Having Hazel in My Apartment

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I started by giving you a massage, sitting right behind you on the couch in my apartment, you wearing my “favorite” tank top and a pair of black sweats as you sat in front of me and between my legs, your ass pressed up against me as I kneaded the muscles in your shoulders and neck. I begin slowly massaging down your collarbone, then back up even more slowly, eliciting a sigh of delight from you. I then began massaging your shoulders deeply, my hands sliding all the way down to the bottom of your shoulder blades, then sliding back up, kneading your skin under my fingers as I moved up over your shoulder blades, then the tops of your shoulders, and a little way down the front, I then repeated the process again and again, my hands going down a little closer to your full, luscious breasts, each time getting a slightly pleasured moan from you each time until my hands finally slide down inside the tank top and I begin stroking your breasts slowly, teasing you a little bit as my fingers draw in from their places on your breasts, down toward the nipples.

As I do this, I lean in and begin kissing and sucking on your neck gently, and your hand in response moves to my head and begins playing with my hair as a sharp gasp escapes your lips. Your place your other hand on top of mine as I massage your breasts, kneading them gently with my thick fingers. You lean back into me hard, and we connect in a passionate kiss as your hand grips my hair and your other hand grips my hand on your breast. I slowly pull my hands off of your breasts, making sure to tease them slightly as I do and as I pull them out of your top, drawing ataşehir escort them back up over your neck and your chin, then breaking the kiss slowly and I slide out from behind you, ending up on the floor in front of you, my hands sliding up between your thighs, then over your hips to the waist band of your sweats, and then, sensing what I’m about to do, you arch up slightly, letting me get a grip and then letting me slowly peel the sweats off of you, taking your panties with them to the floor, whipping them off of you and to the floor.

I then slide up between your thighs, stroking the insides of them slowly with my hands, prying your thighs farther and farther apart before I stop for a second to stroke you slowly, my fingers playing over your slit from top to bottom slowly, causing you to arch back with pleasure for a moment as well as allowing you to scoot back a little from the edge of the couch. I responded to this by sliding my left arm under one of your thighs and lifting it onto my shoulder, then kissing slowly down the inside of it as my free hand continued to stroke you, occasionally stopping to tease your clit with one or two fingers and occasionally sliding a finger or two inside you for a moment.

Finally I slid my right arm under your other thigh and I began to kiss down the inside of it slowly as I had just done with the left. I could hear you breathing in ragged gasps and as I lowered my head over your slit and laid my tongue flat against it, letting it run slowly up from the bottom of your pussy to the top, I smiled slightly just before the contact and then again kadıköy escort bayan as I pulled my tongue off after just passing your clit, which caused you to bring both hands to my hair and you began running your fingers through it, massaging my scalp, then roughly yanking me back down so I could work you over even more, my tongue first rolling up and down on your pussy, then as I reached your clit I stopped for a second and began to slowly, gently suck on it as my hands slid around and I began massaging your ass while rolling my tongue around on your clit, my lips running side to side on it as well. I heard you begin to breath more sharply, gasping and moaning from time to time as your hands grasped more and more urgently at my hair.

I pulled away from you for a moment, then I slid up on you, my hand going back to work on your pussy as I moved up and engaged you in a kiss. Your hands slid down and undid my pants as my hands slid down and began pulling your shirt up slowly, causing you to have to raise your arms for a moment and break the kiss as I got the shirt off of you and I tossed it aside. Your hands resumed working on my pants as my hands moved back up and began kneading your breasts again, teasing your nipples as you yanked my pants and boxers off of me and let them drop to the floor before I kicked them off.

Your hands then glided down to my cock and you wrapped them hand over hand on my cock and began slowly guiding me toward you, which I obliged and let you guide me inside you, sliding in deep, but going slowly as I began to thrust up into you, grinding myself escort maltepe up into you. I then placed my hands on your hips and ass and I began using them to pull you into me even as I would thrust harder and faster into you.

You then shifted your weight and threw me off balance, then rolled me to the side and you ended up on top with me sitting on the couch and you riding me, your hands on my shoulders as you leaned back, pulling me to you harder and harder as you rocked and ground yourself down onto my cock harder and harder, making me start to build toward being ready to cum almost instantly but I managed to hold it back as you rode me even harder and I wrapped my arms around you and pulled you to me, then I began running my tongue slowly around your breasts, eventually taking first your left nipple, then your right into my mouth and sucking on them until they became hard as rock.

You then moved your hands to the back of the couch and you grabbed on tight as you kept grinding down on me and working your hips into me faster and harder as I felt you begin to tighten on my cock even as I began to throb uncontrollably inside you, building up to a violent explosion.

Eventually I managed to shift my weight and I pulled out of you and managed to stand up and I got behind you and I placed my hand on the middle of your back and bent you over the couch as you placed your hands on the back of the couch and I slid myself back into you and began thrusting, first slow and deliberately, then fast and hard, feeling myself swell inside you as you moaned in ecstasy, then as I came you cried out in pleasure and you came only a moment or two later, but I continued thrusting into you even as my cock softened, working it deep into you until we both were fully satisfied, then I pulled out of you slowly and you and I both went into the shower and commenced to wash each other off…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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