Good Morning with Mandy

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You came into the bedroom, fresh out of the shower, and found me to be still sleeping,. You smiled and dropped the towel that you had wrapped around you to the floor. You sauntered over to the bed, completely naked, as was I under the covers from the lovemaking session the night before. You pulled the covers back and snuggled up next to me, draping an arm up on the pillows, playing with my hair with your left hand as your right hand slid down my chest and over my stomach, your fingertips brushing my skin. I stirred slightly as you slid to me more and more, now taking one of my hands in yours and sliding it down your lithe form slowly until you saddled up on my hand. You began rocking against my hand between your legs, causing my fingers to rub against the lips of your pussy.

I was jerked awake by your hand wrapping around my shaft. I felt you begin stroking me and my eyes flew open and I looked to you. You slid up over me part way, your lips meeting mine and engaging in a deep, heated, passionate kiss. Our tongues worked over each other, massaging each others as you stroked me faster and harder, making me hard as hell right away even as you kept rocking on my fingers, stroking yourself with me. I felt around down there with my hands and I parted the lips of your pussy, then my fingers dove into you as I worked my thumb over your clit. My fingers probed the hot, wet silk that was the inside of your pussy, working in slowly first, then faster as we kept the kiss going, our tongues rolling around each other more and more.

I knew I couldn’t make you cum just yet, so I pressed a hand to your breast and pressed you onto your back, then I slowly kissed down over your neck, then over your breasts, my fingers still probing and penetrating deep into you as I worked my way down. I kissed each of your breasts, stopping only bostancı escort for a moment to suck on and lash your nipples with my tongue before I began kissing down your stomach slowly. I began to hear you moan a little louder as you worked your pussy against my fingers. Your hand was still around my long, thick cock and you were still pumping me for all you were worth, trying to make me cum before I could do the same to you. Finally I made my way down between your legs and spread your thighs open wide. I then dove down on you, kissing down the inside of each thigh, first the left, then the right as I began making my way to your waiting pussy, where my fingers were still diving in, making you hotter and wetter with each second.

“Don’t tease me dammit, just do it!” I heard you call out as you raised your head to look at me for a moment, then threw it back on the bed. I obliged quickly, wasting no time in withdrawing my fingers from you as I dove down on you. I used my fingers to hold those moist, swollen petals open and I slid my tongue first to your clit, where I began circling that pulsing bud of flesh slowly with the point of it. I kissed and sucked on your clit for a moment, feeling how hot the skin of it was before I pulled off. I slid my tongue down into the hot, wet silk that was your pussy, wiggling it around slowly as I gathered your sweet juices for a moment before sucking them into my mouth as I continued to probe you with my tongue deeper and deeper.

I felt your hands come down to the back of my head and you pulled me into you as I whipped my tongue around inside you. You cried out slightly and grasped the sheets tightly as I wrapped my hands under you and squeezed that luscious ass, pulling you up into me and driving my tongue deep into you. You began writhing with ecstasy as my tongue ümraniye escort bayan probed deep into you and I tasted your hot juices.

After a few moments, still knowing that I wouldn’t be able to make you cum, I slid my tongue out of you, and I kissed your clit gently for a moment before sliding my body up yours. You sighed as our hot skin slid together as I worked up your body, kissing a trail from your pubic bone up your stomach. I stopped to kiss the undersides of each of your breasts. I kissed back up and into the valley between those lovely mounds of flesh, my hands massaging them gently as I worked my lips and tongue up to your neck. I slowly kissed around the base of your neck and then up each side alternately. My lips found yours and I kissed you deeply, working my tongue around yours slowly as I slid myself even closer in between your thighs.

You moaned and broke the kiss for a moment, throwing your head back for a second as the head of my cock began slowly sliding inside you, and I began working it into you inch by inch, letting you feel my hardness as I entered you. I began slowly pumping in and out of you as our lips reconnected, the kiss becoming more and more feverish with each second, then with each thrust as I worked my hard, throbbing pole into your hot, wet pussy. You wrapped your arms around my neck, pulling me close and your legs around my waist, pulling my cock into you even deeper as you tilted your hips up into me each time I thrusted down into you. I heard you moan and grunt slightly as our skin slapped together harder with each second. I kept working my shaft in and out of you, causing you to break the kiss again and instead of seeking your mouth again I simply began kissing down your neck and chest before I rolled you over on top of me.

As you straddled me, my hands kartal escort slid to that gorgeous ass and I began squeezing it as you rode me hard. You rocked back and forth atop me harder and faster with each second, working my cock and bending it slightly as you put your hands down on my chest and pushed yourself up, then slammed down on my cock, bouncing against me and the bed harder and faster. I threw my head back as you rode me, feeling my cock begin to bend slightly as you rocked back and forth, slapping our skin together harder.

Just as I was about to cum, you slid up off me and changed positions only slightly, spreading your legs wider and simply working your hips up and down on my cock, sliding my hard length all the way inside you with each thrust even as I thrust up into you. You leaned in and sucked on my neck and nibbled on the skin just below my ear as my hands remained on your ass, helping you slightly with each thrust. I felt you begin to clench the muscles of your pussy, trying to milk my cock and make me cum for you. I realized after a couple of seconds as I looked up at your face, eyes closed and clenched tight, that you weren’t doing it voluntarily and that you were about to cum. I felt my cock and balls begin to throb unbearably and I pulled you down onto me, holding my cock deep inside you and not letting you raise back up as I shot my load into you. I felt my cock release load after load of hot cum deep into you wet, hungry pussy and I felt you let go only a moment later, your juices exploding all over me. You collapsed down into me and I slid my hands up your back slowly, pulling you down to me and massaging the muscles in your back as we both came down off the high.

You propped your elbows on either side of my shoulders and crossed your arms just below my throat, leaning on me a little as you looked down into my eyes. You leaned in and we kissed once more, this more of a gentle kiss, and you smiled as you pulled back from me, biting my lower lip slightly as you did. Then you sighed and spoke…

“C’mon baby, let’s go get something to eat, I’m hungry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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