Heavy Hilda

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She walked into the room heavily, her sandals slapping the floor noisily, her fat wobbling on the various parts of her body. Every eye in the canteen turned towards her to stare at her huge body wrapped in a striped voluminous robe.

“Steve, where is my camera?” she barked. Like a puppet show, all eyes turned from her to Steve, perched on the edge of a chair, while the latter’s remained trained on her.

“I do not have any camera,” he said through clenched teeth. He looked undaunted by her attitude of obviously spoiling for a fight.

She leaned her large frame against the counter. “Are you bringing my camera, or must I come for it?” A gasp spread round the room. Never had they heard a warm-blooded male being threatened by a woman ever in their lives.

Lenny, one of the older guys, stood up and walked up to Hilda. “How did your camera get into Steve’s hands?”

“He said he was selling it. He showed it to me but I did not have the money at that time. When I found it I gave it to him and he promised to bring me the camera. He has not.”

“Steve, is that true?”

“Pure lies!” said he, looking out of the window.

“You thief!” shouted Hilda.

“Come, come!” Lenny tried to calm the situation. “Please come here, Steve.”

“You think you are my dad, to summon me like that?”

Hilda could take it no more. In a few strides she was at Steve’s side and had grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. A few of the guys scrambled away, not wanting to be involved. Lenny was hot on her heels and grabbed her hand. But she swung her huge body throwing Steve off balance. He knocked against the chair and staggered. Hilda’s hold was still firm and she pulled him towards her, Lenny’s hand still clasped on hers but having little effect. Steve lost his balance again and she pushed him roughly from her. He fell across his chair, upsetting it and both of them crashing to the ground.

“Hilda, please! I am sure we can talk this out,” pleaded Lenny in plaintive voice. She turned fiery eyes ataşehir escort on him, while a few of the braver guys came closer. None of them wanted this fight to go on, humiliating one of their own, although it did not look as if they would be able to stop the large woman.

“Either you return my money which he took from me, or he gives me the camera.” She continued to glare at him out of very red eyes, full of fury.

“Come and sit down here,” Lenny invited her to the far corner of the canteen. He ordered a soft drink for her, and said, “I am quite sure Steve does not have the money he took from you, and he sold the camera to the garage owner down the street.”

“So he has spent my money and the garage owner’s? He will pay for this! I have to report him.”

“He has been buying drinks for everyone here in a very generous fashion. Now I know where he got the money from.”

“I am going straight to the police.”

“No use. Half those cops are his cronies. He has probably already given them something to keep quiet. The only way is for us guys to force him to find the money and pay you back. I suggest you go back home and wait for my word.”

“How will you do that?”

“We have our own code and methods. Trust me.”

Again every eye followed her large, wobbly figure as she dragged her sandals on the floor on her way out. Every mouth exhaled a sigh of relief.

Five days later, Lenny knocked on the door of the house where Hilda lived with her uncle, aunt and two of her kids. She was all alone at that hour, with the children in school and the two adults at work. When she saw Lenny on the doorstep she looked at him with surprise and some puzzlement.

“Already?” she asked.

“The gang has worked on him to get the money. Here I have all except for a few hundred. I want you to accept it.” Lenny was acutely aware that Hilda would not accept anything but the whole amount had it been Steve at her door.

“OK, come in,” she said reluctantly. He squeezed kadıköy escort bayan in past her brushing against her copious deposits of fat. For some strange reason he felt a tremor run through him. It surprised him as he had never thought of her as being attractive before; neither had he any admiration for plus-sized women. Seemingly oblivious to the shock she had set up in the man, Hilda turned to push the door closed and follow him into the hall. “Right to the sitting room. Or did you want to end up in a bedroom?” she dared him.

He turned in through the door at his right. “Thank you.”

From the doorway she asked, “Shall I get you something to drink?”

“I did not mean to take long here. I am sure you have lots to do before everyone comes back home.”

“Its no bother. Sit down and let me come with some tea.” He could already hear her heavy footsteps going down the corridor, presumably to the kitchen.

Watching her put down the tea things on the coffee table he was affected by the rolls of fat in her side, which her flowing robe showed faintly. Why now, and why this lump of lard, he asked himself. She sat herself on a sofa opposite him and he could see waves of flesh rippling on her tummy. He lifted reluctant eyes up to hers and found her looking at him bemusedly. “Like what you see?”

“Oh no. Its not what it seems at all.” He took a few sips of tea before putting the cup back down. “Here is the money.” He stretched his arm across the coffee table.

She snatched it so suddenly that his hand was left floating in the air, empty. He stared at it for a short moment before letting it drop back down. She kept up a chatter about affairs in the neighbourhood that Lenny and his boys ruled.

Having finished his tea, Lenny stood up to leave. Hilda held out her hand.

“Help me get up please. I don’t like this chair, its too low.” Lenny gave her his hand leaning back to pull her up. Instead, he felt himself pulled with brute strength. He fell into the sofa, escort maltepe trying to roll his body away from her without hurting her. One of her thick arms went around him, holding him in a vice-like grip. He felt a jolt of excitement by coming in contact with her soft body.

“You have been admiring my rolls of fat since you came in. Now you can touch me all over. I give you permission.” With those words she pulled him closer and planted a big wet kiss on his lips. His arms went around her and began fondling what he could reach. Every moment saw his excitement mounting. When he came in contact with her smallish boobs, surprising on so voluminous a body, he grasped one and squeezed it gently. The kissing was causing his cock to rise inside his trousers. He had no idea how she knew but her hand grasped it through his trousers. Her fingers were working magic on him.

“Arrrgh!” he moaned. He wanted to pay her back in the same coin so he sought her thighs. But he could not locate her cunt, hidden in those layers of fat. She tried to part her legs but he could still not gain access; the thick thighs were like an encrypted password!

She pulled her mouth away from his with a loud plop. “Lets do it on the floor.” They rolled off the seat onto the threadbare carpet. In the move she pulled her robe up to reveal that she was not wearing panties. ‘But with those thick thighs as sentries, she does not need one,’ he thought. He quickly unzipped his trousers and drew them down his legs but not quite off. He lay down between her legs, which had parted more than would have been possible on the seat. He could see her thick cunt lips peeping at him between the flesh of the thighs. He aimed his cock at it and immediately felt her wetness.

“Come in, you rogue!” He did, inch by inch, before her tummy fat arrested his progress. But he was far enough in that he could start movements that gave them both pleasure. He could hear wet noises from down there as he fucked her. Her arms were clutching him so tight that he could hardly breath. “Ooooh, you’re so sweet!”

Those words seemed to cause him to tumble into a world of sweetness and light. “Oooh, my gawd! You have finished me!” Indeed he felt as if she was sucking him whole into her hungry cunt, leaving him trembling and vanquished.

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