she could. She grabbed hold of Jenny’s ponytail and used it to direct her head back and forth as if it was a dildo. Jenny stuck her tongue out as far as she could, and enjoyed the sensation of being used like a fuck toy.

By the time Phillipa had enjoyed a mind-blowing orgasm, and had released her grip on Jenny’s pony tail, she became aware of a slight electronic buzzing and then she heard,

“Good evening again, Ms Phillips. This is Fiona, speaking to you from the flight deck. We’ll soon be at our cruising height and speed. The flight will take approximately an hour and ten minutes. Jenny is under strict instructions to see to your every need. Please don’t hesitate to use her. I’ll let you relax now, but I’ll come back to you when it’s time to buckle up again for landing.”

The buzzing stopped and Jenny smiled at Phillipa. Her once immaculate lipstick was smeared and her face was red and shiny from a combination of cunt cream and the effort she’d just put in to satisfy Phillipa.

“That was lovely, Jenny. Thank you,” smiled Phillipa, readjusting her skirt. “Now didn’t you mention a drink? I think I’d like champagne, if you have any that is.”

“Of course, Ms Phillips. I’ll be right back,” said Jenny, getting to her feet and reaching for her discarded blouse and bra.

“Uh huh,” said Phillipa with a wicked grin. “Leave those where they are, and I’d like you to lose the skirt and any underwear you’re wearing by the time you bring my drink.”

Jenny grinned.

“The Laird forbids his staff from wearing any sort of underwear,” she informed Phillipa. “I have special dispensation to wear a bra when I’m flying, but when I’m at service on the estate, I’m required to be naked except for my stockings and heels.”

“Well I don’t want to go against the Laird’s standing orders,” replied Phillipa. “Serving me in stockings and heels sounds just about right. Off you pop and get me my champers!”

When Jenny brought Phillipa’s champagne a few minutes later, she was indeed almost naked. Her pale skin was beautifully offset by a pair of sheer black hold-up stockings. Phillipa appreciated the sight whilst Jenny poured her a glass of champagne before putting the bottle back into the ice bucket she had brought.

“What duties do you have on the flight?” Phillipa asked, sipping her drink. It was perfectly chilled and deliciously dry.

“Fiona will require a cup of tea as soon as the kettle’s boiled,” replied Jenny. “I’ll take that to her, and she can check that I’m suitably attired. She has to report to the Laird that I am carrying out my duties satisfactorily. After that, my only duty is seeing to your pleasure, Ms. Phillips.”

“That sounds lovely,” Phillipa smiled. “I’m just about ready for another tonguing. See to Fiona’s tea and then bring your beautiful arse back here again. I’ll be waiting!”

Jenny giggled and left to make Fiona’s tea. Phillipa sipped and thought about the coming weekend. What an opportunity for some delicious kinky fun. A privately owned island, remote and only inhabited by a kink-loving multi-millionaire and his equally kinky wife. A handful of submissive servants and a guest list of the great and the good from the kink and fetish world. Bloody hell! Phillipa was going to indulge this weekend.

She grinned to herself as she thought of her colleagues who were probably even now drinking in the staff club which was attached to Broadcast HQ. There would be flirting and suggestive remarks would soon be flying between the production crew. Tim would be as camp as ever, and he and his husband would be the first to leave.

These thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Jenny walking past, carrying a huge mug of steaming tea.

“I’ll be with you in two ticks, Ms. Phillips,” she promised, moving swiftly and serenely down the cabin. She knocked on the flight deck door and entered.

True to her word, Jenny was back with Phillipa two minutes later. She knelt between Phillipa’s open legs and smiled up at her.

“May I start?” she asked in a very submissive tone.

“You may,” replied Phillipa. “Use your hand to begin with. I love a bit of finger before having my cunt eaten.”

Obediently, Jenny extended her right index finger. Phillipa noted her nails were cut short and square and she wore a clear nail polish. Jenny slipped her finger in and wiggled it about, searching for Phillipa’s clit. She smiled up at her passenger, and Phillipa suddenly felt the desire to kiss this beautiful, submissive woman. She resisted the temptation, relaxed in her seat, and let Jenny’s fingers do their work. She sipped her champagne and waited for the moment when she would order Jenny to replace her finger with her tongue.

Jenny was good. She’d located Phillipa’s clit ankara escort and was rubbing it gently with her thumb whilst using her index finger to fuck her. Phillipa was rapidly approaching another orgasm. Jenny seemed to sense this and, lowering her head, she began to blow gently on Phillipa’s glistening cunt lips.

“Oh fuck! That’s nice!” gasped Phillipa breathlessly. “Get your tongue in there sweetie. I’m right on the edge!”

Wordlessly, Jenny obeyed. Her fat, wet tongue slid in easily and began to lap at the increasing amount of cunt cream that Phillipa was producing. For her part, Phillipa grabbed hold of Jenny’s pony tail to steady herself and began to hump the stewardess’s face.

“Mmmm!” she murmured. “Oh fuck! Yes! There! That’s the spot. Do that again! Oh fuck! Oh FUCK! Yummmmmmmmmmm!”

Phillipa exploded. She knew she was a squirter, but she had to be played properly for that to happen. She achieved orgasm easily, but she didn’t always squirt. This time was different though.

She yanked Jenny’s head up from between her legs, using her pony tail for leverage. The pretty stewardess’s face was red and shiny, covered in cunt cream, and she was breathing heavily.

Phillipa kissed her, tasting herself on the young woman’s lips and tongue. She sucked Jenny’s tongue into her mouth and allowed her to explore that orifice with delight.

When the kiss ended, both women were wide eyed and breathless.

“Fuck! You are a very good cunt eater!” Phillipa complimented Jenny. “And you taste fantastic!”

“Thank you, Ms. Phillips. I enjoyed tasting you too. I love it when a lady explodes in my mouth like that. I just adore the taste of cunt.”

“My girlfriend would love some attention from you,” Phillipa said with a smile, holding out her empty champagne flute for Jenny to refill.

“You said you’d be on duty at the party tomorrow night. What are you doing tonight?”

“When we land, and after I’ve seen you safely on your way, I will report to Mrs McPherson, the housekeeper,” Jenny replied. She filled Phillipa’s glass up and replaced the bottle in the ice bucket.

“I’m one of several housemaids,” Jenny continued. “The Laird and the Lady of the house need servicing, and we housemaids have a rota. Lady Glenda also uses the stable lads and the shepherds too. If I’m not required to serve tonight, I could ask Mrs McPherson for permission to come and serve you and your girlfriend.”

“Yes, I’d like that,” smiled Phillipa. “Do it, and just in case you can’t make it tonight, be aware that I’ll be on the look out for you tomorrow. You can eat my cunt again, and I quite like the idea of strapping on and fucking you.”

“Www!” squealed Jenny, blushing with pleasure. “That sounds lovely!”

This conversation was interrupted by Fiona’s voice over the communication channel.

“Sorry to cut in, Ms Phillips,” she said apologetically. “We’re about fifteen minutes from landing. I’ve finished my tea, Jenny, and I need a pee. Can you come up here, please?”

Phillipa looked at the young stewardess in admiration.

“You’re going to fly this plane whilst Fiona goes for a pee?” she said incredulously. “My word! You do have hidden talents.”

Jenny put her hand up to her mouth and tittered.

“No, I can’t fly this plane,” she replied. “And this one doesn’t have an automatic pilot, so Fiona can’t leave the flight deck. When she needs to pee, I accommodate her.”

Phillipa grinned.

“I love watersports,” she said, ” and so does my girlfriend. There’s something so intimate about pissing on your lover, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know about that,” replied Jenny getting to her feet. Her huge tits bounced as she did so. “There can’t be pee splashing about in the cockpit with so much sensitive electrical equipment around. So I have to ensure that I don’t spill any! Excuse me, or Fiona’ll pee herself, and then I really will be in trouble!”

She hurried off down the aisle, her beautiful arse cheeks bouncing as she rushed to perform her toilet duties. Phillipa watched the twin mounds of flesh and felt a fresh rush of lust. She comforted herself that it wouldn’t be too long before they were on the ground. Having her cunt eaten was a lovely hors d’oeuvre, but she was anxious to get onto the main course of a long session of fucking.

She was still imagining fucking and being fucked when Jenny returned.

‘All done!” she said happily. “Not a drop spilled , but Fiona isn’t happy. She’s grizzling about not being licked to orgasm, but she and I both know that performing oral sex on the pilot when she’s coming in to land isn’t a good idea. I’ve promised to go down on her when I get the chance.”

Fiona’s voice sounded in the cabin again.

“We’re on approach now, Ms. Phillips. Please fasten your seat belt. Jenny, sweetie. Put those beautiful tits away and get your skirt on. We’ll be on the ground in three minutes!”

Phillipa was very impressed with the smooth, efficient way everything went once the plane touched down. Fiona appeared from the cockpit and together with Jenny they unlocked the door and lowered the steps.

Phillipa thanked them for a very enjoyable trip, and started to descend the steps. She stopped, startled, when a tractor appeared and approached the jet.

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