Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

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It was Sunday.

John loved Sundays. Normally, on a Sunday, John remained in bed till late and screwed his wife Joan when she came up after finishing her morning chores. Then they showered together kissing and fondling each other and then went out to eat lunch.

But this was not a normal Sunday. Today he had to go to the office to finish some urgent work. John enjoyed his work but going to office on a Sunday was a pain in the butt especially when it also happened to be his birthday.

John Stanford stood at full height around six feet and weighed 180lbs of solid muscle. He worked out three times a week and was fit as a fiddle. He looked quite handsome with his dark hair and skin.

John yawned and stretched. Muttering a curse he got out of bed and trooped into the bathroom. After a shave and a leisurely hot shower he went down to the kitchen.

“Good morning, darling,” he said kissing Joan.

Joan was nice looking, not overly pretty, but nice enough to look at. She had short thick brown curly hair, an oval shaped face, slightly upturned nose, full lips and almond shaped brown eyes. She was 5’1″ and weighed 115lbs or 120lbs.

“Good morning, Mr. John Stanford,” Joan said with a naughty smile, “what are you doing in the kitchen so early?”

“I want breakfast,” he replied.

“Here in the kitchen? If I recall correctly, you prefer to have breakfast in bed on Sundays,” she giggled.

“I’ve to go to the office,” he said glumly.

“Go to office? Have you forgotten that today is a Sunday?” Joan asked.

“No, but I’ve to finish the Mclaine brief. Darling, please don’t get angry. It is very important. I require it first thing in the morning,” he said, “It needs two hours of work only. I’ll be back by lunch.”

“Alright go but I want you here at one sharp,” Joan said shaking her forefinger at him in mock anger.

“I promise,” John said touching his ears, “Madam, can I get breakfast now?”

“Of course, darling. What will you have? The usual?”

“Yeah,” John said nodding his head.

John’s “usual” was four fried eggs sunny side up, lots of toast, lots of butter and lots of coffee.

Joan busied herself with breakfast and John changed the TV channel to CNN to catch the latest news.

While eating his breakfast, John smiled to himself. “My dear wife, I did not forget that today is Sunday but you have, for the first time since our marriage, forgotten that today is my birthday.

John loved her too much to embarrass her by pointing it out.


Ten years ago they had met at the house warming party of mutual friends.

“I don’t think you two have met,” their hostess said introducing them.

After exchanging pleasantries, he asked, “Joan, I see your glass is empty. Can I get you a refill?”

“No, thank you. Maybe later,” she replied placing the empty glass on a table, “But you go ahead.”

“I think I’ll pass also,” he said.

Just then the band struck a tune and sound of a slow waltz floated in the air.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked.

“I’d love to,” she replied and slid smoothly into his arms.

They made a handsome couple despite their height difference. They had hit off famously. They had the same likes and dislikes. A whirlwind courtship followed. They were married three months later.

Since then ten years had past and they were still very much in love. They had no kids by choice but recently Joan had expressed a desire to start a family.

After finishing his breakfast John kissed his wife good-bye. “I’ll be back by one o’clock,” he said and carrying his briefcase, stepped out of the house.


It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. A cool breeze was blowing. “Shit, such a fine day and I’ve to go to office,” John muttered to himself gunning his Mercedes, “Thank heavens, it is only for a few hours.”

Fifteen minutes later he reached his office. His office was on the third floor of Abraham Towers on Main Street. The brass plate in front of his office read: “JOHN STANFORD, Attorney at Law”.

John breathed on it and polished it with his sleeve. He was proud of the fact that in five years, since he had struck out on his own, he had built a practice, which was the envy of many.

He worked diligently till noon. “At last it is finished,” he said himself and gathering the papers, put them away.

As he was about to leave he looked at his watch. It was noon. He had promised Joan that he’ll be back by one. He still had an hour at his disposal. He decided to look up some “case laws” in connection with the Mclaine case. He was leafing through a Law Journal when he heard a sound in the outer office.


At eleven o’clock sharp Janice, Joan’s younger sister, arrived at the house.

“Hi, sis,” Janice said hugging her sister.

Janice was two years younger to Joan and four inches taller. She had thick brown hair with golden streaks falling past her shoulders. kartal escort bayan Her boobs were much larger than Joan’s small perky breasts. Otherwise in all other respect they were like two peas in a pod. They were also very close to each other.

“Hello Janice, come on in,” Joan said hugging her back, “That is a very smart dress you are wearing. Black suits you very much. When did you buy it?”

“Yesterday,” Janice said, “Do you think he’ll like it?”

“I am sure he’ll like it,” Joan said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes, shaved, washed and perfumed just like you had said,” Janice giggled, “By the way, where is the birthday boy?”

“He is not here,” Joan said, “He left for the office an hour ago.”

“He has gone to the office on a Sunday? On his birthday?” Janice said incredulously.

“He had some important work to do.”

“Oh sis, why did you let him go?”

“I couldn’t help it. He had work to do,” Joan said, “You can go to the office too. It is Sunday and no one will be there. He’ll be alone.”

“You’ll come too?” Janice asked.

“No, I am baking a cake for his birthday and can’t leave the house,” Joan said, “After it is done I’ll come.”

“Oh sis, he’ll never agree if you are not there,” Janice wailed.

“Believe me, Janice, I’d like to be there especially to see his expression when I give him his birthday present,” Joan giggled.

“Then come,” Janice pleaded.

“I can’t,” Joan said, “Okay, listen. I’ve an idea. John had work for two hours. You reach his office at noon. He’ll have finished his work by then. I’ll call him and tell him about his birthday gift. Is that okay?”

“I don’t know…it might work,” Janice said doubtfully.

“Of course it’ll work,” Joan said confidently, “After I have told him about his present, all you have to do is to turn on the family charm.”

“I can give it try. Wish me luck,” Janice said pulling off her panties and stuffing it in her purse, “Okay bye, see you later.”

“What’s the hurry? It’s only eleven. We have enough time for a cup of coffee,” Joan said.


“Who can it be?” John thought pushing back his chair.

He was about to get up to see who had come when the door opened and his sister in law, Janice, walked in.

“Hello John,” she said smiling sweetly.

“Hello Janice, what are you doing here?” he said.

“Surprised to see me,” she laughed.

“Yes, to say the least,” John said, “Sit down. Are you in any sort of trouble?”

Janice sat quietly in one of the leather chairs meant for clients. She looked at John, playing nervously with a pencil she had picked up from his desk, contemplating how to broach the subject.

“Janice, tell me what is the problem?” John asked again.

“John, why don’t you employ me as your secretary?” she said at last.

“I already have a secretary.”

“I’ll sit in your lap while taking dictation,” she said with a naughty smile.

“I am not in the habit of letting my secretary use my lap as a chair,” John said smiling.

“There are many other things I can do for you,” Janice said mysteriously.

“My secretary makes good coffee too,” John chuckled.

“Oh damn, I didn’t mean that,” Janice said getting frustrated.

“Then what did you mean?” John asked suppressing a smile.

“I am getting nowhere with this,” Janice thought, “Best is to try the direct approach.”

Janice got up and sat on John’s desk.

“John daarrrling, would you like to squeeze my big boobs?” she said with a mischievous smile.

For a fraction of a second John was taken aback but recovered quickly.

“Are you mad?” he said evenly, “Anyway, get off my desk.”

“Don’t be shy, darling. You can lick and suck the nipples too,” she giggled.

“Janice, you are drunk,” John said calmly, “I think you had better go home.”

“Or would you like to feel my pussy?” Janice said grinning from ear to ear.

“Do you know what you are saying?” John asked sternly.

“Of course, my dear brother in law, I shaved it only this morning. It is smooth and soft and perfumed. Just like the bottom of a new born baby,” she chuckled and pulling up her dress above her waist, showed him her freshly shaven cunt.

“Janice, please go. I have work to do,” John said.

“I have heard that you love bald pussies,” Janice persisted.

“Who told you?” John asked surprised.

“Your dear wife, who else,” Janice giggled.

Before John could reply, the phone rang.

“Cover yourself,” John said reaching for the phone.

“Daaarrrllling, you don’t have a videophone. The caller can’t see me,” she laughed caressing her cunt.

“Stanford,” John said picking up the receiver. Joan was on the line.

“Darling, is Janice with you?” she asked.

“Yes, she is here. I wish you would drum some sense in her empty head,” John said.

“What has happened?”

“She has gone mad. She is trying to seduce me with her…” John said leaving the sentence in the air.

“That is the reason I escort maltepe have called,” Joan giggled, “Janice is probably showing you your birthday present. Happy birthday, darling, have fun.”

John managed with great difficulty to keep a straight face.

“I see,” he said shooting a quick glance at Janice.

“One more thing, be kind to her. She is very lonely and likes you very much,” Joan said.

“You know what that means?” John cautioned.

“Yes dear. You’ll have two wives instead of one,” Joan giggled.

“You mean…” John asked.

“Yes. We’ll invite her to shift in with us but don’t tell her as yet. It’ll be our present to her on her birthday next month,” Joan chuckled.

“Do you think it is a good idea?” John said.

“We’ll talk about it but later,” Joan said, “Darling, please don’t keep her waiting. Enjoy your gift and happy birthday.”

John replaced the receiver. During their telephonic conversation Janice was on tenterhooks. She was not sure how John would react. She needn’t have worried.

John had always wanted to squeeze Janice’s big tits. Many a night he had fucked Joan visualizing her big tits. It was his secret. He had not told anybody. Now he had the opportunity not only to play with her big breasts but also to fuck her silly and that too with his wife’s consent. Grinning like an ape he got up and approached Janice from behind the desk.

“Janice, what did you say? I can squeeze your boobs,” he said placing his left hand on her left boob and squeezing it gently.

“Oh John,” Janice moaned closing her eyes and leaning back on him.

“What else did you say? Ah yes, I should caress your freshly shaven pussy,” he whispered in her ear, feeling her exposed cunt, “You were right. I love bald pussies and your cunt is smooth and soft like the bottom of a new born baby.”

“Oh John,” Janice moaned tilting her face upwards towards him.

Their lips met. Their eyes closed and their tongues sought each other. They kissed and sucked each others lips while John pressed her boobs and ran his fingers through her hot wet slit. Janice turning around towards him unbuttoned his shirt and pushed her hand under his vest.

When their kiss broke, Janice, leading him to the chair on which she had been sitting, said, “John, sit down.”

John sat down. Janice threw her jacket carelessly on John’s desk and kneeling between his spread legs, kissed him hard while her hands explored his manly chest and her fingers rubbed and pinched his nipples. She sucked his lips, bit and licked her way down to his chest. Her tongue teased his nipples. Then her lips followed her hands down his body, past his naval.

John groaned as she placed her hand on his bulging crotch. She undid his fly and putting her hand inside pulled out his aching eight-inch erection.

“Oooo, what a beauty,” she said kissing his cock, “Sis is very lucky to have the services of such a big cock.”

She began to stroke his cock. She grasped his cock in her hand and squeezed it as she slowly jacked him off. Janice was fascinated by the size of John’s cock and how it felt in her hand. Licking her lips, she bent her head lower. Her tongue snaked out to flick off the drop of pre-cum that had formed on the tip of his cock.

John gritted his teeth and suppressed a loud moan as Janice took his cock into her mouth. She let her lips slide over the swollen head of his cock and around its shaft. She sucked at a steady pace. She moved the tip of her tongue in circles on the head of his cock while her hand moved up and down on his shaft.

“Oh Janice, it feels great,” John gasped as Janice took more of his cock into her mouth.

She took his cock in her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Her tongue rubbed against the underside of his cock. Her hands found his balls and traced patterns with her nails as she worked his cock in her mouth.

John let out a choked gasp, his hips arching up off the chair. Janice nearly gagged as his cock went deeper into her mouth. John closed his eyes as Janice sucked him, working his cock in and out of her hot wet mouth.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and fucked her mouth hard. He moaned loudly as he felt his balls tighten.

“Holy shit, I’m about to cum,” John managed to say.

Janice sucked his cock with more vigor. Suddenly John exploded. He shot, spurt after spurt, his creamy load deep into her mouth. Janice swallowed as fast as she could but still a drop of John’s cum trickled down her chin.

John sat on the chair, his chest heaving as he sucked in air. Janice relinquished his cock only after she had sucked the last drop of cum.

“Happy birthday, dear brother in law,” Janice giggled shyly, wiping the dribbling cum of her face.

“Thank you, dear sister in law,” John panted and pulling her onto his lap kissed her cum stained lips.

They sat cuddled up together on the chair. After couple of minutes, John said, fondling her big boobs, “Janice, how did you become my birthday present?”

“Why don’t you ask sis?” Janice giggled.

“I will but pendik escort first you tell me,” John insisted.

“Alright, let’s undress and be more comfortable,” Janice suggested.

“Okay, let us get up. You tell the story while I undress both of us,” John said.

“It’s a deal,” Janice giggled, “You know that we both meet every Tuesday for lunch, don’t you?”

“Yes I know,” John said pulling down the zip at the back of the dress, “Nice dress.”

“This Tuesday we met at “Antonio’s”. It is a quaint Italian restaurant tucked away at the end of Oak Street,” Janice said.

“I know, it is one of Joan’s favorite restaurants,” John said, unhooking her bra, “I’ve been there several times. Their dry martinis are very good.”

“Right, we ordered dry martinis also,” Janice continued her story, “we were sipping our drinks, when sis said, “Janice, I don’t know what to do. John’s birthday is on Sunday and I haven’t a clue as to what I should give him.”

“Have you checked the usual items?”

“Yes, I want to give him something personal, something unique. A present he’ll never expect,” sis said ordering another round of drinks, “Any suggestions.”

“Hmmm, it is so difficult to buy gifts for men,” I said knitting her eyebrows in thought.

“You are telling me.”

“He gave you diamond tops on your birthday, isn’t it so?”

“Yes, that is what makes the choice so difficult,” sis said downing her drink and ordering another round.

After drinking two dry martinis in a short time my brain was a little fuddled. It made me bolder and suppressed my natural inhibitions.

“I know what you could give him,” I giggled, “The gift is personal and unique. It is just what you are looking for.”

“What is it? Tell me.”

Suddenly I developed cold feet.

“You won’t get angry.”

“No, tell me.”

“Promise,” I asked to assure myself.

“I’ll get angry if you don’t tell me now,” sis threatened.

“Me,” I laughed.

“What did you say?” she asked incredulously.

“Me,” I repeated, “You could gift me to him.”

For a moment sis stared at me in disbelief. I think she thought I am out to steal her husband and alarm bells must have started ringing in her head.

Then she said cautiously, “Is this a joke of some kind?”

Now that the cat was out of the bag I decided to brazen it out.

“No, I am dead serious,” I said looking her in the eye.

“Are you two having an affair?”

“Good heavens, no. Do you think I would bring up the subject if we were sleeping together,” I said.

She thought for a moment. “Has he hit upon you?” she asked.

“No, he wouldn’t dream of it. He loves you too much,” I said.

“H…H…Have you…?” she said.

“Yes, I have dropped hints many times but each time he looked through me and walked away,” I said truthfully.

“Why do you think you will be successful this time?” she asked.

“I might succeed if he is convinced that you wouldn’t mind,” I said, “Sis please, you’ll be doing me a favor also.”

“How so?” she asked.

“Since my Joe died two years ago I have not been with a man,” Janice said, “I like John very much and would like to be with him. That is if you permit.”

Sis thought for a moment.

“Janice, our love life is stagnating. Sex has become a routine. It is no longer…what shall I say… as satisfying… or shall I say as exciting as it used to be. Maybe this is the spark it needs. You are not an outsider. You are family. You won’t do anything to harm me, would you?” sis said.

“Never, trust me,” I said.

“Main thing is that John loves me,” muttered to herself.

“Yes sis, I told you that already,” I said.

“Okay, done,” sis said coming to a decision.

For a moment I couldn’t believe it. My sister had agreed to let me sleep with her husband.

“Oh sis, how can I thank you,” I said laughing nervously, “This calls for a celebration.”

“Yes,” sis giggled, “Let us order another round.”

“Now you know how it happened,” Janice giggled.

“And I thought you girls gossiped, overate and got drunk in these luncheons and nothing good came out of them,” John laughed.

“Don’t you like your birthday gift?” Janice said pouting her lips.

They were both naked. Janice’s tits were big and beautiful with practically no sag at all. Her pink nipples were hard and stood out a good one inch when aroused. Her cunt was clean shaven with a pronounced swollen clit peeping out from in between its lips.

“Lie down on the couch and I’ll show you how much I like my present,” John said fisting his eight inch cock.

Janice lay down on the couch. John kneeled on the floor next to it and kissed her while kneading her big breasts.

Then nibbling at her ear and biting her neck playfully he worked his way to her firm breasts and latched on to her hard pointed nipple, first of one boob then the other.

“Oh John,” Janice moaned pressing his head to her breasts.

John licked his way southward, stopping long enough on the way at her navel to rotate his tongue inside it. Reaching her seat of pleasure he separated the lower lips with his fingers and licked between them. His tongue slid effortlessly from her swollen clit to her fuck hole and back filling his nose with the musky aroma of her excitement.

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